Escape from Boney Island
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.



Chris: You'll be paddling your canoes across this lake.... to BOOOOOONEY ISLAND!


Cody: Oh no! The smell!

A bunch of wolves start sniffing around the bush.


Cody's scent is caught. The bushes are trampled on, as is him! The pack sees him and pounces. Everything is black and plain now. Except for the pain and suffering.


Chef: I know enough about the history of this island, that's for sure. Some really weird tribal guys believed in this ultra-powa'ful goddess girl with curly ginga' hair and a bush skirt. And they'd worship anyone fittin' that.

Heather: Pheh. Losers.


Heather: Well seeing as how we're so obviously going to die, I'd just like to sincerely say it hasn't been a pleasure working with any of you and my parent's lawsuit for their popular child will be pretty sizable.

Chef: Ah shut up! What I DO know about ghosts is they have one weakness.

Courtney: Which is...?

Chef: Fire!


Tim creates a large blinding green glow once more before finally unleashing a spark.

Tim: There. Cody should be alive somewhere now.

Sadie: Cool, let's get going!

Tim: Eeh not so fast, Sadie. I just resurrected something without the permission of my fellow workers. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to commit some murder to make up for it.

Sadie: Oh. Well maybe there's a spider or a fly around here or something. I'll look.

Tim: ....No, I mean you... I have to kill you.

Sadie: What?!

Tim: This will be quick, just hold still.

Sadie: Stay away from me!

Tim finally reveals himself, probably not to be slowed down. He wears a black jacket and a cap covering his face. He chases after you as you flee the area.


A hunched over bear is on the trees. It has noticeably darker shades in it despite looking like a simple brown bear. It's teeth are longer, coming out of his closed mouth, his ears extended higher. His claws are long and his paws are almost humanoid.

Chef: Go! Now!

The bear swings down from a vine. He kicks Chef open in half, suckling his blood out.

Duncan: Oh crap oh crap oh crap!

The bear sees a shaking Snackers against a nearby fallen branch. He licks his lips and soars over. He gnaws oBut the screams quickly turn into growls... and then barks.

Duncan: No! Not you too! 

But the screams quickly turn into growls... and then barks. 

Duncan: N-nice demon bear and wolf... 


Duncan lets off one final round of his shotgun, creating a hole in the bear's gut. He collapses slowly while still crawling at a swift pace as Duncan tries desperately to open the mansion. He sees Courtney in the glass reflection and knocks in terror. 

Duncan: Quick, Courtney! Let me in! 

Courtney opens the lock of the door and Duncan stumbles in out of breath. With haste, she shuts the door. Duncan turns around to see a bear slowly bleed out for good.


Heather: Hey look. There's a book on the ground.

A book rests in front of you and Heather. She is about to grab it but you leap in front of her and pick it up instead.

Heather: You gonna tell me what's in there?

You open up the book and see inside. It looks like ammo of some sort.

Gwen: Umm...

Heather: Well...?

Gwen: Ugh, these are probably pretty useful, maybe for the shotgun. But this being Heather I just know she'll steal them off me if I tell her about them so is it really worth telling her?

Heather: Is your goth hair making it hard for you to listen to me? Speak up!

Gwen: There's ammo in here.

Heather: About time something good happened to me today. Yoink!

Gwen: Huh?

Before you can dart your eyes down Heather's snatched the book right out of your hands.

Gwen: Hey what are you doing?!

Heather: Let's be honest. Who's life will be more valuable? The goth who doesn't really like life or the girl with the fun and upbeat attitude who DOES enjoy her life? Oh and there's only enough for one person.

Gwen: Grrr.... Fine. You can have them.

Heather: That's more like it.

Gwen: But do you even know how to reload a shotgun properly?

Heather: Uhh... umm... doesn't matter! Hardly takes that long.

Gwen: Yeah... Anyway I think I heard Courtney and Duncan come in. We better get back to them.


Quapaw: Wait, everyone. I think I feel something swimming against the canoe.

There's a darker figure in the sea. It inches in closer to their canoe before an arm raises!

Quapaw: Oh no! Is that...??

?: That's right!

Quapaw, Leshawna, and Izzy: Wo Tang?!?!

Wo Tang: That's right. I escaped from your silly little ropes you tied me up in Quapaw. Now it's time to kill you all. You for betraying your brethren, that measly Leshawna who should've been sacrificed long ago, and that monstrous unhinged imposter acting like the queen mother!

Quapaw: C-calm down!

Wo Tang: I swam all the way out here. I wrestled numerous crocodiles. And NOW it's time to kill all of you. With this trusty spear I--

Another spear flies out near Izzy's face. Her eyes dart to the left and see Quapaw holding it!

Quapaw: You're not taking down my queen mother! We are her people!

Wo Tang: It's time to take you down then. You've succumbed to her overtly spontaneous self and now you're not nearly as striking of a man. Prepare for death!

The spears clash against each other. Quapaw and Wo Tang are at equal length against each other. Izzy and Leshawna duck slowly and watch from the side of the canoe in horror.

Izzy: Psst... what do we do?

Leshawna: I-I dunno! Great, you get to make anotha' crazy choice.

Izzy: Ugh... think Izzy think.


Izzy: Let's fight too!

Leshawna: Wha??

Izzy: C'mon Leshawna. With my combat and your weight, we can totally help Quapaw out!

Leshawna: I'll take that as a compliment...

Izzy: Hiyah!

Izzy leaps towards the spear fight unfolding. Leshawna shiels your eyes. Leshawna lates out a sigh of giving in.

Leshawna: Never thought I'd say this but... I'm in, Izzy!

Leshawna lunges to the fight ensuing. She breaks out her fists in combat at the precedings.

Leshawna: W-woah!

The small man-made canoe isn't fitting enough for all four of them. Leshawna and Izzy start to wobble next to each other.

Leshawna: Oh no, we're goin' down!

Wo Tang: Oh no you don't!

Wo Tang slabs Leshawna's right leg with his spear as she falls.

Leshawna: Aah!!

Izzy: Leshawna!

Wo Tang: The real queen mother would've sacrificed you for a blood feast by now anyways...

Leshawna and Izzy fall into the water face first.

Quapaw: You HURT one of my queen mother's minions! Time to die, fiend!

Wo Tang and Quapaw remain on the canoe and resume their fighting. Leshawna struggles to catch her breath on the slightly less deeper water you were in before due to your crippling injury but the creepy girl you want nothing to do with is carrying you with her.

Izzy: Don't worry, Leshawna. We're almost there.

Leshawna: Why am I still trustin' you again...?


Harold speaks to Courtney through a device about him being in trouble.

Courtney: What's the name of your device? How did you manage to reach me? How did you get back from that lodge?

Harold: Oh, um, I have a pretty good explanation of those questions. You see--

?: Hey, look! There he is!

?: Time to die, dork!

Harold: Aaah, hurry! Courtney! Hurry!

Courtney: Uhhhhh...No.

Harold: What?? Courtney, they're gonna kill me!

Courtney: Not my problem, you chose to betray us, and now there's your karma.

?: Quickly! Downstairs! She's there!

Courtney: Huh?

Her ear signals off. She trembles but she kickstarts her senses and run up the stairs.

Courtney: Heather? Gwen? Duncan?

She chases herself up the stairs. She feels like someone is after her, and she's pretty sure it's them.

Duncan: Quick Courtney over here!

Gwen: We can hear something! We can exit by walking on the roof and hopping off. Hurry!

Courtney: Okay, team. I'll be right there!

?: No you won't!

She gets tripped over but catches her feet. Now those guys really are on her tail.

Duncan: Leave 'em, Courtney! We gotta escape.

The four of them make it out of the window onto the roof of the mansion outdoors.

Gwen: Quick! Jump down here!

Gwen and Duncan instantly take a leap of faith off the roof down onto the ground. Courtney and Heather struggle with their footing for a moment in fear but attempt anyhow.

Heather: Ow, cramp!

Gwen: Now let's get out of here before those guys show up!

Voice #1: Too late again!

Voice #2 and #3: Hahaha!

Voice #1: And don't even bother running when we have you trapped.

Heather: Okay you know what??! Who ARE you guys anyway?!

Voice #2: Silly Heather.

Voice #1: Don't you recognize your own...

The voices reveal their forms to the four contestants once more from earlier.

Voice #1, 2, and 3: Interns?!

Gwen: What??!


Footsteps walk along in the forest. The figure feels bereft and scared. They shiver with the cold but begrudgingly trudge on in their usual curiosity. They're starting to wonder what idiotic people set this up.

?: GOSH!


Courtney, Duncan, GwenHeather, and Interns

  • Playing as: Heather

You sit there speechless at the three ghosts towering above the four of you. 

Duncan: Interns???

Figure #1: That's right! Interns! And there's a 4th one of us busy with one of your missing friends, and don't even try looking for them!

Figure #2: I'm Thomas.

Figure #3: I'm Tommy.

Figure #1: And I'm Tom... the producers weren't really creative with what names to hire...

Courtney: What is wrong with you??! You've been responsible for so many of our other competitors' deaths! How could you do this for no reason?

Tommy:' How can she not understand???

Thomas: You see, Courtney, we've had to work under the SATANIC rule of Chris and his producers.

Tom: And him and his posse were all responsible for us dying. Early on your show was low budget, and all they could afford was us three interns. We all got hospitalized and eventually died while there.

Thomas: Even Chef had to test your cliff diving challenge instead of us.

Heather: But why US?? 

Duncan: Yeah! We didn't do crap to you!

Tom: Oh please. We knew once Chris would send you to Boney Island far away from him we could finally enact our plan. 

Thomas: We were just waiting for him to be foolish enough to send his campers far away.

Tom: We already knew Chris has some co-dependency issues, which is why he loves hosting this show so much, so all we had to do was get Chef abducted from there and BOOM! Both dead!

Tommy: And then Chef died again hahahaha!

Courtney: But where do WE come into this??

Tom: We blame you people too. You took part in a show and stayed on it despite probably being aware by now that Chris and his team are complete messes of human beings who deserve no praise. You competing gives them achievements, accolades.

Thomas: And making it look like you guys just died on another island not only gives more blame to Chris than us, but also will only give you fame for a much less amount of time than if you were alive the whole season!

Duncan: You guys are insane! 

Tom: You're the insane ones! We were the ones trying to be famous and then you stole that from us! You will all be famous after this show unless we do away with all of you once and for all!

Courtney: And now they're gonna kill us...

Duncan: Hey, wait a minute... where's...

Heather: Gwen?!?

Tom: Huh?

The three figures look around. All they can see is you, Courtney, and Duncan. No sign of the weird goth girl anywhere.

Tom: Drat! She got away again! That horror expert girl is too difficult to handle. She must've ran off during our long talk with you guys. Ugh!

Tommy: Eh, doesn't matter! We still have these 3 hahahaha.

Thomas: Don't even try running away!

Heather: You're gonna kill all three of us???

Tom: Absolutely not! What do you take us for? No, we're making this a little more fun.

Thomas: We're glad you managed to survive this long.... Heather.

Your eyes widen for a moment.

Heather: Huh?

Thomas: You've nearly died more times than anybody else, and that's quite an achievement.

Tommy: And now you're getting a reward!

Courtney: Why should she get a reward?? I successfully outsmarted you in the mansion and I've nearly died the LEAST amount of times out of these 3! I should be the one who gets a prize.

Tom: Heather is the more ruthless of you two though from our understanding. She will stop at nothing to win this competition, even if it trips others over. A style we both admire and envy.

Heather: Hmm... pretty true.

Tom: And now, Heather... a lifeline.

Heather: Huh?

Tommy: Killing all three of you would be way too easy.

Thomas: So we added a little fun into the mix >:)

Tom: All you have to do is pick which of your allies should die; Courtney or Duncan.

Heather: Woah...

Duncan: What? That ain't fair. What if she picks neither of us?

Tommy: A solid question, Duncan.

Thomas: Well, Heather, if you try to outsmart us in anyway with your evil villainy, we'll know and we can just kill YOU instead of the other two!

Tom: And the remaining 2 can earn their freedom... for now. Better choose wisely, Heather. Who's it gonna be??

Heather: Uh... um...

You aim your eyes left and right. Suddenly, behind Tom you see what looks like a flamethrower. Chef must've left it there and it landed there.

Heather: Will I really be able to do this?

Tom: Who's going down?

What do you say?

  • A - "Courtney. She's died the least number of times and I need to be the team leader!"
  • B - "Duncan. That guy is a dangerous criminal who could backstab us and join you guys at any time."
  • C - "Hey! What's that over there!" (outsmart)
  • D - "Wanna be in an alliance?" (outsmart)
  • E - "Can you explain all this to us again?" (outsmart)

Heather: Duncan. That guy is a dangerous criminal who could backstab us and join you guys at any time.

Duncan: What??? Are you serious??? Why didn't you choose an option where you could outsmart them???

Heather: It's called strategy. I had to pick SOMEBODY, didn't I?

Tom: Hahahaha! Oh what a delightful choice, Heather! Was hoping you'd choose him. This punk even stole some of our equipment now and again. A thorn in our side. Prepare to die, Duncan!

Courtney: NOOOOOOO!

Duncan: Heather you suck!!!

Tom: You won't be sucking anything once we're through with you! HAHAHAH!

In a flash the three ghosts shoot lasers out of their eyes. The shots strike Duncan upwards gradually, spasming in shock at the pain dished out. Courtney screams in agony, as do you.

Heather: W-w-wait!

The pain dished out to Duncan has given you enough time. You run around the ghosts and pick up the flamethrower. You aim your fire precisely.

Courtney: Don't worry Duncan! I'll--

Duncan: Bzzt! No, Courtney! It's too BZZT! Late!

Courtney: I-I can't go on if you're gonna die! Not after you tried sacrificing yourself for me!

Duncan: Listen, Courtney, this'll BZZT - buy you time. BZZT. Get outta here!

Courtney: I-I...

Duncan: Listen BZZT! Courtney. The pain is getting worse! They're doing it really slowly too BZZT! I just want you to know, I always had a bit of a-a-a...

Courtney: A bit of what???

Duncan: A bit of... of... BZZZT!

Duncan's entire body explodes from the ginormous shots of lasers. He lies in his own charcoal.

Courtney: AHHH!

You get the flamethrower going and the volume alerts the interns.

Heather: Shock this, freaks!

Tom: What the?

You release the flames against their peril.

Thomas: No! Our one weakness!

Tom: How did you know??? AGH! You are smarter than we thought! Ugh!

Tommy: Urgh, couple more seconds will kill us, guys.

Tom reaches his ghostly arms out to you.

Tom: If we're going down, so are you, you mongrel!

Heather: Nope!

You blast the flamethrower at close range against Tom's hands and flee.

Tom: AGH!

You grab Courtney by the hand and run off.

Heather: Quick! While we have enough time! 

Courtney: D-d-d-DUNCAN! No! We-we have to--

Heather: No time!

You and Courtney run off as the interns catch their breath.

Tom: You can run! But you can't hide, you two!


  • Playing as: Harold

You're walking through the forest, terror starting to seep into you and making you shiver. You're all on your own.

Harold: Hello? Anybody out there?

There is no reply but complete silence.

Harold: Gosh! 

A breeze starts to set into you however. A gust of wind heads right. You follow it due to no sense of direction in you.

Harold: Maybe I can find someone.

As you walk towards where the wind is heading, you see a dark and damp hole. There seems to be growling underneath but also a peculiar voice.

?: H-hello? O-oh no. Not again! Don't come near! Somebody, anybody, help me!!!

Harold: That voice sounds familiar. But what if it's just the ghosts under there? Does the hero be a hero by saving a possible life, or a fool by sacrificing his own?

What do you do?

  • A - Follow voice
  • B - Follow wind

Harold: Harold the hero never leaves someone behind!

You reach in and feel what appears to be skin. It feels human-like.

Harold: Don't worry, little guy. I got ya. Hmm, feels like a deer...

You give one last pull with your admittedly scrawny arms, only to fling with what you were holding to the ground.

?; Wuh... where am I...?

Harold: Cody????!

Your view is correct. The Gopher member rubs his head in confusion and pain.

Cody: Harold??? Oh thank goodness. Thank goodness! Somebody else is here.

Harold: How'd you get here? Where's everybody else?

Cody: I don't know what happened. I thought I died! Got clawed to death by some creepy wolves. But maybe I didn't die haha! After all, I am a quick healer. Bet that was it.

Harold: And why were you calling me out for help?

Cody: There's a ravine back there. I guess the wolves dropped me off there or something to make me drown. 

Harold: Well glad I'm not doing this alone. Who knows what dangers I might have faced. Some even might have been almost too much for my mad skills... almost.

Cody: We better get going.

Cody strolls off to his right and you stop him for a moment.

Harold: Wait! You can't just leave. We don't even know which way we're supposed to go. Now if I remember correctly, I was in a rough cabin to my right just up ahead from here a couple feet and I was kidnapped.

Cody: Okay?

Harold: But there was this hill there too. The way I see it we have two options. We could either keep going left like where I was going, OR we could go to our right to that hill I mentioned and walk up it. According to my knowledge on hills, it does look like it leads somewhere. We could have a better view of where to go.

Cody: Well, not the hill expert here. I'm gonna leave it up to you.

Harold: Hmm... okay, better think about this.

Where do you go?

  • A - Keep going left and take the straightforward way
  • B - Go right and go up the hill for a view

Harold: We need to go right like where you were going and go up the hill for a good view. Maybe we'll see the mansion from there.

Cody: Alright. Lead the way, hill boy.

The two of you head off the opposite direction you found Cody i into the unknown you haven't seen yet before, wondering what may await you...

Izzy and Leshawna

  • Playing as: Leshawna

The two of you explore through the forest you've encountered. You feel surprised you've actually came where you've wanted to go.

Leshawna: Wow, Izzy. Ya seriously brought me to Boney Island?

Izzy: Of course! Whaddaya take me for, a crazy person? Hahahaha! ...Wait, don't answer that!

Leshawna: Uh-huh... and how we' meant to find the others again?

Izzy: Where do ya think Izzy's been goin' every night, huh?

You're taken aback by her commitment. That and her being weird.

Leshawna: You know ya' way 'round the island?

Izzy: Yep! Knew it existed to when I raided Chef's pantry and found his diary where he said about how he went to Boney Island once.

Leshawna: You know what? I don't believe you! We've been steered wrong so many times 'cause o' you. Bet yo' just lyin' to me!

Izzy: You really don't believe me?

Leshawna: I'm not one hundred percent, that's for sure.

Izzy: ...Do you remember that question I asked you at the beginning of the canoe trip?

Leshawna: Hmmmm... oh wait, ah' don't know or care because ya almost killed me so many times afta' that! So no, can't say I do.

Izzy: ...Do you trust me?

Leshawna: Ugh. Not this question again.

Do you trust Izzy?

  • A - Yes
  • B - No

Leshawna: Against my BETTA' judgement, I'm gonna say yes here. Only cause you DID save my butt a couple times. But you need to STAP with the craziness, okay?

Izzy: Hahaha, sorry can't make any promises.

Your deadpan look has never felt so passionate.

Izzy: Wait... did you hear something?

?: I told you we shouldn't have trusted Heather! She's gotta go next!

Leshawna: Wha?

You see three ghastly holograms approach you. Either you're seeing things or those are ghosts!

??: Hey... isn't that... Leshawna??!

Leshawna: Huh?

You look around. Izzy is nowhere in sight. Where could she have possibly went? All you see is a small bag that must've fell out of one of our pockets.

?: Well we've been looking for someone to feast on. Looks like it's your time, Leshawna.

Leshawna: Agh!

What do you do?

  • A - Run
  • B - Hide
  • C - Check Izzy's bag

In a flash you search through Izzy's bag. All you can see is just one piece of equipment; dyamite, plus a match. Must be all she has leftover from before.

?: Prepare to die, Leshawna!

You pull out the dyamite and attach a match to the flammable piece of equipment.

Leshawna: No. Prepare to fry!

In your last desperate attempt you toss the dynamite and scurry away.

?: What the?!?!

The ghosts get engulfed in flames that you just narrowly escape. You catch your breath while they scream in agony.

?: No! Not again!

Your eyes are about to enthralled at the fiery surroundings only for a hand to pat your shoulder.

Leshawna: Izzy? Where'd you come from?

Izzy: Questions are for later! Actions are for now! Come on, we better get outta here before those guys find us again.

The two of you quickly leave the area. You still can't believe you've somehow survived this.

Sadie and Tim

  • Playing as: Sadie

You've been running in this upper section of the sewer for quite some time away from your ex-BMF. You feel scared but also pretty betrayed. He's strangely not in sight however.

Sadie: I may need to be in a coma after all this running, but it'll be worth it to get away from you! How could you betray your BMF like this??? I don't know if you can still hear me but yeah! I'm talking to you!

Tim: Ohhhhh... Sadie...?

Sadie: Ah! You ARE there! You better be ready for this! I'm a white belt in karate! I bet that's a good one.

Tim: Time to go down like Cody did before! Guess you can blame him for this.

Tim's ghostly figure appears before you.

Sadie: Oh no. Oh no!

You step away slowly in fear only to trip.

Sadie: Huh? What's this?

You pick up an odd item you found on the ground.

Sadie: A slingshot? And a lighter and a match?

Tim: Not the lighter and match! I'm WEAK to that! ...Oh crap I wasn't supposed to tell you that!

Sadie: Omg!

Tim: Please! Have mercy and I'll just make your death slightly less slow and painful, okay?

Sadie: Urgh...

What do you do?

  • A - Sling the flames
  • B - Run away
  • C - Give in

Sadie: There's no way I can beat him.

You drop the slingshot along with the matcher and lighter you were holding and flee the scene.

Tim: Hahaha! You can ru! But you can't hi--

Tim ends up tripping on what you left behind, accidentaly flicking his wrist on the lighter. You turn around as you see flames.

Tim: My hair!

Sadie: That should hold him off for now!

You leave, not knowing where you could be headed from here. But you sure wish Katie were here.

Courtney and Heather

  • Playing as: Courtney

You and the horrible girl you've been forced to stick by have been touring through the forest you're lost in. Your tears have become so common that you're too dehydrated to cry anymore at your fallen Bass member Duncan's departure.

Courtney: How could you kill him like that?! After all the help he had given!

Heather: I had to pick SOMEONE! As if I'd be able to outsmart INTERNS. You should just consider yourself lucky I didn't kill you!

Courtney: Would rather it be you...

Heather: I'm sorry, what was that?

Courtney: I said!

A rustle in the nearby bushes emerge. You and Heather stop for a moment and widen your eyes in confusion. 

Courtney: What IS that???

...A bunny pops out.

Heather: Relax. It's just a stupid bunny.


The bunny lets out the mightiest of roars not even the loudest beasts could emulate. A tremble starts to form in the ground.

Courtney: Uh.... oh...

A swarm of bunnies hops out. They all look undead and unnatural, possibly already being dead.

Courtney: Zombie bunnies...!

Heather: ...Wait! Yes!

Heather pulls out a shotgun from her pretty small pockets and laughs victoriously. She shoots at the bunnies with all her might.

You look at Heather with shock at her useful shooting skills, but you also notice bunnies continuing to swarm to her.

Courtney: This is for you, Duncan...

You walk away from Heather; she has it coming.

Courtney: See you never, Heather!

You turn around and head the opposite way. Your impeccable sense of direction will assure you can reach the mansion. You have no regrets about ditching Heather. She shouldn't have done what she did to begin with. But before you can feel reassured in knowing your worst enemy is out of the picture, you hear a noise...

?: Oh, Courtney.....?

Courtney: Oh no, it's... it's... Tom!

Tommy & Thomas: And us!

'Tom: Nowhere to run now Courtney.

Courtney: You're worse than that Tom who wouldn't give me the camera for my audition tape! You really are a monster!

Tom: And you're about to be a monster's breakfast... hehehe.

You feel like you can accept your fate at this point only to look down.

Courtney: What the?

You see a peculiar flaming torch on the ground. The ghost don't seem to be looking at it.

Courtney: What if I...?

What do you do?

  • A - Fling torch
  • B - Run

You grab hold of the torch and fling it. But they.... dodge??? And grab... you?????

Tom: Hahaha! Oh please, Courtney. Don't you think we were expecting something like this?

'Tommy: We just ran into someone else earlier and they used fire too! We're prepared for that now!

Thomas: Yeah. It was Leshawna!

Tom:' Uhh... you weren't supposed to say that! um... Anyway, we killed Leshawna!!! Yes!

Tommy: And guess who's next >:)

Courtney: At least I might see you Duncan

You receive an electric surge from Tom who's holding you alongside his ghostly friends. You feel on fire, but not in a good way. Eventually things start to go dark. And then you feel an explosion... it's you!

Tom: Hahaha! You should bleed out eventually. Now time to kill more. Come, interns!

  • Playing as: Heather

Heather: Ha! That's right! Die bunnies!

The horde of bunnies lie on the ground motionless. A success indeed.

?: Heather???

Heather: Oh no! I know that voice!

Tom: Surprise!

You gulp and run away as fast as you can from the terror of the ghosts, heading back to the mansion you came from.

Cody and Harold

  • Playing as: Cody

Cody: Ugh, Harold? We've been going up this mountain for like 15 minutes and I still haven't seen any view of a mansion.

Harold: Yeah. It was a pretty hefty climb to be honest.

Cody: Kindaaa starting to regret suggesting we go this way to be honest:/

Harold: Don't worry. I'm sure nothing will--


Cody: Not the wolves again!

Harold: Oh no...

Cody: What kind of smart plans do you have now Har--

Harold: Run away!!!!

Harold dissapears within a millisecond. You dart your eyes left and right in bewilderment.

Cody: What the?? Harold?! Uh oh...

The horde of wolves that surround you come closer. They look just like the ones from earlier.

Cody: Nice... doggies.

What do you do?

  • A - Keep running straight
  • B - Run to the side
  • C - Run the opposite direction you're going

You run to the side of where you're going and risk going past the wolves to your left side; the right side being too crowded. But you have a slipping.

Cody: Waah!

You tumble off the hill and fall face first into a bush. Your back feels fractured but you must continue on. You go the opposite direction of the mountain to go for the path you chose before where the wolves can't get you.

Cody: I'm doing this for you, Gwen!

Izzy, Leshawna and Others

  • Playing as: Leshawna

Leshawna: Izzy, we've been travellin' for like 20 minutes? We even had to sneak past some killa' beavers back there. You sure you know where you're goin'?

Izzy: Relax! I got the whole scene planned out in my ol' noggin!

Leshawna: Would hate to see what's goin' on in that 'ol' noggin'...

Izzy: Look, look! Here we are!

You gaze up. A mansion faces you. It's quite hollow and dark but still looks very roomy.

Leshawna: Wow. Gotta hand it to ya, crazy girl. Didn't think we'd actually find shelta'.

Izzy: Yep. Now we just gots to go inside and--

?: Get inside!

Izzy: Wow. That's what I was about to say! Thanks, little voice inside my head.

Leshawna: No, look! It's that guy Quapaw again. And he' not wearin' that mask o' his.

Quapaw finally arrives to both of you, catching his breath.

Quapaw: Oh thank goodness you two are here.

Izzy: Oh my gosh, Quapaw! Awesome! Hey, where's that dirty traitor Wo Tang?

Quapaw: I had to run away from him. Was fighting a losing battle to be honest.

Izzy: Alright let's go in then, queen mother subjects! 

Quapaw: I wouldn't do that if I were you, your majesty.

Izzy: And why not...?

Quapaw: Legend has it these vengeful and ghostly spirits have been lurking here for ages, hellbent on taking out teenagers.

Izzy: Wow, how'd you find that out?

Quapaw: Oh just some guy who tours all the islands told me couple days back.

Leshawna: You kiddin' me?!

Quapaw: Well anyway, if I were the two of you, I'd be more careful. I still say we should go in, but that's go do it quietly.

You creak open the door slowly. There's surprisingly a lot more light than you anticipated. But you hear a sudden noise, prompting the three of you to hide.

?: UGH! That devious diva Heather hid somewhere! 

?: Guess the you can run but you can't hide thing didn't work as well as we thought, eh Tom?

Tom: Shut up Thomas! Tommy, got any new update?

Tommy: Ugh, no! Bridgette still drained our power and I don't know if we can get it back until we feed on more life. Can't map out anyone here.

Thomas: We should stay here. Wait for THEM to come to US.

Tom: Hey that's a... horrible idea. For all we know somebody could come by and pick them up. 

You whisper to Izzy and Quapaw to not be alerted.

Leshawna: Hey, those are the same guys who tried to take me and Izzy out. Bet they don't like us that much.

Quapaw: What do we do? So scared we'll be found!

Izzy: Don't worry. I got a plan!

You and Quapaw both stare wide eyed at Izzy with the most worried looks you can have.

Izzy: I mean, it's not a PERFECT one but it might just work!

Leshawna: I dunno...

Izzy: I know I steered you guys wrong lots of times but I also did the RIGHT thing a lot too. Come on, do you want to go with my plan?!

Quapaw: I'll stay out of this debate. Not my business to sway my queen mother's vote.

Izzy: Well, Leshawna?

What do you do?

  • A - Go for Izzy's plan
  • B - Stay hiding

Leshawna: Ugh fine. But I really feel like I'm regrettin' this.

Izzy: Cool! Now, I should probably say that by 'plan' I actually meant planS.

Leshawna: Two?

Izzy: Yeah. And I don't know which one we should go for.

Quapaw: You two better hurry. They could come over here at any time.

Leshawna: Alright, alright. What's ya' plan?

Izzy: Either we pretend to be another contestant and distract them out of here while we duck and they can't see us, so we can then take shelter.

Leshawna: Or?

Izzy: OR we try... the nuclear option...

Leshawna: W-what's the nuclear option?

Izzy: It means--

Quapaw: Oh no. I think I can see one of them coming! Better make your choice quick, Leshawna!

Leshawna: Uh, uh...

What do you do?

  • A - Distract the ghosts by pretending to be a contestant (Custom: Pretend to be which contestant?)
  • B - Try "the nuclear option"

Leshawna: I'm gonna go fo' the nuclear option? We mightn't be able to do someone's voice okay 'nuff. 

Izzy: And here they come now.

Thomas: Don't worry boss, I'll go get them.

Tom: That a boy Thomas. Ya'know, you could LEARN something from him, Tommy.

The ghost aptly named Thomas approaches you.

Izzy: And by nuclear option I mean...



Thomas: Wha-?

Izzy pulls out a fungus-like flammable object from her pocket and lights it as you stare. You notice the flame expanding however, to ginormous proportions.

Leshawna: NOOOOO

Remembering all those times Izzy saved you you leap into action and shove her and Quapaw towards the stairs as the object drops towards you and a befuddled Thomas.

Leshawna: Uh o--

Your last memory before a final ginormous explosion. All you can see is the top of the mansion enclosure opening up, as does all your limbs.

Tom: Thomas!

Izzy: Leshawna!

Tom: No way that ghost will come back after a SECOND explosion. Not to that level! NOOOO


Quapaw: Uh, Queen Mother, we might wanna... leave this place. Now!


Tom: Time for them to go down, Tommy!

Izzy: Uh oh.......

You and Quapaw somersault away from the area with your moves as the ghosts fire lasers at you away from their line of vision so you can locate a place to hide. You think you've all gotten away.... except Leshawna.

Cody and Harold

  • Playing as: Harold

You desperately run to your left away from the mountain you had previously climbed.

Harold: Wolves can smell fear!

Running further you see a figure with bushy hair crawling behind you.

Harold: Wolf! I'm too scrawny and unattractive to die!

You cower as the figure nears you, accepting your fate until...

Harold: Cody?

Cody: Harold! Phew. We kinda got separated there. Almost died too.

Harold: Wait... where's the wolves???

Cody: Them? Eh, I doubt they'll find us.

Harold: We can't be sure! We gotta get outta this place and find some help!

Cody: Wait, what's that up ahead?

An enclosed shed stands before the two of you. You both curiously stare at it.

Cody: We better get inside!

Harold: Nuh-uh!

Cody: Why nuh-uh?

Harold: This could be a trap planted by those ghosts!

Cody: Ghosts? I remember them! Last time I saw them they were at the mansion where you shot Beth! O-oh sorry I brought that up.

Harold: In any case since you're possible temporary death these geekwads have been on the loose all night. They could've planted this here to lure us inside. 

Cody: But on the other hand it could be a lot warmer in this place.

Harold: As a trained person in receiving Horror Steve's horror badge, I believe this decision should rest in my hands, even though it's pretty difficult.

Cody: Lay it on me.

What do you do?

  • A - Go inside the shed, it's warm
  • B - Keep walking for different shelter

Harold: But you know what? It's not like they thought of everything. Let's get in.

You and Cody open the hatch to the door and enter inside.

Cody: Wow this place sure is creepy.

Harold: Eh, it's not like anything bad is gonna happen.





Harold: See? What'd I tell ya? Nothin'.

Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Sadie, Tim, Quapaw, and Interns

  • Playing as: Gwen

Your head slowly peeps out of some bushes. It's a good thing you hid from those interns while you were still near the mansion. Duncan's charred body you watch burned to a crisp still lies before you however as you tiptoe past it.

Gwen: I should probably go in. I bet those guys are probably still looking for Courtney and Heather.

You creak open the door nonchalantly only to see a hole in the ceiling upon entrance.

Gwen: What the--... What happened here?

?: Izzy! Get out here! We know you and your weird friend are hiding around here somewhere!

Gwen: Izzy? A voice calling out to her? Oh crap I better hide.

?: HELP!!!

Before you can think a moment further the door slams open as a screaming Heather enters.

Heather: Wow. This night has been making me go CRAZY. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's good to see you weird goth girl!

You lower your tone snapping back.

Gwen: Keep the volume down! They're IN here!

Heather whispers back in shock.

Heather: W-what?? But I've been hiding the whole time and got to the mansion without even seeing them!

Gwen: There's more than one route, genius!

?: Hey Tom, did you hear something?

Tom: Can it, Thomas! We have to look for Izzy!

Gwen: Quick, hide!

Heather hears the noise coming from the left side of the room and wanders to the right to the hallway near a back exit. You watch her slowly duck underneath a cupboard.

Gwen: Now where do I go?

Thomas: I'm heading out, boss. Really think someone is out there.

Tom: Make it snappy.

You quickly hop behind a wooden plank in the mansion and hide. You feel secure but you can also feel the intern's ghostly shadow creep towards you as he comes closer... and closer...

  • A - Custom choice (NOBODY comment within 12 hours of this being posted. Some deep consequences if you do...) (Note: Check contributions of this blog to check when 12 hours are up)

You stay put right where you are.

Thomas: I know you're in there, whoever's in there! Now get OUT here!

You see a floorboard on the ground. It's detached and seems prime to pick up. But you're running out of time as the menacing intern approaches you.

What do you do?

  • A - Whack intern with floorboard
  • B - Quickly run away
  • C - Quickly hide

You reach quick for the floorboard and swing at the intern.

Gwen: Hiyah!

Thomas: ...

Gwen: ...Oh, oh yeah. You're a ghost...

The ghost screams at you while you flee away.


Thomas: Say hi to Trent for me!

You can hear a zap emerging... then you can feel it... then you feel darkness...

  • Playing as: Izzy

You and Quapaw remain underneath a bed, trying to avoid the sight of the ghost.

Thomas: Hey, Tom! Guess what?! I killed Gwen!

Izzy: WHAT??!

Tom: What?! I don't believe you! There is no way that YOU could've killed the cast's horror expert. I checked all the luggage while we were working on the island and there is NO way that she went down so easy.

Thomas: It's true! She even tried hitting a GHOST with a floorboard!

Tom: You're really tempting me to check whether you're seeing things or not because that sounds COMPLETELY unbelievable. 

Thomas: See for yourself. I doubt it'll be hard to find Izzy anyway.

Izzy: Looks like I'm in control of what me and the servant does. Ugh this is hard... I can't stay here forever...

What do you do?

  • A - Remain where you are
  • B - "Hey! I think we should go and check, Tom!"
  • C - Ask Quapaw

Izzy: Psst, Quapaw. Better talk low here. What do we do?

Quapaw: I'm not the expert, your majesty. I wanted to know what YOU'D do.

?: Ah-ha! I know that small voice. Knew he was in here!

Quapaw: Oh no. Is that--

The two ghosts turn to the figure.

Tom: Who are you and what are you talking about?!

?: The name's Wo Tang and I heard everything!

You and Quapaw attempt a loud gasp before quickly sticking your hands in each other's mouth in silence.

Wo Tang: You want to kill this Izzy woman and her henchman for whatever reason? I can help just fine.

Tom: Hmm... well we don't know you but I like your enthusiasm. You find 'em, we'll help you take them out.

Wo Tang: ...Found them.

You see Wo Tang, still in his mask outfit, point his finger at the bed. 

Thomas: Here?

Thomas raises the bed you've been cowering under up. You get stared down.

Izzy: ...Oops. I guess maybe we should probably get outta here, huh? Ehehe.

You and Quapaw try fleeing the room quickly. Wo Tang and the two ghosts reach their arms out but crash into each other as you and your servant somersault over the attempts before finally escaping the room.

Izzy: Wait.... GWEN?? Quapaw, she's still alive!

Gwen: Urgh...

Quapaw: She's bleeding out bad!

Gwen: I-izzy??

Izzy: We can't leave her behind.

Quapaw: Hey look, an exit! We can get out this way. But if I were you I'd leave that girl behind. I doubt she's surviving much longer. And I think I hear them coming!

Izzy: I can't just LEAVE her!

You try reaching your arms out to Gwen only for your arms to experience a slap like no other... the two ghosts and Wo Tang emerge before you.

Tom: It's a good thing we can finish off gothy before you make it out of here, quote un-quote 'Queen Mother'.

Gwen: N-no...

Tom snaps his fingers while Thomas shoves Gwen against a nearby wall. His eyes light up. You recognize that laser vision anywhere...

Quapaw: Quick! We need to leave! 

Izzy: I-I...

Quapaw: Wait look, a match! Looks like someone already left a fire here and there's a leftover switch that we could turn on!

All you can see are charred remains that seem to resemble Bridgette's outfit.

Izzy: W-well fire DOES burn them, b-but...

Wo Tang charges towards the both of you while the ghostly interns occupy themselves with Gwen.

Quapaw: Better make a decision, my liege!

What do you do?

  • A - Save Gwen
  • B - Light the match and leave

Izzy: Hey, get off her!

The two ghosts hold their fire for a second to turn around.

Thomas: Huh?

Tom: Heh, pathetic. Trying to stop us. How are you gonna be able to do that?

Thomas: Especially with...

Wo Tang: Me!

Wo Tang lunges at you with a spear. You cower and accept your fate.


Quapaw: Enough! Your gaze perks up to see Quapaw's spear impact with Wo Tang's.

Quapaw: Just because she killed people, I am STILL a loyal follower. And so should you!

Wo Tang: You fool! I was going to spare you but since this is the second time you've been doing this...

You hop out of fright as the spears diverge multiple times in succession. 

Quapaw: I-I can't hold him much longer...

Wo Tang: Hahaha! Time to die, Qua--


?: Wow I can't believe the sewer floor led up to here!

A hole appears in the mansion from a wooden piece of the floor that whacks Wo Tang upwards.

Wo Tang: My leg!

Izzy, Quapaw, Tom, Thomas: SADIE???

Sadie: Hahaha, why you all surprised...? Oh no! TIM! He's coming, he's coming!

While the ghosts stare at Sadie in awe, you slowly sneak up behind them until...

Izzy: Gotcha!

You run off carrying a bloody Gwen on the verge of death alongside Quapaw.

Izzy: Hurry Sadie, we gotta get outta here!

Tom: What the--?!

Sadie chases after the three of you in fright as you point to the switch you saw earlier a couple feet away near the exit.

Izzy: Time to light these bad boys once and for all!

Sadie: Huh?

Izzy: Will explain later!

You see a dishevelled Wo Tang lying on the ground while Tom and Thomas chase after you all nearby.

What do you do?

  • A - Light the switch and leave with Gwen, Sadie, and Quapaw
  • B - Wait

You wait where you are standing. Things feel all too easy for them to be right.

?: Wait for me!

Izzy: ...HEATHER?!

Heather: About time people remembered a valuable person to keep!

Quapaw: There's no time, Queen Mother! We gotta get outta here!

Tom: Too late!

Tom and Thomas stand before you. Quapaw soars into your guard but you cower as Tom man-handles him and throws him out the exit while Thomas drops the heavily injured Gwen out of her arms.

Heather and Sadie: Ahhh!

Heather and Sadie flee out the exit as fast as they can leaving just you and Gwen at the hands of the ruthless ghosts.

Tom: Eh won't be long till we reach the rest of 'em anyway. Any final words, Izzy?!

Izzy: Umm...

You see the light switch nearby to set off the flame. Maybe the ghosts can't see it.

What do you say?

  • A - "How does THIS feel?" (Light switch)
  • B - "Quapaw! Get back here!" (seek help)
  • C - "Hiyah!" (fling Gwen)
  • D - "I can help you take them out!" (outsmart)
  • E - "Who's that Tim guy Sadie mentioned?" (outsmart)
  • F - "No!" (run)

You open your mouth to Tom and Thomas.

Izzy: I can help you take them out!

Tom: Haha you in what army?!

Izzy: ...Izzy army?

Tom: Nice try! Now--

Thomas: Wait, boss!

Tom: Ugh. What NOW, Thomas?

Thomas: Maybe we should let her join us. She knows more about those that ran out than any of us. This island ain't that big, I'd say it won't take long to find them all and get them out of the picture.

Tom: UGH FINE! I guess I really am that desperate at this point. 

Izzy: Awesome!

Tom: What's first?

Izzy: ...Payback!

Carrying Gwen you sprint as fast as you can. You can hear the ghosts in hot pursuit.

Tom: You deceiver! Don't touch that!

You reach for the light switch and set a match using leftover flames possibly left by Bridgette.

Tim: Hey guys! What'd I miss? Any of you seen Sadi--


You flee out the nearby exit as flames engulf the mansion, much stronger than before. You stand holding Gwen nearby Heather, Sadie, and Quapaw. It's all over... physically anyway.


Izzy, Gwen, Heather, Sadie and Quapaw

Sadie: So... what now?

Izzy: Oh! Oh! I just remembered me, Quapaw, and Leshawna got here on boats! We can RIDE 'em back to camp! 

Heather: Maybe there might be an actually safe phone line there.

Izzy: Let's go!

Cody and Harold

Harold: Urgh. The morning time and still nobody's shown up here. Will we ever get out of here?

Cody: Wait! Look!

An axe wields open the door. Cody and Harold cower in fear.

?: There they are!

Their fear quickly turns to relief however.

Harold: Oh thank goodness. Law enforcement at last.

Cody: Mind arresting Chris McLean for getting us on this show?

Heather and Sadie

Interviewer: What was it like being on Total Drama? Even before all this messed up bloodshed happened.

Heather: Uhhh pretty much bloodshed without any blood.

Sadie: Silly! That just means shed! Total Drama wasn't a shed heeeheehee.

Heather: Urgh!

Sadie: Wait! Is this going on the news? Hi mom!

Cody and Harold

Interviewer: What would you two have done had your fellow competitors not gotten back to the island and phoned help to check out the island, causing us to just so happen to find you two? What if it hadn't happened?

Cody: Probably starved. I was pretty hankering for a snack as is.

Harold: Or we could've overheated. I mean it IS summer.

Cody: Sucks about Gwen though. :(

Harold: And Leshawna :(

Cody: Come again? Didn't you two not get along the first day?!

Harold: I-I--

Harold runs out of the interview room crying loudly.

Izzy and Quapaw

Interviewer: Well based on what I've gathered here you two sure did well at avoiding death judging by the answers you gave.

Quapaw: What can I say? Lucky bunch I guess :D .......Izzy?

Interviewer: Oh and Izzy! Commemoration once again for you taking out those heathens you described to us. Not sure if your story is one-hundred percent legitimate but you sure do have a couple witnesses to back you up. That's for sure.

Quapaw: Something the matter?

Izzy: I don't think I can be my crazy self anymore :( Leshawna's gone and Gwen bled out before we could even get her some medical attention. Time to hang in the towel.

Quapaw: No way!

Izzy: ...Kidding! Imma keep bein' CRAZAY! Especially for you guys. Sorry people who died!

Interviewer: ...I think that just about wraps up our interviews for today.


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