Escape from Boney Island
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.



Chris: You'll be paddling your canoes across this lake.... to BOOOOOONEY ISLAND!


Chef's head pops out of a cave.

Izzy: Hey Chef! Wow, and you kept telling me MY head was all over the place hahahaha!


Chris finally floats up to the surface. But upside down. He lets out one final breath.

Chris: *reaches hand out* Chef? Is that you?


Voice #1: Well what are you waiting for, Harold?! Do it! Be the hero! Take her down!

Harold: Uh, uh...

Voice #1: You better shoot her! You don't know what I can do to you right here if you don't shoot her.

Harold shoots Beth square in the back of her head. She falls instantly. All the contestants scream.


Heather: Uh, Duncan what's that stroking against your leg?

Duncan: I'll have you know that THAT is my new wolfy friend, Snackers.



Izzy: Aagh!

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: Leshawna? You alive?

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: ...

Quapaw: ...



Tim: Chef and Chris are dead...

You gasp loudly and in your usual iconic melodramatic way.

Sadie: Oh the horror!

Tim: But apparently they want one of them resurrected for "some fun" later on with some people. I dunno. And it's in my power to do it.

Sadie: Oh... oh.

Tim: Fortunately for you since I have to be bound to be working with you, I'll leave the choice up to you, even though this mightn't have happened if I passed you out.

Sadie: So does that mean... I'm the new host of Total Drama?

Tim: Well not necessarily but--

Sadie: I can't believe it! Sadie! Drama! Sadie! 


Sadie:  I'm gonna resurrect Chef. I like his hat.

A large green ray appears zapping upwards, reaching above the sewer and making a hole in place.

Sadie: Hey, look! A way out! We can climb up.

Tim: Very good observation, Sadie. Anyway Chef should be alive somewhere for the others. It's gonna be a long climb though.


Sadie: Hmm... hey can I ask you a question first before we go up?

Tim: Do tell.

Sadie: Did anyone else die?

Tim: Well aside from Chris and Chef, others that died were Owen, Trent, Geoff, Lindsay, Beth, and Bridgette.

Sadie: What the crap? That's way too many!

Tim: Some died through others failing to save them, others died by being killed by someone in cold blood, and some was just their dumb curiosity.

Sadie: Wait, can you revive all of them for me???

Tim: I'm afraid my resurrection powers are really not that reliable. I already used so much of them to rescue Chef. Resurrecting someone is a big deal. Any other time I do so I'll have to murder someone to balance it out.

Sadie: And what if I let you kill me right now?

Tim: Even still we'd have to wait a bit longer for my powers to extend to resurrect someone. Now let's get a move on. My ghost butt is aching.

Sadie: Hey, look! A ladder. You just gotta raise me a little higher to it so we can both climb.

Tim: Ugh, fine. This better be worth it.

Sadie: It is once Sadie Drama Sadie takes off, double promise.



Gwen: What?! No, I gotta save you!

DJ: 2 of us isn't enough against seven of them! Get outta here, I'll hold 'em off!

Gwen tenses and sprints off into the distance now that the blockage is cleared. Your ready to scream much louder now that your fate is sealed, only for sharp scrapes against your mouth and entire face to make you incapable of so. The bears pounce on you, impairing your vision. All you can feel now is chewing. Everything is gone black. For good.


Cody: Oh no! The smell!

A bunch of wolves start sniffing around the bush.


Your scent is caught. The bushes are trampled on, as are you! The pack sees you and pounces. Everything is black and plain now. Except for the pain and suffering.


Courtney: But hey, wait a sec. Where's that traitor Harold?

Duncan: Beats me.

Harold: Heeelp!

You and Courtney quicky look at each other and run straight as fast as possible... but you're too late. You see Harold lying down. He looks dead.

Courtney: Wait a minute.

Courtney leans over.

'Courtney: This is a tranquilizer dart. He was probably just knocked out.

Duncan: B-but if he was knocked out then couldn't that mean...

A shot can be heard... and you can feel it. You both collapse to the ground.


Voice #1: You can take that gun and shoot Courtney, or you can shoot yourself. The choice is yours.

Voice #1: Whoever survives can leave this place as a survivor and go back to their precious mansion like a real coward with their tails between their legs.


Figure #1: Any final words?

Duncan: Yeah... heads up!

Figure #1: Huh?

You headbutt the guy quickly in his chest, losing his grip of the knife, flying it up in the air downwards onto you.

Courtney: Watch out!

You quickly catch the knife... in your mouth!

Courtney: Woah...

You reach down with your mouth to cut your ropes tieing you up.

Duncan: Heh. Been learning that trick since kindergarten.

You hop out of your chair and untie Courtney with your pen knife.

Duncan: Let's get out of here before he shows up.

Your knifed victim quickly stands up.

Figure #1: Too late!

Duncan: Run!

You and Courtney run out of the room as fast as you can. The mystery idol wearer chases you... but Courtney has other plans.

Duncan: Huh? Why are you turning around, Courtney?

Courtney: Kill this! Hiyah!

Courtney kicks the idol wearer in the face. 

Figure #1: Ah! Curse you Bridgette, not making me a ghost again!

Courtney quickly speeds away to catch up with you. You run straight left in hopes of reaching the mansion once again. You see someone up ahead. It's an animal of some sort.

Duncan: Hey! It's that little baby wolf who curled up to me in that mansion. Was wondering where you went little guy!

The baby wolf barks at you eagerly. You carry him with you and continue fleeing.


The mansion is empty and hollow. The previous zapped hole by ghosts has been repaired. A flash of light appears beside the staircase and a mystery person emerges.

Chef:' Aw hell no!

Chef, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, and Heather

  • Playing as: Duncan

You, Courtney, and your pet wolf Snackers sprint towards the mansion to get inside, attempting to catch your breath as you enter.

Duncan: Okay, I think we lost him.

Courtney: Who was that?

?: One messed up cookie.

Duncan and Courtney: Chef?!

Chef: This is messed up. First my head gets blasted off by creepy girl, now I'm okay?!

Duncan: What are you talking about?

? and ?: Let us in!

You open the door and see Heather and Gwen enter.

Duncan: Looks like you guys survived too.

Courtney: Wait, where's Cody?

Duncan: And DJ?

Heather: I think he got slowed down by some wolves and they killed him.

Gwen: DJ sacrificed himself to bears for me. 

Duncan: Wow. That's actually really nice of him.

Courtney: So, what? MORE people are dead?!

Heather: Apart from me not even knowing for sure that Cody's dead, what about you guys? Where's geek farm?

Duncan: I think those killers stole him. Probably gonna use him on their side.

Chef: Ya got that right.

Heather and Gwen: Chef?!

Chef: I dunno what's goin' on for sure, but all I remember is checkin' this island before you guys did it for yer challenge. But then I got all passed out and I got sent to some udder place.

Gwen: Uh-huh...?

Chef: But then this creepy lookin' thing kidnapped me and a bunch of other folk. Like a kinda ugly mix of a buncha big animals. I knew I was done for when they asked IZZY for help!

Gwen: Izzy?!

Courtney: Woah. Maybe her and Leshawna are still out there!

Chef: They betta' NOT be! Splatterin' off my head like that. That hurts, y'know?!

Duncan: Then... how are you alive?

Chef: Look, I dunno who these people are, but maybe one of 'em had to ressurect me o' Chris.

Gwen: Chris died too...?

Chef: Yep. Met him in Purgatory. It's like the afterlife, but it's not the afterlife. Little shrimp couldn't survive on his own without me, hehehe.

Duncan: So do you know anything about the weird stuff going on around here?

Chef: I know enough about the history of this island, that's for sure. Some really weird tribal guys believed in this ultra-powa'ful goddess girl with curly ginga' hair and a bush skirt. And they'd worship anyone fittin' that.

Heather: Pheh. Losers.

Chef: But then they were waitin' for too many years. They started doin' these creepy rituals where they sacrificed animals to see if their god would come.

Gwen: Poor DJ would be cringing if he was hearing this right now.

Chef: But those animals you guys have been runnin' into aren't even doin' it on purpose.

Heather: Say what? How does that make any sense? I nearly got killed by animals so many times today!

Chef: Shut it so I can tell you why it makes sense! Those critters died a long time ago. But whoever those guys are that are tryin' to kill you just brought them back to life. And this time at night is when they start gettin' really hungry!

Gwen: That's cool. We can just wait here for the night until help comes. You do have your cellphone, right Chef?

Chef: Those crazy guys must've planned ahead in case I was revived. They destroyed it! Those animals are gonna break through those doors within a few hours.

Heather: Well seeing as how we're so obviously going to die, I'd just like to sincerely say it hasn't been a pleasure working with any of you and my parent's lawsuit for their popular child will be pretty sizable.

Chef: Ah shut up! What I DO know about ghosts is they have one weakness.

Courtney: Which is...?

Chef: Fire!

Duncan: Haha, killer! I got a lighter right here and--

Chef: That's too sissy to get the job done! What we need is guns! I have a couple shotguns right here. We can take down those creepy zombie animals. I had a whole bag o' stuff but since most of y'all are dead or missin', looks like we're all just bringin' shotguns. As the new host of this show--

Heather: New host?

Chef: Yeah that's right! Got a problem with that, maggot?! As I was sayin'! As the new host of this show, I'm gonna make some orders 'round here. Us boys will go out and see if we can find any o' those ghosts to kill. Ladies, if any animals get 'round the back, shoot 'em off, got it?!

Gwen, Heather, and Courtney nod before Courtney approaches you.

Courtney: Duncan?

Duncan: Yeah?

Courtney: J-just, thank you. You shot yourself trying to save my life. I know they were blanks but it was so sweet of you.

Duncan: Hey I'm not sweet! I just, uh, I was looking out for you.

Courtney: Get back safe, okay?

Courtney hugs you in a warm embrace. You suddenly feel a sense of relief.

Duncan: Y-yeah. We'll be back in no time.

Heather: Barf! Can you two get going already?

Chef: Yeah, let's go, juvie boy! Wait, what you gonna do with that lil' wolf? You bringin' him?

Duncan: Snackers? Um...

What do you do?

  • A - Bring Snackers
  • B - Leave Snackers in the mansion

Duncan: I'm gonna bring Snackers. He's small but he could get the job done.

Chef: Hey it's your funeral. Now let's get goin' so I can kick some ghost butt!

Duncan: Now you're speaking my language.

You and Chef head out into the unknown carrying your shotguns in hand.

Sadie and Tim

  • Playing as: Sadie

You and Tim have reached an upper section of the sewer. There's virtually no water you're standing on this time and you feel more enclosed and peaceful. Nevertheless something is plaguing your mind.

Tim: Something the matter, Sadie?

Sadie: No...

Tim: Don't forget, you successfully passed that food test out alive. I'm at your service to fulfill your needs. Now what's the problem?

Sadie: Is... is your powers working well enough to resurrect anyone...?

Tim: You want one of your campers resurrected, don't you?

Sadie: *sighs* Yeah.

Tim: It's time I've revealed something to you.

Sadie: Huh?

Tim: Some of the animals on Boney Island we've used to possess them. Instead of them being defensive against any intruders, they went after some of your fellow dead campers. It was the work of my fellow staff at this job.

Sadie: And?

Tim: I hate having to betray them like this, so this is paining me. But... one of your fallen campers had a death that was unavoidable!

Sadie: What?!

Tim: No matter what this person did, there was no way they could get out of it. 

Sadie: And I get to resurrect that person?!

Tim: Not quite. See, some of them COULD avoid their horrifying fate. But not this one person. But if you can get this person right, I can safely revive them. Seems fair and it could finally get me out of purgatory into a safer haven.

Sadie: Okay so who do I guess between??

Tim: There's 3 I'll make you choose between. Cody went number 1 on himself and got eaten by a pack of wild wolves, DJ got ambushed by a bunch of bears after trying to tiptoe them, and Lindsay was eaten by a wolf after she tried fighting it. Which of these was unavoidable.

Sadie: Oh man, that's pretty hard...

Whose death was most unavoidable?

  • A - "Cody's. Nobody could avoid those wolves."
  • B - "DJ's. Those bears were even bigger than him."
  • C - "Lindsay's. She was just defending herself"

Sadie: Cody's. Nobody could avoid those wolves.

Tim: Correct. 

Sadie: Awesome! Now work that magic.

Tim creates a large blinding green glow once more before finally unleashing a spark.

Tim: There. Cody should be alive somewhere now.

Sadie: Cool, let's get going!

Tim: Eeh not so fast, Sadie. I just resurrected something without the permission of my fellow workers. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to commit some murder to make up for it.

Sadie: Oh. Well maybe there's a spider or a fly around here or something. I'll look.

Tim: ....No, I mean you... I have to kill you.

Sadie: What?!

Tim: This will be quick, just hold still.

Sadie: Stay away from me!

Tim finally reveals himself, probably not to be slowed down. He wears a black jacket and a cap covering his face. He chases after you as you flee the area.

Chef and Duncan

  • Playing as: Duncan

You head out further from your mansion straight down the path you had already left in alongside Chef and Snackers.

Duncan: So where do we find these psycho ghosts anyways? Plus, as annoying as geek boy is, may as well keep him around so we have more people to fight with us. I'm gonna take out those ghosts and get Harold.

Chef: No, I'M gonna take out those ghosts and get Harold. You're just my co-host at this.

Duncan: Low blow, Cheffy... low blow. So, I know the shotgun can kill those revived animals but can I take out the ghosts with it?

Chef: Won't work. You'll need a hot loada dynamite for those pests.

Duncan: Aw man. Not sure my match will fully do the job.

Chef: It won't. That's why I got this FLAMETHROWA', sucka!

Chef pulls out a flamethrower out of his hands in your face arrogantly.

Duncan: For now...

You both continue heading downward. You reach the crossroads going straight, left, and right. You choose straight in order to locate Harold.

Duncan: That's the last place those guys were.

Chef: A'ight get a move on, private!

Duncan: So... what are these midnight woodland critters like anyway?

Chef: They're called blood-eata's. Past midnight is when they really start strikin'. I know from learning of the mythology.

Duncan: Wow, maybe you and Harold can have a nerdoff hahaha!

Chef: Quit your jibber-jabber! You won't be laughin' when those punks claw out your eyes, bite yer head off and if yo' lucky to still be alive they'll make you one of they own. Heck, that Harold boy could be as good as gone by now.

Duncan: Yikes. We never hear of this in juvie.

Chef: Welcome to the adult world, sonny. It's dark, twisted, and really really sucks.

Duncan: Hey, Snackers spotted a little room. It's pretty light. It looks like where me, Courtney, and Harold got tied up. Looks like when they knocked me out cold I didn't have to head far. Let's go.

The three of you enter inside. The room is as small and cramped as you remember. Both yours and Courtney's seats have fallen over. You explore the room further.

Chef: Wait! I see somethin'!

You all see a chair collapsed. But underneath the chair is a pair of oversized shoes with a green and blue striping.

Duncan: Hey these are HAROLD'S shoes! I just checked the other side. It even has his initials. He wouldn't stop telling us about them being H.N.C.D.M.G. He wouldn't tell me what the D stood for though...

All of a sudden you both hear a creaking footstep! Inching closer...

Chef: Stop. That's a sign. We gotta get back to the mansion. Now! We need to tell those girls to get to a safe place too.

Duncan: But Harold could be somewhere nearby.

Chef: That boy would be lucky to even still be alive this long. We need to move. Right! Now!

Duncan: Is there any way we can make these guys not notice us?!

Chef: Just pretend yo' dead. But it's pretty hard to do it at the right time. They think yer dead they won't think there's any blood worth eatin'. But if you just drop to the floor they'll know somethang's up.

Duncan: Can we do it now?

Chef: Won't work. Hoo boy! Can smell yer sweat from here. They'll get that too.

Duncan: No worries. This shotgun will kill 'em for sure.

Chef: Not in one shot...

Duncan: Huh?

Chef: This isn't like some average joe you'd rob at a store. These crittas need a couple o' shots for this to work.

Duncan: Booo, I want these mutant freaks dead right away. I gave a deer a knuckle sandwich the first day here and it was AWESOME!

Chef: I didn't create mutant animals, punk! Now let's go!

A rustle in a long tree above you forms. You all look up... there's something up there!

Duncan: What the heck IS that?!

A hunched over bear is on the trees. It has noticeably darker shades in it despite looking like a simple brown bear. It's teeth are longer, coming out of his closed mouth, his ears extended higher. His claws are long and his paws are almost humanoid.

Chef: Go! Now!

The bear swings down from a vine. He kicks Chef open in half, suckling his blood out.

Duncan: Oh crap oh crap oh crap!

The bear sees a shaking Snackers against a nearby fallen branch. He licks his lips and soars over. He gnaws on Snackers neck. The baby wolf screams in agony.

Duncan: No! Not you too!

But the screams quickly turn into growls... and then barks.

Duncan: N-nice demon bear and wolf...

Snackers and the monster bear lunge towards you. You prepare your shotgun.

What do you do?

  • A - Custom choice. Consider this another quicktime event. Similar to "Save Leshawna" from earlier, there must be 15 "Save Duncan" votes within 15 hours for him to fire two gunshots at Snackers and the wolf for him to proceed. There would've been 10 votes within 15 hours had you not foolishly decided to bring a baby wolf along with you where there's wild animals. So now 2 to try and kill. These must be entered WITHIN the 15 hours for you to save Duncan's life. How coincidental this is during Duncan week ;) Time to test that.

In short, just say "Save Duncan" for it to count or anything along those lines. Check the time at which I say "Voting has opened" to know how long till it reaches 15 hours.

  • Result: Success!

You fire one gunshot each at the bear and Snackers.

Duncan: Phew. Now you guys better take a long time to get up.

You speed away as quick as you can on your feet. But...


You crash face first against a hanging log above you. You should've just ducked. Now they've caught up again!

Duncan: Crud.

  • A - Custom choice. Same as before now that they've caught up, but this time it's more crucial. 5 "Save Duncan" votes within 5 hours for him to successfully shoot the bear and Snackers. Must be entered within the time I post my comment.

You shoot Snackers and the monster once more and start sprinting.

Duncan: Almost there!

You see the mansion up ahead and your hope begins to build... but the bear pops out on top of a tree without Snackers there. He dives at you venomously. You prepare your shotgun for fire.

  • A - Custom choice. This is where it gets really hard. You must get 10!! "Save Duncan" votes within 4 hours for him to injure this bear once more and make it inside the mansion. Have fun :)
  • Result: Success!

You let off one final round of your shotgun, creating a hole in the bear's gut. He collapses slowly while still crawling at a swift pace as you try desperately to open the mansion. You see Courtney in the glass reflection and knock in terror.

Duncan: Quick, Courtney! Let me in!

Courtney opens the lock of the door and you stumble in out of breath. WIth haste, she shuts the door. You turn around to see a bear slowly bleed out for good.

Courtney: D-Duncan! What just happened?!

Duncan: Monster bear, woods! Killed Chef! Snackers went to the dark side, had to kill beloved new pet! Shotguns! Chef explosives!

Courtney: Shh, shh, it's okay.

Duncan: Where's Heather and Gwen?!

Courtney: They're just on lookout that no animals try getting in. We tried a basement but the door was locked and we couldn't find a key anywhere.

Duncan: Ugh I bet that won't be the last time I'm forced to head out there either...

Courtney: They checked downstairs. We better go and head upstairs in case there might be any crazed birds or anything.

You and Courtney head for the staircase for lookout.

Gwen and Heather

  • Playing as: Gwen

You and Heather are on the ground floor wandering around near to one of the exit doors in a shady area with your shotguns.

Heather: How much longer do we have to stay here? I just want to call someone, go home, and milk this show's money for all it's worth. I always wanted to make my own show. The World According to Heather!

Gwen: Keep telling yourself that...

Heather: Hey look. There's a book on the ground.

A book rests in front of you and Heather. She is about to grab it but you leap in front of her and pick it up instead.

Heather: You gonna tell me what's in there?

You open up the book and see inside. It looks like ammo of some sort.

Gwen: Umm...

Heather: Well...?

Gwen: Ugh, these are probably pretty useful, maybe for the shotgun. But this being Heather I just know she'll steal them off me if I tell her about them so is it really worth telling her?

Heather: Is your goth hair making it hard for you to listen to me? Speak up!

What do you say?

  • A - "It's just a boring book"

*B - "There's ammo in here"

Gwen: There's ammo in here.

Heather: About time something good happened to me today. Yoink!

Gwen: Huh?

Before you can dart your eyes down Heather's snatched the book right out of your hands.

Gwen: Hey what are you doing?!

Heather: Let's be honest. Who's life will be more valuable? The goth who doesn't really like life or the girl with the fun and upbeat attitude who DOES enjoy her life? Oh and there's only enough for one person.

Gwen: Grrr....

What do you say?

  • A - "Fine. You can have them."
  • B - "Give me that back, I saw it first!"
  • C - "Let's split it half and half so we can share"

Gwen: Fine. You can have them.

Heather: That's more like it.

Gwen: But do you even know how to reload a shotgun properly?

Heather: Uhh... umm... doesn't matter! Hardly takes that long.

Gwen: Yeah... Anyway I think I heard Courtney and Duncan come in. We better get back to them.

Izzy, Leshawna, Quapaw, and ?

  • Playing as: Izzy

You're enjoying the sea view as you canoe further. But a seething Leshawna is thinking otherwise.

Izzy: C'mon, Leshawna. I didn't even know you could drown if you looked into that water.

Leshawna: I ain't trustin' you again, crazy girl. Don't even care where we're goin' anymore.

Izzy: We're going to Boney Island, hooray! You've been trying to go there for ages.

Leshawna: Not with you though!

Quapaw: Hey hey, relax everyone. I think I see land up ahead anyway, cap'n.

Izzy: Eh, I kinda dropped the whole pirate thing I was doing.

Leshawna: How's about you drop into the water next, that sound okay?

Quapaw: Wait, everyone. I think I feel something swimming against the canoe.

There's a darker figure in the sea. It inches in closer to your canoe before an arm raises!

Quapaw: Oh no! Is that...??

?: That's right!

Quapaw, Leshawna, and Izzy: Wo Tang?!?!

Wo Tang: That's right. I escaped from your silly little ropes you tied me up in Quapaw. Now it's time to kill you all. You for betraying your brethren, that measly Leshawna who should've been sacrificed long ago, and that monstrous unhinged imposter acting like the queen mother!

Quapaw: C-calm down!

Wo Tang: I swam all the way out here. I wrestled numerous crocodiles. And NOW it's time to kill all of you. With this trusty spear I--

Another spear flies out near your face. Your eyes dart to the left and see Quapaw holding it!

Quapaw: You're not taking down my queen mother! We are her people!

Wo Tang: It's time to take you down then. You've succumbed to her overtly spontaneous self and now you're not nearly as striking of a man. Prepare for death!

The spears clash against each other. Quapaw and Wo Tang are at equal length against each other. You and Leshawna duck slowly and watch from the side of the canoe in horror.

Izzy: Psst... what do we do?

Leshawna: I-I dunno! Great, you get to make anotha' crazy choice.

Izzy: Ugh... think Izzy think.

What do you say?

  • A - "I command you two to stop fighting!"
  • B - "Time to bring some fire power heeheehee..."

*C - "Let's fight too!"

  • D - "Let's keep paddling, the island is close."
  • E - "Let's start swimming, the island is close."

Izzy: Let's fight too!

Leshawna: Wha??

  • Playing as: Leshawna

Izzy: C'mon Leshawna. With my combat and your weight, we can totally help Quapaw out!

Leshawna: I'll take that as a compliment...

Izzy: Hiyah!

Izzy leaps towards the spear fight unfolding. You shield your eyes.

What do you do?

  • A - Join the fight
  • B - Yell "No!"

You let out a sigh of giving in.

Leshawna: Never thought I'd say this but... I'm in, Izzy!

You lunge to the fight ensuing. You break out your fists in combat at the precedings.

Leshawna: W-woah!

The small man-made canoe isn't fitting enough for all four of you. You and Izzy start to wobble next to each other.

Leshawna: Oh no, we're goin' down!

Wo Tang: Oh no you don't!

Wo Tang slabs your right leg with his spear as you fall.

Leshawna: Aah!!

Izzy: Leshawna!

Wo Tang: The real queen mother would've sacrificed you for a blood feast by now anyways...

You and Izzy fall into the water face first.

Quapaw: You HURT one of my queen mother's minions! Time to die, fiend!

Wo Tang and Quapaw remain on the canoe and resume their fighting. You struggle to catch your breath on the slightly less deeper water you were in before due to your crippling injury but the creepy girl you want nothing to do with is carrying you with her.

Izzy: Don't worry, Leshawna. We're almost there.

Leshawna: Why am I still trustin' you again...?

Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, and Heather

  • Playing as: Courtney

You are in the main living room. The three of you are seated while Duncan finishes his gruesome story.

Duncan: And that's how we lost Chef and Snackers.

Gwen: *sighs* I'm sick of all these fading numbers. Sooner or later more of those weird animal things Duncan was talking about might get here. Let's just head upstairs to see if we can get a good view if anything might be coming.

The four of you head towards the stairs. You follow closely behind, though you start to hear something, in your ear.

?: Courtney?

Courtney: Huh? Who's there? You sound awful familiar.

?: It's me, Courtney. You know this voice.

Courtney: ...Harold?!

Harold: Listen, I found this weird device that lets me talk through people's eardrums nearby and it landed on you. I need your help!

Courtney: Hmm, okay.

Harold: I've been tied up in the same library upstairs I was in when I was given that pistol to shoot Beth. If you don't get up here quicker, they're going to kill me! I don't know where you are but hopefully you're in the mansion.

Courtney: What?! Well, I AM in the mansion at this moment.

Harold: Really?! Quick, come on up here and help me!

Courtney: It's just that weird device thing you're mentioning... hmm...

Harold: There's no time for questions! They were here a long time ago and I bet it won't be long till they come back up here and feast on me. Hurry!

Courtney: Hmm...

What do you do?

  • A - Run up to the library
  • B - Refuse
  • C - Ask more questions

Courtney: What's the name of your device? How did you manage to reach me? How did you get back from that lodge?

Harold: Oh, um, I have a pretty good explanation of those questions. You see--

?: Hey, look! There he is!

?: Time to die, dork!

Harold: Aaah, hurry! Courtney! Hurry!

Courtney: Uhhhhh...

  • A - Run up to the library
  • B - Refuse
  • C - Still ask more questions

Courtney: ...No.

Harold: What?? Courtney, they're gonna kill me!

Courtney: Not my problem, you chose to betray us, and now there's your karma.

?: Quickly! Downstairs! She's there!

Courtney: Huh?

Your ear signals off. You tremble but you kickstart your senses and run up the stairs.

Courtney: Heather? Gwen? Duncan?

You chase yourself up the stairs. You feel like someone is after you, and you're pretty sure it's them.

Duncan: Quick Courtney over here!

Gwen: We can hear something! We can exit by walking on the roof and hopping off. Hurry!

Courtney: Okay, team. I'll be right there!

?: No you won't!

You get tripped over but catch your feet. Now those guys really are on your tail.

Duncan: Leave 'em, Courtney! We gotta escape.

The four of you make it out of the window onto the roof of the mansion outdoors.

Gwen: Quick! Jump down here!

Gwen and Duncan instantly take a leap of faith off the roof down onto the ground. You and Heather struggle with your footing for a moment in fear but attempt anyhow.

Heather: Ow, cramp!

Gwen: Now let's get out of here before those guys show up!

Voice #1: Too late again!

Voice #2 and #3: Hahaha!

Voice #1: And don't even bother running when we have you trapped.

Heather: Okay you know what??! Who ARE you guys anyway?!

Voice #2: Silly Heather.

Voice #1: Don't you recognize your own...

The voices reveal their forms to you once more from earlier.

Voice #1, 2, and 3: Interns?!

Gwen: What??!

Footsteps walk along in the forest. The figure feels bereft and scared. They shiver with the cold but begrudgingly trudge on in their usual curiosity. They're starting to wonder what idiotic people set this up.

?: GOSH!


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