Escape from Boney Island
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.


Chris: You'll be paddling your canoes across this lake.... to BOOOOOONEY ISLAND! Legend has it, if you take anything off the island, you'll be CURSED FOREEEEEVER!

Beth: What'd I miss?

Chris: Canoes.


Geoff: So... I gave Bridgette this ~awesome~ gift this morning but she's been sending me some weird vibes.

DJ: *sighs* What did you make her? *rolls eyes*

Bridgette: *to Courtney* Geoff made me a handheld model of him in a photo and me like, plastered in.


Beth: What 'sat?

A tiki idol is before Beth's eyes. She marvels at his beauty.

Beth: Oh wowzasch. Thoo pretty. Better thow thit pretty thing to Lindthey.


Gwen: I never want to hear you bring up Owen and Trent again. Don't mention that they died, don't mention how cool they were to you, don't refer to them, don't mention them period! We clear...?

Cody: Uh, yeah. Whatever you say, Gwen.


Chef's head pops out of a cave.

Izzy: Hey Chef! Wow, and you kept telling me MY head was all over the place hahahaha!


Lindsay: I'm coming Heather and Beeeeeeeeeth

Lindsay gets slowly chewed up by the wolf.


Chris finally floats up to the surface. But upside down. He lets out one final breath.

Chris: *reaches hand out* Chef? Is that you?


Geoff: I've made up my mind. Pretty sure Chris was talking a load of balogne with that pick it up stuff. Welcome to the Bass team, little dude.

Geoff picks up the cursed artifact.

?:'' Perfect!

??: I warned you, surfer boy! This bad deed will absolutely not hurt my chances of getting to the afterlife! You've pushed me to this decision!


Bridgette rushes over to Geoff's body. The rest of the team follow in pursuit.

Bridgette: Why, Geoff? Why now? I feel like I was just starting to get to know you!


Bridgette: This wasn't an animal. I can tell. If it was he'd be eaten. Whoever you are if you can hear me, you better watch your back!


Izzy: Your voice! The way you talk! It's back to normal, how did that--WOAH!

You wheelbarrow onto the ground to see a tranquilizer.

Izzy: This is the dart I used! That thing I did must've made it fall out too!

Leshawna: Wow, maybe that's all I needed!

Izzy: So do you forgive me since I saved your life, pal?!

Leshawna: Heck no! I dunno what you plan on doin' to me anymore so I don't even know whetha' to trust you or not anymore.

Izzy: Oh that reminds me! I was also waking up to deliver news to you and Quapaw!

Leshawna: ...What news?

Izzy: We're setting out on a voyage of course, matey! Just the three of us, sailing the seven seas. I heard Chef and Chris say about some possible hidden treasure when I was stealing their brunch hahaha.

Leshawna: ...C'mon, can't we just go to Boney Island already.

Izzy: Nope! Now let me go fetch Quapaw. Ahoy!

Leshawna: ...Maybe I shouldn't have asked for help...


Harold holds up a picture of the artifact and hold a gun.

Harold: I found both of these next to each other in the cupboard! Which is no coincidence... Beth! You STOLE an idol exactly like this one on Boney Island! Would explain the really freaky stuff going on around here too!

Beth: Oh, alright! Alright already! I t'stole that idol! But I didn't know it was't curst'. Honesst! I wouldn't endanger people'ss livesh on purpost' like that! Pleast' don't t'shoot, Harold! I won't try curs'ting anyone ever again!

Voice #1: Well what are you waiting for, Harold?! Do it! Be the hero! Take her down!

Harold: Uh, uh...

Voice #1: You better shoot her! You don't know what I can do to you right here if you don't shoot her.


Harold shoots Beth square in the back of her head. She falls instantly. All the contestants scream.

Courtney: Daagh! What the heck?!

Heather: Are you out of your MIND, nerdlinger?!


Duncan: Who are these weirdos?

Figure #2: It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan...

Figure #3: To kill all of you!

Lasers start shooting from the three mystery people's eyes. You all flee in horror. As you run out, you turn around and see Bridgette, running into a room.


Bridgette: I'd say I was in tremendous pain because of the growing fire but just knowing you killers of my teammate are going through a SECOND death, and me ruining so much of your power gives me all the relief I need... >:)

The fire eventually spreads. The four of you scream in agony as it engulfs you in it. The laser shot you experienced builds it up even further.


The entire front right section of the mansion blows up, with all of the remains of its four victims into hundreds of charred pieces. One arm moves lankily across the ground, as it reaches for a peculiar white hat.


Figure #2: Don't worry, boss. They started with 16 and now they're only down to 8. Well... Izzy, Leshawna, and Sadie mightn't be dead but you get the drift. Half of those mortals have been finished with and not in our way. We just have the other half now.

Figure #1: And down will come the other half...

Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Gwen, Harold, and Heather

  • Playing as: Duncan

You all flee the mansion on the outskirts of the island towards the beach. Along with your fellow contestants you bolt down a nearby grassy path you haven't went through before. After running for another couple of feet you all catch your breath.

DJ: What the heck was going on there?

Gwen: Wait a minute... where's Bridgette?

Everyone gasps besides you in horror.

Duncan: She must've made herself a pretty good sacrifice for them. Props to her for slowin' them down.

Heather: Uh, Duncan what's that stroking against your leg?

Duncan: I'll have you know that THAT is my new wolfy friend, Snackers.

Gwen: Uh-huh...

Heather: Wait a minute... Harold! What's the big idea? Huh?

DJ: Yeah! Why did you shoot Beth?

Harold: I-I... ugh I had to, you guys!

Gwen: What?

Harold: I just had to! One of those creepy guys told me that I'd be the hero if I shot her. And plus he threatened me that I wouldn't want to know what he'd do.

Duncan: That's not a threat. That's a bluff. Believe me, I know the difference.

Heather: And you call yourself smart, geekwad.

DJ: And what was up with turning her around and shooting her?

Harold: I wanted to make it quick and painless. Best way is to turn them around and shoot them in the BACK of the head.

Gwen: Really not sure we should be keeping you around with us...

Heather: Yeah. One of them could be in your ear right now telling you what to do.

Courtney: As the self-proclaimed leader of this group, I propose we allow a democracy here.

Heather: Wait who said you were team captain...

Courtney: Me. Just now :)

Heather: This time...

Courtney: Alright so the first obvious tangible thing to mention; I really don't think there's a challenge anymore. I highly doubt Chef and Chris were able to reach us properly. So either they're dead or they're just stuck and unable to help us at the moment.

Gwen: So... we've entered an action horror?

DJ: You kiddin' me?!

Courtney: Now as I mentioned we need to enforce a democracy here. The first order of business; what to do with this horrible teammate. Should we really trust him or just leave him behind? I propose we ditch him. He's giving me the impression he's on those weird guys' side, especially after shooting Beth.

Heather: For once I agree with her. I bet they'll have fun with him too if we leave him behind.

Harold frowns.

Cody: Hey come on guys, I know he screwed up but maybe he was just being tricked by them.

DJ: Gonna be sidin' with Cody on this one. What you did was messed up, Harold but Momma always told me to toss the dog a bone every once in a while. And I think you were those guys' dog.

Courtney: Gwen?

Gwen: I honestly don't care what we do with him... I just want this whole thing to be over.

Heather: Kay, no soul. I guess that just leaves Mr. Delinquent.

Harold: Oh no. The reputation of my high popularity from my peers is being endangered by Duncan.

Duncan: I say...

What do you say?

  • A - "Keep him and keep a close eye on him"
  • B - "Leave him behind. I bet he won't even die with those ghosts on his side"
  • C - "I'm keeping out of this vote like Gwen did"

Duncan: Keep him and keep a close eye on him.

Heather: Um, are you crazy? Us keeping him means those creepy ghosts are gonna find us easier.

Duncan: But--

Heather: And even if he's NOT on their side, they're obviously gonna want to find him most. I'd hate to be the people he's with. Which is why I'M making no business with him.

Duncan: Listen tuts, I think dorkwad is a huge loose cannon and so weak minded for those dudes to use against us, especially after they got him to kill Beth like that. But ignoring how we're heavily down in numbers, the more the better.

Heather: There is no way he should be in a large group of people, let alone when there's killers around.

Harold: Thanks...

Courtney: Ugh. Well, I guess Duncan does have a point.

Heather: What?!

Duncan: Now that's more like it.

Courtney: But the solution to this issue is obvious. All we have to do is split up for the first time. If they find us, and they probably will, they can just kill us all at the same time. But it's possible that we could find help by then if we split up, covering more ground.

Duncan: Knew princess would start coming around.

Courtney: I really wish you'd stop calling me that...

Gwen: I guess I can't argue with that. I say three groups if we really need to cover the most ground. Plus there's three diverging paths.

Harold: So according to my stipulations, that's two groups of two and one group of three, due to the uneven number.

Courtney: Might have had an even one if you didn't shoot Beth...

  • Playing as: Harold

Gwen: Well I guess I'll form the first group. Who's gonna join?

Cody: I--

DJ: Me! This place is givin' me the creeps and I want none of that! Smartest plan is to stick with a super scary movie expert like Gwen.

Courtney: Who's gonna join my faction? We will be tough and courageous in the face of adversary together.

Duncan: Eh. May as well join.

Heather: Obviously my group will do really well. I've nearly died so many times and I'm just gonna keep avoiding it.

Gwen: Uh Heather, I think nearly all the two person teams ended.

Heather looks at you and Cody, standing side by side to each other.

Heather: Hey Cody, wanna join Team Heather?

Cody: Ugh fine...

You whisper to Cody.

Harold: Why didn't you join Gwen's group?

Cody: Eh, didn't want to complicate the uneven numbers more by making the first uneven team? Plus, give a girl like her alone time and she's gotta come back for me eventually, right?

Harold: No.

Courtney: Alright, let's go... oh wait. Harold hasn't joined anyone yet.

Harold: Yeah I still gotta pick.

Courtney: So Harold, which two person team do you want to make a three?

Harold: Uh...

  • A - "I'll join Gwen and DJ. Gwen's a horror expert and DJ's good with animals. I should be part of their group for sure."
  • B - "I'll join Courtney and Duncan. They're both really strong-willed competitors with backbone, better stick with them.
  • C - "I'll join Heather and Cody. Heather's done so well at not dying and I need to give Cody actual love advice from a love guru like myself."

Harold: I'll join Courtney and Duncan. They're both really strong-willed competitors with backbone, better stick with them.

Duncan: Hey, just because she thought about you doesn't mean she was inviting you to join.

Courtney: Ugh, great. Now he'll slow us down...

Harold: I've got awesome skills in the woods, you know. I can track a mongoose over two kilometres.

Courtney: Er, fine. But don't slow us down.

Heather: Good thing he didn't join us. I'd have just told him to not talk at all.

Courtney: Ok, so my group will take the straight path, called it.

Gwen: Me and DJ will take the one on the left.

Cody: And I guess that leaves Team Cody to the right.

Heather: Hey who said you were team captain?

Cody: There's only two of us...

Heather: I'M the Team Captain.

Courtney: Alright then, let's get going.

You all split up in the diverging paths south of the mansion to seek help. The journey has come to the beginning of the end for you.

Izzy, Leshawna, and Quapaw

  • Playing as: Leshawna

You're standing before what seems like a raft. Various branches, logs, leaves, and stones make it. Quapaw stands next to you, his arms at his hips in proudness at Izzy of all people.

Izzy: Avast ye, landlubbers!

Leshawna: What you call me?

Izzy: It means to pay attention, you new recruit pirates.

Quapaw: I knew what it meant, queen mother.

Izzy: And THAT is why you are hereby promoted to first mate. Ahoy!

Leshawna: First mate? Second in command?

Izzy: Don't worry, Leshawna. You might be first first mate if you're lucky. Now let us set out for sea on our grand adventure. Hand me the paddles, pilot Leshawna!

Leshawna: Gettin' the name pilot just cause I found paddles.

You toss two paddles at Izzy. She catches the first while the other bonks her on her head by accident.

Izzy: Hahaha, ouch.

Quapaw: *gasp* The Queen Mother is injured!

Quapaw nears a spear towards your throat.

Quapaw: You will pay for your insolence to the Queen Mother...!

In the midst of your fear, you hear a whistle.

Izzy: That's enough, Quapaw. Nobody wants a landlubber on me crew! Now let's set sail to uncharted territory!

Izzy somersaults into the raft and casually lies down in it. She claps her hands. You and Quapaw let out a slight groan and push the raft into the sea. You both hop into the fairly large raft and start to paddle.

Izzy: Let's hurry on our voyage, or else you'll walk the plank, mateys!

Leshawna: Sure...

Izzy: Ooo, hey. Pilot Leshawna, come here to the helm with Cap'n Izzy! First mate, man the four canoes at the back!

Quapaw: Aye aye!

You go to the front of the raft with Izzy.

Leshawna: A'ight, whaddaya want, Izzy?

Izzy: This may surprise you, but I'm actually a pretty easily distracted person. Eventually this whole pirate thing is gonna die down pretty quick. I'm not as concentrated on stuff as you thought.

Leshawna: Wow. I sooooo-oo didnt see that comin'...

Izzy: I know right????! Anyway that's why I need you. Think of me as the Queen of England in like the 1800s and you my jester. Can you think of anything to make me not so bored?

Leshawna: Hmm...

What do you say?

  • A - "Let's just relax watching the sea while we canoe"
  • B - "Let's pull a prank on Quapaw"
  • C - "What do YOU wanna do?"
  • D - "Let's just have a conversation"

Leshawna: Let's just have a conversation.

Izzy: Eh, okay, I guess it's my fault not just doing something myself.

Leshawna: Yeah, what a shame...

Izzy: So what can we talk about? Better be interesting or Izzy's gonna get Quapaw to threaten you again, hahaha

You gulp.

Leshawna: Uh...

  • A - "Why do you act so crazy?"
  • B - "What's it like to be a queen mother?"
  • C - "When are you gonna tell Quapaw you're not a queen mother?"
  • D - "What's cool about explosions?"

Leshawna: What's it like to be a queen mother?

Izzy: Thank you, loyal fan. Well being a queen mother has power but it also comes with responsibility.

Leshawna: Wow I'm actually pretty glad you're sayin' that. I have a little respect for you for that.

Izzy: Responsibility I used when I accidentaly blew up all them people, hahahahaha!

Leshawna: Aaand respect gone again. Anything else 'bout it?

Izzy: Well one thing that's really cool is that I finally feel like someone like him really got me. And Wo Tang too but he's tied up hahahahaha.

Leshawna: Wait, really? No one on the island gets you?

Izzy: I guess Owen does. He just laughs at what I do and doesn't take me too seriously. But sometimes I feel like people are such drama queens about my craziness. As long as Izzy isn't hurting anyone, who cares?

Leshawna: Wow maybe ya' right. I'll be honest when I say I really don't get ya sometimes, and ya have kinda gone crazy with powa'. But maybe ya' not completely crazy after all.

Izzy: Oh no I am! :D My doctor told me I'm psychotic.

Leshawna: Okay...

Izzy: Anyway, I'm glad you had this talk with me, Leshawna. Hey you want to look at something cool?

Leshawna: What?

Izzy: Whenever I peep over from my raft I see these cool colors in the water. Do you want to look over and see if I'm right.

Leshawna: Uhh... I dunno, it looks a little scary to do that.

You hear a noise. It's Quapaw walking over.

Quapaw: Pardon the interruption, I was eavesdropping on this entire conversation. Anyway, if you don't do as she says I may take manners into my own hands!

Quapaw aims a spear towards you. You shake once again.

Quapaw: You better respect her.

Leshawna: Uhh... umm...

What do you do?

  • A - Peep over and look
  • B - Refuse

Leshawna: Uh... okay might as well look.

You lean forward to look at the water per Izzy's instructions, looking down.

Leshawna: I don't see anythi-- WOAH!

The balance of you leaning over in the weak raft makes you fall into the water. It feels much deeper than when you first jumped off the cliff in Wawanakwa. You flail your arms frantically.

Leshawna: Help! H-h-help!

Izzy: Leshawna!

  • Playing as: Izzy and Quapaw

Izzy: First mate, Quapaw! There's a crew member dropped in the brimey ocean depths, plundering for her life.

Quapaw: What?

Izzy: I SAID Leshawna fell in and now we gotta save her! Oh no, I didn't want this! 

Quapaw reaches forward. All he can see are Leshawna's arms flapping about.

Quapaw: I have doubts with this plan, Queen Mother.

Izzy: We have to try! Now what must we do?!

Quapaw: We need to reach out to her arms whilst also keeping our balance. Failure to do so could result in her being pushed out too far by the ocean and being virtually unreachable.

Izzy: As your queen mother, I command you assist me in rescuing this civillian.

Quapaw: K.

This time, it's a very very special choice for you, the voters. To keep Leshawna alive, 24 people must vote within 24 hours to save her! Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya ;D? Say, if this were a video game consider it a quicktime event that involves gameplay.

But since this is almost completely text based, I put in the 24 thing. Get out that team spirit if you want to save Leshawna, folks (Note: Only votes that mention saving Leshawna are eligible. Joke votes like killing her or commenting something not related to your vote don't count. It must be 24 votes. If you want reference for when this voting started and ended to keep track of the 24 hours, check the comment I will post underneath.).

Final Vote Tally: 18/24 (Failure)

Both of you flap your arms helplessly, trying to save Leshawna. But your arms aren't consistent enough and neither is your teamwork. You both scream in anguish, as an arm raises up before slowly sinking.

Izzy: Oh no!

Playing as: Quapaw

Izzy: I'm not letting this happen!

Izzy jumps off the raft into the sea.

Quapaw: Izzy, what are you doing?!

Izzy: Rescuing my civilian, what does it look like?!

Izzy desperately reaches underwater, before moving an arm up. With all her might she lands Leshawna in the raft, breathless and lifeless, her nostrils and mouth drowned in by the water.

Izzy: What do we do?!?! We only have one last shot!!

Quapaw: ...

What do you do?

  • A - Try CPR
  • B - Chest compressions
    • NOTE: The following is a quicktime event. Only 5 votes is the max.

Quapaw: I'm going to do chest compressions!

You flatten down Leshawna's chest repeatedly. 

Izzy: Please Please Please Please.

You squeeze down with all your might. You will do anything for your queen mother.


Izzy: Aagh!

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: Leshawna? You alive?

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: ...

Quapaw: ...


Sadie and Tim

  • Playing as: Sadie

As you both walk further through the sewer, you get stopped for a moment in your tracks. Tim sighs.

Sadie: Hm? What's wrong, BMF? 

Tim: I've just received spiritual word from some of my ghostly friends. I have some saddening news for you.

Sadie: Huh?

Tim: Chef and Chris are dead...

You gasp loudly and in your usual iconic melodramatic way.

Sadie: Oh the horror!

Tim: But apparently they want one of them resurrected for "some fun" later on with some people. I dunno. And it's in my power to do it.

Sadie: Oh... oh.

Tim: Fortunately for you since I have to be bound to be working with you, I'll leave the choice up to you, even though this mightn't have happened if I passed you out.

Sadie: So does that mean... I'm the new host of Total Drama?

Tim: Well not necessarily but--

Sadie: I can't believe it! Sadie! Drama! Sadie! 

Tim: Will you just make your mind up already!

Sadie: Alright, alright.

Who do you resurrect?

  • A - Chris
  • B - Chef

Sadie:  I'm gonna resurrect Chef. I like his hat.

Tim: Good reason? Well, in any case, Chef it is. Now stand back.

You move yourself back a couple of feet and shield your face awaiting what's to come, cowering as you do so. A large green ray appears zapping upwards, reaching above the sewer and making a hole in place.

Sadie: Hey, look! A way out! We can climb up.

Tim: Very good observation, Sadie. Anyway Chef should be alive somewhere for the others. It's gonna be a long climb though.

Sadie: Hmm... hey can I ask you a question first before we go up?

Tim: Do tell.

What do you ask?

  • A - "Did anyone else die?"
  • B - "Can we meet Chef?"
  • C - "Do you think Sadie Drama Sadie will make me money?"

Sadie: Did anyone else die?

Tim: Well aside from Chris and Chef, others that died were Owen, Trent, Geoff, Lindsay, Beth, and Bridgette.

Sadie: What the crap? That's way too many!

Tim: Some died through others failing to save them, others died by being killed by someone in cold blood, and some was just their dumb curiosity.

Sadie: Wait, can you revive all of them for me???

Tim: I'm afraid my resurrection powers are really not that reliable. I already used so much of them to rescue Chef. Resurrecting someone is a big deal. Any other time I do so I'll have to murder someone to balance it out.

Sadie: And what if I let you kill me right now?

Tim: Even still we'd have to wait a bit longer for my powers to extend to resurrect someone. Now let's get a move on. My ghost butt is aching.

Sadie: Hey, look! A ladder. You just gotta raise me a little higher to it so we can both climb.

Tim: Ugh, fine. This better be worth it.

Sadie: It is once Sadie Drama Sadie takes off, double promise.

DJ and Gwen

  • Playing as: DJ

You and Gwen took the path to the left a couple of minutes ago away from your fellow group members. You've been travelling for around half an hour and you're starting to let your fears get the better of you, as you hear wolves howling in the distance, making you grit your teeth.

DJ: Gwen how much longer we travellin' for?

Gwen: Until we run into something that might help us.

DJ: What if we get lost and a buncha animals eat us?

Gwen: Ah come on, DJ. You are an animal expert after all.

DJ: Uh-uh. There ain't no way I can control a big bear's appetite. I got my limits.

Gwen: Well lucky for us I've been told I have a pretty good sense of direction. If we run into anything I might know how to cut some corners.

DJ: You better. I've been gettin' the creeps all day! All I want is Momma's embrace to lemme know it's okay. I'm goin' cuckoo without her.

Gwen: It's okay. Your mom and my mom will have a hefty lawsuit against Chris once we both get a chance to quit this messed up show.

DJ: Gwen, c-can you just... pretend to be my momma.

Gwen: What?! No way! Are you crazy?

DJ: When I've been watchin' deaths and almost dying a couple times, the answer to that question is yes.

Gwen: Uhhh, there there?

DJ: Keep going.

Gwen: There there. There there.

DJ: Thanks, momma.

You both continue walking, you being approximately 5% less scared than before.

Gwen: Wait DJ! Stop!

DJ: Huh?

Gwen: Look.

A family of 7 bears lie down asleep on the ground. They almost completely block your path. Gwen whispers, as do you.

DJ: What do we do?

Gwen: I think it's pretty obvious. We just gotta be really quiet and tiptoe over them. It'll be tough but I think we can pull it off. But I think that's our easiest option.

DJ: Wait, look down. I think ya might be right, but check it out.

You both forget to face your left, noticing around a dozen knives lying around.

Gwen: Well another thing we could do is fight them off since we have more knives than they have bears.

DJ: We could go for that ditch ether opposite side of us and go 'round them. I'm not the best swimmer though.

Gwen: Hmm... tiptoeing them could wake them up, fighting them means we need to put in a lot of muscle, and I'm kinda worried how you'd do at swimming. As much as I love horror movies, I'm not sure if I can figure this out. Any bright ideas?

What do you both do?

  • A - Tiptoe over the 7 bears quietly
  • B - Fight with the dozens of knives
  • C - Swim around through the ditch

DJ: No way am I gonna fight some poor sleepin' bears and I'm not survivin' this ditch. Let's just tiptoe over 'em, cool?

Gwen: Whatev, I guess we'll try it out. None of these options were particularly the best choice.

You both get on your tippy toes and try being as quiet as you possibly can. You creep between some small gaps. It doesn't seem so bad.

Gwen: Wow for someone who hates ballad like myself, this is actually pretty easy.

DJ: For someone who loves ballad, this is hard. Wo-woah!

Your large feet cause you to trip. Your entire body falls onto two bears. They erupt a loud roar, awaking their fellow family, joining in.

'Gwen: Aah! What do we do?!

DJ: Noooo!!

The bears start mauling at you, scratching your shirt and your face and making you writh in agony. They don't seem to notice Gwen just yet.


Gwen: What?! No, I gotta save you!

DJ: 2 of us isn't enough against seven of them! Get outta here, I'll hold 'em off!

Gwen tenses and sprints off into the distance now that the blockage is cleared. Your ready to scream much louder now that your fate is sealed, only for sharp scrapes against your mouth and entire face to make you incapable of so. The bears pounce on you, impairing your vision. All you can feel now is chewing. Everything is gone black. For good.

Cody and Heather

  • Playing as: Heather

You and your partner took the right path, the opposite to where DJ and Gwen travelled. Your's is in a more downward direction than the other two you're thinking. You're starting to regret picking this dweeb. How can one little boy save your big beautiful face?

Cody: You know what? I got a pretty good feeling about this.

Heather: Why?

Cody: Even though we might not find anything one of the other two groups is bound to, right?

Heather: Orrr they'll all be dead while we end up not finding anything and just dying in the woods?

Cody: Oh. Oh yeah, that.

Heather: Wait, stop. Do you hear something?


Cody: Oh no! It's wolves!

Heather: Aah! Stay away you bunch of geeks!

Cody: We gotta get outta here! 

You both leg it out of there. The dozen wolves quickly pursue.

Heather: Oh no! How are we gonna get out of this one?!

Cody: We can't outrun them! They're way too quick for us! We gotta hide somewhere.

Heather: There's a tree over there! And it's pretty big

Cody: And there's a bush! But that tree only has one big branch on top! Quick! We can only pick one each! Ladies first!

Heather: Uhhh! Uhhh!

Where do you hide?

  • A - Hide up the tree (Cody hides in bushes)
  • B - Hide inside the bushes (Cody hides up tree)

Heather: I gotta get higher!

You veer towards the left where the tree is located and quickly hop up and climb on it. You turn around as you climb to see Cody leap into the bush. 

Heather: Can't. Let. Them. See Me.

You start struggling with the tree. The bark is getting slippery and too much for your nails. You fall!

Heather: Woah!

You feel as though your fate is now sealed. You mutter underneath your breath.

Heather: Don't eat me, don't eat me, don't eat me.

You pause for a moment however. Not even one wolf is at you. You look over to the place they actually moved to; the bush!

Heather: Wow....

You quietly tiptoe around the bushes. The wolves are in a pack, they must be all occupied with the same thing; you have ample time to run as quick as you can, which you do.

  • Playing as: Cody

You can feel the wolves sniffing at the bushes. You feel motionless, and you're probably going to need a new pair of pants. 

Cody: How can the Codemeister get out of this one?

What do you do?

  • A - Don't move
  • B - Toss your shoe out as far as you can to distract them
  • C - Feed them your leftover bread from your pants
  • D - Scare them

You show yourselves to the pack of wolves and quickly take out leftover bread out of one of your pockets.

Cody: Uhhhh hey guys, heh, want some bread?

The wolves pause for a moment and sniff the bag.

Cody: Heh, Cody you are one smart cookie and--"


Your shirt gets scratched open by two of the wolves. They must be fighting over the food!

Cody: Err, so listen guys, I'm just going to, um, leave this bag of bread so you guys can work things out, okay?

You slowly drop the bag of bread and run away.

Cody: Heh. I think that actually worked. Lemme just see how they're doing and--OH MY GOODNESS!

The bag is completely empty and the wolves have already finished. You see their mouths covered in blood, along with bite and scratch marks on them.

Cody: Oh crap, now they REALLY want me! I only have one last shot!

What do you do?

  • A - Keep running straight to Heather
  • B - Hide in the nearby bush
  • C - Other (please specify)
    • Note: The following is a quicktime event. Max votes is 5.

Cody: The bush!

You hide back in a bush just like you did before. You try catching your breath in the bush, desperately awaiting and hoping the wolves will just give up.

Cody: ...


Cody: Oh no! The smell!

A bunch of wolves start sniffing around the bush.


Your scent is caught. The bushes are trampled on, as are you! The pack sees you and pounces. Everything is black and plain now. Except for the pain and suffering.

Courtney, Duncan, and Harold

  • Playing as: Duncan

Your group took the straight path, as called dibs by the hot yet really annoying princess you're in a group with.

Duncan: Ugh, dorkwad here is gonna be such a painful third wheel. I know that there's some wildness in CIT Courtney. She obviously wants some of the D-man but that geek is gettin' in the way. Plus, maybe some woman can help calm my nerves. I don't want anybody to know I'm scared. Not that I am!

You pause for a moment.

Duncan: Hey Harold, can you just go ahead to, uh, check that there's no creepy monsters.

Harold: Great idea. Glad my intelligence is being mentioned for a change. Maybe you aren't such a total nerd anyway.

Duncan: Er, yeah. Now get a move on.

Harold salutes you and runs ahead.

Courtney: What was THAT all about? Are you crazy? Safety in numbers, hello?! What's the meaning of all this?

The tense atmosphere of the island is getting the better of you. This could be a little safety.

Courtney: Hello? Why did you do that?

What do you say?

  • A - "We should have alone time more often ;) "
  • B - "Harold bugs the crap out of me"
  • C - "I'm gettin' scared here and I want your encouragement"
  • D - "Wanna make out?"

Duncan: Alright, look. I'm gonna be upfront and tell you I'm gettin' scared here and I want your encouragement. 

Courtney: It was obvious I would need to support one of my teammates in their time of need, but you?! The Dunc-meister? The guy with the hook? The delinquent? Hahahaha.

You block your ears.

Duncan: Hey, shut it!

Courtney: Okay okay. But there's gotta be a reason besides that, right?

What do you say?

  • A - "We should have alone time more often ;) "
  • B - "Harold bugs the crap out of me"
  • C - "Wanna make out?"

Duncan: We should have alone time more often ;)

Courtney: Heh. Pretty sure you're not my type.

Duncan: Who said anything about that? ;)

Courtney starts to blush.

Duncan: He shoots, he scores!

Courtney: But hey, wait a sec. Where's that traitor Harold?

Duncan: Beats me.

Harold: Heeelp!

You and Courtney quicky look at each other and run straight as fast as possible... but you're too late. You see Harold lying down. He looks dead.

Courtney: Wait a minute.

Courtney leans over.

'Courtney: This is a tranquilizer dart. He was probably just knocked out.

Duncan: B-but if he was knocked out then couldn't that mean...

A shot can be heard... and you can feel it. You both collapse to the ground.

  • Playing as: Duncan'

Lights flicker back on in what feels like an enclosed space. You're not in any forest anymore. You're not really sure where you are. You're tied up in a chair, as is a drowsy Courtney just waking up opposite to you, you both facing in to a table.

Duncan: What's going on here? Courtney?

Courtney: Waa? *gasps* Oh no! We're STUCK.

Duncan: These are the creeps from before. The ones who killed so many of our peeps. Show yourselves, losers!

Two sharp conveyor belts start lowering slowly towards both of you either side. The noise is highly audible, as the pain could be.

Courtney: Aaah, no! No no no! I don't want to die!

Duncan: Don't worry, Courtney! I'll get us out of this. Start talking whoever you guys are, you murderous pieces of sh**!

Voice #1: Not to worry, Duncan. It's just me this time. 

Courtney: Why are you doing this?! Why are we tied up?!

Voice #1: All will become clear soon enough, Courtney. But for now all I can say is that mine and my associates powers have been pretty dwindled thanks to that mongrel you refer to as 'Bridgette.' I'm just going to tell you that right now instead of making myself look like a coward who won't kill you even though I really want to.

Courtney: At least tell us why you have us tied up to chairs then! With me about to die!

Voice #1: Gladly. Duncan look down at the table.

You look downward and see a pistol.

Voice #1: My powers are pretty limited here but I may as well work with other material. Here's what we have planned my special little subjects.

Courtney: I can't take it, Duncan, I j-just can't!

Duncan: Don't be scared, it's okay.

Voice #1: Oh you should be, Courtney. Because here's the twist. Duncan has made one awful choice already today; letting Harold go on ahead and now you don't know where he is. And now Mr Delinquent, you must make another, as punishment for your poor choices.

Duncan: W-w-what?!

Voice #1: You can take that gun and shoot Courtney, or you can shoot yourself. The choice is yours.

You immediately try shooting up at your conveyor belt.

Voice #1:' Hahahaha, oh please Duncan that won't work. Not with a pistol, that's for sure. Anyway, whomever you shoot is out of my fun little game. Whoever survives can leave this place as a survivor and go back to their precious mansion like a real coward with their tails between their legs.

Courtney: You are sick!

Voice #1: Or you can do something REALLY stupid and just not shoot anyone and I can get that conveyor belt to turn BOTH of you into mince. But this is Duncan with a gun. You're bound to commit some felony, aren't you...? 

Duncan: Uh-um...

You hold the gun up as the conveyor belts lower gradually more and more.

What do you do?

  • A - Shoot Courtney
  • B - Shoot yourself
  • C - Let you both die

You turn the gun back around on yourself.


Everything goes black and you stop seeing anything... yet you don't feel anything. Are you dead? You don't even know.

The lights flicker back on. You're alive! The conveyor belt seems to have stopped. You see someone approaching. You can tell exactly who it is; one of the murderers.

Figure #1: Hahaha, oh Duncan!

Duncan: What the?

You desperately shoot at the approaching figure wearing a tiki mask.

Figure #1: Can't you see those are BLANKS? Lucky for you, that conveyor belt isn't even that sharp. But you have to work with what you can made by CHRIS.

Courtney: How do you know who Chris is?!

'Figure #1: Questions aren't for the dead... because NOW it's high time to kill both of you trapped. I've been waiting to do this for quite some time.

The terrifying live person pulls out a knife.

Figure #1: Snatched this from you while you were passed out. Now it's time to do away with you for good! What a shame your life will end with you being a true wuss to Courtney.

Courtney: You monster!

The staff person approaches you with the knife. You're not done yet though. A small smirk emerges, as he aims the knife downwards towards your skull.

Figure #1: Any final words?

Duncan: Yeah... heads up!

Figure #1: Huh?

You headbutt the guy quickly in his chest, losing his grip of the knife, flying it up in the air downwards onto you.

Courtney: Watch out!

You quickly catch the knife... in your mouth!

Courtney: Woah...

You reach down with your mouth to cut your ropes tieing you up.

Duncan: Heh. Been learning that trick since kindergarten.

You hop out of your chair and untie Courtney with your pen knife.

Duncan: Let's get out of here before he shows up.

Your knifed victim quickly stands up.

Figure #1: Too late!

Duncan: Run!

You and Courtney run out of the room as fast as you can. The mystery idol wearer chases you... but Courtney has other plans.

Duncan: Huh? Why are you turning around, Courtney?

Courtney: Kill this! Hiyah!

Courtney kicks the idol wearer in the face. 

Figure #1: Ah! Curse you Bridgette, not making me a ghost again!

Courtney quickly speeds away to catch up with you. You run straight left in hopes of reaching the mansion once again. You see someone up ahead. It's an animal of some sort.

Duncan: Hey! It's that little baby wolf who curled up to me in that mansion. Was wondering where you went little guy!

The baby wolf barks at you eagerly. You carry him with you and continue fleeing.


The mansion is empty and hollow. The previous zapped hole by ghosts has been repaired. A flash of light appears beside the staircase and a mystery person emerges.

Chef:' Aw hell no!


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