Escape from Boney Island
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.


Beth: What' thith?

A tiki idol is before Beth's eyes. She marvels at his beauty.

Beth: Oh wowzasch. Thoo pretty. Better thow thit pretty thing to Lindthey.


Ghost: If you passed out I would've sent you through the sewers through this artificial man hole installed in this cabin that leads to an underwater cavern. Then I would've tried to kill you because you NOT dying or living would annoy me a lot so I'd probably just try and kill you myself to make myself happy. But since you lived, and since I'm still not moved on yet from this cruel world, maybe I drop you down there anyway and try to help you get out of there to look like a good person.

Sadie: Wait are you saying--?

Ghost: Yep.

The ghost reveals a pair of clear hands and opens up a floorboard to release a manhole.

Ghost: Goodbye for now, Sadie

Sadie: *gasps*

The ghost opens up the manhole and flings Sadie down.


Courtney: It would be statistically smarter for me to go with the majority of people and say we leave.

Duncan: *groans* Whatever. You guys will be sorry you didn't go with what me and Geoff said.


Heather: Think with your head, Lindsay. I'm falling straight. What do you THINK is gonna happen?! I'm not landing in bushes! Now save me, lightbulb!

Lindsay: I'll try!

Heather: If your brain functions as well as your body could...

Lindsay: Sorry but there's no way I can reach you.

Lindsay take a leap of faith to the nearby bushes atop a hill a leap away from the balcony. She lands safely only to turn around and see the balcony shatter downwards alongside its cabin.

Heather: Aagh!

The cabin shatters.

Lindsay: Heather! Beth! Nooo! Why didn't I just try and save her?!


All that can be heard is the ruffled screams. They plague Gwen's eardrums.

Gwen: What have I done???

Cody: Owen??? Trent???

A hand raises up. It appears to be Owen's. He waves at Gwen; you just drop to your knees in response... he drops altogether.


Izzy: Use your torches and some gasoline in my pocket to explode that cave and any monster inside!

Wo Tang: What??



Izzy: See? Told you my plan would work.

Izzy's bragging doesn't last long. Wo Tang grabs her by the neck.

Wo Tang: Something tells me you are not our Queen Mother! The real one would never kill her OWN people! You are nothing but an IMPOSTER! When the native people from the other side of the island hear about this, I might have enough ammunition to--


Quapaw: Never you mind him, Queen Mother! I will make do with this clown in due course. He has challenged your honor multiple times.


The cave suddenly has one final surge of an explosion. Out pops a head. They wear a long white hat, have a buck-tooth, and a permanently glaring mouth. Leshawna faints.

Izzy: Hey Chef! Wow, and you kept telling me MY head was all over the place hahahaha!


Lindsay: I'm coming Heather and Beeeeeeeeeth

The wolf chews your hands from where you're holding the stick. It gradually builds itself up. The pain is so severe you can't even scream anymore. You suddenly faint, not bearing to see the dish you will become.


Izzy: Well goodnight, Leshawna. Sure has been one funny day, haha. 

Izzy slowly whispers in Leshawna's ear.

Izzy: Especially for me...!


Heather: BETH????

Gwen: I never want to hear you bring up Owen and Trent again. Don't mention that they died, don't mention how cool they were to you, don't refer to them, don't mention them period! We clear...?

Cody: Uh, yeah. Whatever you say, Gwen.

Gwen folds her arms and walks further.


Chris: *glugs* I don't need oxgen! Phone WAS my oxygen! All I need is cool crisp water and myself, right?! *glugs* You know, it's kinda hard to talk in this water and furthermore--

Chris finally floats up to the surface. But upside down. He lets out one final breath.

Chris: *reaches hand out* Chef? Is that you?


Voice #1: It's night. And night is where the fun begins...

BridgetteCourtneyDJDuncanGeoff, and Harold

  • Playing as: Geoff

Your team make their way towards the beach. They expect a blank pile of sticks for them to make their bonfire but something stands in the way before them.

Bridgette: A mansion???

Courtney: What the heck is a mansion doing near a beach?

DJ: I got a bad feelin' about this, yall.

Duncan: Whatev. It's gettin' late and this guy needs some shut eye.

The rest of your team make their way inside. You seemingly join them but there's a sudden ringing in your ears.

Geoff: Ugh, what's that noise?

?: Hello Geoff.

Geoff: Huh? You said that?

The rest of your team are now inside.

?: Never you mind who I am, Geoff. I want to make a new bromigo.

Geoff: Ooooh. Well, if you're looking for bromigos, I'm your kind of guy! Only thing is, my mom said never talk to strangers. And never look both ways before crossing the road. Or was it always look both ways?

?: Oh you can get to know me just fine. You may even realize who I am once you get to know me further. This mansion you're entering is just on the hill next to the beach. I want you to hop down from the hill you're on onto the beach.

Geoff: Uh okay, whatever you say.

You hop down to the beach.

?: Excellent. Now reach down from where you're standing. What do you see?

Geoff: Looks kinda like a stone or something.

?: Rub it.

Geoff rubs the stone. It has an inscription on it.

?: It is actually a priceless artifact and it can be yours, Geoff!

Geoff: Woah!

?: Well?

Geoff: ...

?: What are you doing? Why not pick it up?

Geoff: I'm hearin' something again.

Another ringing comes from the other side of your ears. The previous noise was from the left, this is from the right.

??: Don't pick that up, Geoff! Remember what Chris said! You'll be cursed FOREVEEER.

Geoff: Oh yeah! Almost forgot. Thanks imaginary guardian angel dude.

?: Oh please. I'm sure you've seen much worse happen on this show enough for you to believe anyone could be cursed forever.

Geoff: Hmm yeah. Maybe guy was bluffing just to scare us.

??: Don't mind him! You pick that artifact up and I will curse you with eternal DEATH.

?: Don't pick it up and you've crossed me! I will kill you myself for disobeying me!

Geoff: Woah, I don't feel so good...

What do you do?

  • A - Pick it up
  • B - Turn down picking it up
  • C - Call for the Bass to come out
  • D - Ask who these voices are
  • E - Run away

Geoff: Yo! Bass dudes! Get out here!

?: Don't even try it, Geoff.

??: Yeah, they can't hear you. You better think fast or we will do away with you, mark our words!

Geoff: Uuuuuuuuuuuh....

  • A - Pick it up
  • B - Turn down picking it up
  • C - Ask who these voices are
  • D - Run away

Geoff: I've made up my mind. Pretty sure Chris was talking a load of balogne with that pick it up stuff. Welcome to the Bass team, little dude.

?: Perfect! 

??: I warned you, surfer boy! This bad deed will absolutely not hurt my chances of getting to the afterlife! You've pushed me to this decision!

Geoff: Huh? What are ya talkin' about, right ear dude?

??: I'm talking about what's inside your ear! How did you think we got in??

You feel another ringing. This time it's not of volume though but of feel.

Geoff: Ugh. I suddenly don't feel so good, guy.

Your ear starts to bleed. Somethings been tearing it up in the inside.

??: Wouldn't expect you to!

Geoff: No please! Don't kill me! This pain is too much, bro!

??: Oh I won't kill you...

Geoff: Phew.


Geoff: Wagh!

The cut starts to form deeper. It heads from your ear inside your skull. Your confusion of how this is happening is being overshadowed by the deepening cut. It edges closer inside your face until finally... out comes the tongue. And out you are with it.

??:' Ha! Knew he wouldn't be able to outsmart us!

?: Let's float out of here before those bothersome Bass find us.

Bridgette walks out.

Bridgette: Hey, Geoff. The team was wondering why you weren't coming in and-- WHA??

Courtney: What's going on out there, Bridgette?!

Bridgette: No! Geoff's tongue is out! He's dead!

Bridgette rushes over to Geoff's body. The rest of the team follow in pursuit.

Bridgette: Why, Geoff? Why now? I feel like I was just starting to get to know you!

DJ: *sniffles* I can't believe it. This can't be real.

Harold: This is bogus! How could this happen?!

Courtney: :( ...Wait. Duncan, are you crying?

Duncan: N-no! It's just, I-I'm-- this guy needs his sleep and his eyes are getting the better of him. I'm gonna look for some beds!

Duncan briskly storms off into the mansion. Courtney frowns at her fallen teammate and heads for the mansion. DJ grabs her by the hand.

DJ: We're not leavin' a man behind! No matter what state he's in.

Harold: Let's go find him a bed.

Courtney, DJ, and Harold carry Geoff into the mansion with them. Bridgette remains outside. She collapses and wraps her arms around the ground.

Bridgette: This wasn't an animal. I can tell. If it was he'd be eaten. Whoever you are if you can hear me, you better watch your back!

Bridgette runs into the mansion, running away from her problems too. She reaches from inside her pocket and pulls out the photo Geoff made. She hugs it as tears emerge. She glares through these emotions and shuts the door angrily.

Cody and Gwen

  • Playing as: Cody

The two of you traverse further through the woods. The trauma of watching two of your friends die is starting to get a hold of you, and your stamina.

Cody: Ugh, sorry to ask but how much longer?

Gwen: I think we're nearly there. This is the first time it looks like a new area.

Cody: Good. Cause when we make that team bonfire, I just want to win so I can sleep peacefully in the Gopher cabin when we get back.

Gwen: ...Iii'm starting to think we might not be going back there anytime soon.

Cody: What? I think we can get back. Just cause it's nighttime doesn't mean we won't get ba--

You hear a growl. You feel the ground tremble, as do you.

Cody: I feel something.


Cody: Not another MONSTER BEAVER!

Gwen: Run!

Gwen flees the scene as quick as she can from the giant beaver.

Cody: Would I really be able to catch up with Gwen?! She's going too fast, I could get lost!

The giant beaver runs as quick as he can. 

Cody: I see some bushes. It looks like there's a top of a cave. Maybe I hide in there. But could I really get there on time? Man, either of these options could kill me!

Where do you run?

  • A - Keep going straight
  • B - Jump in the bushes and hide in the cave

Cody: I gotta find Gwen!

With not a moment to spare, you dash as far as your legs can carry you. The giant beaver is headstrong in reaching you, but you're just as headstrong in getting past them.

Cody: I think I see her!

You see Gwen racing as fast as you are up ahead. Unfortunately, another obstacle lies ahead.

Cody: Oh no! A tree branch!

A branch from a tree hangs down in your way. Gwen must've already figured out a way across.

Cody: I gotta think of some way over this quick!

  • A - Jump
  • B - Duck

You quickly duck your body underneath the branch and slide. The giant beaver roars... you made it! You let out a loud sigh of relief as the monster beaver crashes into the branch. You turn your head around as you run away. It's knocked itself out.

Cody: Phew!

You see Gwen up ahead. You quickly catch up to her and couldn't be more happier to see her again.

Cody: Gwen! Oh thank goodness! So first this giant beaver came coming for me so I had to leg it out of there. But then like, this huuuge branch got in my way so I decided to duck underneath it. Then it hurt ITSELF off the branch. Oh man am I happy to see you!

Gwen: Gotta say, recognizing you needed to duck underneath the branch was a pretty impressive survivalist move, Cody.

Cody: Ah well ya know.

Gwen: Hey, I think I see the beach up ahead. But it kinda looks like a weird mansion too...

Cody: Hm, that is weird. Luckily, and since it's the middle of the night, I prepared something to help us with a hunger problem.

You pull out a bag of sandwiches from your pocket.

Gwen: Why do you have those?!

Cody: I was gonna make us a romantic picnic...:)

Gwen: With bread from your pants???

Beth and Heather

  • Playing as: Beth

Heather: Beth??? You're, alive?!

Beth: *gasps* You are too. Oh my golly! Wait, wheresch Lindschay.

Heather: Oh, not much, apart from LEAVING ME TO FALL TO MY POSSIBLE DEATH!

Beth: Well you're okay now, aren't you?

Heather: T-that's not the point! The point is that she knew I COULD die. But whatever. I'll have a little word with her once we meet up with her.

Beth: But wait, oh no! Did you chee where sche went?

Heather: Highly doubt I'd be able to considering I was FALLING OFF A LEDGE cause of her, remember?

Beth: Oh, right. Well, I thaw you fall off the ledge tho by the looks of things, Lindthay must've went right of here.

Heather: Knowing Lindsay, I bet it's the wrong way she went and she probably got in danger or something. I say we go left of here instead.

Beth: But we could find her if we go right!

Heather: If she's even still alive! As if she'd survive without someone to guide her like a loyal friend like me. She'll be wishing I was still her friend after this.

Beth: Th'urre. Ugh think, Beth. Argue more, or juscht agree with thisch "friend"?

Which way do the two of you go?

  • A - Right
  • B - Left

Beth: We're going RIGHT! End of s'tory!

Heather: Ugh, whatever. You'll be wishing we went left but who cares? I have the better survival skills anyway.

Beth: You know what, Heather? I'm s'tarting to quechtion why we schould shtil be friendtch.

Heather: You can question that after we reach the beach. This challenge has been stalling for way too long and I just want to get some shut eye! Now come on. Let's stick with your totally not lame plan.

Beth: Ugh, fine.

The two of you head right of where you are. You see a blockade of rocks in your way so you walk up a hill instead. You walk further. 

Beth: Schee? Thisch ain't scho bad, right?

A howl can be heard in the distance to interrupt the relief you have.

Heather: What was that...?

Beth: Uh, itsch probably nothing, it's juscht-- oof!

You crash against something. It doesn't feel like a wall or anything hard, but feels like something moving. You fixate your glasses and look upwards.


Heather: It's a wolf!

Beth: Wah!

The two of you run the opposite direction to flee; the left. The wolf chases you with vigour. As you turn your head around, you see blood drooling from its mouth. You yell at Heather as you run.

Beth: Oh no! It ate schomeone!

Heather: So?

Beth: So that meansch it'sch extra hungry. There'sch no way we can keep running. 

Heather: I am soo not fighting a wolf!

Before the two of you argue again though, you both trip over a large rock and fall. The wolf has you and Heather pinned down. You await your fate when suddenly.

Heather: Wragh!

Heather grabs a tough branch on the ground.

Heather: I don't know where I found this, but you're not killing anyone!

You want to faint in the midst of all this, only to suddenly feel a floaty breeze. You get levitated up in the air.

Beth: What the?

Voice #1: Hello, Beth.

Beth: Wah?! Who'sch thisch?!

Voice #2: We can explain later. Point is, you're in a little bit of a dilemma here, aren't you?

Beth: Yeah! Ugh I schould've juscht picked right and now me and Heather are gonna be eaten.

Voice #1: Or maybe not!

Beth: Huh?

Voice #2: We've been quite pleased at watching you, Beth. So much that we have something really fun lined up for you later. That's why we have you above this wolf at the moment.

'Beth: I'd queschtion whatsch going on but my friend is almost eaten down there!

Voice #1: Don't worry. This is an easy one. We can spare you and EVEN push you in the right direction to get to the beach! 

Beth: Woah! At this point I might asch well believe it.

Heather: Who are you talking to?!

Voice #2: There's only ONE thing you need to do.

Beth: Huh? Theresch more?

Voice #2: All you have to do, Beth, is follow us to the right spot where your fun can begin later.

Voice #1: But you're gonna have to sacrifice our old pal Heather here.

Beth: You don't mean leave her to die, do you??

Voice #2: Let's face it. She's really hurting your self esteem with that attitude. It's time to get your own back for once.

Beth: And if I deschide to s'ave her? I actually have this nifty artifact that could kill that wolf.

Voice #1: Then you don't wanna know what we'll do to you in return for defying us...

Heather: I don't know why you're levitating but hurry up, Beth! I don't know if I can hold on much longer!

Beth: Ugh I gotta think about thisch.

What do you do?

  • A - Leave Heather
  • B - Save Heather

Beth: I can't do it! I gotta s'ave her!

You leap down and let go of the grasp of these spirits. With a fly from above, you hit the wolf on the head with your artifact. It collapses to the ground as you hide the artifact in your pocket once more.

Heather: You-you saved my life...

Beth: That'sch what Final 3 alliansch mates are for.

The two voices whisper in your ear. They sure sound pissed.

Voice #1: Ugh, why did you do that?! We can't even kill you now because it could mean we never leave purgatory for doing such a terrible deed.

Voice #2: Especially now that you saved her life.

You whisper back.

'Beth: Ts'orry, guys. But I couldn't juscht leave Heather behind like that.

Heather: You know what? I don't even care who you're whispering to. What's say we go left since we're already much more in that direction anyway?

Beth: Schure.

The two of you keep heading left.

  • Playing as: Heather

You and Beth have been walking for approximately five minutes.

Beth: I think I schaw the view of the beach a couple minutes't ago. I think it's down a hill.

Heather: Well we better hurry. I don't want another wolf coming for this fabulous skin ever again.

Beth: Awww you think I have nicsh skin?

Heather: What? ...Oh I mean, sure! I totally wasn't talking about myself. Now let's get a move on. 

The two of you proceed further. Unfortunately there's a block in your way of a mountain almost impossible to climb. To your right is a large peculiar mechanical device that appears to look like a mini-factory of some sort, with a large pile of rocks either side to block you from being able to get around it.

Heather: I guess we're going inside there then.

Beth: Guessch st'o.

The two of you enter the peculiar mini-building. You stroll in first.

Heather: This isn't so bad.

Suddenly you feel your legs are starting to move forward.

Heather: What the? 

Beth: Heather! Quick! Get out of there!

Beth calls to you from outside the factory. She didn't go in.

Heather: Huh?!

You look downwards at your feet. Their moving without you doing anything! You're on a conveyor!

Heather: No, no, no!

To your left you see various meat carcasses. To your right you see Beth outside a window. She's shoving a bunch of large rocks out of the way in a desperate attempt to reach you.

Heather: Ahhh!

The conveyor moves you to outside, where it's moving you downwards. In front of you is two highly sharp razor blades that could cut you in an instant. You turn around to see Beth pushing rocks more to try and get past them. You face forward once more as you near closer and closer to the conveyor belt!

What do you do?!

  • A - Take a leap of faith
  • B - Call for Beth

You're about to slip right into this grinder.

Heather: Hiyah!

You leap over it with all your might. The grinder sharpens thoroughly... but not to you!

Heather: Phew! Made it!

You turn around to see Beth shove the rocks finally and catch up with you.

Beth: Heather! Oh thank goodnessch. I thought you were done for.

Heather: No factory is making me its dinner!

Beth: Well I think we better get going. I th'ee the beach up ahead Chris'h told us'h to get to.

Heather: Alright, let's get going.

The two of you proceed forward to see what awaits you.

Sadie and Tim

  • Playing as: Sadie

The two of you explore the sewer further. It feels damp and smells rotten. Not your idea of something you'd do as part of a summer camp.

Sadie: Ugh how much longer do we have to go through here?

Tim: I'm not sure, Sadie. But like I said, at least you're safe from the chaos going on out there.

Sadie: Well while we're here, we might as well past the time, BMF. I think I have a question to ask you too.

Tim: You do? What did you have in mind?

What do you ask?

  • A - "Who are you?"
  • B - "Why are you on this island?"
  • C - "Why did you bring me down here?"
  • D - "Is everyone up there okay?"
  • E - "Can you show yourself to me?"
    • NOTE: QUICKTIME EVENT: Max is 5 votes.

Sadie: Why are you on this island?

Tim: Revenge!

Sadie: Revenge? Against who?

Tim: I'll let you take a wild guess in your head...

Sadie: *thinks* Ohhh. THAT person...

Tim: Yep.


Tim: Anyway, let's get a move on.

Izzy, Leshawna, and Quapaw

  • Playing as: Leshawna

You attempt to sleep in a sleeping bag provided only to hear a noise. It sounds like footsteps.

Izzy: Wake up, Leshawna!!!

Leshawna: Humm? Uzzy, what do yu want? I thought we was doin' stuff tomorrow mornin'.

Izzy: I know, I know. But here's the cool thing. I was going for one of my nightly strolls but then I found THIS on the shore.

Izzy holds out a container to you. It has a label on it for you to read.

Leshawna: Puralysis antidote?

Izzy: Yup! All your problems can be solved with that whole tranquilizer thing hahaha. All you gotta do is drink this.

Leshawna: Guu, Izzy. I don't know.

Izzy: Come on, have I ever steered you wrong?

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: Just drink it!

What do you do?

  • A - Drink it
  • B - Refuse
  • C - Make Izzy drink it

Leshawna: Ugh, fine. Didn't trust ya last time and look where that gat me.

Izzy: Yep. Bottom's up.

Izzy jams the liquid in the container down your throat for you to drink. It feels milky... though a little off.

Izzy: Well?

Leshawna: ...

  • Playing as: Izzy

Leshawna: Blargh!

Leshawna collapses from where she stands. She starts having a fit on the floor as she drools out.

Izzy: Oh no! She should've just said no! I thought was a real cure!

Leshawna: H-help... me.

Izzy: Don't worry, Leshawna! Izzy's on it!

What do you do?

  • A - Get her water from the nearby lake
  • B - Try the heimlich manouver on her
  • C - Shake her
  • D - Elbow her throat
  • E - Get Quapaw

As Leshawna shakes you extend your elbow out for action.

Izzy: Hoo. Hey, hoo. Ha ha.

You hop down like a sumo to the ground and elbow Leshawna in the throat. She coughs much louder.

Izzy: Some liquid is pouring out, I made the right choice :D

Leshawna starts spasming once again.

Izzy: Oh no! I'm running out of time! Come on, Leshawna, how do you get better?

What do you do?

  • A - Get her water from the nearby lake
  • B - Try the heimlich manouver on her
  • C - Shake her
  • D - Get Quapaw
    • NOTE: QUICKTIME EVENT: Max is 5 votes.

Izzy: I saw this in a movie once!

You grab Leshawna and hold her up,. You wrap your two arms around her waist. You force your arms against it and push it. Leshawna coughs loudly.

Leshawna: BLARGH!

A load of liquid spews out of her in your attempt.

Izzy: It worked! It worked! Leshawna, say something!

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: ...

Leshawna: WHAT is wrong with you, gurl? That was some crazy witch docta' poisonous stuff ya just gave me. Last time Shawnie trusts you!

Izzy: What?!

You gasp.

Izzy: Your voice! The way you talk! It's back to normal, how did that--WOAH!

You wheelbarrow onto the ground to see a tranquilizer.

Izzy: This is the dart I used! That thing I did must've made it fall out too!

Leshawna: Wow, maybe that's all I needed!

Izzy: So do you forgive me since I saved your life, pal?!

Leshawna: Heck no! I dunno what you plan on doin' to me anymore so I don't even know whetha' to trust you or not anymore.

Izzy: Oh that reminds me! I was also waking up to deliver news to you and Quapaw!

Leshawna: ...What news?

Izzy: We're setting out on a voyage of course, matey! Just the three of us, sailing the seven seas. I heard Chef and Chris say about some possible hidden treasure when I was stealing their brunch hahaha.

Leshawna: ...C'mon, can't we just go to Boney Island already.

Izzy: Nope! Now let me go fetch Quapaw. Ahoy!

Leshawna: ...Maybe I shouldn't have asked for help...

Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Gwen, Harold, and Heather

  • Playing as: Harold

You, Courtney, and DJ are in a bedroom with Geoff. You had just recently helped carry him in with them. Courtney is sitting on a chair facing a desk, DJ sits on the foot of the bed stroking Geoff's face, and you sit in the corner of the room on a chair.

DJ: *sighs* I still can't belive somethin' like this happened.

Courtney: It's awful. Geoff wasn't my best friend or anything, but nobody should deserve this. Who could've done such a thing though? There was hardly any traces.

Harold: My assumption is someone clearly seeking vengeance and just taking it out on our poor innocent teammate.

DJ: Well whoever it was, they're one shady punk. Momma didn't raise someone with a dirty mouth, but what I say sure fits their description.

Courtney: How's Duncan and Bridgette holding up?

The door opens with Duncan and Bridgette entering the fairly small bedroom.

DJ: I guess ask them.

Duncan: You guys, we just saw some Gophers enter. Better go out to them. They didn't see any challenge prepared either.

You, Courtney, and DJ join your two teammates to meet the couple of Gophers. You see Cody and Gwen on one side, and Beth and Heather on the other.

Bridgette: Cody and Gwen joined a couple minutes ago and just a few seconds ago we got Beth and Heather.

Beth: Whast going on with thist placse?!

Heather: Chris had BETTER figure out a reasonable explanation for all this.

DJ: Wait a second, aren't you guys missing some people?

Duncan: You're actually missing a lot...

Gwen: Yeah... we lost Owen and Trent. They...

Cody: They didn't make it. They died in quicksand.

You all gasp loudly alongside the rest of your Bass teammates, plus Beth and Heather.

Duncan: We kinda got a casualty on our hands too.

Harold: Someone killed Geoff! A vulgar scoundrel!

Beth: And WE'RE missting THREE teammatest. None of ust even th'aw Izchy and Leshtawna on the island and Lindstay juscht distappeared..

Duncan: Oh yeah speaking of missing, someone just took Sadie and we don't know where she is now. Bummer.

Beth: Ugh! Thest emochionsch are justcht too much for me.

Heather: I blame Chris! If he hadn't designed this lame challenge, we wouldn't be having these problems.

Suddenly the lights flicker on and off. You jump quickly alongside everyone else and look both sides. None of you see anyone with a light switch.

Gwen: What's going on...?

In an instant, you feel a pat on your shoulder. You shake in fear, not knowing who it could be from as you're not even standing near anyone else.

Voice #1: Psst, Harold. Come with me. 

Harold: Hm?

Voice #1: Let's go. 

You creep away slowly not to be seen. You feel scared but you feel like obeying this being.

Voice #1: Next go up the stairs.

Harold: Okay...?

You walk up the stairs. Although you can't see anyone, you definitely feel a presence in the midst of you in this simple hallway.

Voice #1: You're just the latest person I've been looking for, Harold. I have a test for you full of fun!

Harold: Okay? ...Hey, wait a second! Did you have something to do with my fellow Bass Geoff dying?! Did you take Sadie?

Voice #1: Me? Oh I most certainly DIDN'T have anything to do with that. I'm just a simple cool ghost. You love ghosts, Harold. Remember that totally rad comic book 'Night of the Living Wed."

Harold: Absolutely! That's totally my favorite rom-horror movie. 

Voice #1: Well think of me as the sweet little ghost boy in that movie. All I'm simply doing is trying to help people, though maybe they don't get on my wrong side if you catch my drift...

Harold: Wow. I can relate to that too. People should know by now how helpful I am but some are too jealous of my mad skills to recognize it. They need to be normal like me.

Voice #1: Uh, yeah. Well anyway I have something SHOCKING to tell you about one of your fellow campers!

Harold: What?

Voice #1: It's Beth, Harold... she broke the rules of what Chris said.

Harold: Huh? You don't mean...

Voice #1: Yep.

Harold: She didn't portage her canoe! I knew there was something fishy about that Beth!

Voice #1: No! Argh! Uh I mean, no Harold. She stole something from the island! Even though Chris stated you weren't meant to. She has a priceless artifact that belongs to Boney Island. And the big issue is that with her around, she's just going to keep cursing all of you, maybe even causing more deaths than before. You don't want that, do you?

Harold: Heck no! But what can your run of the mill genius, very attractive man can do to solve this?

Voice #1: Enter the library. There's a gun in there. I want you to shoot Beth with it!

Harold: What?! But I--

Voice #1: Come on, Harold. It's just like a horror movie. She's the monster and you're the hero. It only makes sense.

Harold: *sighs* Okay. Better go into that library then.

You enter the library and see a couple bookshelves lined up.

Harold: Huh. Weird. I don't see any gun.

Voice #1: It's right in that drawer, Harold.

You walk forward to the cupboard at the end of the room.

Harold: Uh, I'm hearing a strange noise. It doesn't sound like a gun. It sounds like something that's... *listens again* Living!

Voice #1: Oh please. It's nothing at all. Now open it, Harold and get that gun for yourself!

Harold: Hmm, there must be an easier way of getting this thing out.

What do you do?

  • A - Open it
  • B - Try breaking it with your kung fu
  • C - Call inside
  • D - Ask for help from the voice
  • E - Don't open, run back to everyone, and tell them there's a voice in your ear

Harold: Hello? Is anyone in there? I can hear you!

The cupboard shakes for a moment. But no result.

Harold: Dang, I got it wrong!

Voice #1: Well to be fair it diiid shake. Why don't you try again? I'm sure your next attempt at something will work for sure.

What do you do?

  • A - Open it
  • B - Try breaking it with your kung fu
  • C - Call inside louder than last time
  • D - Ask for help from the voice
  • E - Don't open, run back to everyone, and tell them there's a voice in your ear

Harold: No way would someone who's brain capacity in horror movies not be knowledgeable at what to do in this scenario.

Voice #1: What did you have in mind?

Harold: ...I'm gonna need your help.

Voice #1: What?!

Harold: Simple horror movie 101, duh. Under no circumstance do you avoid trying to get help. And you call yourself a ghost.

Voice #1: Ugh, fine. I'll help. Now get out of the way, nerd boy.

Harold: Pfft. Nerd and proud.

You wait for a moment as you move five feet to your right. You start to sweat profusely all over your face as the cupboard slowly opens from the ghostly figure.

Harold: Steady. Steady.

Aand it opens.

Harold: Oh hey, look at that. All I had to do was open it and--AHH!

Two fur paws pounce out of the cupboard. It's a terrified wolf, looking fairly young. He runs away in terror.

Harold: Must've disturbed him. Wow, good thing I didn't open it instead of a ghost, huh? Otherwise he'd probably kill me in fear, hahaha.

Voice #1: ...Yeah. Good thing...

Harold: Oh hey look, the gun.

You pick up the gun victoriously.

Harold: Yes!

Voice #1: Wait, one more thing, Harold! Look down again!

Harold: Huh?

You see a slip of paper. It's a weird almost lifelike drawing of a tiki idol, with a grey carved in face, looking quite tribal.

Voice #1: What do you see?

Harold: Oh, I know this one. An expert artist with great handrawing skills. Unfortunately it looks like it was traced. Lame!

Voice #1: Idiot! It's the artifact! You know? The one BETH stole?

Harold: Ohhh. Well, better bring it down as proof then and to make her come clean.

Voice #1: Perfect. Now all you have to do is go downstairs and shoot Beth.

Harold: *sighs* I guess I'll have to. Sorry Beth, but this is what happens when you steal.

You walk downstairs. You see the terrified young wolf far ahead of you, joining the others, and stroking against Duncan in fear. They look at you in confusion.

Courtney: Uh, Harold, where did you go?

Harold: Oh, um, just upstairs in the library. You know how us nerds are with our fictional books, right?

Beth, Cody, DJ, Duncan, Heather: Yep.

Gwen, Bridgette, Courtney: Hmm...

Harold: Uh, uh, so uh, anyway, when I was upstairs I found this!

You hold up a picture of the artifact and hold a gun.

Harold: I found both of these next to each other in the cupboard! Which is no coincidence... Beth! You STOLE an idol exactly like this one on Boney Island! Would explain the really freaky stuff going on around here too!

Heather: What?! And that's why you brought that gun? To shoot her?!

Harold: Yep. Care to explain, Beth?!

Beth: Oh, alright! Alright already! I t'stole that idol! But I didn't know it was't curst'. Honesst! I wouldn't endanger people'ss livesh on purpost' like that! 

Courtney: I'm not buying it. This is what I carefully explained to my Bass team. Never trust the enemy.

Gwen, Cody, and Heather glare at Courtney. She shrugs in confusion.

Beth: Pleast' don't t'shoot, Harold! I won't try curs'ting anyone ever again!

The voice whispers in your ear.

Voice #1: Well what are you waiting for, Harold?! Do it! Be the hero! Take her down!

Harold: Uh, uh...

Voice #1: You better shoot her! You don't know what I can do to you right here if you don't shoot her.

Harold: Um, er...

What do you do?

  • A - Shoot Beth
  • B - Don't shoot Beth

Harold: ...!

You raise the gun up and cock it, preparing to shoot. You walk five feet over to Beth and turn her around.

Beth: No!


You shoot Beth square in the back of her head. She falls instantly. All the contestants scream.

Courtney: Daagh! What the heck?!

Heather: Are you out of your MIND, nerdlinger?!

Cody: Harold! She told you she'd leave it behind!

Harold: Oh sh**! Oh sh** oh sh**! What have I done?!

Bridgette: How are we supposed to get HOME now, now that they know one of us KILLED someone?!

DJ: *sucks thumb* This is too much for me to handle. I want my momma!

Duncan marches over to you and grabs you by the collar.

Duncan: What's the big idea, dork?! Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if you killed Sadie and Geoff too!

Harold: I-I...

Gwen: Explain yourself!

Harold: I was just trying to be the hero!

Suddenly you all hear a loud voice.

Voice #1: Haha, that was brilliant, Harold! Precisely what we planned to. My hat goes off to you.

Duncan: Huh? Who's there? Better show yourself or else you're gettin' a personal knuckle sandwich.

Voice #1: Oh, Duncan. No wonder we haven't been able to take you out yet.

Gwen: We...?

You hear a brushing sound. Slowly a figure starts to appear. It's floating too. Everyone gasps. He has a white hat, brown hair, a white tank top, shorts and sandals. He looks like nothing more than an average person.

Courtney: What's the meaning of all this?!

Figure #1: Don't worry. I doubt all of you will be around long enough for it to matter. Fellas?

Two more figures appear. This second figure has dark long hair wearing a worn out jacket and the same size as the first figure. The third one seems fairly younger and shorter in size, having his hair in a ponytail.

Duncan: Who are these weirdos?

Figure #2: It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan...

Figure #3: To kill all of you!

Lasers start shooting from the three mystery people's eyes. You all flee in horror. As you run out, you turn around and see Bridgette, running into a room.

  • Playing as: Bridgette

You enter the bedroom you first were in the last time you were there. A deceased Geoff lies down on the bed once again.

Bridgette: Oh, Geoff. I don't want to leave you behind like this. No matter what state you're in.

You hear a float sound. Two of the figures open the door with their hands and enter. It's the second and third ones you laid eyes on.

Figure #3: There she is, boss!

The first figure you saw enters the room.

Figure #1: Aw, isn't that sweet? The lady's gone in to say goodbye to her boyfriend before we zap her brains off.

The three figures start shooting lasers all corners of the room. You dodge them with precision as they shoot heinously.

What do you do?

  • A - Run out
  • B - Carry Geoff on your back

Bridgette: I gotta go!

You flee the bedroom and head for the exit down the corridor.

Figure #2: Hahaha, you can run!

Figure #1: But you can't hide!

Bridgette: Almost, there.


Bridgette: Augh!

Your back gets zapped by a laser. You squirm as you start to bleed out. The figures approach you.

Figure #3: Well well well. I guess true love does prevail. But it didn't for you, surfer girl!

Figure #1: If it's any consolation, the others will be dead almost instantly once we're finished with you hehehe!

You look up onto the nearby table. There's another gun there, along with what appears to be a tank of oil. You reach your hand up in a struggle. The figures are too busy laughing to notice. You pour out the tank right in front of you, wetting a bit of yourself too. You finally shoot the gun.

Figure #1: Hahaha... WAIT! Do any of you... *sniffs* smell something?

Bridgette: That would be the fire I set off >:)

Figure #2: What?!

Figure #3: But we've temporarily disabled our ghostly selves! We're not immune to fire anymore! We can just die again! How did you know this?!

Bridgette: Just a funny guess! That aaand the fact you opened the bedroom door when you could've just floated through it. You also just like humans but the only difference is you're flying. You're not even glowing like ghosts. Guess you didn't think of everything, huh geniuses?! >:)

Figure #2: So we're gonna die AGAIN?!

Bridgette: Everyone else may still die after this, but here's one last f**k you courtesy of me!

Figure #3: Well actually, since we've temporarily humanized ourselves, if we die again we have to wait a long time before we can make ourself ghostly again.

The leading figure #1 slaps figure #3 on the forehead.

Figure #1: Ugh, nice job revealing it to her, smart guy!

Figure #2: But he's right! We're gonna be floating SLOWER than the normal person since we'd only be in the early stages of being dead.

Bridgette: Awesome! Hope the others are proud of me while they try to escape!

Figure #3: Aah! It's lighting up!

Bridgette: I'd say I was in tremendous pain because of the growing fire but just knowing you killers of my teammate are going through a SECOND death, and me ruining so much of your power gives me all the relief I need... >:)

The fire eventually spreads. The four of you scream in agony as it engulfs you in it. The laser shot you experienced builds it up even further.


The entire front right section of the mansion blows up, with all of the remains of its four victims into hundreds of charred pieces. One arm moves lankily across the ground, as it reaches for a peculiar white hat.


Figures #1, #2, and #3

Figure #1: Ugh! That was even more painful than our last deaths! That troublesome girl knew what she was doing too much. Good thing we finally did away with her.

Figure #3: Yeah, but she diiid kind of make us a lot less useless.

Figure #1: Shut up! We almost have these teenagers dead. Just 8 more of them to go! Even though we don't really know where Izzy and Leshawna are, but who cares they probably just got stranded out sea somewhere and died.

Figure #2: Um, can we not CELEBRATE here?!?!

Figure #1: What do you mean?

Figure #2: I mean that we saw Chris AND Chef in the spirit world! They're dead!

Figure #1: *gasps* You're right! Our plan worked! I knew kidnapping Chef and leaving him in the hands of a floating bear on another island would pay off. Chris needed him after all like we thought and he must've not been able to survive at all without him! Inferior fool!

Figure #2: And to be fair, we diid have some fun tonight. That surfer boy did exactly as he thought he'd do; pick up that artifact, giving me enough time to DESTROY him! Hahaha, foolish young man not learning the meaning of the words "I will kill you!"

Figure #1: That's true hahaha! He could've tried outsmarting us but he went for his gut instinct. So you blew up his gut >:D

Figure #2: And Harold was just phenomenal at what he did! Could not have asked for a better clown to fool around with. He just couldn't come to terms with not being considered a hero, so bye wicked witch of the west Beth!

Figure #1: That was hilarious! Almost makes me sad we're inevitably eventually gonna kill him >:D

Figure #2: And for what it's worth, you still managed to zap Bridgette and down she went. A rather painful death too.

Figure #3: Yeah, but guys now it'll be way harder for us to catch those campers. Our power's really slowed down and it's gonna need to build up.

Figure #1: Ugh can't you do anything else but ruin our fun?! Now you gotta remind me how much harder this will be!

Figure #2: Don't worry, boss. They started with 16 and now they're only down to 8. Well... Izzy, Leshawna, and Sadie mightn't be dead but you get the drift. Half of those mortals have been finished with and not in our way. We just have the other half now.

Figure #1: And down will come the other half...


</center> |}

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