Escape from Boney Island
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.



Chris: You'll be paddling your canoes across this lake.... to BOOOOOONEY ISLAND!

Chris: Legend has it, if you take anything off the island, you'll be CURSED FOREEEEEVER!


Beth: What'd I miss?

Chris: Canoes.


Leshawna: Gurl, you crazy? Hell no do I trust you. Trippin' me on the dock was one thang and now ya want me to trust you? You can forgetthat.

Izzy shoots Leshawna.


Beth: What' thith?

A tiki idol is before Beth's eyes. She marvels at his beauty.

Beth: Oh wowzasch. Thoo pretty. Better thow thit pretty thing to Lindthey.


Gwen: We need your help, we don't know where Leshawna and Izzy are, and Owen farted on Heather so we need you guys to heal her; to answer all those pretty easily.

Gwen: We took a vote of what to do with Heather and with two votes being the majority, we went with bringing her to your team for Bridgette to heal her.


Bridgette wraps a blanket around Heather.

Bridgette: Huh? But this normally works on someone. Warmth is good for this.


Owen: The beaver hunter NEVER lets his prey overpower him! This is in memory of YOU, Heather! 

Owen farts with all his might.

Owen: I gotta get outta here! The beaver hunter must LEAVE.

Owen catches up.

Trent: Woah, Owen! We thought we lost you, man.


Everyone: *gasps*

Heather: Owen! You glorified fart monkey!


Courtney: As an expertise at training in being a CIT, I know that the best foot forward for a group of people in a situation like this is safety in numbers. That's key to our survival. Chris said we'd get into some trouble on the island. And what better way then in numbers? We can't stay in the cave either because let's face it, look at how big it is. Anyone could be in here.


Heather: We're gonna split up into groups.

Heather: Alright, first off. I'm gonna go with Beth and Lindsay, my two most trusting teammates.


Gwen: I'm not making the same mistake Heather made with Lindsay and Beth. Splitting up in this scenario almost never works.


In front of the Bass is a peculiar looking cabin. It's rather dark with some purple shading. It's akin to the ones in your own campgrounds.

Bridgette: That looks a little familiar...

Duncan: Come on, let's get inside. I'm sure Chris will understand.

Courtney: Who made you the team captain?!

Duncan: Could be askin' you the same thing, darling ;)

Courtney: Whatever. Might as well go in.


Izzy: Boy, this sure is cool, huh Leshawna? Me, the queen. You were so speechless you knocked YOURSELF out cold hahaha. That's dedication right there.

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: *slaps forehead* Silly Izzy. Why can't you remember she's passed out?!

Leshawna: .......Urgh

Izzy: *gasps*


Chris: You may have lost your phone, but everything will be okay. You may have tried opening the doors and window a lot of times even though neither will open but it'll be ooookay. And if it's not okay, heh, you might do something you'll regret hehehe. *slaps himself softly repeatedly*


Voice #3: Should we reveal ourselves yet?

Voice #1: No, there's time enough yet. We've already given enough warnings by barracading his doors and making that storm.

Voice #2: But none of them are even dead yet!

Voice #1: Give it time. We know that people who come from Total Drama have little chance of surviving that long, especially in life. We would know more than anyone...

BridgetteCourtneyDJDuncanGeoffHarold, and Sadie

  • Playing as: Sadie

Your team have been inside the old fashioned and familar looking dark purple cabin for a couple minutes . It's a lot bigger on the inside than you anticipated, even with a balcony outdoors on the other side you've already seen when exploring that can be navigated through walking up the stairs. You look around on the bottom floor alongside your other teammates. 

Sadie: I'm getting kinda bored. I wish we could just finish the challenge already so we can get back to the camp and I can win like I promised Katie.

You look back and forth to see if there's anywhere they go.

Sadie: Ooo I need some excitement. Maybe I should go into that kitchen and see if there's any food. I'm kinda hungry. 

You continue darting your eyes and look upwards.

Sadie: Or maybe I go up the stairs. I bet the view is really nice at sunset.

You gaze your eyes to a room to your right with a couch.

Sadie: Oh or maybe that cute little living room. My butt's kinda falling asleep.

Where do you go?

  • A - Kitchen for the food
  • B - The balcony for the view
  • C - The living room for the couch

Sadie: I'm gonna head for the kitchen! Sadie's got a grumblin' in her tummy.

You prance like a schoolgirl into the kitchen to see what you can find. You don't care what it is, you could have anything at this point

Sadie: Wow for an old cabin there sure is a lot of stuff here, even though it is totally bigger than I thought.

You walk around to see what you can find and you seem to notice a couple things around you. You first open the fridge.

Sadie: Hmm I could have that drink of water. Me and Katie have seen hot guys drink bottles of that stuff aaall the time.

You look in the fridge further.

Sadie: Ooo or I could have that milk. Me and Katie have that in our tea like, everyday!

You open the freezer to see what's inside.

Sadie: Ooo or maybe that ice cream. Me and Katie loved getting that at our local beach and still do, hehehe.

You head for the worktop to see what's there.

Sadie: Ooo there's a fruit salad here! Bananas, Grapes, Oranges, Apples, wow so much! Oh or what about that bag of barbecue potato chips? That's as hot as me and Katie heehehe.

You suddenly hear a quaking noise in the kitchen.

Sadie: Huh, what was that?

Voice: Hello, Sadie....!

Sadie: Hello???! Who's that?

Voice: Just the camper we were looking for. We've been waiting for you, Sadie...

Sadie: You were?? Why me?

Voice: The rest of your team we were a little wary of. Courtney and Harold would ask me too many questions, Duncan is too volatile and probably wouldn't play by the rules, Geoff doesn't seem good at hiding secrets, and Bridgette is the same. We were originally gonna pick DJ but he was too nice. So congrats, all that was left was you!

Sadie: Thanks? But you didn't answer my question; who are you???

Voice: I am but a spirit who's wanted to move on from this life. Unfortunately we are lost spirits in purgatory and must need to make one last goal to decide our fate. And you will be someone in helping us!

Sadie: That sorta answers my question I guess... but who's us?

Ghost: I am not the only dead spirit here. That's what makes us need your help even more!

Sadie: And what do I really gotta do?

Ghost: You've picked out all the food that I was planning to tell you about anyway so you're halfway there.

Sadie: Okay?

Ghost: But here's the trick part. All of these foods will either keep you in the state you're in and keep you alive, pass you out, or even kill you!

Sadie: *gasps* So how does this help?

Ghost:  If you survive fully, my spirit will have technically lead a good deed in helping you avoid certain death, meaning your decision could help me move on to the afterlife! And if you die, your ghostly spirit will join us and I will just be fed longer with a fellow ghost by my side.

Sadie: And if I pass out?

Ghost: I will have no choice but to commit a bad deed on you. I can't kill you because that might keep me in purgatory longer or send me to a terrible afterlife. But I can punish you. I can either be your best friend at this little game we're playing or your worst enemy. What would you rather have?

Sadie: Ooo I'd love a new ghost BFF!

Ghost: Perfect. Now make your choice as to what you should consume. Remember, your life is on the line... mwahahaha!

Sadie Hahaha, you're so funny, potential BFF! Now, what to have?

What do you have?

  • A - Water
  • B - Milk
  • C - Ice Cream
  • D - Fruit Salad
  • E - Potato chips

Sadie: I'm gonna get those potato chips. Soo? Yummy.

Ghost: Oh? Kay. Please kill her or keep her alive. Please please please.

You open the barbecue chips and chow down.

Sadie: Mmm, barbecue chips. The queen of chip flavors.

Ghost: Could it be? Has my subject successfully survived?

You gouge further on the barbecue chips.

Sadie: Good thing these were closed. Maybe a fly could've gotten in and poisoned them L oh l. But eh, now I'm kinda full.

You fling the barbecue chips to the side and you hear the mysterious ghost voice again.

Ghost: Yes! Success! Now that I've committed a good deed by not being a witness of you poisoning yourself I can move onto the afterlife! And maybe stop tormenting these kids with the other guys too.

Sadie: Hooray for my potato chip picking powers! High five. Owait I can't see you, hahaha!

Ghost: Goodbye Sadie. Thank you for your assistance!

You pause for a moment. You expect some kind of noise at least for you to be able to know when this voice is leaving. But... nothing.

Sadie: ...You still there?

Ghost: Yeah? Wait what the crap?! I thought I was going to move on to the other world! Was this good deed not good enough?? Raurgh!!

Sadie: Aw man. I really wanted to help you.

Ghost: Hmm... well I was gonna do this if you passed out but it could still work out for me if you're alive!

Sadie: Huh?

Ghost: If you passed out I would've sent you through the sewers through this artificial man hole installed in this cabin that leads to an underwater cavern. Then I would've tried to kill you because you NOT dying or living would annoy me a lot so I'd probably just try and kill you myself to make myself happy. But since you lived, and since I'm still not moved on yet from this cruel world, maybe I drop you down there anyway and try to help you get out of there to look like a good person.

Sadie: Wait are you saying--?

Ghost: Yep.

Before you can react, the ghost reveals a pair of clear hands and opens up a floorboard to release a manhole. You weren't expecting that.

Ghost: Goodbye for now, Sadie

Sadie: *gasps*

The ghost opens up the manhole and flings you down. You roll down an electronic slide. You want to scream in joy at living but you're terrified of what's below.

Ghost: *groans* Great. Now I gotta do MORE good things.

  • Playing as: Courtney

You and your team hear a noise. It sounds like a vent sucking up someone and it's coming from the kitchen. You all race in as fast as you can.

DJ: What's goin' on?!

Geoff: What was the noise?!

Bridgette: Where's Sadie?!

Harold: Who leaves a perfectly half full bag of potato chips lying around?!

Duncan: Why is everyone asking questions?!

Courtney: Time out! Everyone just calm down. Okay, so Sadie vanished by the looks of things. Me and Bridgette both saw her walk into the kitchen a few seconds ago and not come out and I was in the hall nearby the whole time. It's sad our teammate might be dead or abducted but we need to move on from this. Trying to find her could mean we get lost and killed in the woods. Everybody just settle down.

DJ: *sighs* She's right. Really hoping she's okay though.

Harold: Well I think we should leave here. This place is so obviously haunted.

DJ: I'm siding with Harold on this one. This place gives me the heebie jeebies.

Duncan: Pfft, don't be so scared. I'm sure there's weapons here like those knives in the drawer we could defend ourselves with here anyway. Nothing to worry about. I've seen scarier things on my uncle's fungus back.

Courtney: Okay ew.

Geoff: I think we better stay in case somebody else shows up. Chris could send help for us. No show without us, right guys?

Bridgette: We should go and look for Sadie. She could be anywhere in the forest.

Courtney: Hold the phone. Since there's three people voting we leave and two voting we stay, I think I should be the one who decides this as team captain. Plus I lead us in the right place before.

Duncan: Uh yeah. The place that might've killed one of our Bass members.

Courtney: Ugh just let me think about this!

What does the Bass do?

  • A - Vote with majority - Leave
  • B - Overrule the majority - Stay

Courtney: It would be statistically smarter for me to go with the majority of people and say we leave.

Duncan: *groans* Whatever. You guys will be sorry you didn't go with what me and Geoff said. For all we know Sadie could come back. Or we could get more guys to defend us against things.

Courtney: Well it's been settled. Now get moving, Bass. We have a challenge to win.

Duncan: If the day isn't already over by then.

Beth, Heather, and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Heather

The three of you continue traversing through the forest. You're a little lost and fairly tired and the two lame brains going with you aren't helping.

Beth: *to Lindsay* Okay. Favorite animal?

Lindsay: Oh I gotta say a chihuahua. Cuteness times two!

Beth: Oh my gosch, me too! I'm thso glad we're shtuch great friends, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Same :)

Your temper is starting to crack. You just want to find a route but it's like you're cursed or something. Your words have snapped.

Heather: Okay you know what, Lamedsay and Bleghth, I've had just about enough of hearing this!

Beth: Hey don't call uth that, Heather. Way too far.

Lindsay: It's okay. She calls me a load of cute nicknames. I wouldn't take it personal. Lamesday, Brainwave, Lindsiot, Lightbulb Lindsay, ha! So funny.

Beth: Ya know, you don't have to be tho like... scharp when you want usch to quieten down. Jucht ask.

Heather: Lighten up, Beth. You could learn a lot from Lindsay.

Lindsay: *gasps* Nobody's ever said THAT about me before, thanks! :D

Beth: Ugh, fine. We'll be quiet, Heather. Now can you pleath lead the way, your highneth.

Heather: With pleasure;)

The three of you continue walking straight. You just know you'll get lost again but you keep your confidence high. Your confidence is interrupted however, as you hear a rustling.

Lindsay: Did you girls hear that?

Beth: Hold on, what'sch that?

Heather: Shh. Stay still.

You all freeze to a halt, awaiting what could lurk from behind the bushes... and your mental questions are quickly answered.

Bear: *ROAR*

It's a ginormous grizzly bear. It's noticeably darker than the ones seen at Camp Wawanakwa and you see a weird bone symbol on his forehead and smaller bone symbols on his paws. He charges for you.

Lindsay: RUN!

You all race as fast as you can away from the big bear. You may be wearing shoes not fit for running, but it's not gonna stop you yet.

Heather: Gotta get away!

The three of you eventually stop... but not where you've wanted to. The three of you are stuck against a giant rock. Running around this bear won't work. He seems much quicker than you. There's no way you can take down something that size either. Beth and Lindsay cower behind you in fear as the bear sneaks up closely.

Lindsay: What do we do, Heather???

Beth: Yeah, what???

Heather: Let me think!!! *shakes*

You realize you must stop this the only way you know how; a sacrifice. This bear wants to eat something, he needs a snack so two of you can run away.

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice Beth
  • B - Sacrifice Lindsay
  • C - Sacrifice yourself

Heather: Sorry not sorry Beth!

Beth: Huh?

In a panic you shove Beth into the bear and run away. You turn around as you run to see Lindsay staring up as a bear approaches an incapacitated Beth.

Lindsay: .....--AAAAAAAAAAH

Lindsay follows you as fast as she can. The two of you suddenly see a hill to your right and run up it.

Heather: Gotta. Find. Shelter

Eventually in the midst of your worry the two of you stumble across a dark purple cabin. It looks worn out and reminds you of the one in Wawanakwa. The two of you enter in a hurry.

Lindsay: Oh no Beth! Why Beth why! Whyyyyyy???

You slap Lindsay across the face.

Heather: Snap out of it, Lindsay. Yes, Beth was probably eaten by that bear. But there's nothing we can do about that. Just be happy I saved you.

The two of you hear a roar. You peep out whilst concealing yourselves. You see the gruesome bear once more. What will he do? Wait outside until you come out for you to be eaten? Tear down the door to make you his snack? What could he--

Beth: Aaand SIT, boy!

The bear sits down and pants and wags his tail like your typical pet dog. The two of you are stunned, not only at Beth's sudden survival of a bear attack, but his willingness in obeying your wishes.

Beth: Come on out, guys! It's all clear.

The two of you walk out slowly, creeping your steps. The bear growls.

Beth: Uh-uh-uh. Bad bear. Thee't are not your food, okay?

The bear grizzles his teeth at you in restraint. You breath a sigh of relief.

Heather: Okay now will you PLEASE tell me what's going on here, Beth?

Beth: It wath tho incredulousch. The bear tried eating me but it juscht... didn't work!

Heather: What, why?

Beth: No clue. Muscht have thomething thisch guy likesch. He even let me pet him!

Lindsay: Yay you're okay!

Heather: Yeah, awesome that I saved the day!

Beth: You...? -_-

Heather: Well yeah. Who here was the one who pushed you into it?

Beth: It waschn't gonna kill usch anyway, Heather, schince I was there to schtop it.

Heather: Well how was I meant to know that??

'Beth: Ugh, let'sch juscht take schelter in that cabin. I'm beat from all thisch running.

Lindsay: Me too.

Heather: Is your fleabag staying with us?

Beth: Hisch name ish Brady! What a cute name for a bear. And no, hesch gotta shtay outschide incasch he eatsh you when I'm not looking.

The three of you head inside to see what lies ahead.

  • Playing as: Lindsay

The three of you walk around the peculiar and odd cabin. It's a lot larger than you expected on the inside and feels more worn out.

Lindsay: This place is a little spooky.

Heather: Spooky? Yes. Easy to survive in? Yes. Don't be so scared of stuff, Lindsay.

Beth: Ugh, I'm gonna go look for a bathroom. This harschness is full of sh**

You roll your eyes at Beth's foolishness. Who is she to speak about you like that???

Lindsay: Ooo, Heather let's go upstairs! The view outside might be really pretty on the other side.

You shrug and join Lindsay as the two of you walk up.

  • Playing as: Lindsay

Lindsay: Wow this is pretty, right Heather?

Heather simply scoffs at your words but she can't do wrong in your book.

Heather: Yeah, pretty alright. Pretty lame. Now go fetch Beth so we can find the beach and win the challenge.

Lindsay: Woah, hey Heather look. It's a radio station!

Heather: What? Why would a radio station be around here?

Lindsay: Oh and look, a telephone! Maybe people used to live here and had this to help them out with calls to make.

Heather: Me personally I'd love to call Chris and tell him to work on health and safety with these challenges. Is he out of his mind?

Lindsay: Heh you got that right, BFF.

Heather: Lindsay don't steal my ideas. Now go fetch Beth.

Lindsay: *sighs* Okay. But maybe Beth is right. Maybe you should be nicer.

Heather: exCUSE me? Beth shouldn't tell me how I should act. And if you two are really gonna think like that, maybe I should find some new Final 3 alliance members....

Lindsay: Oh no wait I take it back!

Heather: Perfect. Now go get B--

?: Help! Help! Help!

The two of you turn around. It's a voice coming from a recorder. It sounds jumbled and with bad frequency.

'Lindsay: What the?

Heather: Hello?

?: Help! Help! Help!

Heather: Yes we gathered that already, smart guy. And could you please improve your coverage?

?: Help! Help! Help!

Your confusion and unmotivation towards Heather is interrupted by a sudden.


Lindsay: Wah! The balcony's cracking!!!

It shakes and trembles like the two people standing on top of it. You and Heather struggle to keep your balance. You just manage to survive with your lucky boots. But Heather...

Heather: Agh!

Heather hangs on a ledge by just a hand. The separation of the two parts of the balcony makes it harder to reach her.

Lindsay: Don't worry, Heather! I'll save you!

Heather: You better! Or else I'll tell everyone that blonde hair is DYED!

Lindsay: *gasps* You wouldn't!

Heather: I would too!

Lindsay: Ugh but you're so far away.

Heather: What are you waiting for?? Try and reach me!

What do you say?

  • A - Console - "It's okay, Heather. Everything will be alright."
  • B - Scold - "I think you were being harsh on Beth."

Lindsay: I think you were being harsh on Beth.

Heather: You're telling me this NOW??? I could fall to my death and you're telling me about Beth??

Lindsay: I just want you guys to get along.

Heather: Maybe I can work on playing hide and seek with Beth AFTER you save me!

Lindsay: Ok ok! I'll try!

Heather: And hurry up, I don't know if I can hold on much longer.

Lindsay: Ugh but there's bushes to my right. Maybe you'll just land there.

Heather: Think with your head, Lindsay. I'm falling straight. What do you THINK is gonna happen?! I'm not landing in bushes! Now save me, lightbulb!

Lindsay: I'll try!

Heather: If your brain functions as well as your body could...

  • A - Save Heather
  • B - Jump to safety

Lindsay: Sorry but there's no way I can reach you.

You take a leap of faith to the nearby bushes atop a hill a leap away from the balcony. You land safely only to turn around and see the balcony shatter downwards alongside its cabin.

Heather: Aagh!

The cabin shatters.

Lindsay: Heather! Beth! Nooo! Why didn't I just try and save her?! I don't want them to go to BFF heaven without me! And how am I meant to do this on my own? :( 

You look down once again from the high platform you're on. Beth and Heather are nowhere in site but you do see the pet bear Brady on the floor. His head is smashed open by the impact of various cabin debris and his guts lay outside his tongue. You cringe.

Lindsay: *sighs* Now I guess I'll have to find some people.

CodyGwenOwen, and Trent

  • Playing as: Gwen

You traverse through the woods. Your group took a more swampier path and it's starting to get the better of some of your members less capable of endurance.

Owen: *groans* I can't take this anymore. All this swamp water's making me thirsty!

Gwen: We'll find something later, Owen. We're already way behind on the challenge, we've gotta get to the beach. I bet the Bass already got there by now.

Trent: Gwen's right. We need to--


Trent: Woah. Guys, don't want to panic here but I'm SHRINKING.

Your crush has fallen into quicksand.

Gwen: *gasps* Oh no!

Owen: Trent's stuck! I'm coming, Trent!

Trent: No don't!

Owen jumps into the quicksand in an attempt to save Trent... only to be stuck right next to him.

Owen: ....I'm stuck too! I soooo didn't see that coming.

Trent: *facepalms* Help! Somebody! Help us!

You watch and try to think. What do you do?

  • A - Reach your hands either side to save them
  • B - Grab the nearby vine and swing on it and try to grab them
  • C - Do nothing
  • D - Other (please specify)

You run off to your right towards a nearby vine.

Gwen: I'll use this! 

Cody: Wait! Gwen!

Gwen: Don't worry guys! I'll save you! Don't feel pressured, Gwen. It's just the nicest guy on your team AND the hottest guy on your team in danger. Ugh I've never done this, but better try!

You try grabbing the vine.

Gwen: This should work.

You swing with the vine, feeling like some sort of womanly Tarzan.

Gwen: I'm coming!

Or are you?


Gwen: Woah!

The vine snaps and you fall next to Cody. Your lack of experience wasn't enough.

Gwen: Oh no!

Trent and Owen dig deeper. All you can see is the upper half of their face now.

Owen: *muffled* Well at least now I have something to drink

What do you do?

  • A - Custom choice: Grab and rip a long branch off, then toss it to Trent first and make him bite and toss it to Owen and make him bite it (by luring him with the picnic supplies, mostly the soda though), have Gwen and Cody pull (Cody pulls the branch, and Gwen pulls Cody back, while holding a tree to keep from flying forward). (Suggested by: Geo1234)

You start to panic as the quicksand quickly builds up.

Gwen: The branch!

You tug on a long branch of a tree and break it off.

Gwen:' Trent! Bite this!

You toss the branch at Trent. Oh no! It only hit his forehead!

Gwen: Oh crap that's right! All that's left is the top of your head!

The branch bounces off Trent to safe ground. You pick it up once again.

Gwen: Uh... Owen look! Picnic supplies!

Owen: Mmm?

Gwen: Oh no I forgot your mouth is already too down too!

You put the branch on top of Owen's face to improvise.

Gwen: Pull, Cody!

Cody: Gwen, what's happening to you?

Cody reluctantly pulls with you. It doesn't support Owen.

Gwen: Agh! NoooOO!!




All that can be heard is the ruffled screams. They plague your eardrums.

Gwen: What have I done???

Cody: Owen??? Trent???

A hand raises up. It appears to be Owen's. He waves at you; you just drop to your knees in response... he drops altogether.

IzzyLeshawna, Wo Tang, Quapaw, and Tribe

  • Playing as: Izzy

You rub your regal chair. It's your crown and you are the queen. You wonder when Leshawna will wake up but your questions are quickly answered

Leshawna: Woah... where um I?

Izzy: Oh cool Leshawna, you're finally awake! But what's wrong with your voice? ...Oh wait that's right I shot you hahahaha!

Leshawna: Wuh. I hud the cwasiezt dweam. I didn't twuzt you and then yo' crazy butt got a twanquiliza out on me. Thun I gat anutha' one where ya hud all theez guyz loik wurshippin' you fo' sum reazun.

Izzy: Oh that wasn't a dream! Didn't I tell you the tribe could claim me at any time?? You were so proud of me you couldn't handle it and then you slapped yourself. Way to improve my self-esteem, Leshawna! :D

Leshawna: Whut?? And thut why my voiz zoundin' wurd?

Izzy: Yup. Oh and you were asleep at this other time when the tribe wanted to kill you cause of like some ritual or whatever but guess what? I spared you!

Leshawna: Oh wow now I only need to zmack you three tiomez inztea o' four

Izzy: Hahaha! I'm so glad this bonding trip strengthened our friendship!

Leshawna: You ain't zeriouz, right?

Izzy: Does this face LOOK serious?! >:D

Wo Tang and Quapaw suddenly run into you and Leshawna at your throne on the beach. They both bow before you.

Quapaw: Our Queen Mother, we have an emergency.

Wo Tang: There's something in the cave and it's already eaten six of your mortal worshippers.

Quapaw: It's resting beneath the cave just twenty feet north of here. But it's already eaten some of our most physically capable tribespeople, along with some of our staff members too!

Wo Tang: We also believe it may have a couple of new hostages too!

Quapaw: As a competent ruler, what do you intend we do?

Leshawna: Um dreadin' thiz.

What do you do?

  • A - "Use your torches and some gasoline in my pocket to explode that cave and any monster inside!"
  • B - "Let's send a majority of people in to deal with the monster, including me and Leshawna"
  • C - "Block the cave entrance so nobody can get in and so the monster can't attack anyone either"
  • D - "Ignore it. If we don't go in the cave, we'll all be okay"
  • E - Other order (please specify)

Izzy: Use your torches and some gasoline in my pocket to explode that cave and any monster inside!

Wo Tang: What?? Surely this is some kind of practical joke, queen mother. You can't seriously expect us to light a place on fire. Your PEOPLE are inside.

Izzy: People schmeeple! I've seen big movie stars blow up in movies and then I see them at gemmy awards. This is all just some hoax by Chris.

Wo Tang: What is a Chris????

Quapaw: *sighs* So you ARE serious then?

Izzy: Yep. Woo! I guess you could say I have a FIRE-y seriousness! Hahahaa that joke sucked.

Quapaw: We can't risk the lives of our own people. I suppose we could give you our torches so you can commit the deed yourself.

Izzy: Awesome idea, Quapaw!

You quickly snatch the torches.

Leshawna: Tus is crazy! Woi is Izzy getting to kill these poor honey's who got kidnapped?!

Quapaw: Hush or you're next!

Leshawna: *gulps*

Izzy: Alright guys, follow me!

Leshawna, Quapaw, and Wo Tang follow you slowly as you sprint holding the torches to the cave. You arrive almost instantly in a journey that would've taken a little longer. Your three followers barely keep up.

Quapaw: Well we're here....

Izzy: Ok. Staand BACK, guys. This... is gonna be good.

As a queen mother like you expects, the other three quickly back away from your weaponry. You toss the two torches belonging to Quapaw from your one hand into the cave, before tossing in the two torches belonging to Wo Tang in. You flip out a small container you preserved some gasoline in. You toss this flammable gas in. The fire from the torches expands and expands until...


Loud screams can be heard inside. They sound like agony but you just know they're obviously finding it funny. You hear about nine different voices inside.

Voice: Not my baby! Not by baby!

'Voice: Mama?

Finally dust manages to clear from your hot mess.

Izzy: See? Told you my plan would work.

Your bragging doesn't last long. Wo Tang grabs you by the neck.

Wo Tang: Something tells me you are not our Queen Mother! The real one would never kill her OWN people! You are nothing but an IMPOSTER! When the native people from the other side of the island hear about this, I might have enough ammunition to--


Quapaw: Never you mind him, Queen Mother! I will make do with this clown in due course. He has challenged your honor multiple times. What you did isn't something I approve of, but if that's your mindset I can't fault you for it.

Izzy: Awesome! Now as your ruler, I order you not let Wo Tang BULLY his supreme ruler ever again, cool?!

Quapaw: Uh yes. Quite cool. Now do you want me to stab him, beat him, or poison him?

Izzy: Oh don't kill him. I'm not that crazy. YET! hahaha. Just tie him up somewhere or something.

Quapaw: I'm saddened by our casualties though.

Izzy: Meh. Was it anyone you knew?

Quapaw: Hm, fair point. I didn't know any of these people personally. The people I know well live more in the southern border of this island.

Izzy: Yep. I don't think I know anyone here eith--

The cave suddenly has one final surge of an explosion. Out pops a head. They wear a long white hat, have a buck-tooth, and a permanently glaring mouth. Leshawna faints.

Izzy: Hey Chef! Wow, and you kept telling me MY head was all over the place hahahaha!


  • Playing as: Lindsay

Your starting to lose your breath. Being separated from your best friends has left you misguided. You feel lost. You feel trapped.

Lindsay: Maybe I can find the other Gophers if I keep going this way.

You continue heading to your right after you had landed on that hill. You want to be as far away from that cabin as possible. But your emotions are dwindling.

Lindsay: Why did I let Heather fall?? Why?! And Beth went to the communal toilets. And I'm pretty sure she's not Catholic! Oh please oh please be okay?!

You sigh in relief.

Lindsay: At least I'm okay. I could've fell with Heather if I wasn't careful enough. Even my hair is pretty okay.

You rub your fingers through your hair. It feels soft and helps you relax.

Lindsay: Mmm blonde. The color of cuteness.

Your self-therapy can't last long though... you slowly turn around. You had felt your hair with both your hands but you feel a third one. More a paw. You slowly turn around.

Lindsay: ...


It's a wolf!

Lindsay: Uh easy boy. Or uh girl. Ugh what to do, Lindsay? You've only seen wolves when you saw that promotional picture of fur coats at Sears. Down with animal testing!

You see a stick nearby

What do you do?

  • A - Throw the stick, yell "Fetch!" and run
  • B - Fight with the stick
  • C - Tame the wolf with the stick

Lindsay: I must warn you, I have MARTIAL ARTS training!

You go for brute force, grabbing the stick and attempting to whack the wolf. As his mouth is aimed at you, you go right for it. This is easy! Oh wait!


Lindsay: Oh crap that's right! You EAT this stuff!

The wolf growls. You know there's no going back now. It's time to accept your fate.

Lindsay: I'm coming Heather and Beeeeeeeeeth

The wolf chews your hands from where you're holding the stick. It gradually builds itself up. The pain is so severe you can't even scream anymore. You suddenly faint, not bearing to see the dish you will become.


BridgetteCourtney, DJ, DuncanGeoff, and Harold

Harold: *sighs* Really hope Sadie is okay. All Bass should be treated with equal care.

Duncan: Uh doofus, news flash we're not a family or something.

Harold: Well, maybe all Bass except Dorkahontas over there!

Duncan: What you call me?

Courtney: Ugh just be quiet! I think we might almost be at the beach.

Geoff: Yeah I think I saw the waves when we passed by that gap in the tree.

DJ: Ugh the last thing I need to see is water.

Bridgette walks beside Geoff as the team nears their location.

Bridgette: Hey Geoff, if we run into something that might kill us, I just want you to know--

Geoff: Shh. No need, Bridgette. I shouldn't have made that stupid card.

Bridgette: Oh no it was my mistake not to be thankful enough for your attempt.

Geoff: How about we just start fresh. Hi I'm Geoff *laughs*

Bridgette: *giggles* You know, the other Bass are really getting stressed out by this trip but I think I'm starting to get to know you better because of it.

Geoff: Yeah, gotta agree with ya there, Bridge. 

Bridgette: Maybe I should start trusting him.

Izzy, Leshawna, and Quapaw

Quapaw arrives back to the throne Izzy sits on while Leshawna sits next to her on the ground.

Izzy: Did you give those people a burial ceremony yet?

Quapaw: I tried but most of those bodies blew up, remember?

Izzy: Oh right. Ahahaha that's not even funny! What about Chef?

Quapaw: I managed to retrieve his body, though his head as you know isn't attached. And since I'm no medical expert we couldn't make much changes. He's buried near the cave somewhere.

Izzy: Perfect. You are hereby relieved of your duties for the night. Get to sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow.

Quapaw bows.

Quapaw: As you wish, Queen Mother.

Leshawna: What du yu meun by purfect day. Whatchu plannin', Izzy?

Izzy: Oh you'll see. You'll all see MWAHAHAA, hahahaha. Pretending to be an evil dictator is so cool, maybe I should try it out for reals sometimes.

Leshawna: *mutters* You ulready oar.

Izzy: What was that, Leshawna??

Leshawna: Um, nuthing!

Izzy: Good! Hope you can keep it that way, or else Cheffy boy might get a new friend >:)

Leshawna's eyes perk up.

Izzy: Well goodnight, Leshawna. Sure has been one funny day, haha. 

Izzy slowly whispers in Leshawna's ear.

Izzy: Especially for me...!

Izzy prances off to her bed. It's a rucksack created for her. Instead of wondering where you sleep, you question your sanity instead.


Heather is trapped under rubble. Her head is slightly damaged and the rest of her body feels completely asleep.

Heather: Wha-?

She grabs various body parts to see if what she's seeing is true.

Heather: I'm ALIVE?? But how?! All I remember is Lindsay not saving me. She is soo getting kicked out of the alliance next time I see her!

You hear a noise from the other side of the rubble. You flinch, terrified of what's coming next. But out comes a sudden push from this mystery person. 

Heather: BETH????

Sadie and Ghost

Sadie explores through the sewers. She feels confused and a little weak. Walking briskly after eating potato chips isn't the best combination.

Sadie: Ugh how much LONGER???

Ghost: Don't worry, Sadie. If anything this is a safe point for you from... everything going on up there.

Sadie: I can't take it anymore though. Give me some EXCITEMENT.

A crash can be heard beneath the sewer.


Sadie: Waah where do I go?!

The ghost quickly lifts Sadie. She can't see him but she hangs above water level, as it sweeps in without reaching her.

Sadie: Woah, that was close! Thanks, mister.

Ghost: Ugh no problem. Being obliged to do good deeds to get out of purgatory is gonna be the end of me

Sadie: Hey, you never told me your name. What is it?

Ghost: Well seeing as how we'll be going through here for a while, my name is Tim.

Sadie: Tim? I could've sworn I heard that name somewhere when I was on the island.

Tim: Beats me. Now let's get a move on.

Sadie: Okay BMF!:D

Tim: What's that...?

Sadie: Uh, best male friend? Duh.

Cody and Gwen

Cody: Can you believe that, Gwen?? One moment those two are in quicksand, the next second we don't get them out, and then they DIE??? I'm too young to see this!

Gwen: Ugh

Cody: What's the matter? I mean yeah we didn't save them and I'm really sad but like I always say, might as well move on.

Gwen: You're right. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

Cody: Good! Well--

Gwen: Which is why I never want to hear you bring up Owen and Trent again. Don't mention that they died, don't mention how cool they were to you, don't refer to them, don't mention them period! We clear...?

Cody: Uh, yeah. Whatever you say, Gwen.

Gwen folds her arms and walks further. Cody follows behind with a look on his face of remiss.


Chris: No interns. *eye twitch* No Chef. *eye twitch* No phone. *eye twitch* No hope...



Chris jumps out the window, his body bleeding all over and his face permanently destroyed.

Chris: Woo-ooo-hoo! Who needs looks? Who needs Chef? Who needs my phone? Who needs anything but ME!

Chris sprints down the dock.

Chris: WATER will cool this host off!!!!

Chris jumps into the water. Rather than staying up, he swims to the bottom.

Chris: *glugs* I don't need oxgen! Phone WAS my oxygen! All I need is cool crisp water and myself, right?! *glugs* You know, it's kinda hard to talk in this water and furthermore--

Chris finally floats up to the surface. But upside down. He lets out one final breath.

Chris: *reaches hand out* Chef? Is that you?


Voice #1: How did Tim do?

Voice #3: Not very good. He led that pigtails Bass girl in the right direction and she survived but his spirit wasn't rewarded for it! So now he's stuck away from us doing some kind of spirit guide in the sewer with her, trying to save her life loads of times. 

Voice #2: Told you guys he was selfish.

Voice #1: Well we can deal with him and her later. What about the rest?

Voice #2: We've made quite an improvement. Chris set up some quicksand earlier but with skills only WE could perform, we managed to turn it real!

Voice #1: Yes I was quite proud of that. Any achievements?

Voice #3: Owen and Trent died!

Voice #1: The most selfless contestant and the kryptonite of the most strong-willed contestant??

Voice #2: Yep!

Voice #1: Perfect. No way will Gwen survive much longer with that weight on our shoulders. As a horror movie expert plus being smarter than Duncan makes her our toughest asset.

Voice #2: We will try our best to slip her up more, promise.

Voice #1: I have faith in you. I bet by now she's already released her anger at someone. This is only the beginning. What about Heather and her girls alliance?

Voice #3: EXCEPTIONAL! We tore up that cabin while they were all on the top floor with our specialized equipment. Lindsay DIDN'T save Heather and now she's stuck underneath some rubble. Those two will be lucky to survive another five minutes, ha!

Voice #1: And Lindsay? How did she deal with the wolf that had a thorn in its paw to make it angrier?

Voice #2: She was a fool as we expected. She tried FIGHTING a wolf with a mere stick. She's dead too!

Voice #1: I doubt she never had any good ideas but a death is a death. Ok, I'm more pleased this time you two. Keep up the good work. 

Voices #2 and 3: We will.

Voice #1: It's night. And night is where the fun begins...


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