Escape from Boney Island
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.



Chris: You'll be paddling your canoes across this lake.... to BOOOOOONEY ISLAND! When you get there, you must portage your canoes to the other side of the island. Which is about a two hour hike through dense, treacherous jungles!


Chris: Oh wait, one more thing I should mention. Legend has it, if you take anything off the island, you'll be CURSED FOREEEEEVER!


Beth: What'd I miss?

Chris: Canoes.


Harold: Ummmm...sure! You can join, Duncan!

Duncan: Well I'm glad someone knows who's best for them. Smart move, geekbrain.

Harold: Thanks.

Sadie: *whispers* Harold, what are you doing? That guy is such a geek.

Harold: *whispers* We'd be safer in numbers. Who knows what kind of craptacular things Chris has in store?


Heather: I need some cheering up! I'm bored.

Owen: Aw that's sad. Don't worry, ma'am. Master Owen is here to help! *makes saluting single and laughs at himself*

Heather: Thanks a lot, Owen. That really means a lot!


Owen: So if you want some cheering up, is there anything I should do? *makes curious look at you*

Heather: Umm... what's say we get super happy by you carrying me to the canoe and start this challenge! Woo!

Owen: Woo-hoo! Let's do this! I can so make you happier with this, Heather!

Owen bends over like a lapdog.

Owen: Ready to giddy up, cowgirl?


Owen sprints as much as his legs can carry him. With his spirits raised, so are yours. Maybe you really should be nicer to people. Maybe you really should tr--



Owen: Heather! Oh crap oh crap oh crap! What did I do that for?????? *slaps brain* Stupid.

Owen: Ok, Owen, calm down. You're getting too excited, let's just chill out.

Owen pauses and calms himself. Unfortunately the combination of prior panic plus forcing himself to calm down has caused a release for sure, but not the one he anticipated.


Owen: Oh no! Not the fart from those beans I had! Please make that fart die quick. Don't spread-don't spread-don't spread-don't spread. *puts his hands together and prays*

Heather gasps for dear life.

Heather: *coughs* Ach! Ach! Owen, you-- ACH! ACH! Owen, you fart monster!

A thud drops in the canoe. And back comes your anxiety.

Owen: ...Does anybody have a spare pair of underwear......?


Izzy: Oh ok. Well I know a great way we can win this challenge! Question is, do you trust me?

Leshawna: Gurl, you crazy? Hell no do I trust you. Trippin' me on the dock was one thang and now ya want me to trust you? You can forgetthat.

With a quick flick behind her back, Izzy pulls out an orange color-coated gun.

Leshawna: What the????

But before you can react properly, right there is the shot. And down you go, slumped and silenced.

Izzy: Neat. I knew stealing that staff equipment from the arts and crafts center would pay off. Good thing I left a whole box of these in the canoe and with the "DO NOT ENTER" sign so nobody could find my awesome stuff! Now to bring you to Izzy's world. Ha! Izzy's World, that could be a movie! Oh, oh! Or a TV show! Oh no wait, it could be a band! Or what about a musical?! I can sing really well too, watch! Oh oh right, her body I need to bring her there before she wakes up *shrugs*

Izzy looks inside her gun.

Izzy: I wonder how strong these tranquilizers are. Ah, who cares? She didn't want to trust me so now it's time to PROVE my trust and bring her there MYSELF. Good thing I'm a normal thinker about this stuff, huh? *flips Leshawna into canoe with her*


Chris: Gosh darnit. I can't call anyone, Chef isn't here for us to make fun of all those stupid teens, and I'm stuck inside. But hey, at least I still got wi-fi, right? Better play my favorite game Snake. For some reason that's so relatable.

Chris tries going into his game only for his phone to switch off. The thunder becomes louder outside.


In the wake of panic, Chris tosses his phone and breaks it. He luls back and forth like a baby, incoherently yammering to himself. He needs some air and opens a window.



Beth: Woah. That thunder ith pretty loud. I better get back to my team.

Beth gets up and is about to turn back from the shore she's on only to step on something on her way.

Beth: What' thith?

A tiki idol is before Beth's eyes. She marvels at his beauty.

Beth: Oh wowzasch. Thoo pretty. Better thow thit pretty thing to Lindthey.

Beth runs as fast as she can while the storm rages. She sees her team retreat to the nearest cave alongside the other campers and tries as fast as possible to join them. But not without looking at her tiki idol one last time and giving it a nice warm hug.

Beth, Cody, Heather, Gwen, Lindsay, Owen, Trent

  • Playing as: Owen

Your whole team has retreated to the nearby cave in the wake of the brewing storm. Although Beth is late back you still flail your arms and make it in, also slowed down by the passed out Heather you've wrapped your arm around. On your way you look to your opposite and see your opposing team - the Killer Bass - heading for the cave to your right. All that's accompanying you for now is your fellow teammates in a leaky and grim cavern.

Lindsay: Eek! I'm so scared!

Trent: Don't worry, Lindsay. The thunder and lightning can't hurt you in here.

Lindsay: It's not that! My HAIR could've gotten WET!

Cody: Well hopefully while we're safe in here there's no wild animals or anything *laughs*

Gwen: Cody, why did you say that???

Cody: Huh?

Gwen: Duh. Rule #17 of horror movies; NEVER jinx yourself.

Cody: I jinxed myself?

Beth: This is a horror movie?

Gwen: I know a horror movie when I see one and this is definitely one. The crackling storm, the setting we're in, and not to mention we're down two teammates. Our canoes were specifically for nine people but there's only seven here. Something fishy is going on.

The rest of the team start chattering to each other in confusion. Everyone except you and Heather, keeping your mouth shut afraid of every single consequence. Gwen looks at you with curiosity and skepticism.

Gwen: It's always the quiet ones... It's always the ones you least suspect... Hey Owen, know anything we don't know...?

What do you do?

  • A - Point out how Izzy and Leshawna are missing
  • C - Say nothing.


Trent: Say what? She's right there with her arm wrapped around you, Owen.

You let go of Heather, causing her to drop on the ground.

Owen: See??? She's dead!!! Whyyyyyyyy?! *you cry hysterically*

Lindsay: No! Not Heather! We had so much to do together! Like that final 3 alliance we had with Beth where Heather told me secretly she'd drop Beth and then we'd be the final 2! :(

Beth: >:(

Gwen: ...I'm gonna ignore that. Ok, Owen. So is Heather really dead???

Owen: Yeah! But I didn't mean for the smell to pass into her THAT much!

Cody: I can't believe one of our teammates is dead! This is getting too dark if you ask me.

Gwen: Wait a minute. Smell? What do you mean?

Owen: I FARTED on her! Oh the horror! The HORROR!

Your five teammates stare at you wide-eyed for a couple seconds before eventually breaking out into laughter.

Cody: She d-died! *laughs*

Trent: From a f-fart! *laughs even louder*

Owen: Why are you guys laughing? This is serious! I've felt horrible ever since!

Trent: Wait? You're serious...

The laughter quickly stops and your team looks at you with confused looks on their faces.

Lindsay: Okay, even I wouldn't believe that.

Trent: Owen, listen man, ya can't die from a fart. There's nothing to worry about. Unless the fart was a fart of poison or something I guess. I'm sure she's fine.

Owen: But look at her! If she's not dead she's definitely passed out! What do we do to revive her???

Lindsay: Well we could try kicking her.

Beth: Huh?

Lindsay: Heather's always telling me if I had some tough kicks at me every now and again maybe my brain would be better. So that could mean if we kick her she'll wake up!

Beth: What if we yelled at her to wake up? S'he is always yelling at me to get up and help with her makeup. S'o maybe if we yell s'he'll be back in no time.

Cody: We could always go to the Bass. I heard DJ is a pro at reiki energy, which sounds like some kind of healing thing. Maybe it'll work on her.

Trent: Speaking of Bass, maybe ask Bridgette to see what she can do. She brought some first aid with her and brings it everywhere in a small pocket.

Gwen: I think we should either just bring her and continue with the challenge or just wait here till she wakes up. I care about someone's life as much as the next person but if this were the Bass they could be plotting stuff like this too if they had a passed out teammate. Maybe we should just get on with the challenge and just continue with it or just wait here till she wakes up. Plus would she really go to all this trouble for one of us? Oh and it is just a fart.

Trent turns to you and awaits your response.

Trent: Well whadd'ya say, big guy? I guess you're the deciding vote.

How should you heal Heather?

  • A - Kick Heather (Lindsay's choice)
  • B - Yell at Heather (Beth's choice)
  • C - Ask DJ to use reiki energy (Cody's choice)
  • D - Ask Bridgette for first aid (Trent's choice)
  • E - Progress in the challenge (Gwen's first choice)
  • F - Wait until she wakes up (Gwen's second choice)

Owen: Let's pick what Trent says, I got a good feeling about that one. Bridgette seems pretty smart.

Trent: Glad you're trusting me, man. I think the Bass took the cave just a couple feet away from our's.

Gwen: Well the storms clearing up so we better get out there before they leave. Ugh we still need to carry these heavy canoes though. We still have to carry them for the challenge. Let's go, team.

Your team heads outside to locate the Bass. You hope to reach them before they run away. You keep Heather secure in your canoe as you carry her and it.

BethBridgette, CodyCourtneyDJDuncanGeoff, GwenHarold, Heather, Lindsay, Owen, Sadie, and Trent

  • Playing as: Bridgette

Your team are inside a cave. (You, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Harold, and Sadie) It's to the right of the cave the Screaming Gophers are in and your's feels spaceous and comfortable. You wonder what your team should do next with your canoes now that the sun has cleared but you trust your self-created leader of the team Courtney to make a viable decision.

Courtney: Ok, team. Are you all ready to leave so we can finally win a challenge for once?

Duncan: *shrugs* Just tell us when to start, boss.

Courtney: Watch your tone...!

DJ: *steps in puddle* *suddenly forms combat karate stance* Uh I mean... yeah! Let's go! 

Your team exit out the cave, running with your canoes in the assigned partners you had in carrying the three canoes. However, on your way out your team heard screams calling you. Turning to your left, you all see your opposing team the Screaming Gophers approach. Your team all stop in confusion as they call you.

Beth, Cody, Gwen, Lindsay, Owen, Trent: Wait!

Courtney: *raises eyebrow* What's going on here? Why are you calling us? Why are Leshawna and Izzy missing for some reason? And why is Heather in that disproportionately HIDEOUS hunched over pose.

Gwen: We need your help, we don't know where Leshawna and Izzy are, and Owen farted on Heather so we need you guys to heal her; to answer all those pretty easily.

Courtney: Well that was quickly answered... it must be a trick to slow us down so you trip our team over and get the lead, isn't it?!

Gwen: Huh? No way!

Courtney: We're not falling for it. You gave a response way too quick. Come on team, let's go!

To Courtney's surprise only Sadie follows her. Bewildered, she turns around and sees you and the rest of your team looking concerned for the well-being of Heather.

Duncan: I ain't the biggest Heather fan and I'll admit I'm one sick, twisted guy, but I wouldn't leave someone in a state like that.

The rest of the team including you nod to his statement.

Courtney: Pfft. It was only a fart. It's not like Owen's smell that bad. *sniffs Owen* Pwaugh! Oh, Owen what have you eaten?!

Owen: Oh some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza.

Courtney: *blocks nose* I meant just this morning.

Owen: ...Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza.

Gwen: Well if smelling him is bad enough just imagine being FARTED on by him! Uh, no offense.

Owen: None taken :)

Courtney: Alright, fine. If it was a diversion maybe your team would've ran away by now. But what do you need US for?

Gwen: We took a vote of what to do with Heather and with two votes being the majority, we went with bringing her to your team for Bridgette to heal her.

You perk your head up at hearing your name.

Bridgette: Me? Why me?

Gwen: Your first aid skills sound pretty useful. Know how to deal with someone passed out by a burst of toxic human gas?

Bridgette: Hmm... well have you tried checking her pulse?

Gwen: Something tells me none of us would've wanted to touch her hand...

Cody: The only hand wanna touch is Gwen's!

Trent: Why did I say I'd easily arrange his face?? Stupid stupid stupid.

Beth: Heather told me before I s'hould never touch her hand. May a's well follow it, right?

Gwen: And I just don't like touching her.

Lindsay & Owen: What's a pulse???? Isn't that what beans are???

Bridgette: Uh-huh? Well, I better take out my first aid kit and figure out how to do with this.

Courtney: Ok but if they stall I'll just KNOW something fishy is going on. So only do this once Bridgette. We could be penalized for precious time.

Bridgette: Got it, Courtney. *opens first aid box* Ok... how do I sort this out.

What medical procedure do you use on Heather?

  • A - Check her pulse
  • B - Massage her
  • C - Feed her water
  • D - Ask DJ how to use reiki energy
  • E - Wrap a blanket around her
  • F - Feed her pain relief tablets
  • G - Leave her

Bridgette takes out a folded up blanket from inside her box and unfolds it and wraps it around Heather.

Bridgette: Speaking from experience with a bunny that choked on a carrot, a good way to heal an unconscious person is wrap a blanket around them. This will really help Heather wake up. Warmth is good for this.

You all pause for a second to see what may happen, peering over Heather.

Heather: ...

Your plan has failed.

Bridgette: Huh? But this normally works on someone. Warmth is good for this.

Gwen: Well to be fair we were in a cave. Not exactly a warm place.

Courtney: Not to mention she shared a canoe with Owen for an entire trip so the smell would just hurt her more.

Lindsay: And I'm pretty sure she's a heavy sleeper too, she told me before. Good thing we didn't kick her, huh? *laughs*

Bridgette: *sighs* Well the upside is we know she's definitely not dead or anything and I know for a fact this blanket will eventually heal her.


Courtney grabs the canoe you shared with her and sprints off. Your team has no choice but to follow her, though you run awkwardly without a canoe. The Gophers are speechless.

Cody: Dang, they're gonna win.

Owen quickly drops Heather into his canoe and runs before his team. The Gophers quickly follow.

Owen: Don't worry Heather! You'll be alive soon! Down with farts!

Trent runs next to Gwen.

Trent: So, think Heather's gonna get through this?

Gwen: A fart and a warm blanket and sleeping in a canoe? Yeah, something tells me Heather will be fine in no time...

  • Playing as: Owen

Your team quickly catches up with the Bass and you head into the woods. Swiftly all of a sudden however, you hear a rustle nearby and shadowy eyes forming beneath the bushes. On your trails you see peculiar stands with skull faces practically every two feet. You feel like you'll be okay in making it to the next part of the challenge however, when suddenly.


Down comes a giant log blocking your path. The rustling becomes louder and louder.

Cody: I think I heard something.

Quickly, a peculiar terrifying volatile group of creatures pops out of the bushes. They look similar to bears, only that they're on their hind legs and have rough tusks.

Cody: Monster... beavers!

You feel like asking for spare underwear again.

What do you do?

  • A - Shake the canoe to wake Heather up
  • B - Run carrying the canoe Heather is in
  • C - Leave her, she's hard work

Courtney: Run!

All of your fellow campers flee in terror. You quickly join them, carrying the canoe Heather is in with you.

Owen: Come on, Heather! We gotta get outta here!

You run as fast as you can to escape the monster beavers' wrath. Your legs may be short but your spirit is high. You think you're going to make it when suddenly...

Owen: Waaah!

Suddenly you trip over a rock. The pressure of carrying someone inside a canoe while running combined with the strength put into that has stopped you from seeing where you're going. The wooly beavers surround you closer and closer, nearing their prey; you and your teammate.

Owen: We gotta figure this out, right, Heather?!

Heather: ...

What do you do?

  • A - Fight the beavers with the canoe
  • B - Keep running from the beavers
  • C - Fart to try and knock them out
  • D - Climb a tree to escape
  • E - Other

Owen: The beaver hunter NEVER lets his prey overpower him! This is in memory of YOU, Heather! 

Your sheer determination combined with your high level of nerves and repeatedly wanting new underwear pushes an almighty roar of a fart. It drops birds to the trees, drops gophers back into their holes, makes squirrels flee, and especially the wooly beavers groan. Their sense of smell is as acute as your fart power, clashing against their nosedrums and incapacitating their movement. Nevertheless they still all limp closer to you.

Owen: I gotta get outta here! The beaver hunter must LEAVE.

You charge with all your might. Your feet may be short but your determination is far from it. You have enough time to see your team in the distance. The Bass must've fleed someplace else because they're all you can see. As you gasp for breath you join them. 

Trent: Woah, Owen! We thought we lost you, man.

Owen: The hunter never let's himself be taken down by some silly miniscule beavers. I think I even lost 100 pounds!

Cody: 100?

Gwen: Uh ok.

Suddenly you hear your canoe shake.

Owen: What the?

?: Ugh...

Beth: What wath that noise?


Everyone: *gasps*

Heather: Owen! You glorified fart monkey!

Izzy and Leshawna

  • Playing as: Izzy

You row your canoe with a large grin on your face. Without a partner to row with however, you're doing the whole thing yourself, making the task longer than you anticipated. You go right instead of going straight to boney island because you've been told you're not right in the head. Nobody tells YOU what you are!

Izzy: Yay we're nearly there! Ok so, Leshawna, I was thinking about how we can win this challenge for our team. For some reason I HAVE kind of been craving some explosives lately, maybe they'll help. I saw this one movie where someone threw some dynamite at a guy's head and it like, burst open and none of his face was left except for blood everywhere and like FLAMES all over him. It was so emotional, I think I had tears of joy. Am I rambling again? Sorry! Maybe I should let you speak!

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: Oh yeah, right you're passed out and stuff from the tranquilizer. Oopsy.

Your rambling has given enough time for you and Leshawna to finally reach an island. There's skulls shaped into the mountain but are in a firered color. Flames of some tribal kind are at the coastal entrance and stand opposite to each other in most areas you can see, mirroring each other.

Izzy: Cool, flames!! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to you waking up, Leshawna.

Leshawna: ...

Your canoe stops at the shore. You somersault out the same way you entered. You wave at Leshawna's passed out self and hoist her out of the canoe with ease. Bored, you wrap your arms around Leshawna's back and start practising more imitations.

Izzy: 'Ey y'all look at me! Shawnie's 'bout to bust some moves!

You try dancing Leshawna's legs by hopping them up and down. You also try shaking her booty to characterize her more, only for her to drop from your grasp onto the ground. For the first time, you're a little speechless at what you did.

Izzy: ...

Your momentary feeling of surprise is interrupted when you suddenly hear something. You smell the fire from the torches earlier inching closer. You hear a sharp jagged-like sound approaching you. You were initially facing the water after getting out but you now turn your gaze. In front of you are two people with grey tiki-like masks resembling a tiki idol of some kind on their face. Like their torches and spears, they look very tribal. You are once again speechless.

Tribal warrior #3: Who is this peculiar looking female?

Tribal warrior #2: How DARE you, Wo Tang! Don't you see? It is... the Chosen one!

Izzy: The juicing one? I LOVE juice! Especially cranberry juice. The color looks just like that one guy I saw in that one movie where his head like SPLATTERED everywhere. Hahaha. Fun. What's your guys' favorite juice?

Wo Tang: *whispers to tribal warrior #2* The chosen one isn't exactly... bright, Quapaw.

Quapaw: Hush, will you? Of course the chosen one is bright! Look at that radiant hair. And she's even wearing the signature shade of green we have on our arm crests.

Quapaw points to a crest on his and Wo Tang's arms. They are a musky green color with the design of a ripped piece of grass. It looks just like your skirt.

Izzy: Oooooh, you meant CHOSEN one, hahaha.

Quapaw: You ARE Cherokee, aren't you?

Izzy: Yeah! Totally am, hahaha! I'm 1/87th cherokee, by the way. My tribe could claim be at any time!

Wo Tang: *gasps* She really IS the chosen one!!!

Quapaw: And you doubted me... ha! I knew she was our queen mother.

Wo Tang: But wait a second. If our legitimate suspicions are true, then what is our queen mother doing with that woman next to her?

Izzy: Oh that's Leshawna. She's my fr--

Quapaw: It states in our prophecy no regular human being should be associating themselves with the queen mother, let alone in a CANOE, making things even worse.

You want to just say you were just joshing around and you're not a ruler but those spears and torches aren't something to mess around with. 

Wo Tang: For putting the queen mother below her rightful pedestal and making her look like a mere mortal, and for posing a possible threat to her as a result, AND in tradition of our ritual, we must SACRIFICE her. BURN HER.

Izzy: What???

What do you say?

  • A - "*sighs* Go ahead. Burn her"
  • B - "I command you don't!"

Izzy: I command you don't!

Quapaw: Excuse me, Queen Mother?!

Izzy: You heard me! The queen mother commands it!

Wo Tang: But it's the proper way of our tribe! We even claimed our rightful ruler.

Izzy: Well Izzy's got news for you, bucko. The ruler's changin' the rules! :D

Wo Tang: I--

Quapaw: Well she IS our queen mother. We can't argue against her.

Wo Tang: Then what do we do with this woman next to you? Keep her alongside you and spare her??

Izzy: That's the idea :)

Wo Tang: *sighs* Fine, fair enough. Would you and your friend like to come with us to meet your subjects, our highness?

Izzy: Cool! I like subjects. Especially biology. All the things you learn about guts, the dissection glasses, organs. Ooh, so cool!

Quapaw: Uh yes I suppose...

Izzy: And as your supreme ruler, I order you carry Leshawna in!

Quapaw: But YOU'RE the one who rules all! We should be carrying YOU!

Izzy: Oh cool, you guys get to make me fly!

You quickly hop into their arms. They barely catch you.

Izzy: Yay! Okay, let's go, Leshawna!

Quapaw and Wo Tang carry you and Leshawna to their hideout. Their arms wobble but they'd do anything with their strength for their highness. 

You sleep in their arms because you're bored but momentarily seconds later you wake up hearing a crackling campfire. You look around puzzled at the rather ceremonial surroundings.

Izzy: So this is my palace, huh?

Quapaw: Yep. We've prepared it in your honor for years and now you've finally arrived! You do have a mere mortal though but don't worry, we can kill her whenever you want us to! :D

Izzy: Ooh cool. Leshawna told me she was in charge over me before but I guess not anymore, hahaha *shrugs*

Wo Tang: And we have another surprise in store for you, your majesty!

Wo Tang whistles and suddenly a large number of people wearing the grey tiki masks arrive in hordes.


Izzy: Ok cool thanks:)

Quapaw: We sent out a letter via bird for them to gather for our wonderful queen's ruling! And now it's time to do our ceremony!

A gong sounds off. The native people circle around you and start humming progressively louder. You start bumping your head back and forth, snapping your fingers with the rhythm.

Wo Tang and Quapaw raise you high and wrap you in leaves to conceal you, only to open them up again, as you hear Oos and Aas as they do so. 

Subjects: Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah. Aaah, aah, aah, aah. Aaah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah.

You peep over to Leshawna. The two of you have been in your canoe for hours based onn the speed it took you. But all of a sudden you appear to notice her slowly open her eyes.

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: ...

Leshawna slowly stands up. You would be in shock but you're too busy being godlike.

Izzy: Oh cool, Leshawna, your awake! Check it out. I told you the Cherokee tribe would claim me, hahaha!

Leshawna: ...................... *slaps herself and falls unconscious again*

BridgetteCourtneyDuncanDJGeoffHarold, and Sadie

  • Playing as: Courtney

Your team has escaped from the wooly beavers and retreated inside the cave you originally left from. You feel safe but as a born leader you know your team has to get going to do the challenge.

Courtney: Ok team, don't worry. We just have to get to the other side of the island to get our campfire ready and then make it back to camp Wawanakwa.

Duncan: There's one issue with that, princess.

Courtney: And that is?

Duncan: Uh hello? We lost our canoes?

Courtney: How did this occur? Don't worry, Bass. I won't hold it too much against you.

Geoff: You did it too...

Courtney: But I am a CIT. That's a sound excuse *nods*

Sadie: No.

Courtney: Well it's of no concern. Chris and Chef will be here later anyways. They can't have a production without bringing back their contestants. I actually believe those big beavers weren't even real.

DJ: But we jumped off a cliff in the first episode! Pretty sure our lives don't matter.

Courtney: Well regardless, we can't stay in this cave we've practically been calling our home. We need to get to where the challenge is. Chris specifically said a two hour hike to the other side of the island for the next challenge where we make a rescue fire. And that's exactly what I intend to do.

Duncan: Oh and how's about you tell us how we do that, darling? Cause from what see, we're just fine in this cave. say we stay here!

Courtney: Do you WANT to lose the challenge?

Duncan: No. But if ya ask me, I'd rather lose a challenge than lose my life. It's a lot different to you, huh Ms. Councillor in Training.

Courtney: Be quiet! I'm team captain and I plan our course of action!

Duncan: Whatever. I'm gonna go carve some skulls onto one of these walls. Later.

Courtney: Ugh. Don't worry, everyone. I'll think of something.

What does your team do?

  • A - Stay in the cave for the rest of the day and give up the challenge; your lives are in danger out there
  • B - Go together through the woods to get to the beach on the other side.
  • C - Split up into groups of your former canoe partners (Courtney and Bridgette go north, DJ and Geoff go east, Duncan, Harold, and Sadie go west)
  • D - Other

Courtney: As an expertise at training in being a CIT, I know that the best foot forward for a group of people in a situation like this is safety in numbers. That's key to our survival. Chris said we'd get into some trouble on the island. And what better way then in numbers? We can't stay in the cave either because let's face it, look at how big it is. Anyone could be in here.

Harold: Hmm, I guess she's right. And did you guys know that beavers are primarily nocturnal? So if we stayed in this cave for the rest of the night we could be looking for trouble off them again.

Courtney: Now someone go fetch Mr Know It All and tell him the Bass are travelling together.

Geoff raises his hand volunteering and walks inward the cave to see Duncan.

Geoff: Hey Duncan, great news man! Our team's got a plan.

Duncan: *tuts* This should be good. What's Mrs. Know It All come up with this time?

Geoff: We're goin' in numbers. Glad she picked it. You know the party motto. The more the merrier!

Duncan: She's settin' herself up to lose, you know that?

Geoff: Huh?

Duncan: There ain't no way that giant beaver incident will be the last thing we bump into. Sure we need each other but we're gonna end up separated later, whether that suits your majesty or not.

Geoff: Well we'll just have to find out later then, right dude? Come on. Pretty sure the team is waiting.

Duncan and Geoff exit the cave to join their team on the outside.

BethCodyGwenHeatherLindsayOwen, and Trent

  • Playing as: Gwen

Your team take solace in the cave you first came from. The wooly beaver attack was quite volatile and you all had to leave as quick as you could. You fold your arms bored and peer over at Lindsay and Beth hugging their two near-death experienced teammates.

Lindsay: *hugging Heather* Aww we thought we lost you guys when we ran away from the beavers.

Beth: *hugging Owen* That wath so crathy, right guys?

Heather: *squirms* Yeah it felt very enjoyable to be passed out for like an hour from Owen's fantastic farts.

Owen: It was?

Heather: Ugh. After hearing those stories you guys were telling me about those beavers, I'm GLAD I was asleep. Who does Chris think he is sending us out to beavers like that?!

Owen: He did it because he's the host?

Heather: And as for YOU Owen, if you so much as TOOT anywhere near my direction, I will personally make your life living torment.

Owen: Uuu, oh no. I'm feeling a little nervous!

Heather: And why do I care?

Owen: Don't you know what happens when Owen feels nervous???

Heather: Don't. Do it. *backs away slowly*

Owen: Too late *cheeks go red*

Heather: You're lucky that wasn't in my direction!

Beth: Ith tho nithe to have you back, Heather :)

Heather: I agree, Beth. It's nice to have me back too. Now to get some gumption in this team.

Owen: Mmm, gump.

Heather: Listen up, team! It's time for your captain to deliver her orders.

You and the rest of your team reluctantly stand in front of Heather.

Heather: We're gonna split up into groups. If I run into any more of those wooly beaver CREATURES, I think I speak for everyone when I say we'd all need some human shields.

You roll your eyes. You never were the biggest fan of her.

Heather: Alright, first off. I'm gonna go with Beth and Lindsay, my two most trusting teammates.

Lindsay: Aww thanks, Heather.

Beth: She' tho nithe and pretty.

Heather: Then that leaves the rest of you I guess. And as an easygoing and very openly kind person, you guys can team up with whoever you like... and where's Izzy and Leshawna?

Gwen: I'm starting to get a little worried. They didn't even arrive on the island with us and everyone else.

Heather: Meh, this show wouldn't want any lawsuits for its first season anyway. No way are they dead.

Gwen: Sure, speak so soon about people's lives *rolls eyes*

Heather: Not my issue. Now go and find some partners before the beavers pick their partners for a feast. Beth, Lindsay, you comin'? 

Heather leaves along with her two teammates you can basically call her minions. You look towards the rest of the team and try figuring out who to partner up with. Their stuck too.

Cody: Uhhh how do we know who to pick?

Owen: I don't wanna pick between you guys!

Trent: Guys, relax. Gwen, you look like you're thinking about something. Any ideas?

Gwen: Hmm...

What do you say?

  • A - "The four of us should go together"
  • B - "We'll split up. I'll go with Trent. Cody, you go with Owen"

Gwen: I'm not making the same mistake Heather made with Lindsay and Beth. Splitting up in this scenario almost never works, except maybe if you're in the war and you need to gang up on someone then I guess splitting up is the right plan.

Trent: Gwen's right. Besides, I think Big O here's used up all his fuel already with saving Heather.

Owen: Yeah *stomach growls* Ugh, so much fuel used that Big O's gettin' hungry.

Cody: Don't worry, Owen. We'll get food when we win the challenge!

Owen: What? But I can't wait that long! Hold me! *strangles Cody frantically*

Gwen: Good thing I didn't put those two in their own group, huh?

Trent: Well I guess all that's left to do now is get going.

You all leave your cave and head for the forest, curious about what may lie ahead.



BridgetteCourtneyDuncanDJGeoffHarold, and Sadie

The Bass thread deeper into the forest heading straight. They're all feeling worn out as they walk.

Courtney: Ugh, maybe we should've stayed in the cave.

Duncan: *folds arms satisfied* Told ya!

Courtney: >:(

Bridgette: Speaking of staying, maybe we should stay here. I think I speak for everyone when I say we need a break.

Harold: Did you know you can't lose all your energy levels and die if you can find a way to stop your body from oxidising?

Sadie: *gasps* No!

Courtney: Come on, guys. We can do this. I'd say we're almost at the beach too.

DJ: Wait, I see something! *points forward as they continue walking*

Geoff: Woah, I see it too!

In front of the Bass is a peculiar looking cabin. It's rather dark with some purple shading. It's akin to the ones in your own campgrounds.

Bridgette: That looks a little familiar...

Duncan: Come on, let's get inside. I'm sure Chris will understand.

Courtney: Who made you the team captain?!

Duncan: Could be askin' you the same thing, darling ;)

Courtney: Whatever. Might as well go in.

The Bass enter the dim and peculiar cabin. It's noticeably larger than their one at Wawanakwa, even with an extension at the back.

CodyGwenOwen, and Trent

Less than half of the Gophers team make their way through the forest. It's feeling noticeably damper than it was when they first left, possibly due to the storm from earlier.

Owen: *pants* Must. Walk. Must. Avoid. Urge. To Eat! 

Owen stares at Cody's legs as he crawls behind them and pictures them as chicken legs.

Owen: Chiicken...... must have! *Owen slobbers Cody's legs with his tongue* Ooo, pant flavor. Never tried that before.

Cody: Get off my leg!!!

Gwen: Owen, get off his legs! *groans and continues walking*

Trent: *walks beside Gwen* You know, you're doing a pretty good job with the team, Gwen. Gotta hand it to ya.

Gwen: Oh, heh. That kinda cheers me up a little :)

BethHeather, and Lindsay

The remaining small amount of Gophers also head through the rather damp forest, though are feeling a little lost.

Heather: Wait a sec, didn't we already pass by that tree with the skull carving?

Lindsay: Yep. And isn't it great? I get to keep sniffing these weirdly out of place flowers! *sniffs flowers*

Beth: Don't worry, guyth. I'm thure we'll find the otherth eventually.

Heather: That's easy for you to say! But after that whole fart stunt with Owen, I'm on my guard with EVERYTHING now. Beth, help Lindsay fetch me some flowers.

Beth: The ones five feet away from you?

Heather: Duh. Lindsay looks like she's having fun doing it, why don't you?

Lindsay: Eee, I LOVE flower sharing!

Beth: *groans* Fine.

Izzy and Leshawna

Izzy sits triumphantly in a royal gold seat. It looks surprisingly modern compared to the handmade material this tribe possesses. She feels on top of the world. Leshawna is lying unconscious on the arm of the seat.

Izzy: Boy, this sure is cool, huh Leshawna? Me, the queen. You were so speechless you knocked YOURSELF out cold hahaha. That's dedication right there.

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: *slaps forehead* Silly Izzy. Why can't you remember she's passed out?!

Leshawna: .......Urgh

Izzy: *gasps*


Chris shakes on a cabin bed back and forth. His eyes twitch awkwardly and he rocks himself like a baby. He's never felt more out of himself.

Chris: I-it'll be okay, Chrissy. Soon Chef will come. And then everything will be... peachy! *cracks head*

Chris stares down at his phone and at the door.

Chris: You may have lost your phone, but everything will be okay. You may have tried opening the doors and window a lot of times even though neither will open but it'll be ooookay. And if it's not okay, heh, you might do something you'll regret hehehe. *slaps himself softly repeatedly*


Voice #3: Should we reveal ourselves yet?

Voice #1: No, there's time enough yet. We've already given enough warnings by barracading his doors and making that storm.

Voice #2: But none of them are even dead yet!

Voice #1: Give it time. We know that people who come from Total Drama have little chance of surviving that long, especially in life. We would know more than anyone...


</center> |}

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