Escape from Boney Island
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Hi, I'm Epic and this is my new interactive adventure series. Inspired by Art's Total Drama Horror series, this is an alternate universe horror series. Based around Up the Creek the remaining 16 TDI contestants are at death's will and need to escape from the island.

The events in the first seven TDI episodes are still in place so the characters do know each other fairly well, though their feelings can change over time depending on your choices. Your actions will ultimately decide the fate of this cast and what happens to them.


This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.


Chris: *scratches head in drawing room* Ugh, think McLean, think.

Suddenly Chef walks in. Chris looks over and sees a bag of fish.

Chris: Yo, Chef, where'd do ya get all that fish?

Chef: Duh. Boney Island. Y'know? That spooky scary place ya always make me get food just because it's unique? You gotta get out of yo' hipsta' thinkin' man, it's kinda messin' you up.

Chris: *gasps* Boney Island? That gives me an idea! Chef, after this supper we need a good night's sleep. I have a FANTASTIC challenge in mind tomorrow morning for our campers *claps*

Chef: *rolls eyes* Ya'know whenever you say the word fantastic I really start to think there's trouble around, man.

Chris, and Campers

  • Playing as: Chris

You see your remaining campers line up at the dock in their respective teams; the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers. Geoff, Bridgette, Duncan, Courtney, Harold, Sadie, DJ on one side and Owen, Izzy, Cody, Heather, Gwen, Lindsay, Trent, and Leshawna on the other. You have a map ready to show them to feast their eyes on as you begin.

Chris: Bass, Gophers. Today's challenge is a true summer camp experience; a canoe trip.

You point out to the several red and green canoes for the contestants to paddle in.

Chris: You'll be paddling your canoes across this lake.... to BOOOOOONEY ISLAND! When you get there, you must portage your canoes to the other side of the island. Which is about a two hour hike through dense, treacherous jungles!

Geoff: We've gotta pour what??

Chris: Portaaa-ge.

A fly flies around Geoff's aimless and confused face as you roll your eyes in frustration.

Chris: Dude, walk with your canoe.

You wink at Geoff as he finally gets the message.

Chris: When you arrive at the other end of the island, you'll build a rescue fire that will be judged by me. The first team to paddle home and return to the beach with their canoes wins invincibility. MOVE, CAMPAS, MOVE!

The contestants all hurry to the beach to their canoes.

Chris: Oh wait. One more thing I should mention.

What do you mention?

  • A - You'll be cursed if you move anything from that island
  • B - Has anyone seen Chef today?

Chris: Oh wait, one more thing I should mention. Legend has it, if you take anything off the island, you'll be CURSED FOREEEEEVER!

A lightning bolt strikes much to the shock of the contestants.

Owen: Yeah! A cursed island! Woo!

You and the contestants stare speechless at Owen's rather jovial cheerful remark.

Chris: Now. Get your canoes and let's have some fun.

The contestants walk to their canoes as Owen cheers once more. Before you can go back to your camping grounds, one of the campers runs along with a roll of toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

Beth: What'd I miss?

Chris: Canoes.

Duncan, Harold, and Sadie

  • Playing as: Harold

You walk next to Sadie. She's a friendly and cheerful teammates with some loneliness issues with her best friend out of the game. You approach her and talk to her.

Harold: Hey, Sadie, wanna partner up for the canoes?

Sadie: Sure! Did you know me and Katie went on our first canoe ride when we were just 5 and five-fifteenths?

Harold: I dabbled in listening into all the stories you two had that's for sure, pretty sure I heard that somewhere. But glad we're working on this. I could use your girth.

Sadie: Girth?

Harold: You know cause your real big.

Sadie: ...

Harold: And loud.

Sadie: I-

Harold: And really strong. You look like you got a lot of muscle packed.

Sadie: Oh... thanks!

Suddenly in the midst of your bonding time with your canoe partner, Duncan shows up. He's a rough tough guy with a green mohawk, skull jewellery and iron earrings. As he clenches his fists together, he wraps his arms around you and Sadie. You haven't had the best experience with him. Just yesterday he flushed your favorite teddy bear's eyes down the sink.

Duncan: S'up guys. So here's the thing. I Duncan, will be your canoeing partner for today? That sound good? *pokes Harold* That float your boat? *pokes Harold again* You don't mind if I push you off the boat one, two or three times, do you, Winnie?

How do you respond.

A "No thanks. We have enough people for one canoe."

B - "Ummmm...sure! You can join, Duncan!"

Harold: Ummmm...sure! You can join, Duncan!

Duncan: Well I'm glad someone knows who's best for them. Smart move, geekbrain.

Harold: Thanks.

Sadie: *whispers* Harold, what are you doing? That guy is such a geek.

Harold: *whispers* We'd be safer in numbers. Who knows what kind of craptacular things Chris has in store?

  • Playing as: Sadie

You, Harold, and Duncan head for the canoe and notice the three seats. You both look at each other, wondering how you should line things up.

Sadie: So uh, who's rowing in the front?

Duncan: Me obviously. I'm a lot fitter than you two. We'd reach that island in a synch.

Harold: Uh, excuse me. Which one of us here has a badge at Rowing Steve's Rowing Camp? I rest my case *nods*

Duncan: This is about me pushing us and I'd be much better at taking the lead. Don't be so sure of yourself, Rowold.

Harold: Fine. We'll let Sadie decide. Sadie, which one of us will canoe to victory?

Who do you pick.

  • A - Harold for his badge in rowing.
  • B - Duncan is the strongest, he should lead.
  • C - Myself!

Sadie: I'm gonna break the tie and pick Duncan. Sorry Harold, but like you said, there could be something super scary and who knows how we can handle it?

Harold: Pfft fine. Award the bully.

Duncan: Yep, award the bully! *trips Harold* Get ready to rock the rowing, losers! *gets in front of boat*

DJ and Geoff

  • Playing as: DJ

You walk down the edge of the dock. You gaze out at the canoes and the lake. You sigh as you walk further.

DJ: Water, why'd you have to come back again? That cliff dive was super scary enough already.

Suddenly you see your friend Geoff waving at your fellow teammate Bridgette. You already knew the signs were there he had a crush on her ever since your team went camping in the woods. Unfortunately for the poor guy, she waves at a different teammate Courtney. You sense companionship and comradery in him though and sense cheering him up. You pat him on the shoulder.

DJ: Geoff, need a partner? :)

Geoff: Excellent.

As the two of you make your way to the canoes, you kick the canoe lightly to test it's durability.

DJ: Why are you so light? Yo, man. Do canoes flip over a lot?

Geoff: No. You're thinking cayaks.

DJ: Phew, that's a relief.

Geoff: Unless we hit some rough water. *throws the life vest at you*

DJ: Water can get... rough?

Geoff: Oh yeah. Sometimes it can get totally radical out there.

What do you do?

  • A - Open up about your water fear
  • B - Ask about Bridgette
  • C - Keep silent

DJ: Listen Geoff, I gotta tell you something.

Geoff: What is it, dude?

DJ: Just in case we really DO run into some rough water like ya said, I just want ya to know I'm kinda scared of water.

Geoff: Oh, really? 

DJ: Yeah, :( . I could be a little slower at the canoeing. Sorry Geoff.

Geoff: Don't sweat it, dude. Everyone's afraid of something. Just recently I had to face hail in that phobia challenge. *shudders* Small but deadly.

DJ: Aight, thanks Geoff for that understandin'.

Geoff: No prob. And I'm gonna try to keep you super safe from any water, dude. You can count on me, surfers promise.

You shrug in indifference, but feel thankful.

DJ: Ok whateva, thanks Geoff.

The two of you push your canoe into the lake to start the challenge.

BethCody, GwenLindsay, and Trent

  • Playing as: Cody

You walk down the dock. In your mind you only have one objective. Not to win the challenge, not to canoe properly. No, you have to woo your crush Gwen. In front of you, you see her smiling friendily at her very platonic friend Trent. You take this opportunity to wrap your arm around her cordially.

Cody: Come on, Gwen! You and me, open water! What d'ya say?

Before you can await her response, she gives it for you, twisting your neck as she shoves your face forward. You move your eyes slightly to the left to Trent, left with your fellow teammates Beth and Lindsay, already surrounded by two girls. You wish you were him. 

Lindsay: You have to come with US!

All of a sudden Gwen loosens her grip of you and lets go, proceeding to hop down the dock over to Trent and his two rowing partners.

Gwen: Wait, stop! Uhh, me and Trent are already partners. We even both pointed her eyes at the canoes.

Lindsay: Oh yeah?! Well WE dragged him against his will first! We totally deserve him more!

Beth: Yeah! And by the lookth of thingth, you're right bethide Cody anyway, tho you already have a partner.

Gwen: I never agreed and neither did Trent to you two!

You and Trent back away as you notice the goth girl Gwen's eyes become fiery with rage.

Trent: Can't we all just sort this out like adults...?

Trent turns to you and poses a question.

Trent: Hey, Cody. How are we gonna work this canoe business out?

What team-up do you suggest?

  • A - Stick to the original plan; Cody and Gwen on one canoe, Beth, Lindsay, and Trent on the other
  • B - Let the ladies hash out their differences; Cody and Trent on one canoe, Beth, Lindsay, and Gwen on the other.
  • C - Let Gwen share a canoe with a different guy; Gwen and Trent on one canoe, Cody, Beth, and Lindsay on the other.
  • D - Keep close to your crush and your guy friend; Cody, Gwen, and Trent on one canoe, Beth and Lindsay on the other.

Cody: Hey, hey! Ladies, ladies! There's no need for fighting.

You perk the attention of the three bickering girls who listen intently yet impatiently. Slightly on edge of how your opinion will be received, you continue.

Cody: Beth, Lindsay, the two of you really want to be with a guy with this canoeing. But Gwen looked like she really wanted to go with Trent.

Gwen's frown quickly turns to a look of slight shock.

Gwen: Wow. That's surprisingly... intuitive of you. I'm impressed.

Cody: So how's about you two go with me? I'm just as soft and velumptious, girls ;)

Lindsay: *sighs* Ok fine. But let's swap over on the way back to the island. We go with Trent, Cody goes with Gwen, ok?

Trent & Gwen: *shrugs* Yeah sure.

They both look at each other and giggle at saying the same thing at the same time.

Trent: I'll go get the canoe ready, Gwen.

Trent walks off but tilts his head back and smirks at Gwen lovingly. Behind him are Beth and Lindsay, glumly going to their canoe.

Gwen: *whispers* Psst, Cody. Thanks for that, that was a really nice thing to do.

Cody: No problem, Gwen. I just know you're waiting for the trip back where we can get the real bonding time in, right?

Gwen: Uhhh, let's think about that when we actually get back to the island, okay? *awkwardly smiles*

Cody: That's the way I like it!

You join Beth and Lindsay in your canoe and allow them to lead. Meanwhile, Gwen and Trent go in their canoe. Gwen waves at you. You feel like you're moving right for first base.

Heather and Owen

  • Playing as: Heather

You walk down to the dock. You give a fierce look, ready to take out anyone who crosses you. You've already been offensive to a majority of the people you're living with. Apart from reading a girl's diary to everyone during a talent show, you've also been completely deceitful and have had an awful attitude. But you don't care and are in it all for yourself. As you walk forward, you try to see if your eyes can spot your two gullible allies, Beth and Lindsay, your closest so-called "friends". But before you can catch a glimpse of either of them, a soft bump plops into you. 

Heather: What's that???

You turn around and see your fellow teammate Owen. He waves at you and has a well-meaning and good-natured air to him. You roll your eyes because you hate that!

Heather: Ugh, well by the looks of things I'm stuck with this guy.

Owen: Hi, Heather! Wanna be my partner? 

Heather: Sure, fine. Whatever.

Owen: Cool! I guess you can say we're paddling pals, huh? High-five, paddle pal! 

Owen offers a high five to you. His hand is hairy and has some used gum and sandwich crumbs on it. You're ready to throw up in your mouth but hold your composure. You look at the hand and start to think.

Owen: Well? You won't leave me hangin', will ya, Heather?!

  • A - High-five; "Yeah! Let's do this! Go us! I'm ready for anything"
  • B - High-five; A plain high five half-willed followed by walking to your canoe in annoyance at touching his hand.
  • C - Refuse; "Keep those sweaty palms away from me, Slowen!"
  • D - Refuse; "No thanks."

You high-five your canoeing partner, albeit in an unenthusiastic way. You do it light with little care and immediately turn your back in disgust at making contact with his smelly hand as you walk further to your canoes.

Owen: That felt... weird. You okay, Heather? You're not your usual sunshiney self. You're one of the nicest girls on the team and I can totally tell.

What is wrong?

  • A - "I hated touching your smelly hand" (truth)
  • B - "You just really annoy me" (truth)
  • C - "I need some cheering up! I'm bored" (half-truth)
  • D - "I feel guilty about reading Gwen's diary" (lie)
  • E - Other (please specify)

Owen: Aw that's sad. Don't worry, ma'am. Master Owen is here to help! *makes saluting single and laughs at himself*

You roll your eyes at his sense of humor but shrug and smile at him.

Heather: Thanks a lot, Owen. That really means a lot!

Owen: So if you want some cheering up, is there anything I should do? *makes curious look at you*

Heather: Hmm...

  • A - Ask him to make jokes at other campers' expense
  • B - Ask him to hit himself in the face for your amusement.
  • C - Say that him bringing her to the canoe full of excitement will cheer her up.
  • D - Other (please specify)

Heather: Think Heather, think! Umm... what's say we get super happy by you carrying me to the canoe and start this challenge! Woo!

Owen looks at you blankly for a second. He never took you as a cheerful spirit before. Likewise, you never thought this about yourself either. You in fact HATE Owen's cheeriness and you even surprise yourself at stooping to his level of that. You wonder if your over the top plan will work when suddenly...

Owen: .........

Heather: .......

Owen: Woo-hoo! Let's do this! I can so make you happier with this, Heather!

Owen bends over like a lapdog.

Owen: Ready to giddy up, cowgirl?

Recognizing your plan is in motion, you hop on board Owen's back and prepare to reach the canoe.

Owen: Yeah baby!

Owen sprints as much as his legs can carry him. With his spirits raised, so are yours. Maybe you really should be nicer to people. Maybe you really should tr--


  • Playing as: Owen

You've made an awful mess. You've crashed into the canoe and dropped Heather in the canoe in the process. Her back seems to be injured as a result of what she asked you to do. This feels like your fault.

Owen: Heather! Oh crap oh crap oh crap! What did I do that for?????? *slaps brain* Stupid.

You start to panic and flail your arms suddenly, worried about the consequences of someone you love as much as everyone else.

Owen: Oh no, how do I fix this??????

How can Heather recover?

  • A - Try healing the pain by running into the canoe with her on your back again
  • B - Let the pain heal itself
  • C - Calm your panic down so you can think properly
  • D - Other (please specify)

Owen: Ok, Owen, calm down. You're getting too excited, let's just chill out.

Owen pauses and calms himself. Unfortunately the combination of prior panic plus forcing himself to calm down has caused a release for sure, but not the one he anticipated.


Owen: Oh no! Not the fart from those beans I had! Please make that fart die quick. Don't spread-don't spread-don't spread-don't spread. *puts his hands together and prays*

But for you, praying is just too late. By being in the outdoors, the visible and highly toxic fart travels all around you, spreading to your canoe and getting beneath Heather's nostrils. Her nose buds gasp for air but the toxic smell is too much. As you gasp in horror at the terror, you've caused, Heather lets out one final pant of words.

Heather: *coughs* Ach! Ach! Owen, you-- ACH! ACH! Owen, you fart monster!

A thud drops in the canoe. And back comes your anxiety.

Owen: ...Does anybody have a spare pair of underwear......?

Bridgette and Courtney

  • Playing as: Courtney

You walk down the dock. You feel well-maintained and cock-sure of yourself. Your team may have lost the last two challenges but you have a good feeling about today. You have no doubt in your head you'll be one of the first picked for a team.

Bridgette: Courtney! Be my partner!

Courtney: Bullseye!

You wave at your close friend and happy to be with her. She's almost as clever and important to helping others as you are. Well almost. You're looking forward to bonding by ordering her.

Courtney: You know Bridgette, I have a good feeling about today that we might win this challenge!

Bridgette: Yeah me too to be honest, Courtney. It's just...

Courtney: What's wrong?

Bridgette: Ugh, nothing. It's just... Geoff made me this stupid present that I should really just throw out! I know he means well but there's gotta be better ways to give a gesture... I don't want to talk about it. It's in my pocket for now.

Courtney: Whatever you say. While we prepare our canoe and lifejacket gear what do you really need to talk about?

Bridgette: Hmm... well another thing I've been thinking about is us canoeing. We've never done threading water on this show before and the only time we really did was the cliff dive with the sharks. 

Courtney: Go on?

Bridgette: What if we ran into something like that? Like a crocodile? Or an alligator? Or a shark? How could we really deal with that? Knowing you, you'd probably try beating it up *laughter* . I don't mind you harming an animal if it's coming for you to be fair.

Courtney: Yeah I probably would. *laughter* Wow, even my very minor flaws are funny.

Bridgette: So how would you deal against something like that, Courtney?

  • A - "I'd use my fists"
  • B - "I'd use kicks"
  • C - "I'd use that present Geoff made you since you want to throw it out"
  • D - Other (please specify)  "I'd use our paddles, if those don't work I'll use my fighting skills." (Suggested by: Geo1234)

Courtney: I'd use our paddles. If those don't work I'll use my fighting skills.

You strike a combat pose to show yourself off. Bridgette giggles.

Bridgette: Well that makes sense. Just don't go too hard on them please. It's like that one movie I saw always taught me; fish are friends, not food. Or I guess every aquatic mammal is a friend, huh?

You don't buy into the whole vegan stuff Bridgette is spouting but you shrug with indifference anyhow.

Courtney: Well hopefully we don't run into any of that kind of stuff. Want to push the canoe into the lake?

Bridgette: Sure :) 

Izzy and Leshawna

  • Playing as: Leshawna

Similar to the rest of your fellow campers, you've already ran at a reasonable pace down to the dock to begin your challenge. Unfortunately, your booty was not made for that kind of exercise unloading. Even Beth could just tag along behind Lindsay in front of your eyes, despite you recognizing her not being at the announcement. You look around and all you can see are either Killer Bass members or teammates of yours that have already filled up canoes. 

Leshawna: There's gotta be somebody Shawnie can work with.

Suddenly as you walk down the steps to reach the dock you stand on something stringy. It trips you over onto the beach.

Leshawna: Oof. What the heck was that?

You glance your head upwards to see what tangy thing you tripped over on the dock. It was none other than; Izzy's hair.

Leshawna: Izzy? Why were you lyin' on the dock. You coulda' really hurt me!

Izzy: Oops. Sorry, Leshawna. I was just waiting for a partner. My mom always tells me if I lied down and relaxed more often stuff would come to me sooner. And that's what I did! And now you're here! And now you're my partner too! Ahaha!

Leshawna: *sighs* Well gotta give ya props for gettin' a partner like that, even though it's totally crazy.

Izzy: Well we better get going. Ooh look! The last empty canoe!

In a flash you see Izzy sprint to the canoe and put her lifejacket on in a split second. She pushes the canoe with all her might but to no avail before doing a quick somersault in.

Izzy: Just follow my technique. I'm 1/87th cherokee you know. Which means the tribe could like, claim me at anytime they want?

Leshawna: ...Let's hope it's today

You lift the canoe up with an unenthused look on your face. This girl is already grating on you.

Izzy: So hey, Leshawna I got an awesome game we can play. Okay so we--

Leshawna: No.

Izzy: But we could--

Leshawna: No.

Izzy: What about--

Leshawna: No.

Izzy: Ah come on, Leshawna. We're gonna get so bored if we don't play some games.

Leshawna: Gurl you tried trippin' me earlier just so I'd be your partner. I don't wanna know what kind of crazy games you got up ya' sleeve.

Izzy: That's the fun part! You don't know hahahaha!

You roll your eyes.

Izzy: Ok I get it. You just want our team to win this challenge so we can keep on that winning streak we have, right?

Leshawna: Uhhh... yeah, ya' right. I don't want my butt sent home yet.

Izzy: Oh ok. Well I know a great way we can win this challenge! Question is, do you trust me?

Leshawna: Hmm, what do I even say fo' that? The gurl is a new level o' crazy but that was some smart way to get me stuck with her, even though I coulda broke my gorgeous thighs. If she was able to get me on a team with her that quick, she could win a challenge quick too. Ugh this is a toughy. Should I trust her?

Do you trust Izzy?

  • A - Yes
  • B - No

Leshawna: Gurl, you crazy? Hell no do I trust you. Trippin' me on the dock was one thang and now ya want me to trust you? You can forget that.

Izzy: *shrugs* Ah well you had your chance. But don't worry, I can make my own fun, hahahaha!

Leshawna: Whatchu talkin' 'bout...?

With a quick flick behind her back, Izzy pulls out an orange color-coated gun.

Leshawna: What the????

But before you can react properly, right there is the shot. And down you go, slumped and silenced.

Izzy: Neat. I knew stealing that staff equipment from the arts and crafts center would pay off. Good thing I left a whole box of these in the canoe and with the "DO NOT ENTER" sign so nobody could find my awesome stuff! Now to bring you to Izzy's world. Ha! Izzy's World, that could be a movie! Oh, oh! Or a TV show! Oh no wait, it could be a band! Or what about a musical?! I can sing really well too, watch! Oh oh right, her body I need to bring her there before she wakes up *shrugs*

Izzy looks inside her gun.

Izzy: I wonder how strong these tranquilizers are. Ah, who cares? She didn't want to trust me so now it's time to PROVE my trust and bring her there MYSELF. Good thing I'm a normal thinker about this stuff, huh? *flips Leshawna into canoe with her*

Izzy looks both sides at her fellow campers preparing their canoes. 

Izzy: Hmm... my fun might end if they find out I knocked her out. How do I distract them? Ooh I know! I'll pretend to be Chef and yell really loudly. I'm a GREAT Chef!

Izzy clears her throat and yells in a huskier tone.


Izzy bows with pride as the rest of the campers walk with confusion back up to the camping grounds. Her work here is done and trudges into the water. No North for her to Boney Island; this girl is going East, like her brain is going.

Chris and Campers (excluding Izzy and Leshawna)

Chris: Ok, campers. On your marks... get set.... GO!

Right away the campers rapidly row their canoes across the lake once Chris sets off his gun into the air. Suddenly however, a caw can be heard, before a large bird collapses next to Chris as he looks down speechless.

Chris: ...That's gonna provoke a lot of angry e-mails.

DJ and Geoff

~cut to DJ and Geoff~

DJ: Thanks for understanin' me being scared of water, Geoff.

Geoff: Don't sweat it, bro. And actually I gotta ask your opinion on something too.

DJ: Huh? 

Geoff: So... I gave Bridgette this ~awesome~ gift this morning but she's been sending me some weird vibes.

DJ: *sighs* What did you make her? *rolls eyes*

Geoff: So ya know that photo of you and me wrapping our arms wrapped around each other like real homies?

DJ: *covers eyes* I know where this is going...

Geoff: Yep. I replaced your face with some random photo I found of Bridgette; felt so awesome. I made it in arts and crafts.

DJ: No you didn't! <:|

Geoff: I did! :D

DJ: That's gotta be the end of the story!

Geoff: It gets better! Edged into the back was an inscription that said 'I hope you think of me whenever you drop loose change into this' :)

DJ's mouth gapes open before he finally sighs in sheer dissapointment, finally giving Geoff a clue.

Geoff: Not good?

DJ: Dang dude! That is so bad, we need a new WORD for how bad that is!

Geoff looks down in solemness.

DJ: See, dating is like feeding a bunny. You want the bunny to come to you so you don't make any sudden moves. 'Here bunny bunny bunny...' Ya drop a heartshaped hand-made clay ball on a bunny and the bunny's gonna run, man! You feelin' me?

Geoff: So... I screwed up?

DJ: You screwed up, dude.

Bridgette and Courtney

Bridgette: Courtney, can I tell you something?

Courtney: Sure? By that tone it doesn't sound that good.

Bridgette: It was NOT good.

Bridgette: You know how like, ALL the girls keep telling me about how Geoff has a crush on me?

Courtney: Yep. I tell you all the time and I also tell you you can do so much better. Because that's what friends are for :)

Bridgette: Well... you guys might be onto something. Geoff made me a handheld model of him in a photo and me like, plastered in.

Courtney: *gasps* It's a crime in art to do that!

Bridgette: Oh my gosh, Courtney it was soo bad! I come back from brushing my teeth... And I notice something bulging under my covers... and when I lifted them, there it was!

Courtney: *gasps* No!

Bridgette: Yes! 

Courtney: It can't get any wor--

Bridgette: It gets worse. Edged into the back was an inscription that said 'I hope you think of me when you drop loose change into this.'

Bridgette gags and chokes herself in horror while Courtney delivers a stunned trademark facepalm.

Courtney: How does that even go through a boy's mindset like that? All boys must be this over the top mess, just like Duncan is.

Bridgette: Who said anything about Duncan ;)

Courtney: Uh.... shut up!

Bridgette laughs and is about to open her mouth to jeer again. Suddenly however, a crash in the trippling water can be heard. It's coming from Courtney's end. She swats the water away in frustration. 

Courtney: Daugh! What's that? I bet it's some kind of short rain shower. Better not go for my hair.

Bridgette: I'm not sure if that's a rain shower...!

All of a sudden out pops a ginormous CROCODILE right in Courtney's face. 

Bridgette: Oh no!

Courtney: Wait, me and Bridgette talked about this. It's time to bust out my secret weapon!

In a flash Courtney flips out her paddle and bonks the crocodile on his face aggressively.

Courtney: Take that, you alligator wannabe!

Bridgette looks away from Courtney's vicious proceedings as best as she can up until she hears a growl. Bridgette turns her head and witnesses no crocodile in sight. All that's in front of her is Courtney rubbing her hands in triumph.

Courtney: And that's the end of that. Wow, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

Bridgette: Courtney! You almost could've lost an arm or a leg or something!

Courtney: I know! Perfection, right?

Bridgette: I--

DuncanHarold, and Sadie

Duncan: So Harold, ya gonna tell me your middle name yet?

Harold: For the last time no!

Duncan: Cause if I recall, I think I remember you saying you had a pretty unique surname and that you have it in pride or whatever? But then the weird thing is when we asked you, you couldn't even tell us. Ain't that weird?

Harold: Leave your STUPID comments in your pocket!

Sadie: Boys boys! Don't worry. There's plenty of Sadie to go around *fans her face with left hand*

Duncan and Harold: ...

In the midst of this discussion however, a puddle a couple feets worth ahead forms. Duncan looks in confusion but before he can imagine what it is his questions are quickly answered; it's a crocodie with a hurt nose! And it comes right for Duncan.

Duncan: Not so fast croccy boy! 

As soon as the crocodile rises up at Duncan to attack he quickly hammers it down with his paddle. It retreats in anxiety, scared of Duncan's power.

Duncan: That's right! Run back to mommy! Who runs these waters? The D-man, that's who!

Harold: Alright! We did it, yeah!

Duncan: We? Who's we, dorkwad? Last time I checked the two of you didn't fight any crocodile.

Harold: True but we were the ones who got you to lead. As a result you got rid of that crocodile. My hat goes off to you and our team, sir!

Duncan: Yeah, no. And even if it was a team effort or whatever, I could really only thank Sadie since she was the one who broke our tie and picked me.

Harold: But was the one who backed down from leadership! I could argue my role all day. A true sea captain knows when to hand the hat to his next soldier.

Duncan: Next soldier? Listen to yourself, geek, you're ridiculous. Welcome to my world! And my world is crushing crocodile-faces like you! *pokes Harold's stomach*

Harold: Grrrr.

Sadie: Boys fighting over you sure can get rough sometimes.


Beth, Cody, and Lindsay

Beth: Hey Lindthay, wanna play my new game?

Lindsay: Sure!

Beth: Ok tho... I thay a quetchion, and then we both have to give our anther. S'ound okay?

Lindsay: Yeah, best of luck to whoever wins.

Beth: Nobody wins... ok, I'll start. S'cariest memory of camp tho far?

Beth and Lindsay: When that bear came after us!

Lindsay: Favourite thing we did together?

Beth and Lindsay: Joining Heather's alliance!

Beth: How about our beth'est friend?

Beth: Heather, duh!

Beth and Lindsay gasp at each other.

Lindsay: We have so much in common! Wanna be my second best friend?

Beth: Th'ure thing, BFF!

Cody: Kill me now.


Gwen and Trent

Gwen: Trent I gotta apologize for something.

Trent: About what, Gwen?

Gwen: Heather read my diary out a week and a few days ago and it's just... kinda bumming me out. I don't want it to look like I was avoiding you or anything.

Trent: Nah it's cool. I thought you were just upset anyways and who am I to stop you?

Gwen: Well that's a relief, phew. Good thing Cody put us in a canoe together, huh?

Trent: Yeah *laughs* I heard he might have a crush on you though.

Gwen: *sighs* I know.

Trent: But if he's lying I can easily arrange his face!

Gwen: ...What?

Trent: ...Oh ah whoops sorry. I guess I was trying to come across as all macho but it kind of backfired, huh?

Gwen: Yeah...

Trent: Damn it. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to try spending too much time with Gwen just yet.


Heather and Owen

Owen sweats with exasperation while speaking fast in over-excitedness.

Owen: So hey Heather how you doing back there, huh? Feelin' fresh?

Heather: ...

Owen: Yeah me too HAHAHAHAAHA FEEDVSZFGXVCDSZXFVC. You enjoying this canoe trip????!

Heather: ...


Owen laughs maniacally only to quickly burst into crying.

Owen: WHYYYYYY??? I KILLED HER. WITH, MY... FA-A-A-A-RT! *weeps*

Izzy and Leshawna

Izzy paddles the canoe with all 4 provided, using Leshawna's also. She does so very quick and with ease with her hands.

Izzy: Don't worry, Leshawna! We're almost there! We're way ahead of the rest of the team too, isn't that great?!

Leshawna: ...

Izzy: Geez louise, you're such a chatter box today, Leshawna. Cool the chit-chat, ahahaha! *kisses her tranquilizer gun*


Boney Island People

14 of the campers arrive on Boney Island roughly the same time. They gaze at the treacherous skull laying on the mountain.

BridgetteCourtneyDJDuncanGeoffHarold, and Sadie

Sadie: Omg! That thing is super scary!

Duncan: It's gnarly is what it is!

Harold: Psh. Skulls are totally not that size. Talk about biologically inaccurate.

Duncan: You're biologically inaccurate...

Bridgette and Geoff come face to face.

Bridgette: So uh... how are you?

Geoff: Yeah I'm good. Hey! I wanna apologize for that gift I sent you! Sure was stupid, huh? Man, I'm such an idiot!

Bridgette: Yeah... probably wasn't the best time to bring that up.

Geoff: Aw man I said something stupid again. Just like my friend Brody did do his super hot mom!

Bridgette: What?

DJ hops in comically ballad style.

DJ: Geoff! I, uh, gotta show you something pretty. I-in the lake.

Geoff: Sure thing. Later, Bridge... enjoy more talks ;)

Courtney: *walks over to Bridgette* ...Idiot.

BethCodyGwen, HeatherLindsay, Owen, and Trent

Cody: Woah that skull thing sure looks spooky. Don't worry, Gwen. This man is no coward. *wraps arm around Gwen*

Gwen: ...Uh I think I'm able to take care of myself, thanks. *politely takes Cody's arm off her.* *smiles at Trent*

Trent: *sheepish smile while scratching back of his neck awkwardly*

Beth: Lindthey, I'm thooo s'cared.

Lindsay: Me too. Wow, we still have so much in common.

Beth: I think I better go for a walk. Thee ya in a couple minute'.

Lindsay: See you soon, bff *waves*

Owen: *walks over awkwardly with his arm wrapped around Heathe who he's conveniently put sunglasses on* Hey, guys. Sorry me and Heather are a teeny bit late getting off the canoe. Heather got a bit seasick. Right, Heather?

Owen puts his face behind Heather and mimics her.

Owen: *heightens pitch* That's right but that's NONE of your business, Owen, you stewpid stewpid boy.

Owen puts his face in front of Heather again to speak.

Owen: Aw she's such a tease, right guys?

Beth, Cody, Gwen, Lindsay, and Trent stare perplexed at his display. They don't know what to believe anymore.


Chris: *breathes sigh of relief* Aah. Well, an hour's passed. Time to check on those teens.

Chris gets in his helicopter and switches it on.

Chris: Good thing I got this thing to have a setting to fly for me. No way would I be able to drive. Actually... speaking of drivers, 'wonder what Chef is up to. Haven't seen him all day.

Chris gets out his cellphone and dials Chef's number.

Chris: Huh, that's weird. Getting no bars here.

Suddenly Chris hears a crackle in the air. He jumps.

Chris: What was that???

A lightning strikes down on your helicopter dramatically. It's now on fire!

Chris: *gasps* Not my copter! I gotta get inside to call someone!

Chris rushes inside the guys cabin as fast as possible.

Chris: Maybe the connection will work in here. Chef won't work. What if I try the interns?

Chris tries dialing the phone to call the interns but it fails once more.

Chris: Producers?

Chris' attempt fails too.

Chris: Gosh darnit. I can't call anyone, Chef isn't here for us to make fun of all those stupid teens, and I'm stuck inside. But hey, at least I still got wi-fi, right? Better play my favorite game Snake. For some reason that's so relatable.

Chris tries going into his game only for his phone to switch off. The thunder becomes louder outside.


In the wake of panic, Chris tosses his phone and breaks it. He luls back and forth like a baby, incoherently yammering to himself. He needs some air and opens a window.

Chris: Chef? Chef?! PLEASE COME BAAAAACK! 


Beth: Woah. That thunder ith pretty loud. I better get back to my team.

Beth gets up and is about to turn back from the shore she's on only to step on something on her way.

Beth: What' thith?

A tiki idol is before Beth's eyes. She marvels at his beauty.

Beth: Oh wowzasch. Thoo pretty. Better thow thit pretty thing to Lindthey.

Beth runs as fast as she can while the storm rages. She sees her team retreat to the nearest cave alongside the other campers and tries as fast as possible to join them. But not without looking at her tiki idol one last time and giving it a nice warm hug.


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