So let's take a break from the countdown for a moment. I've been working on this calculation for a while on what I predict will be the elimination order. Not in a way that I hope, but in a way that I think.


We know that there are two teams: The Heroic Hamsters and The Villainous Vultures.

The Heroic Hamsters: Cameron, Gwen, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra, Zoey

The VIllainous Vultures: Alejandro, Duncan, Courtney, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Scott

One thing about Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is that it made team members go onto other teams more than once. Scott, Brick, and Jo have all been on both teams in that season. Considering how it can be argued on who's a hero and who's a villian, I have a feeling that there will be some team switching, but I'll get to that later.

With these teams in mind, it factors into how the elimination would play out, especially considering how much of a friendship/conflict some of these characters have. Let's begin.


Before I start, let me just say that Courtney will probably start off on The Heroic Hamsters, and Gwen will start off on the Villainous Vultures (bear with me).

14th: Lightning

Because this is Total Drama All Stars, and it's a recurring theme for the underdog to get far, I predict that Lightning will go first in the game. Ones who care too much about victory could easily go first. And considering how Lightning cares so much about victory, I think that he will be gone pretty early at the least.

13th: Heather

Heather is a contestant that the majority of the other contestants don't like. She's bossy, forceful, and selfish to the others. What saved her from being booted early in TDI was her alliance with Beth, and, more prominently, Lindsay. That, and her strategic methods.

Then when everyone figured out how manipulative Heather was, she was pretty hated in TDA. What protected her from being voted off early was her team winning many times, Gwen costing a challenge for the other team,  and D.J. quitting. But when her team finally lost for once, she was eliminated.

In TDWT, the conflict between Gwen and Courtney didn't involve Heather, so she was pretty much safe from the vote when her team voted off someone for the first and only time.

When the teams merged, Alejandro got rid of Owen. The elimination that followed that was the tie votes on Courtney and Blaineley. Then Duncan was eliminated because of Heather and Alejandro's new alliance (and Cody and Sierra not liking Duncan), then Sierra went because she was disqualified, and then Cody went for losing a challenge against Alejandro.

But this time, I don't think Heather is as safe. After all, she destroyed what could've been an alliance with Alejandro, so noone is on her good side now, except maybe Cody and Harold (but they won't be in this season).

12th: Jo

Losing two times in a row would be pretty tough for someone as victory seeking as Jo, so she would try many forceful methods to win. But considering that she's on a team with Courtney, the two would probably get in some sort of conflict with each other, eventually resulting in Jo leaving.

*Courtney joins The Villainous Vultures*

11th: Cameron

Yeah, I know. This may contradict what I said about how underdogs normally get really far in the game. Heck, Cameron was the underdog of Season 4. But I have three other underdogs in my head that would get farther than Cameron.

Cameron is good friends with Mike, and Zoey, who would probably never vote for him. If the Heroic Hamsters were to ever lose, half of the team would probably vote for Cameron just because, while not hating him, half would probably not consider him useful. It's the same reason that Cody was voted off in TDI. Besides, there are tiebreakers as we see in World Tour and they seem pretty physical (something Cameron isn't good at). Which can result in his potential elimination.

*Gwen joins The Heroic Hamsters*

10th: Zoey

I don't really know how to explain this one. I guess it's just that, besides Cameron, everyone on Zoey's team have shown a great deal of worth and from what I've seen of them, and from the calculations that I've done, I don't think that she would get as far as others on her team.

9th: Gwen

Because Duncan, Heather, and Gwen normally make it really far usually, I think that Gwen will be gone. However, Gwen didn't make it past the merge in World Tour yet she made it reasonably far. I think it will be the same for this season. After all, Sierra already hates Gwen, so she would vote for her straight away.

*Teams Merge*

8: Duncan

IYCTTH- Duncan Confession Cam

According to a post by Drew Nelson, Duncan is hinted to last pretty long in the game. But I think that he'll just make it to the merge, and then be gone. Why do I think this? Welllook at how he was in TDI and TDA. In TDI, he nearly was voted off for being too scary. In TDA, he got in the Bottom 2... 3 times in a row. And that's why I think Beth is the intended winner of TDA. Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, Duncan. Basically, he isn't exactly well-liked by others. I mean, you already have Courtney, Alejandro, and Lindsay there. And judging by how Duncan treats people, I doubt that Sam or Scott would like him either.

7: Mike


If Alejandro were to get rid of any of the new competitors, it would be Mike. Mike would be very wary of a shady person, especially if it was someone like Scott. I believe that Alejandro would get rid of Mike pretty easily since the teams are merged.

Oh yeah, Duncan. Basically, he isn't exactly well-liked by others. I mean, you already have Courtney, Alejandro, and Lindsay there. And judging by how Duncan treats people, I doubt that Sam or Scott would like him either. Plus, Mike hates pretty much anyone who's sketchy.

6th: Scott

Considering that no-one really likes Scott, I doubt that he'll make it any farther than this. Also, the other five have a much bigger chance of getting farther.

5: Sierra

You know what pattern I noticed in TDWT? It's the way that the new contestants were eliminated. When Blaineley joined, it meant that we had three new competitors to join the old ones.

But Blaineley went in a double elimination with Courtney meaning that she was 7th/6th Place. If you go back in threes from 7 to 1, you will find the new competitors

7th Place: Blaineley

4th Place: Sierra

1st Place: Alejandro

Everything goes on threes. Unless you think Heather was the winner, in which case Blaineley came sixth, meaning that the elimination of the three new competitors went in two's.

6th Place: Blaineley

4th Place: Sierra

2nd Place: Alejandro

"But what does this have to do with Total Drama All Stars?" you may ask.

Well, while I highly doubt that neither Sierra or Alejandro will win, I think that they will get pretty far. But rather than do some sort of math with them, I think that it will just be one followed by the other immediately after. And speaking of Alejandro...

4: Alejandro

Alejandro destroyed

I think that Alejandro will follow the pattern with Sierra, but I also think that, judging by the players that we have, Alejandro will probably be the antagonist of this season. After all, he still has people on his side, and he can use people to his advantage. But I think that at some point, Courtney will discover his trickery and get rid of him during the merge.

3: Lindsay

Cute animals

Whenever there's a Final 3, there's a challenge to decide who's eliminated, and, compared to the other two, Lindsay would probably lose in the end. I mean, Courtney is pretty strong willed, and Sam does have occasional feats of courage. Or it could just follow that annoying thing that every season does: getting rid of Lindsay for stupid reasons. Don't know what I mean? Look at TDI. Lindsay was eliminated in that season for coming last in a challenge that only two entered in. You may think, "Oh but there was two guys against each other in Season 4, weren't there? So they're probably going to do girl vs girl now, right?" Maybe. But the show may just want you to believe that. The show normally pulls something unpredictable. Also, Lindsay and Courtney seem to not like each other very much. Normally, the two that are the Final 2 are ones that don't normally interact, with the exception of Heather and Alejandro. Butwhat made their finale unpredictable was that we were expecting Cody to win., so things still felt unpredictable. With that said, as much as I want Lindsay to win a season, I'm not sure if she'll win this one.

2: Courtney/Sam

1: Courtney/Sam


Let's start with Sam. He seems to be somewhat of an underdog, what with contributing little to his team, and being very anti-social. He's kind of like Owen or Beth.

Courtney on the other hand, follows a similar reason that Heather made it so far in TDWT: Everyone pretty much hates her, but she will make it to the Final Two anyways. After setting up this big story arc for Courtney ever since that jerk, Duncan cheated on her, I think it's setting up for Courtney to make it to the final two and possibly win. It's always the one you least expect (Owen, Beth, Heather, Alejandro Cameron), and Courtney's one you'd least expect to make it to the Final 2.

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