Courtney and Scott

The episode begins with Alejandro telling his butler how much better he is than him, when suddenly, a homeless Chris shares the hot tub with him. Wait, why didn't Chris just use the money from Total Drama's ratings to get a new home? In any case, Alejandro feels disturbed from his whole experience.

But from that, Alejandro finds Chris' room full of secret footage. Alejandro witnesses all of the villainous things that Mal has done, including attempting to frame Alejandro by planting evidence to manipulate Cameron and Zoey into thinking that Alejandro tried to mix the votes, by putting a photo of Cameron with an X on him under Alejandro's bed.

But in a counter-act, Alejandro frames Mal back by putting the photo under Mal's bed. I gotta say, I really like Alejandro in this season. He hasn't yet broken character or made me angry with him, and he's just as good as he is at playing the game here than he was during World Tour.

So when Mal makes Cameron and Zoey check under the beds, Cameron is under the impression that Mike mixed the votes (which he did).

But in yet another counter-act, Mal makes the interesting point "Why would he tell them to check under the beds if he mixed the votes." I love this conflict of Mal and Alejandro. I shall call this rivalry "Malejandro".

Cameron throws a hissy fit when he can't figure out what's going on.

Mal: Pal, you know you can trust me.

Cameron: No! I can't trust anyone. I'm a lone wolf. I'm the new Lightning! Sha...something

For how much I hate Cameron, it's nice to see that he has a funny line now and again. And this part, while not the funniest, is a real improvement on Cameron. Still doesn't stop me from wanting him to be eliminated as quick as possible though.

The next morning, Chris announces that everyone reports to the Spa Library. Scott ends up walking out first, but trips on a crack. And... Courtney falls in the same spot, and lands on Scott, kissing him.

I could go on for hours about why Scourtney is my favorite pairing in the show, but it would just be too long for a review like this. So instead, after this season ends, I plan to go into huge detail about why I think Scourtney is the best couple in the show, and why this moment is so extraordinary.

And while I can't sum up much now, I think this is all I need right now.

Courtney: That was totally an accident...'*girly scream*

This scream is exactly the scream I made when I first saw this scene.

And with this kiss, the two end up in a relationship... awesome!

Scott: Uh, will you be my boyfriend? Uh, no, uh, my boyfriend! Urgh! Me, yours, me, boy. Just, will you go out with me?!

This was hilarious. Oh, by the way, did I mention how much I love Scott?

Meanwhile, Mal manipulates Cameron into thinking everyone is trying to get rid of him, except for himself, Mal/Mike, and Zoey. Cameron is shocked that Gwen would try to eliminate him, calling her his friend. Didn't those two only interact, like, once?

At the challenge, Chris can't be seen, but Cameron is too busy thinking about how angry he is at Gwen, glaring at her angrily.

Gwen: Uh, are you okay?

Cameron: Hmmph!

And just when I thought Cameron was starting to improve, this happens. This is the same problem I've had with Zoey in Moon Madness and You Regatta Be Kidding Me. Cameron is, presumably, friends with Gwen, so why, may I ask, doesn't Cameron just, you know...


He could easily say the following:

Hey, Gwen, why do you want to vote for me?

It's as simple as that. For everything that I hated about Moon Madness, it at least shown that Cameron actually talked to Mike, asking him why he broke his glasses in that episode. Why doesn't he do that to Gwen in this episode?

With that small, yet painful moment out of the way, Chris appears on a giant TV, announcing that this is the 100th episode, and describes the challenge to have exciting things that could be good for a 100th episode challenge... until Ezekiel shows up and kidnaps Chris.

I hate Mutant Ezekiel. I'll go more into detail in my TDWT reviews. In short, it's just a terrible idea and I wish Ezekiel was turned to normal. Why do the crew think that we love this idea so much. Most don't. And this very moment, is what's in the 100th episode?


But in one of the most dissapointing challenges from the show, Chef announces that everyone has to try and save Chris on the conditions that whoever finds Chris gets immunity, whoever finds him gets to stay in the spa hotel for as long as they are in the competition, and they get to send one person to Boney Island. And thus the challenge begins, Chef being incredibly concerned. I gotta say, I love Chref. I don't care what Sierra says. Chef is definitely Chris' type.

The contestants search in a mine, but it is sealed up, forcing the contestants to try and find another way in. Gwen unfortunately cannot find someone to pair up with though. Scott and Courtney don't want anyone else to join their new alliance, Alejandro doesn't want to work with anyone, and Cameron is too busy working with Mike, and Zoey to care about Gwen at all. I hate you, Cameron.

Scott and Courtney find an entrance into the cave.

Scott: Ladies first. Or is that wrong 'cause this is dangerous? Or is that wrong 'cause this is the 21st century? Or is it the 22nd?

With how antagonistic Scott was last season, I love seeing these unsocial quirks of his.

Meanwhile, Cameron, Zoey, Mike, and Gwen find different holes that lead into the cave. This brings Gwen into a panic attack, before falling into a hole. Zoey, who by the way, is much more selfless and nicer than Cameron will ever be, goes to actually save Gwen. See, this is Zoey at her best. I have mixed feelings on her, but like her treatment towards Scott in the previous episode, she still shows concern for someone who she's supposed to be enemies with. Gwen is supposedly someone who wants to get rid of Cameron from what Mal is making Zoey and Cameron believe, yet Zoey still rushes to Gwen's aid anyways. Now that's commitment.

Mal makes Cameron come with him and abandon Gwen and Zoey. With how smart Cameron is, how has he not caught onto Mal yet?

Alejandro finds a cave entrance, but gets his foot caught in a rock, realizing that maybe he should have teamed up with Gwen.

Chris is finally opened from the bag that Ezekiel kidnapped him in, and Ezekiel attempts to either brutally murder Chris by drowning him in acid or mutating Chris. I would take the latter, but Chris would probably take the former.

Mal and Cameron head into a cave, but Mal pretends to be surprised that the two of them are seperated from Gwen and Zoey.

Gwen meanwhile, seems to not be close to Zoey, her flashlight even turning off from Chef and one of the interns trying to fix the electricity.

Gwen finally catches up to Zoey though when Zoey turns her own flashlight on, startling Gwen suddenly.

Gwen: Zoey! You scared me half to death. Thank you so much. Don't ever do that again! You're the best!

Zoey: I'm here. I'm here. Deep breath in.'Blow out the candle (holds out finger). Feel better?

Gwen: *nods*

Zoey: Good. Let's keep moving.

  • confessional*

Gwen: Man. She is good.

With Sierra eliminated, I guess now Gwen is the crazy one that Zoey can bounce off of. Seriously, Zoey has just gotten so much better lately.

Mal tells Cameron that they need someone on their side, noting that Alejandro isn't trustworthy, Gwen and Courtney are best friends, so that leaves Scott. But Cameron points out that Scott won't want to team up with him after what he did to him in the previous episode

This is the cue for Mal to tell Cameron that they need to drive a wedge between Cameron and Courtney: by Cameron kissing Courtney and making it look like she kissed him. But Cameron begs to differ, saying that Scott would still beat him up. This makes Mal very angry, which means that this plan will not be used, right? Right?!

Alejandro finally escapes from the stone he was caught in, and heads into the cave.

But he's way behind on the action. Ezekiel is angrily staring at Chris.

Chris: Where's all this anger coming from? Was it Season 3 when I kicked you off the plane, made everyone hunt you down, and threw you in a volcano? Was it last year when I filled you in a mine with toxic waste? Oh! Was it this season, where I put you back in, just to boot you out again?

As funny as this moment is, doesn't it kind of confirm that Alejandro was the official winner of TDWT? Chris says that he threw Zeke in a volcano, but he only does that in the Alejandro ending. Ezekiel gets thrown into the volcano by Heather in the Heather ending. So, after everything Heather went through in Season 3, she isn't the actual winner. Ugh!

Zoey is the first to be caught by Ezekiel, leaving Gwen mentally scarred in the confessional, yelling random noises. This Gwen is almost as awesome as the one in Food Fright.

Chef also makes the same noises when he sees the danger Chris is in, making the moments funnier. The comedy in this season is some of the best I've seen from the show to be honest.

In another awkward moment Scott has with Courtney, he accidentaly blinds her eyes, as she falls down a pit.

Scott: Courtney! I'm your girlfriend!

I couldn't love Scott any more.

But as Mal and Cameron catch up with Scott and Courtney, Mal tells Cameron to kiss Courtney, and from a push from Mal, Cameron ends up kissing Courtney.

Cameron: Sorry-

Well, good. It's nice to see that Cameron is actually not giving into the evil ways of Mal, and is actually a good spirited pers-

I mean, woah! Why'd you kiss me?

...Could you excuse me for one moment. I need to look at something.

Cameron in Pain

I hope this counts as a custom-made early Christmas present for Bigez.

So... with that uncomfortable moment done with, Scott gets angry at Courtney, but can't finish talking before Ezekiel captures him and Courtney, with Cameron and Mal making a quick getaway... unfortunately.

I don't know whether Scott and Courtney still like each other or not, but they grab hold of each other when Ezekiel spots them, so I haven't lost hope yet. I have lost hope in ever liking Cameron though.

Chef, meanwhile, is eating ice-cream while he watches Chris.

Chef: We're gonna need more ice-cream.

I feared that Chef would get pushed to the sidelines this season, but he's pretty funny in this episode.

Zoey meanwhile has the misfortune of hearing Scott and Courtney argue with eachother.

Zoey: The sad thing is, this isn't the worst party I've ever been to.

Okay, what's going on? Zoey isn't supposed to be entertaining me.

Cameron ends up hanging from a loose stump after the ground shaking caused him to fall. Mal tells him that he'll go get something to lower down to Cameron, but really isn't. And I couldn't be more relieved.

But in a shocking turn of events, Alejandro comes to Cameron's aid, proving that he is not out to get Cameron.

Cameron: No, I only trust Zoey and Mike. I don't want help from anyone else.

Yeah, sure. Risk falling to your death insead of having your life saved and be eliminated. How is Cameron intelligent?

But with Alejandro stalling on Cameron, he gets captured by Ezekiel. But once he joins the others, something brown is fired at them. Zoey hopes it's fudge, and it luckily is. Please tell me were not going down the route of Evil Dread.

Cameron predictably falls but conveniently falls into water, saved by Gwen, and decides to gain her trust once again.

Mal goes back to Cameron's area, and tries to kill him with a boulder, but notices Cameron gone. But is captured by Ezekiel.

At first, everyone thinks Gwen and Cameron are the only ones left, but Alejandro suspects that it's just Gwen because Cameron was hanging from his death the last time Alejandro saw him.

Mal: So you just left him hanging there? Not cool.

  • confessional*

Alejandro: Interesting. I never mentioned that Cameron was "hanging".

Now I really want Alejandro and Mal to last longer.

Rats that Ezekiel made cut the rope that Chris is hanging on have cut it more, making Chris closer to the acid.

But before Gwen and Cameron can save Chris, Chef rushes to his aid and saves his life by hitting the rats. But Chef is stopped by Ezekiel, leaving it up to Cameron and Gwen. Cameron makes a distraciton while Gwen saves Chris.

In attack, Ezekiel tries to... puke on Cameron but misses. The impact of the puke though causes rocks to crush Cameron, but Gwen ultimately wins the challenge by attacking Ezekiel.

Cameron is severely injured, and Chris wants everyone to get out before Ezekiel escapes, but Ezekiel already has and is vanished, and will unfortunately presumably come back.

Gwen though has ultimately won invincibility, and makes Alejandro go on exile and Cameron is eliminated because he no longer has enough energy to continue the show. And Cameron finally finds out about Mal. So now all we have left is good characters.

This episode was alright. While I had many problems with Cameron, and Ezekiel's treatment, they didn't ultimately hurt the episode completely. Aside from Cameron, everyone had great moments, and while, for the 100th episode, the challenge was pretty dissapointing for such an important milestone, it didn't stop most of the characters from being very entertaining. And on a side note, I as kind of sad that we didn't see any of Mike and Chester exploring that tower

The Good


-Most of the contestants are hilarious



-Improvement on Zoey

The Bad

'-Ezekiel''s Treatment

-100th Episode Challenge


-No Mike

Final Score: B

Next Time: The Obsta-kill Course

Character Performances (Best-Worst)

This was a hard decision. It's obvious who I hated the most in this episode, but everyone else was fine. So it's more most awesome to least awesome (with the exception of Cameron)


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