The episode begins with Gwen and Courtney gushing over each other, even going as far as saying that they want to be in the finale together, and that if one doesn't win, they want the other to. Okay, that was pretty funny. Just so long as they don't use a gag like this again and make it seem forced. They won't, will they? No, you're writing would have to have not much substance to it for you to do that. Oh wait, Ed McDonald wrote this episode. I have fears for this episode.

Meanwhile, Scott wants to listen in on Courtney and Gwen's conversation, while Cameron acts more happier now that Sierra is gone. But Scott tries scaring Cameron into thinking he'll go next. I sure hope so.

Cameron is really the only contestant left that has no purpose in the storyline. Courtney and Scott are the couple focus of the season, Gwen has patched things up with Courtney, Mike is Mal, Zoey and Duncan are working to stop Mal, and Alejandro still has some tricks up his sleeve. It seems obvious that Cameron is eliminated.

Scott: I had to throw him off. The Heroes are taking over the Villains team-

Even though there are 5 Villains and 3 Heroes, not to mention the fact that both teams have won and lost an even number of times. In fact, counting the non-elimination in Moon Madness, the Heroes have lost challenges more times than the Villains. So this line makes no sense.

Gwen's a wannabe-

Uh... no. She's never screwed up challenges for her teams before.

And with Cameron and Courtney, me and Alejandro are outnumbered.

What does he mean by Cameron and Courtney? If the Villains were to lose in this episode, Scott, Courtney, and Gwen wouldn't vote for each other. Courtney is in an alliance with Gwen, and is attracted to Scott, while Gwen would obviously not want to vote for Scott. So if the Villains lost again, either Cameron or Alejandro would get voted off.

Meanwhile, with Duncan, we get yet another scene of him trying to be a bad boy. You know, as much as I hate Duncan, the gag is really starting to grow on me. I want him eliminated pretty quickly, sure, but this little sequence is pretty funny.

Alejandro pops up out of nowhere, and Cameron is impressed by his survival. Then in another funny scene, Alejandro tricks a bear by admiring its looks and survives easily.

In a shocking twist, Chris announces the merge to the players. I wonder what alliances may form...

Zoey: Stick together no matter what?

Cameron: Friendship finale Version 2.0 here we come!

I don't like this idea. At all.

Mike: Hey, um, can I get in on that?

Cameron: Of course.


Cameron: For now.

You know what? I was wrong. Cameron belonged on the Villains team. I know that there's always these jokes in the show about how weak, yet smart Cameron is, but they should really joke more about how much of a selfish, uncaring jerk he is. I hated how Zoey didn't talk to Mike about his problems in Moon Madness, but at least she's willing to give him a chance. Cameron is not. I hate Cameron.

Then we get a scene of Zoey and terro cards. Three episodes now of Zoey talking about these cards. I didn't bring them up in the two other reviews because I didn't think they would be that significant. And the cards still aren't. Trust me. But now the cards are just annoying. What's the point? What's the purpose? Zoey never even mentioned these cards in Revenge of the Island. This is just an excuse to try and make her more interesting.

Meanwhile, with Mike inside Mal's head, he is trying to escape. He sees a tower, and coming from it are question marks. Mike frees himself with one. Okay, what's the point of these question marks? Why is that tower there? Mike is essentialy talking to himself so why doesn't he explain this. Even when he uses a question mark to free himself, we get an uncomfortable interaction.

Question Marks (one by one): Why? Why? Why? Why?

Mike: Because...

It's like a scene was cut out there.

After this, Mike sees Chester selling skateboards for no reason, but Mike recruits him to try and find out about the tower.

Chris announces the challenge. In a free for all, everyone has to circumnavigate around the island, while Chef throws obstacles. In the background on Chris' projector though, there are 7 boats. Chris expects everyone to go alone, but shouldn't he have 8 boats then?

The episode already has many problems, but it's luckily getting a little redeemed by this conversation between Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney.

Duncan: Hey, can I be part of your alliance?

Gwen: Why?

Duncan: I could use some allies, and I could protect you from people like Mike.

Courtney: Ha, like he's a threat.

Duncan: I'm telling you, he's dangerous. I knew him back in juvie when his name was Mal.

Gwen and Courtney: *laughing*

Wait it gets better.

Gwen: He thinks Mike is a threat? Wow. That's like, a million on the lame scale. Poor Duncan. So sad. *laughter*

I always love moments where Duncan is made fun of. Ain't it great to see everyone react to his pathetic behavior.

Alejandro gets on the first boat, while Gwen and Courtney team up on the next. Mal gets on the next boat before sabotaging everyone elses, meaning that Zoey and Cameron have to team up with Scott and Duncan.

Chris: And the rift-raft rides the rickety-rack. I am hilarious.

That's... my joke.

Alejandro's engine stops, and Mike takes the lead before entering coconut alley. Mr. Coconut cameo hopefully! I mean, we had an Izzy cameo in the previous episode. Oh wait, Mr. Coconut didn't appear in this episode. Of course.

Courtney and Gwen also get coconuts dropped on them by Chef. Courtney gets thrown off the boat, but Gwen saves her life once again.

Courtney: Thanks, Gwen. I almost got my hair wet.

Gwen: I would never let that happen. Your hair is fantastic.

Courtney: No, your hair is. What's your secret?

Gwen: I double condition.

Okay, I take that back. This gag isn't funny! In Moon Madness, after Gwen saved Courtney's life, she was not grateful, even going as far as to say that she wouldn't do the same. I didn't mind this part in Moon Madness because it's just a sign that Courtney is stubborn.' But would Courtney and Gwen, two of the most rebellious characters on the show, act like this? 'I didn't mind that they forgived each other in the previous episode, but when they're acting like they love each other more than anyone else, that's crossing the line a little. They aren't Katie and Sadie! Their temporary friendship in TDWT seemed a lot better, because it was more relatable. I hate this gag. Nothing can redeem this episode for me. NOTHING!

Cameron, meanwhile, pushes Scott out of the boat to use him as a motor when Fang comes along. I really disapprove of this behavior from Cameron. The karma theme in Total Drama is very strong, and I hope it happens to Cameron.

His plans work, and him and the others catch up. As hard as it was to watch this moment, I at least got to hear Scott's girly scream again. I also like Zoey in this moment. After all that Scott had put her, Mike, and Cameron in the previous season, it's good to see her show genuine concern for him. I'm sure that they can't possibly screw up Zoey's character in this episode. And I liked the acknowledgement from Duncan that Cameron is as selfish and pathetic as he is.

But Gwen and Courtney are still behind, and Courtney gets riled up.

Courtney: C'mon, you piece of junk!

I think it's obvious what word Courtney would use to replace junk in the Canadian version of this episode...

Meanwhile, with Girly Scream, Terro Card, and the Pathetic Pedros, a fire cracker is dropped by Chef on them. Duncan luckily catches it, and puts the flame out.

However, Duncan and the others notice where Chris lives, giving Duncan an idea. So in a very idiotic move by Duncan, he abandons his team, and goes to Chris' house. This makes it less likely that Duncan will win invincibility, not to mention that it means that it's more likely that Zoey, Cameron, Scott, and most likely Courtney and Gwen too will vote him off. Smooth move, bad boy.

Cameron, Zoey, and Scott start to catch up to Mal, but Zoey doesn't know whether she'll catch up to him or Mike. And guess what? To get Mike's attention, Zoey risks her life by nearly getting eaten by piranhas. This is the problem with Ed McDonald's writing. Like Moon Madness, Zoey is not bothering to talk to Mike. Why is she so two-faced about this situation?

Mal: How gullible is this girl?!

Thank you!

Cameron and Scott are in trouble with Fang, and Zoey wants Mal to save them. Unsurprisingly, Mal does not give in.

When Scott saves himself from Fang, he pushes Cameron into the water. I love Scott. I really do.

Courtney and Gwen notice that Alejandro's engine has stopped.

Courtney: Guess he'll have to ale-row-row-row.

That's... my, joke.

To stop Gwen and Courtney from winning, Alejandro touches the finish line with his nose, thus gaining immunity.

However, Duncan has been missing, and has been discovered to have blown up Chris' house. Did Duncan really have to prove a point by going this far?

I love Chris in this episode. I love the sympathetic approach they give him in this episode. His house was destroyed, so I feel really bad for him. He's a real upside to the episode.

Alejandro, while not bringing a guest with him to the spa hotel, gains an alliance with Mal.

At the elimination, Chris announces that Duncan gets a surprise... arrest for destroying property.

Duncan deserved this. I was worried that the nice guy approach that they went with him would lead to him avoiding karma, but I applaud the surprise here. And this isn't juvie. Duncan is under arrest for a long time.

But in another surprise twist, Mal mixes the votes to get rid of Cameron. Unfortunately, Chris keeps Cameron safe... again. What is up with Ed McDonald's obsession with Cameron? He deserved to go. There was no elimination in Moon Madness, so this would be the perfect opportunity for a double elimination.

While not as terrible as Moon Madness, or as mediocre as Saving Private Leechball, this episode suffers from poor characterization, out of place moments, and uncomfortable moments. The episode was ultimately forgettable, and while providing some interesting comedy, the episode had barely any substance whatsoever. Everytime an amazing episode comes along, I'm faced with one not so great.

The Good


-Funny humor

-Some aspects of Zoey


-Duncan gets arrested


The Bad


-Cameron is a selfish, pathetic, loser

-Gwen and Courtney

-Uncomfortable moments

Overall: C

Next Time: Zeke and Ye Shall Find

Character Performances (Best-Worst)


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