Suckers Punched Review

This season has had its ups and downs. I had a particular distaste for Moon Madness, and No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition was pretty mediocre. This episode was a real breath of fresh air. I would call it better than Food Fright and one of the best episodes that Total Drama ever offered.

It begins with Sierra suffering her new Cody Jr. pets, and we once again see nothing of Zoey in the mansion. Do the Heroes even eat food at the mansion anymore?

With the Villains, Courtney is under the impression that the teams will merge soon, and doubts Alejandro will find an ally. She even calls him Al. In the confessional, Alejandro expresses his distaste towards being called this name and brings up his brother Jose once again.

When the challenge is announced, and the teams are on their way, Duncan talks to Zoey in private, telling her that he went to juvy with Mike and says that Mike was called Mal back then and caused trouble for the fun of it. You know, when Duncan isn't being a pathetic jerk, or being an unnecessary nice person, I actually like him when he contributes to the storyline. Unfortunately, with the path that they're going with him, I doubt that he will ever get the karma he's deserved since World Tour. But at least we have this stuff with Mal that helps more.

When Chef goes to Boney Island to bring Mike back to the island, Mal appears after scaring animals, and it is revealed that Mike has been aware of Mal but thought that he got rid of him. But it's actually revealed that Mal was waiting for the right time to return.

At the challenge, Chris announces that it's a mix of two Season 1 challenges from two of Season 1's best episodes. Phobia Factor and No Pain, No Game.

And for winning the last challenge, the Hamsters get a point straight away, and Zoey doesn't need to fight, making the score 1-0

Scott starts out first for the Heroes, and Chris and Chef are secretly fixing hte challenge to make the contestant's face their actual fears. Scott's is Fang, so he faces off against him first and gets pummeled. When Courtney tries helping him, we get this.

Courtney: Wake up and smell the gloves hitting you in the face, Scott!

Scott: I likes you, perty lady.

Scott is probably my favorite contestant this season. Him and Mike are the only Revenge of the Island characters that I still like, Zoey and Cameron are obvious.

When Courtney tries helping Scott up, Gwen helps her, to which Courtney thanks Gwen. Gwen is overjoyed and Courtney thinks that she should forgive Gwen. Finally! I've been waiting for an episode where these two would forgive each other, and I knew that I would automatically like the episode.

Sierra goes for the Heroes next, and fights her pets' mother. Not surprisingly, she gets beaten up, and loses. Cameron discovers that the challenge has been fixed. I'd be angry that Cameron was the one who discovered it, but he actually discovered it through Duncan bringing up the fact that Sierra and Scott faced their actual fears. I'm actually impressed.

Courtney hopes that Alejandro fights Heather, but the one person Alejandro would rather fight less than Heather is Jose. And it turns out that he is fighting Jose.

In an amazing fight scene though, Alejandro beats his brother. I love these little moments. Alejandro is a bad guy. We know he's a bad guy. But seeing him accomplish something that stands in his way that he is afraid of is a great thing to watch. It's great character development, and I especially love this line from Alejandro.

That's for calling me Al *PUNCH* That's for always hogging the bathroom mirror *PUNCH* And replacing my soap with a urinal keg *PUNCH* And this, is for calling any aspect of Heather unattractive.

With the score 1-1, Mike goes next for the Heroes. And to put away the rumor that the game is rigged, Chris doesn't rig this round. And...

This moment really took me by surprise. Izzy is definitely in my Top 10 Favorite Characters. I asked for a Brick cameo in Saving Private Leechball. I asked for an Owen cameo in Food Fright. I asked for a Dawn cameo in Moon Madness. And I asked for a Dakota cameo in No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition. I didn't get any of these. So I lost hope for cameos. But when Izzy appeared here, I got such a shock.

And even better, Izzy's cameo contributes to the plot. She recognizes Mike, and can even hear him from  the inside. Zoey really believes now what Duncan has told her. So I guess that you can call this the best cameo that Total Drama ever offered.

Sadly, Mal defeats Izzy, and she joins Owen, and Ezekiel in characters who's fate are never revealed. So the score is 2-1.

Zoey asks Mike how he learned to do that, but he responds that he doesn't know but feels better now that he's near Zoey. Dang, this guy is good. He's tapping into the hidden thoughts of Zoey and manipulating her. He puts every past antagonist to shame.

Cameron's next challenge is a bunch of blind gophers, where he predictably loses. How is Cameron not eliminated yet? In the previous season, he at least contributed to his team. But here, he hasn't contributed practically anything to either of his teams. But at least I got to see him get hurt which is always fun to watch.

Duncan faces his fear next, which is the blue bird mother from the previous episodes. Duncan gets laughed at by everyone when he refuses to fight the bird, so I call this moment incredibly hilarious.

Gwen goes next, and discovers that she will have to face Courtney, because of her fear of her. The two refuse to fight each other, so to make the fight start, Chris shows every clip of where Gwen kisses Duncan, riling Courtney up to fight back.

Gwen and Courtney are even though, and time is up. But Gwen and Courtney aren't done, but suddenly both admit that the only reason that they came back was to see the other. The two reconcile and hug each other.


I love this moment. It's a great testament to how great the writing can be on this show. Some called it cheesy, but I respectfully disagree, and this is one of the most heartmelting moments on the show that I ever seen.

And because the moment is so amazing, both Gwen and Courtney get one point each, making the score 3-2, making the Villains win.

At the elimination ceremony, Duncan mentions to Zoey that he thinks Mal is the real personality and Mike is the alternate one. This is what I think too, and Mal's writing in this season is absolutely splendid.

But in a twist, the Villains decide who goes home, and they send Sierra eliminated. And as inevitable as I thought her elimination would be, it's pretty sad to see her go.

In another twist the Heroes have to decide who goes on exile. They all agree on Alejandro because he's a threat, which doesn't make much sense, since that means that he could find the statue again. But at this point, I'm disregarding a lot of the flaws in the episode.

This was a remarkable episode. Everyone was on top form, even Cameron, and I loved the Gwen and Courtney scene, the Alejandro scene, the Scott scene, the Mal scenes, and even the Duncan scenes. It gives me high hopes for the remainder of the season, and I just adore the direction this episode went in.

The Good

-Amazing fight scenes

-Izzy cameo!

-Mal is awesome

-Hilarious scenes

The Bad

-Exile doesn't make much sense


Final Score: A-

Next Time: You Regatta Be Kidding Me

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