No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition Review

YES! Because of that title, I have an excuse to make as much egg puns as I want. This is so "eggciting."

The episode begins with the Vultures bullying Cameron, aside from Gwen. Which I always enjoy watching, especially due to Cameron betraying Mike in that episode not worth going into too much detail about.

When Heather sees that Gwen and Cameron have bonded, she asks Alejandro to form an alliance with her so they don't get taken down. But secretly, the two are actually planning to get rid of the other. I guess you can say that Heather thinks Alejandro is a "Allyjandro."


Meanwhile, Pathetic Pablo and Bland Barbara interact with each other. Barbara gives Pablo an apple, and she realizes that he's becoming more nice. It even turns out that Mike broke Pablo's knife while he slept.

Mike: Tough "break"

I swear, I will outpun this episode at all costs.


Then, with Sierra and Zoey, we get another funny scene from the both of them.

Sierra: Oh, Zoey. I miss Codycam.

Zoey: Do you mean Cameron?

Sierra: That's what I said!

Zoey: Uh, no. Ya didn't.

Sierra: Well, your ears are wrong, a-and-and, so is your face!

Then, even funnier. Sierra randomly runs away somewhere crying. It's such a wacky and hilarious scene, and I think I'm going to crack up from now on everytime these two speak to each other. This is the fourth time where I laughed out loud in an episode in this season.

When Zoey chases Sierra to her unknown location, Mike suddenly appears, but Zoey is a little bit frightened, and screams when she sees Mike holding a knife. Another funny little thing in this episode is Zoey's startled screams. It sounds so delightfully perfect and hilarious. Zoey just sounds so funny when she screams excitedly.

Chris announces the challenge to the contestants, calling it a fun one. But the catch is that it's on Boney Island, and in the swamp area from Revenge of the Island.

The task for the teams is to put eggs in a basket that belong to dangerous creatures there. The first team to get the six eggs in the basket wins. I would say that I hope for a Dakota cameo, but there's no cameo of past contestants yet. The closest we've got is a semi-cameo from Cody a few times.

Chris thinks the challenge is "eggsciting" but Scott is too tired to hear properly so Chris wakes him up. I love hearing Scott's girly scream. I really do. What is it with contestants and their weird screams?

Duncan wants to shove down the message that he's not nice until he accidentaly helps Scott up. So the crew of this show are doing the opposite. They want to shove down the message that Duncan is secretly nice. And it's never been as forceful as it has been in this episode.

When the teams run to look for eggs, Sierra asks Cameron to work with her in looking for the eggs, before Cameron reminds Sierra that their against each other now. Gwen pulls Cameron away to escape Sierra and we get Sierra's hilarious scream too.

Scott and Courtney decide to team up, which helps me sit through some more amazing awesomeness of Scourtney, while Mike and Zoey team up on the Heroes side. Mike explains to Zoey that he doesn't what's been up with him, but he feels safer around her. It's a pretty good little scene. And I can think of one other episode that could've benefitted from giving us better Mike and Zoey interaction.

Alejandro tries to reach an egg on top of a tall tock throwing another rock. When it falls and he tries catching it, Heather does so instead.

Heather: "Eggscellent" work, Alejandro.

Grr... yeah well, this episode is "scrambled" full of egg puns. Amirite?!

The score is 1-0 to the Vultures, but Alejandro realizes that the other team may try to steal their eggs so he guards their basket.

Mike and Zoey find Larry with an egg. Zoey plans to be a distraction to Larry by grabbing the flower on Larry, while Mike gets the giant egg into the basket.

Sierra wants to work with Duncan, but then she forgets how pathetic he is and works alone. Duncan gets grabbed by a giant tentacle after this and dies. Not really, but its unknown how Duncan managed to escape the tentacle.

When Mike and Zoey reach the basket, the egg hatches and they fail in their task. And one of the eggs look like Chris.

URRRRRRRRGH! That hurts to think about.

Luckily for the Hamsters, Duncan somehow escapes the tentacle and puts an egg into the basket, tying the teams 1-1

To make sure that Alejandro doesn't steal their eggs, Duncan guards the basket.

Duncan: Makes sense that the two biggest villains are the ones guarding the eggs.

Alejandro: Yes. We are like two Mother Hens.

I'm counting that as a pun. It's a close game between me and this episode but I'm confident that I will win.

Heather has a plan in motion to try and get rid of Alejandro. She lies to Scott and Courtney that Alejandro is getting rid of Scott in the next elimination.

Sierra gets another egg and puts it in the basket, making the score 2-1. But the egg hatches into two mice stuck together. and Sierra is once again under the belief that she is a mother. Oh by the way, what ever happened to Cody Jr.? You'd think that if one team is The Villainous "Vultures" that Cody Jr. would reappear soon.

Sierra swaps with Duncan as guard of the basket so that she can tell her offspring the horrific tale of how Chris did his *ahem" business with Larry.

Meanwhile, with Scott and Courtney, Courtney is confused about how Scott and the others put up with a whole season of mutant animals. Yeah, says the girl who matches the strength of Eva, Jo, Heather, Leshawna, Sierra, and Dakota.

And then, in an amazing moment, Scott volunteers to keep Courtney safe and grabs her hand. The two become embarassed and smile at each other before Scott is grabbed by a mutant and Courtney saves his life, even though she accidentaly hits him many times.

You know why I love Scourtney so much in this scene? In Food Fright, its set up that it seems like Scott will just be another Duncan to Courtney. A badboy who Courtney acts like she doesn't like, but actually, deep down, loves.

But it changes here. Scott shows that he really cares for Courtney. He's never hurt her, and he's a dedicated worker. And he's a brute too as well though. So the two are a perfect match. And when they're around each other, they act sweeter. Scott is not only dedicated to work, but dedicated to Courtney.

Or in the case of this challenge, "deggdicated" to his work and to Courtney. Amirite?!

But more seriously, this couple is really matching the heights of some of my favorites on this show. And if it continues like this, it could become my actual favorite.

Heather luckily gets an egg though and make the score 2-2. However, Cameron and Gwen also find some eggs, making the score 4-2.

Heather pretends to watch the eggs, but continues her plan in trying to get rid of Alejandro by telling Cameron and Gwen that Alejandro is trying to get rid of Cameron. When Heather runs away, it's up to Cameron and Gwen to guard the eggs.

Alejandro finds Heather fighting with a winged goat breathing fire, protecting its eggs from Heather. When the goat hits Heather, she falls down and cracks her egg.

I guess you can say that Heather got a "heathbutt." Amirite?!

When the egg opens, Heather finds the Invincibility Statue, and when Alejandro witnesses this, his head "cracks" when he sees that the egg "cracked" open to reveal the invincibility statue. Danggg! I'm on fire today.

But it is in this scene where we reach a problem. Heather stores the statue in the rock where Alejandro is hiding, so he witnesses it in front of his eyes. And because of this, the elimination is revealed to us long before it happens. It's obvious now that Heather is eliminated. But if only they didn't have Alejandro in this scene, then the episode wouldn't have this problem.

But at least I have another pun to use. Alejandro thinks that Heather is very "Patheggthic." Amirite?!

Zoey and Mike talk about Mike's recent problems, and Zoey thinks that if Mike has changed after a hit to the head, maybe another one could turn him back to normal. Mike agrees and wants Zoey to hit him with a rock, but Zoey can't bear to do it. But luckily, Mike and Zoey find a whole load of eggs to put in their basket.

Duncan runs back to the basket, and stores in a tiny blue egg, making the score 4-3. Duncan states that he had to fight a giant monster to get the egg.

But it turns out that through footage that Chris found, Duncan was actually just politely asking a blue bird. When the bird cried, Duncan did too. Wow, that almost made me like Duncan. But then I remembered Moon Madness. Give it a few more tries and maybe I might like Duncan again.

Courtney puts in another egg, making the score 5-3. Sierra comforts her children, before one bites her. They must get their wildness from their mother. Huh? Huh?

Mike and Zoey run towards their basket with a load of eggs, giving them a sure chance of winning. Until Heather runs along with an egg that could make the Vultures win. When Heather tries to beat Mike and Zoey, by tossing the egg at the baset she fails, and the Heroes win 5-17.

Heather's mind breaks and screams in horror. Chris calls things a tough break. I'm counting it as a pun, but I doubt the episode can beat me.

When Chris asks if anyone wants something that they might need, to go get it. But unfortunately for Heather, the invincibility statue isn't there, and she thinks that Chris has it.

Meanwhile with Mike, he tries crushing himself with a rock to protect Zoey. But unfortunately, Mike turns into his evil self, and traps Mike inside his mind, stuck to a rock.

I guess you can say that the real Mike... iss "stone-cold".


At the elimination ceremony, Gwen talks to Courtney in private, and explains to her that she broke up with Duncan and asks to form an alliance with her. Courtney whispers into Gwen's ear who she thinks should go home.

And predictably enough, Alejandro should be going home, until he reveals that he has immunity. The only vote not for him was for Heather, and she is eliminated. This elimination actually hurts even more than I thought unfortunately. Not only does Alejandro reveal his immunity, but he stands up too. Imagine if we were never revealed who actually had the statue until the end of the episode. Then the ending would be as dramatic as the ending to Food Fright.

But at least when Mike volunteers to go for exile, and he whistles to himself, Duncan finally recognizes him. The Malovelent One's real name is Mal, and he went to juvie with Duncan. This is a set up for a great plot twist in the future.

When Heather is flushed, Alejandro asks her to start fresh with him, but Heather pushes him into the river. So, they aren't in a relationship, or are things still unclear?

This episode is ultimately a mixed bag. It's much more of an improvement than the previous episode, but it's really nothing special. While it did have some very funny gags, and Mal was set up a little bit better, the elimination is very dissapointing and could've been done so much better. I also wasn't very impressed with the challenge too, since, like the previous challenge, it sadly didn't tie in with any previous challenge too well. I also didn't like Duncan too much up until the conclusion of the episode. Maybe I'm too hard on the episode. After all, Moon Madness was before this one. but overall, I recommend this one. While there were some problems, the episode helped me become more immersive in it.

The Good

-Scourtney is written perfectly

-Egg puns are eggscellent

-Delightful screams


-Funny little scenes

The Bad

-Predictable elimination

-Duncan's subplot is very forceful

-Dissapointing challenge

Overall: 'B-

And here's an interesting surprise. I've decided to add something a little special to my reviews. In each episode, I shall state who was the most entertaining and likable from best to worst. In the case of this episode its as follows

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition: (Amazing Spectrum) Sierra-Scott-Courtney

(Good Spectrum) Mike-Heather-Alejandro

(Mediocre Spectrum) Zoey-Gwen

(Bad Spectrum) Duncan-Cameron

Next Time: Suckers Punched

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