So after that utter dissapointment of an episode, can Food Fright make up for it? Judging by the rating above... this episode surprisingly does. It makes up for the failures of the previous episode, and creates something that's the best of the season so far.

It begins with Chef doing barely anything once again, instead looking creepier by throwing gruel at Alejandro and Scott. There's a little bit of inconsistency here though. The Vultures would've been bound to have had gruel thrown at them in the episodes where they have lost, and Scott even noted that he preferred the hotel, yet here, Scott loves the gruel.

I guess you can say that everyone else was treated "Gruelly". Amirite?

But I completely forgive that as soon as Scott goes over to the girls cabin. And so... Scourtney begins. Unlike Jocan, I can't possibly see how this will be forgotten in later episodes, since both are such stand-out characters. This kind of works too when you consider the fact that Scott is everything about Duncan that Courtney loved. Either that, or Scott is forming some sort of strategy to get rid of Courtney.

Meanwhile, in the Hamsters mansion, Duncan wakes up to a surprise party for him. The rest of his team cheer for him to be on their team. Sam even proposes that they sing the Welcome Song, to which Duncan turns down.

In the confessional, Duncan says about how annoyed he is to be stuck on the Heroes team, and we get a surprisingly heartfelt, yet funny moment of Duncan saying about how the cake tasted like the happiest day of his life. I haven't liked Duncan since he cheated on Courtney, but this was just so fascinating. Maybe Duncan might finally get the development he deserves.

Meanwhile, with The Malovelent One, it turns out that he broke Sierra's phone, making Sierra lose her mind. Okay, I am kind of getting sick of the Malovelent One not really doing anything besides breaing things. I want to see him get rid of a contestant. I still think breaking things may be part of his strategy, but seriously, if all this personality does is break things, then he will be a worse villain than Scott or Justin were. And like Scott and Justin, maybe Mike is better if he isn't a villain. But I'm still not sure. I just hope The Malovelent One does something soon.

Because Sierra doesn't have her phone, she pictures her whole team as Cody. Well, there's some nightmare fuel for me. It's funny when you consider the fact that Sam has the same shirt as Cody, only bigger.

After this, we get a surprisingly heartbreaking moment with Gwen. She complains that she only came back to fix things with Courtney, but now Courtney hates her. Courtney is shocked in the confessional, but still has some doubts.

Honestly, this was great voice acting for Gwen from Meghan Fahlenbock. The way she delivered this line was exceptional. Now I really hope Gwen makes it far.

At the challenge, Cameron comes back after getting a terrible scent of bear urine. You would not believe how much I laughed at this.

The challenge for this episode is for the teams to eat pancakes with deadly surprises that could throw them off balance, followed by an obstacle course.

Chris also says about how it's a nod to last season's "mad skills" challenge.


Because of Scott not being impressed by the challenge, Chris ultimately makes it harder by bringing in a spinner. Courtney gets mad at Scott, to which he just responds with a smile, noting how pretty she is when she's mad. I am starting to like Scott more every second.

Alejandro and Sierra start first, and Sierra's out in a matter of seconds.

While Alejandro continues to eat, Cameron eats his disgusting pancake.

At the spinner, Alejandro's puke in his mouth is spun with him, but he luckily keeps in his puke.

In the confessional, Alejandro says that Chris will pay for laughing at him. And then you can just hear Chris' voice in the background yelling about how he sincerely doubts it. Okay, that was pretty funny.

Scott goes next, while Cameron attempts a jump. He uses his smart skills because the staff just want to shove down your throats how smart he is, and for once, Cameron fails at something by barely managing to jump to the obstacle course.

Gwen goes next for her team, and sees another piece of nightmare fuel... Duncan with giant lips!

Courtney gets a trap of green jelly. Great continuity! I always thought that Courtney's fear of green jelly was something to laugh at.

After Mike's turn, he rigs Courtney by breaking the control on the spinner. Now that's better. The Malovelent One is doing something different for a change.

While Zoey eats, Sam finally does something...? And then Zoey tags him. In the end, it's between Sam and Alejandro, because Heather tags him.

Duncan cheers for Sam, and Mike tells Duncan that it's okay to be a team player. But Duncan thinks that there's something familiar about Mike's voice. Woah! Could this be... going somewhere?!

Sam finishes his pancake before Alejandro does seconds later. It's a race in the obstacle course, and after a tough fight... Sam wins it! Finally! Something that Sam does besides having pain happening to him. I knew he was useful.

But... in a shocking twist at the elimination, it turns out that Sam cheated. In case he had to do exile on Boney Island again, he kept pancakes in his pocket. And the Hamsters lose.

At the elimination, it's between Sam and Sierra. And despite how obvious Sam being eliminated may seem, I thought that there would be a chance it would be Sierra. I didn't think three new contestants in a row would be eliminated. Plus, Sam contributed more to the challenge than Sierra. Plus, Sierra is really starting to creep her team, especially Cameron, out.

Meanwhile, Scott decides to go for exile to get the Invincibility Statue. And because Scott stretches about how it will be easy to get the statue, it makes me think about an important fact about Boney Island. You will be cursed if you take anything from it. So whoever gets the statue, will curse their team. But I really want Scott to make it to the merge.

And that was Food Fright. Is it good despite not having an Owen cameo. Yeah, definitely. While I have a few minor problems, the episode really delivered perfectly. No-one really annoyed me, and the episode had tons of twists. I really thought Sam had won, but when that twist was thrown in, it made me really appreciate the episode more. Along with that, there was some great heartbreaking scenes.

The Good


-Heartbreaking Scenes

-Amazing character development


-Great twists!


The Bad

-No Owen cameo

-A few inconsistencies

-The Malovelent One doesn't do much

Overall: A-

Next Time: Moon Madness (Dawn better make a cameo)

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