Jo and Lightning

Judging by the grade above, you've probably figured out that I don't really like this episode. Compared to Heroes vs. Villains and Evil Dread, I think that this episode pales in comparison.

The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode, mentioning the dissapointing elimination that made no sense. But c'mon! They can't possibly screw up the logic of an elimination three times in a row, right?

We then see the Vultures sleeping in their cabins. The most improved and funniest character of this season, Scott, gets pain from his bed. Meanwhile, Jo and Heather argue over leader position and complain about getting rid of Lightning. Wow, poor Gwen. I bet they argued all night. This season sure has a lot of undeserved pain, doesn't it?

Gwen suddenly turns into a more camp character calling Jo and Heather "The Bickersons." Are the Vultures a play on some sort of family sitcom. I mean, in the first episode, I saw them in Brady Bunch boxes, and now I see them getting a name for themselves.

Meanwhile, the less interesting Heroes team are sleeping in their hotel. We see some coverage on Courtney, Sierra, Mike, Cameron, but no Zoey? Then again, could you really make her do anything here? They don't even show her in this scene.

Sierra tucks her picture of Cody into her bed covers and then sleeps like a dog.

Cameron meanwhile, worries about Sam's safety on Boney Island. You know, when I really think about it, all that pain that Sam went through in the previous episode was completely undeserved. Sam did nothing to deserve being hurt for no good reason like that.

And sadly, the unfunny slapstick with him continues on in this episode. On Boney Island, bears are trying to murder Sam.

But luckily, Sam is up in a tree safe from the bears, with a squirrel even keeping him company. And then, for no proper reason at all, the squirrel throws an acorn at Sam, throwing his balance and being attacked by bears. And presumably murdered. Okay, I really despise that squirrel. This is slapstick that is done way too much. Do different jokes with Sam. He's not some sort of punching bag. If the squirrel had done this to anyone who deserved pain, it would be anyone on the Vultures, aside from Gwen. I miss Dakota. She made Sam into a much better character and now this is happening to him. I'm worried that this may persist for the entire season up until Sam gets eliminated, wasting his character completely.

On the bright side, we finally get a glimpse of "The Malevolent One," who gets Mike out of bed and destroys Sam's GameGuy. I hope this means that this personality of Mike's will bring something new to the Villains. Scott sucked as an antagonist from the previous season, and he's from the new cast, making me really hope that this antagonist turns out better. Just let him get rid of Cameron and/or Zoey.

Chris calls everyone to walk in the forest again. Heather, Jo, and Alejandro all fight over getting Gwen on their side, Why only Gwen? Even if getting Duncan on their side failed, none of them even tried. And what about Scott? No-one on the team is trying to form any alliance with him. I hope this doesn't mean that Scott will be eliminated soon.

Chris calls Sam back, who is somehow alive. The Hamsers smuggled food for Sam luckily, except for Courtney, who mentions that no-one told her they were doing that. Did I mention how big a fan I am of Courtney? I love how realistic she is in her power hungry attitude. I know she means well, but her contrast with the other Hamsters is hilarious to watch.

Chris brings up the rules of the challenge, but I could hardly pay attention, as I was just thinking the whole time, "Where's Brick?" This would be a perfect time to give him the spotlight he needs. I don't even think they'll have past appearances from old contestants aside from some mentions of Cody and Dakota. And this is a real shame. Brick would have been perfect to use in this challenge.

The Heroic Hamsters luckily get a one minute headstart... but fail because Sam's blood pressure is decreasing, and will most likely die. But the writers could care less.

Luckily, the Heroes help Sam, but then lose the race to the crates for slowing down for Sam. Thus, the Villains get good leech guns, while the Heroes get slingshots.

When Cameron and Sierra both speak at the same time, Cameron mentions in the confessional that he has a lot in common with Sierra. They're both super smart, they're sometimes socially oblivious, and to add, they're both annyoying when they're around each other.

Sierra and Cameron talk at the same time a second time, and make Sam fall to the ground a second time. *sigh* It'll never end, will it?

Sierra however, falls into a hallucination of Cameron as Cody. Gee, maybe this could result in Sierra's elimination. You know, I'm really sick of them pointing out the obvious like this.

A load of more missed opportunities are gone. Scott has no chance to fire any of his artillery, which would of been awesome due to his training, and Courtney barely fights to show her power hungry attitude, because she's watching over Sam.

But at least there's a great line from Heather, who yells "Avenge me!" That's the funniest line of the episode.

But sadly, in the background, leeches suck the blood out of Scott, making me realise that he's going to be getting "The Sam Treatment" in the next episode.

Cameron does some unnecessary calculations to attempt to hit Gwen, which I could care less about. But Duncan saves Gwen's life, Cody style. Finally! They show that Duncan has a heart in there. He hasn't been like this since the first season.

But, like Duncan, Gwen gets hit.

With Alejandro, Scott, Heather, Cameron, Sierra, Gwen, and Duncan gone, it only leaves Courtney, Mike, Zoey, Sam, and Jo.

Jo tries to hit Courtney who uses Sam as a human shield. Sam gets blood sucked out of him by leeches, meaning that he's probably going to be hurt more in the next episode.

After Zoey hits Jo, the Hamsters win.

And sadly, Jo is eliminated. This was inevitable in this episode. Not because of the rumor that Jo would go in the third episode, but because she cost the challenge, even though she really shouldn't have. Again, like I said, Heather should've been eliminated, like the last episode. Gwen hates Heather, and Duncan and Jo have... something there. Tiebreaker, at least.

This also completely destroys Jocan. I don't really care for the pairing, but making it start in the first episode, and then never bringing it up again made things extremely insignificant.

Cameron goes to Boney Island to avoid being mistreated by Sierra. Damn, that would've been really entertaining.

And then, a team swap happens. Courtney joins the Vultures for using Sam as a human shield, while Duncan... joins the Hamsters for saving Gwen?

Duncan? Really? Well, at least we may get a chance to see him be eliminated early for once. I hope the Heroes gang up on him.

There's even pretty good dialogue towards the end.

Duncan: At least now you know I exist.

Courtney: Yeah. You exist. SO WHAT?

Did I mention that I love Courtney? This line is great, because it shows just how stupid Duncan is acting.

Unfortunately, the episode suffers from being pretty weak. So much could've been explored here, but they went the easy route.

The Good

-Mike's Evil Personality

-Courtney is hilarious

-Some funny jokes, particularly Lightning

-The Bickersons

The Bad

-Slapstick humor involving Sam

'-'Out-of-place elimination

'-'Many missed opportunities, particularly with no usage of Brick

Overall: C-

Next Time: Food Fright (There better be an Owen cameo)

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