Evil Dread

This episode was hard to come to a conclusion on. I do plan to review every episode of Total Drama but this episode seems really divisive to me.

The episode itself is a very strange one.

It starts off with Chris doing a recap of the last episode with Chef there for some reason. But don't worry. He'll hardly be doing anything in this episode.

After the dissapointing redone theme song, Mike is seen in bed, still suffering from his multiple personality disorder. Now with all due respect, this is pretty confusing. In the first episode, I didn't mind this as much because it was a gag, but here, I'm not really sure how Mike's disorder works. If he overcame it, does this mean that Mike is now some sort of superhuman. Then again, the personalities discuss someone coming, leading me to believe that its the Evil Mike rumor. But what would I know, huh?

At the girls side of the Hamsters cabin, we see Courtney and What's Her Name sleeping. Courtney wakes up due to a photo shoot sound. It turns out that Sierra was watching Courtney sleep. Strange...

We see a cameo of Cody on Sierra's phone. Hey, with characters like Zoey, and Lightning, and with Lindsay eliminated, I could really need some Cody right now. I would say Scott too, but he's really starting to grow on me.

Sierra mentions that without a link to Cody from her phone, she would lose her mind. Gee, I wonder if this could lead to Sierra's early elimination. But what would I know, huh?

Chef does something, and fires some dirty food at them. Leave whatever he threw at them to your own conclusion...

Courtney complains that they have to win the next challenge, but would they really make a pattern of Hero going, and then Villain? It's obvious that the Hamsters will lose this time, right?

Scott, the most improved character this season, notes how much he loves the hotel. Duncan agrees and they tap their glasses together.

Gwen is feeling depressed about being a villain. In a surprising twist, Duncan feels worried about someone, and asks Gwen what's wrong with her. Gwen ignores him.

On Boney Island, Lightning swipes a fish to catch it, and even fights with a bird. He eats the fish and pukes it out. I don't know why, but Lightning is starting to grow on me too. A problem that I have with a character like Tyler is that it's just one joke about a bad jock who's accident prone. With Lightning, it's took to a whole new level. And seeing get injured is all the more satisfying.

I'm starting to like Scott, and Lightning? Who's next? Jo? Duncan? Zoey?

But things start to really go downhill here. Jo tells the team that they should vote Lightning off, as he could find the invincibility statue. Weren't these two in an alliance? Why as Jo telling them to vote him off? In fact, with getting Duncan on her side judging by the last episode, and with Gwen becoming a pushover, Jo could easily take out Scott, Alejandro, or Heather. If Lightning was voted off, Jo will have a back injury. From what, you may ask? Why, only the coveted Idiot Stick of course. But it's not like Jo's intelligence would be on the level of Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Tyler, Justin, Owen, Staci, or Dakota, right? Right?!

Scott says in joy about how he slept on a comfortable pillow which he loved because back on his farm, he sleeps on a burlap sack filled with small animals.

Did the writers just give some sympathy for Scott? Did they give Scott... depth?

Why do I like Scott so much now? I no longer want Courtney and Sam to be the Final 2. Bring Scott to the finale. I beg of you.

Anyways, Alejandro endures pain from Heather, both physically and verbally. Do these two like each other or not? I keep getting teased like this and it's really starting to get annoying.

As the challenge begins, Gwen ignores Duncan when he greets her. Hey, Gwen should be more thankful. Duncan rarely shows friendliness.

I love how the entire team were watching Gwen and observing her and Duncan. It's actually a really funny image.

The challenge finally starts, which is sadly, pretty underwhelming. It's just the two teams digging for pieces to make a sculpture. There's no second part, and the closest we get to a team disadvantage is the Heroes not getting shovels.

But the episode is pretty mediocre anyways.

Sam feels sick, and the teams discover that the trap of the challenge is falling into scorpion bait, thus leading to Sam torture.

But not just Sam getting hurt, Lightning too! By a wooden trap that causes him to fall into the scorpion hole. Why do I find this so funny?!

The Heroes make a plan about how to dig, and Courtney complains about how the team is acting too nice. Remind me again why Courtney is on the Heroes team.

Jo and Heather fight over team position, and Lightning once again makes me feel guilty for saying that I hated him. Why did I put him so low on my list? I really need to redo that.

What follows is a scene tha makes me wonder if Cameron deserves to be called a Hero. He grabs a hat and puts it on Mike to turn him into Manatoba. Wasn't it Cameron who helped Mike get rid of his multiple personalities? This scene seems pretty out of place doesn't it?

Manatoba flirts with Mary Jane, or Mary Sue, or whatever her name is. But didn't she only like Mike? But then again, who really cares?

In the funniest part of the episode, Chris complains about how bored he is of the challenge. I couldn't hear what the others said aside from Lightning yelling about how amazing he is. Lightning, you're right up there with Dawn and Brick on my favorites of TDRI. Why is it that I love your character so much?

Cameron gets hurt and fires himself at Scott, hitting him. Due to Cameron never doing anything, he runs away in fear, which leads me to come to a conclusion. Does Cameron really have any purpose? Should I have really said that I like Cameron a lot? He's a classic underdog, but he lacks any real other emotions. If he was eliminated in this episode, nothing would change at all.

So with the teams even, Scott decides to pull a move of sabotage. He steals a piece for the sculpture and pretends to get it on his own team.

But Manatoba saves the day and stops Scott. But from a trap of bees, Scott pushes Mike and knocks him unconscious, leading us to the big highlight of the episode.

Inside Mike's subconscious, his other multiple personalities are playing with cards, but suddenly, an evil figure appears that looks like Mike.


Mike puts on his hat, but Manatoba doesn't come out, which shocks Mike. Okay, this Evil Mike will either be an awesome badass, or a cliche over-the-top villain. They better handle this good.

Meanwhile, on the more interesting team, Alejandro gets stung on the leg, but with no reaction. Until we find out that Alejandro is faking his injury. Why? It's not really clear unfortunately...

The Villains try putting the pieces together, only to discover that Lightning made a mistake.

But unfortunately for them, the Heroes... win? Huh, so there isn't any elimination pattern. Wow, I'm actually impressed.

After the win, Gwen tries congratulating Courtney only to accidentaly hit her with garbage. Courtney walks away pretty angry, while Gwen gives a lonely and dissapointed look.

We get a glimpse of Evil Mike, or, judging by his look, Emo Mike.

In the confessional Duncan is conflicted on who to vote for. He thinks of voting for... Jo?


Didn't these two make some sort of friendship in the first episode? It doesn't matter. It's obvious that Heather is being voted off. Lightning may have cost them the challenge, but if Jo is in an alliance with him, and... presumably friends with Duncan, and with Alejandro and Gwen not trusting Heather, she's probably getting rid of Heather, right?

Wrong. This is the episode's greatest weakness. Jo convinced everyone to vote for Lightning. So yeah, Jo is an idiot. Her alliance with Lightning is as inconsistent as Leshawna's was with Harold and Duncan. Or Heather's alliance with Duncan.

I don't care if Lightning cost the challenge. Maybe I'd forgive this problem more if Jo didn't vote for him, but she obviously did. If it was a 5-2 vote, I'd understand, but it isn't. Because the elimination was between Jo and Lightning.

The Good

-More depth added to Scott

-More likability for Lightning

-Evil Mike

-Occasional Funny Jokes

The Bad

-Underwhelming Challenge

-Confusing Elimination

-A few out-of-character moments

-Lindsay is eliminated. Nothing fills the void.

Overall: B-

Next Time: Saving Private Leechball (Brick better have a cameo)

Oh yeah. There was a Alegwen moment. I forgot because it's so insignificant.

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