I have decided to do Total Drama reviews. I was going to start with the first season, but I changed my mind in doing this season first, since making a review on the first episode of TDI just a few days before this season starts seems kind of rushed... kind of like how the first episode of Total Drama All Stars plays out.

There's this problem that I dreaded would happen in this season, and it looks like there is. It's rushed to the fullest degree.

Now with that said, it's not one of the worst the show has offered. After all, Revenge of the Island had many rushed episodes that still turned out okay.

But because there's fourteen episodes, I expected as much. I wish it was like with Total Drama Action. Despite the fact that there is 16 eliminations (including Izzy's, Owen's and Courtney's return), they had an elimination every two episodes. That helped the development of certain characters in reward challenge ideas. That's a good idea.

But this season will most likely have an elimination every episode. Unless a reward challenge twist happens, but if it does, they'd use a double elimination to make up for it anyways.

Let's briefly go over how they even use these characters.

After two seasons, Gwen is apologizing to Courtney about Duncan. Really, this late? She's also shocked that she's on The Villainous Vultures. You and me both, Gwen. Why does Gwen even have to be used like this. She has more of a character outside of being a punching bag.

Heather hates the robot. She cannot stand it. It keeps coming close to her. Hmm, I wonder why? Not surprisingly, Alejandro gets out of the robot suit within the first episode. Really? Already? Also, his new voice doesn't fit him at all. But at least there's somewhat of an explanation since he was in that suit for a year. His legs are so wobbly, that he's practically worthless.

As for Heather? Not much for her here. There's not even any mention of her development. If she really goes back to her roots, I will be utterly shocked at the dissapointment of this.

Courtney is one of the saving graces of this episode. She also suffers from pain that she doesn't deserve at all. But the way that she has matured from yelling at Duncan is a welcome sight to see.

Sierra is less crazy than before. I thought that she would've been much sadder that she wasn't near Cody. Her constant mentioning of him though can quickly become a problem after a while.

Scott never faces his fear of Fang, does removing any opportunity to let us root for him. Why?

Sam, like Courtney, is also used well here. I don't what it is about Sam that makes me like his character so much? Maybe it's just his casual approach to things.


This picture is adorable and hilarious... but mostly hilarious.

Zoey and Mike are as blank as you would expect. They don't do much.

Lightning is as annoying as you would expect. On the bright side, he gets to suffer on Boney Island.

Jo and Duncan... are the biggest problem with the episode. Remember how I said that it was rushed? These two are the main reason. For whatever reason, after Jo randomly insults Duncan, he... laughs it off? That's not the Duncan I know. But really, I've never wanted to recognize him ever since World Tour. And... there's hints of a romance between them. Really? Jo with Lightning or Brick works a lot better than this.

Cameron has one line in the whole episode...I'm not kidding. He's wasted here.

Lindsay, as I thought, is eliminated first. I knew from the latest previews I saw, and I'm as upset as everyone else. At least she wasn't cheated out of an elimination this time.

But the ultimate saving grace is seeing Chris go insane in a jail cell and present the series there. Now that was something funny.

But in the end of it all, the interaction between Old and New characters...doesn't work as best as I had hoped. It's the pilot. I'll give them time. Maybe next time, there might be more worth salvaging for.

Final Score: B-

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