Hey, all! Back with another edition of Total Drama Edgic. ​This time, I'll be analyzing the second season. However, before reading this I highly suggest you read this edgic of the first season. I don't think I feel the need to have to explain what an edgic is for every season since the information is all there, so instead I'm just going straight into this.

The rules still apply. I analyze how a character's personality and behaviour is presented in the episode and its edit. This is put into an abbreviation. I also have a contenders list (1st-4th) of whom I feel have the best chance of winning based purely on how the episode edits and portrays them. I'll also be including what's known as SPV, which wasn't put into enough detail in the previous edgic. SPV stands for second-person visibility and it means how other contestants mention this person. If the person is mentioned in a positive or negative way it really affects their edgic. Buuuuut...

This time, I'm going in detail. Rather than just post a chart, I'll be instead looking at each character for each episode and analyse what their behaviour was in the episode and what abbreviation it matches, and also whether they deserve to be a winner contender or not. I'll try to update this as daily as possible for each episode. Again, it's HIGHLY recommended you read the edgic of the first season if you don't understand what an edgic means. I'll be going over the characters in order of when they were eliminated backwards. I'll also be NOT analyzing aftermath episodes, since, unlike Haute Camp-ture for example, it doesn't affect anything game-wise so it's inconsequential to an edgic.


Monster Cash 

Alien Resurr-egtion

Monster Cash



Explanation:As the contestants wonder where Chris is, Beth offers a jokingly friendly prediction about his location. Upon opening her mouth, it is revealed that she got her braces off and a whopping FIVE contestants admire this, which is a really good SPV to have. One of the contestants who compliments her is Lindsay, who Beth forms an excitable and strong friendship with. Beth is OTTP, no doubt about it, because not only does she receive all these compliments, but it's framed in an excitable way. Lindsay saying that she'll take Beth to France if she wins makes them both cheer in an excitable manner. Her friendship with Lindsay becomes a minor aspect of the episode later on but it's still prevalent. Lindsay gets captured by the monster and Beth calls her in a worried tone "I'll miss you, Lindsay!" When captured, Beth cheers "I'm coming, Lindsay!" Then at the end of the episode, the girls draw straws of who gets to sleep where. Beth is the one who comes up with this perfectly fair game and the girls appear to collectively think it's a good idea. She also manages to pair up with Lindsay's bed in this straw game, which gets them delighted once again. I could've easily given Beth OTTP2 since she's still fairly overshadowed by fellow competitors, but given the amount of praise she gets from others and her having a stronger introduction than most, Beth is OTTP3.

Was she a winner contender?: Yes, absolutely. Beth didn't get a primary character kind of deal in this season opener but it's implied that she's now become more popular and well-liked by her fellow competitors. Her personality is also inoffensive and it doesn't look like she really has the potential to anger anyone, nor does she have much of a chance of being voted off because, who would actually vote her off besides Heather who would vote anyone? Her also cheering that she's going to France with Lindsay really does make her seem like a bright character who can go far in this.


"Wow. Even Justin notices how much of a chance I have this season".



Explanation:Despite this being Duncan's opener episode, he didn't really portray negativity or positivity. This is because pretty much all of his lines in this episode are general ones that anyone could've said. When the contestants hear the monster roar, Duncan says that Chris is just "yanking their chain", a line which could've been said by anyone if worded differently. He points out Bridgette and Geoff's making out being strange and "not the kind of action Chris had in mind", which Bridgette and Geoff agree with in the confessional. Owen later frees Duncan and everyone inside by popping open the bouncing castle, and Duncan wonders why anyone didn't do that before. After Izzy returns from her "date" with the monster, Duncan asks what happened. Duncan is one of the contestants to compliment Owen's eating levels in the eating challenge but this doesn't count as a positive for Duncan since it's more of something aimed that Owen. So all in all, Duncan's lines in this episode are general but not minor enough for him to be UTR. He also gets mentioned and interacted with enough, giving him a MOR2.

Was he a winner contender?: No. His lines are too general for him to be seen as someone who's in with a shot of winning. That said, he can be an honorable mention, due to most of his lines being relatable for the audience to understand.

Coke wasn't a good idea

"See, juvie? I said normal things! I should totally be put on bail!"



Explanation: Owen had by far the most screentime over anyone. He first reveals in the confessional that he secretly likes Izzy but wishes she'd notice him and not the monster, which is a cartoonish way to act, but also a positive moment. Once everyone is captured, Owen can't be due to his size and he cheers about this in the confessional. Even better for him, victory music is played, implying that this is meant to be a victorious moment that gets the audience to root for him. Then he tries to free everyone from the bouncing castle and succeeds, albeit after ten hours. After that's out of the way, the contestants are treated to what seems like an eating challenge. Owen eats everything in a flash, not realizing they're made of props. He gets complimented by fellow contestants in their confessionals. So, yeah, Owen is definitely an OTTP5. He also had much more confessionals than anyone. Now, he could've gotten an OTTPP5 but unfortunately for him he picked a squashed trailer for his male contestants to sleep in when he won the reward of choosing which trailer, making them visibly annoyed at him. However, he also doesn't receive an OTTM5 or OTT5 because the girls still cheer about their outcome that Owen caused and both trailers get squashed anyways, so his decision doesn't really affect things too much. Plus, his many various positive moments also can't really be countered by any negative actions he could be doing in the episode, unless he like, killed someone. So he's OTTP5

Was he a winner contender?: Yes. Despite Owen already being a finalist, we know that finalists are capable of getting there again, confirmed by the staff. And here Owen definitely counts for this. He gets a confessional talking about his feelings for his love interest, frees everyone, single-handedly wins two mini-challenges, and has an over the top positive presence which affects contestants' chances such as him in this show in a good way. He just too major of a character in this episode to NOT be a winner contender.


"Check it out, guys! I'm eating up all the screentime!"



Explanation: Harold got what is probably the rarest edgic someone could get besides the likes of OTTPP or OTTNN. His edgic is rather bizarre. He basically didn't have that much of a major role, yet positivity and negativity were captured with him. He bumps into Leshawna at the beginning of the episode by accident and apologises. Leshawna later encourages him assertively to run with her away from the monster, before he boasts about how fast he can run. They're both captured and he declares his love her, uncomforting her; "Say what now?" After Owen eats all the food, Harold boasts in the confessional that he could've done that if he wanted to. This is all Harold does in the episode. He doesn't interact with anyone besides Lashawna and is fairly low in visibility yet he has positive and negative moments to his name, giving him UTRM2

Was he a winner contender?: No. He was mixed but it was the kind of mixed that doesn't really make you stick out as someone whom the audience will end up rooting for. He was minor comic relief, meaning he can easily be replaced in future. He proclaimed his love for Leshawna but that's pretty minor compared to the likes of Gwent, Gidgette, or even Ozzy.

Karate Chop

"I didn't appear enough! It's time to take my anger out on someone. Hiyah!"



Explanation: As I mentioned before, Lindsay's friendship with Beth is repeatedly inserted in the episode and portrayed in a positive way. Lindsay optimistically wants Beth to be her new best friend and they scream in happiness together. She tries taking photos to enjoy the experience with, even if it's of a raccoon that Chef chases with a knife. Her screentime level is around the same as Beth and I won't stress enough how much positivity their friendship is devoted to.

Was she a winner contender?: Yep. She had this cheerful and inoffensive presence just like Beth did. There were also some key moments with her that put her in the high position she has. She received the first confessional, which is a great edit that works in a person's favor. Gwen was the first to get a confessional last season for example. She also has her naïveté more emphasised on than Beth, making Lindsay just as intended to be rooted for as Beth was.


"We can be contenders together, BFF!"



Explanation: Justin is seen by fellow contestants in a very positive light, just like last season. However, it's a little less OTT than in the TDI opener. He's just generally seen as a good looking person, even charming the monster into being gentle with him. But this isn't OTT like the sharks because Chef plays the monster so it comes across more natural. Now even though Justin is popular with others, I did NOT give him a positivity rating in his edgic. This is due to his somewhat arrogant confessional about his looks and also him boasting about how he's a "master strategist", which is a negative moment. All in all he's balanced both ways. He's a somewhat minor character but he has enough individual moments to himself and with others that he gets a MORM2.

Was he a winner contender?: As a matter of fact he was. Justin is liked by the contestants and with the season having much less people than before, this works much better in his favour than last season. He may have had an arrogant confessional but he's not seen as a major villain due to his emphasized popularity. He instead comes across as strategic, which is not a bad thing all. This just about puts him in Top 4.


"I'm such a beautiful hunk of love to be a contender."



Explanation: Leshawna was one of the five contestants to compliment Beth's looks, and admired what Owen's effort was in the eating challenge, albeit in a mocking way. That said, she also had negative moments. She pushed Justin aside just so she could compliment Beth, and she joined forces with the Harold in the challenge but it was in a forceful way. She also argued with Heather, which you'd think would be a positive moment for her, but they play music that indicates anger as they argue so it's definitely meant to be a negative moment. She's as much of a minor character as Justin, giving her a MORM2 also.

Was she a winner contender?: No. Leshawna didn't have a stand-out character presented to us on screen, and her mixed rating isn't in a stand-out way either. Too one-note sadly.


"I'm savin' you from this monsta', Harold baby, whether ya like it or not >:(!"



Explanation: Heather is unpopular with fellow contestants and clashes with a few during the episode. Her and Gwen both got introduced at the same time and immediately clashed over who got off the bus first, which is already pretty over the top, including them both accidentally pushing each other out. Heather gets captured by the monster which Lindsay cheers at upon saying with a "You tell her! We don't like her!" which already makes this edgic so obvious. After being dropped in the bouncing castle, Heather cheekily says "I think you forgot something!" before her wig is handed back to her. At the end of the episode, she clashes with pretty much all of the girls, and it's implied that none of them want to sleep with her. Beth saying that the shortest straw of all sleeps with Heather emphasizes once more how major the dislike towards her is. As she's portrayed as a negative character with a negative SPV, her receiving two beds to herself due to receiving the shortest straw, is not shown to be a positive moment due to her popularity level, as she cackles in boastfulness, with Gwen following this off with "Yeah. We should've thought this through." She is clearly OTTN3

Was she a winner contender?: Absolutely not lol. Because of last season, the contestants know how manipulative Heather is. There really doesn't seem to be much that can keep her in the season for long, since, who can she really work with? She has absolutely no power in how vote-offs can go in future, unless she performed a miracle which she did.


"Ugh. That text above me is SO wrong. I am NOT negative, loser!!!"



Explanation: This is probably Izzy's most common edgic. Izzy has plenty of over-the-top moments right from the get-go. Owen makes the mistake of calling her by her real name causing her to whistle in reply and rolls her eyes, but when she calls her E-Scope, she does somersaults into the cart the contestants are travelling in. She's captured b the monster first but cheers as she bounces up and down the bouncing castle. Owen admits his love for her in the confessional. She then sees everyone the next day and answers the confusion in how she escaped, replying that she had a romantic date with the monster, and that he doesn't take no for an answer. Her trademark theme song itself is the perfect way of describing OTT-ness, since it has this kooky twing in it's melody. She's definitely an OTT3

Was she a winner contender?: Sadly for Izzy, no. Her humor was so out there that it would be hard to believe that that can keep her surviving for long in the season. She's comic relief with a lack of development or even potential development. Her being captured by the monster first like 30 seconds after the challenge started, also makes her come across as a little throwaway.


"My personality is just so bouncy, huh?!"



DJ got a fairly uncommon edgic; OTT1. This is because, while he really does not appear a lot at all, they gave special focus to him being more of the monster than anyone, screaming loudly instead of everyone else where they just display shock. He faints upon looking at the monster and is unconscious, as Chris pokes him with a stick, with a goofy sound effect for DJ's stomach being poked (in fact it's the same sound effect in TDI when contestants poke a marshmallow with a stick). The episode later cuts back to him sucking his thumb begging for his mamma as Chris pats his head softly, which is another minor cartoony moment. He also later over-reacts again and needs Trent to calm him down. So DJ gets the reward of having such an uncommon edgic, especially considering his visibility. Congrats, DJ. OTT1.

Was he a winner contender?: No. DJ was too one note in the episode for him to stick out as someone who lasts a very long time into the season.


"There ain't nothin' wrong with a guy like myself cryin' over his sweet mamma ;("



Gwen got quite a few confessionals where she could be related to by the viewer, such as her asking what happened to an anamatronic monster, before saying in the confessional how in retrospect she probably shouldn't have asked that. Another example would be her saying that they should've thought their straw game through more after Heather gets rewarded. She serves Duncan's role, but in a slightly more relatable way.

Was she a winner contender?: No. She was fairly toneless and not too important. So again, she's in the same boat as Duncan.


"Sorry, guys. I'm just too social now to be negative to people like before."



Trent was repeatedly seen having positive moments, such as complimenting Beth on getting her braces off (first to do it too), comforting DJ when the monster was around, and yelling at Gwen that he's here for as they dropped into the bouncing castle. He also had a comedic moment of naivety that Gwen talked about. He's straightforward enough to have this edgic but only has a 2 visibility.

Was he a winner contender?: No. Trent was too straightforward and his positivity was too one-note for it to look like he's on some kind of character journey.

Trent compliments Beth

"Wow. Maybe I'm not crazy for Gwen after all. Right, Gwen??"





As they had the same edgic and are basically the same contestant in these episodes they compete in, I've decided to do them together, like I would've done with Katie and Sadie. Bridgette and Geoff are mostly seen just making out with each other but it's not really edited as a positive or negative thing. Duncan seems to be turned off by it but it's not elaborated on too much. They had enough over-the-top jokes centered around them to receive an OTT2 rating.

Was she a winner contender?: No.

Was he a winner contender?: No.


"Oh no! The monster's captured our personalities!"

I will now arrange the 4 characters who actually were contenders in order of their likeliness in winning.


1: Beth

2: Lindsay

3: Owen

4: Justin

Alien Resurr-eggtion



Explanation: For the second time in a row, Beth got an OTTP3 edit. Now on first glance, Beth is actually not too visible in the episode. She doesn't have too much lines or a purpose. However, that does not even matter considering Beth has a total of THREE really long and fleshed out lines. Examples including her making a long explanation in the confessional on why they should be nice to Heather even if she's mean to them. She also exploded angrily as she bravely took on what she assumed was an alien. But this wasn't a negative moment since she had victorious music playing and Leshawna backing her. This ends with Beth finding Bridgette and Geoff making out. This is a very overly positive moment for Beth and really encompasses this edgic. She later marvels as alien goo drenches Justin, before saying in the confessional "You know what? models are people too. We stare at them, but they've got feelings just like the rest of us. They have hopes, they have dreams. My dream is to marry Justin! My mom says if I concentrate really hard, one day, my dreams will all come true!" This is a somewhat comedic moment but a really likable one moreso. Very likable.

Was she a winner contender?: Without a shadow of doubt in my mind, yes! It's weird having said that, since Beth is kind of a secondary character but that's completely besides the point. The long line about Heather makes her stick out as a winner contender because it comes across as a protagonist acting light on an antagonist, which is a likable quality. Her chances of winning from this edit only becomes bigger when she bravely takes on what all the contestants assumed was the alien. Beth is one of two contestants who takes on the alien head-on, whereas everyone else runs away (I'll get to the other later). For a character we haven't known much about, this works HUGELY in Beth's favour. Victorious music is always a strongly good sign too. Then finally, her line about Justin makes her a winner contender too because it's a light-hearted comedic line but all that stuff about sympathizing with models, and then saying how she's been told if she concentrates really hard, one day her dreams will all come true, which is a prime winner confessional to have. Even at the end, when Bridgette and Geoff make out, they go to the trouble of animating Beth smiling in the midst of everyone else's (apart from Lindsay) disgust. Why go to the trouble of that? Beth quoted Buddha for goodness sake! How much more likable are they actually gonna make her?? ...Even if she misused a quote by him and offended buddhists everywhere.



Explanation: The previous episode was kind of ambiguous in telling us exactly what kind of purpose Duncan will play out; whether he would play a positive or negative one. Well this episode seems to be the answer. In this episode, Duncan's main role is to be the catalyst for some awkward tension between Gwent. Duncan takes on Trent in his lack of alien movie knowledge, and repeatedly undermines Trent as being a loser. This portrays Duncan in a more negative way, mostly due to how Trent plays out in the episode, but I'll get to him later. For now all I'll say is that Duncan is meant to be an antagonist in the episode, although a very minor one at that. That said he is still prominent in the episode. He has plenty of confessionals too, with the same purpose as the ones he got in the previous episode. He has confessionals that are meant to relate to the viewer, such as him turning down Geoff and Bridgette's offer to team up with him in the challenge and explaining why in the confessional, or his reason for voting them off in the confessional. This may make people believe Duncan has CPN, but people tend to mix up MORN and CPN so I'll explain. While Duncan does have detailed lines, they're not complex enough ones that develop him too much, which is why he's middle-of-the-road. He is not toneless just because he makes confessionals that relate to the general audience view on Bridgette. The reason Duncan gained a negative rating is that the edit hammers in the point that he is firmly against Trent and what he stands for. He calls Trent lame for an alien movie taste he has, and even when Trent heroically risks losing a challenge to get Gwen a necklace belonging to her, Duncan scoffs and says he would've went for the win. This is clearly meant to portray Duncan as in the wrong as victorious music played when Trent did this. Since Gwent is prominent in this episode, Duncan has a huge visibility, mostly for causing some of the tension in their relationship.

Was he a winner contender?: No he isn't. Duncan has antagonistic playing over some negative lines he says, like how after Trent says he'd do anything for Gwen, Duncan would say "I'll remind you two of that when the money is being divvyed up." That's an easy way of explaining why Duncan doesn't seem like someone likely to win.

Catch this moment at first try and I give you a thousand bucks

"Ha! I don't really care if this hurts my winning chances. At least I don't have bad taste in movies!"



Explanation: Owen's primary purpose in this episode was a secondary comic relief. He's definitely not very important to the episode and has a few moments that just barely manage to give him a visibility of 3. He politely let Izzy lead the way in the challenge before being comedically and unrealistically flipped over by her, he farted on Gidgette's faces, and most over the top of all.... he ate prunes for breakfast!!!

Was he a winner contender?: No. Owen was fairly one-note in humour. He did get OTT ratings in TDI but the difference there was he had more of a fleshed out characterization. Here, his purpose isn't major enough, but not minor enough either where you can spot potential.

Owen prunes

"I was only kinda important? Maybe these prunes will help..."



Explanation: Harold is an interesting case. Now he doesn't really appear too much... like, really noticeably. He doesn't appear in the episode until a third of the way in! Yet here he is receiving a CPM rating. This is a very detailed edgic, as it means that the contestant had a complex personality but the way that was edited with them was mixed. In fact, his lines aren't just a mix of positive and negative ones. Pretty much each of his lines have positive and negative traits in each of them, and it's not a black and white view that some are positive and some are negative. His first moment in the episode comes when he jumps into Leshawna's arms out of fright, causing her to complain in the confessional about him, but also not blaming him, followed by him believing he has a chance with her before letting his perverted imagination go wild. That's a good example of him being edited in a positive and negative way. Then later he says in the confessional how he may not be the best looking or the most buff, but he gets his butt kicked a lot and his senses are totally heightened... he is first out of the challenge ten seconds later. But again, that's another positive and negative characterization for him. Not just that but both of these moments have complexity. We learn more details about Harold's Leshawna attraction and we learn about his senses are heightened. This makes him stick out as a complex character for me.

Was he a winner contender?: Yeah he was. It seems surprising considering how little he contributes but Harold came across as though he has tons of potential. They set up his love story again, and his confessional about how he may not be the best at some things but his senses are heightened is a really promising confessional that makes him come across well. He was first out of the challenge though which does go against him but not enough to slip him off the contenders list.



Explanation: Lindsay does not appear much in this episode. She is however seen bonding with Beth on various occasions, appreciating Justin being smart (lol) and calling Gidgette the cutest couple ever. She's under-the-radar but just manages to get a visibility of 2, due to her standing out in the Gidgette moment and them further establishing her friendship with Beth.

Was she a winner contender?: No. She seems to be too much of a sidekick to Beth and therefore doesn't seem to stand out as someone who can hold out an episode on her own at this stage. Sorry, Linds.


"Uh, Lindsay? Maybe it would be better if you didn't follow me when I go into the confessional?" "This is the confessional? I thought it was the bathroom, Beth."



Explanation: Justin only had one moment in the episode. But it was enough to give him a positive presence. Justin is called smart by Lindsay simply because he followed what a GPS said, three girls huddled around him when they were all in danger, and he rubbed himself as goo dripped all over his fancy body. Congrats, Justin. You've won TDA.

Was he a winner contender?: Unfortunately for Justin, looks don't solve everything. He was too light-hearted for the small time he appeared on screen for him to seem like someone who would last to the endgame.

Beth leshawna love

"We're scared! Let's point our fingers at Justin's abs!"



Explanation: Leshawna is complimented to a high degree by Harold in the confessional, giving her good SPV. She also has a positive outlook of herself in the confessional after he jumps in her arms. And she's overjoyed when her name is called safe. She still however doesn't appear enough and is just like Justin and Lindsay. The editing in this season is so repetitive <3.

Was she a winner contender?: No. Harold seems to be the one who sticks out more in their love story, and she was even in the Bottom 3 in this episode, meaning they just put some random character in the Bottom 3, because in what universe would Leshawna of all people have been eliminated instead of Bridgette and Geoff?

Leshawna has no tact

"Yes, y'all! Shawnie's safe even when she does nothin'!"



Explanation: Heather has once again an over the top negative presence in the episode. Things like Izzy nonchalantly saying "We don't like you" or Justin saying "How did you get in our group?" are things that are intentionally over the top since the contestants not liking her seems like such a natural thing. But even more importantly than this established unpopularity and negative SPV, she also has her wig taken away once Chef shoots her. This is portrayed as a truly important and also dramatic moment, ncluding dramatic music.

Was she a winner contender?: Not while she has those ingrown hairs in her scalp.


"I'm not crazy! I'm just in intense bald pain!"



Explanation: Izzy is toneless and over-the-top once again. She flips Owen over easily when he offers a nice gesture just because he called her Izzy. She gets in an even more outlandish fight with Chef than she did last season. She pretends to be dead. After Chef brings up how he thought she was dead she laughs "I get that a lot!" Izzy really was a character made solely to fit this edgic.

Was she a winner contender?: Sorry for poor little E-Scope, no. Not only was she mostly just toneless comic relief, but she lost a second fight in a row against Chef. I wouldn't be surprised if she's out soon ;).



Explanation: DJ is weird. He barely appears in this episode at all yet DOESN'T get an UTR1. This is because even though he was under-the-radar, he had lines where the camera would take special focus on him and he was over the top in them. He had an exchange with Chef about the eggs and was glared at for, he went up close and personal with the camera saying what his momma can have after he dies from the alien, after being shot by the monster he yells at Gwen, Trent, and Duncan to save themselves which they literally do, causing him to glare as it seemed more like it would be setup for them to save him.

Was he a winner contender?: No. He was not prominent or developed enough and he was shot at a weird moment, as in shot right before it was down to the three strongest in the challenge, making him not stick out enough. Why is DJ so over the top in this season???


"Are we voting for who has the best momma?"



Explanation: Gwen has a pretty complicated relationship with Trent in this episode. They bond together in a lovey-dovey way but she's also visibly embarassed by some of his mannerisms like his taste in alien movies. She gets her necklace saved by him and is touched by it before winning the challenge because of him, but then they're placed on different teams and against each other as diabolical music plays. She does lean more towards being edited positively due to her personality in the episode overall and she does still value how Trent acts around her more or less. Nevertheless, the negative moments with her still remain, giving her a CPM5. Her screentime was massive too.

Was she a winner contender?: Just like Owen in Monster Cash, even though she was a finalist, she really was still a winner contender. She has an established easygoing popularity, she wins the challenge, and then there was her confessional where she says how she has great knowledge, boasting about her getting second last season. So yes, she is a contender.


"Wow, so even though I made it to the end last season, I still have a chance to get these things every elimination? ...I don't know how to feel about this:D



Explanation: This is pretty odd. Even though Trent is socially awkward in the episode and he's placed on a team against Gwen as part of a cruel twist, he remains a positive presence overall. The reason being is that all of his social awkwardness is meant to lead up to Trent's triumph at the end in which not only does he save Gwen's necklace but also wins the challenge for both of them, as heartwarming and victory music plays. He's still over the top positive though due to how major he makes his love for Gwen and the heroic things he does are bumped up as being very important.

Was he a winner contender?: Absolutely. Trent is portrayed as in the right in his rivalry with Duncan, heartwarming music plays when he compliments Gwen, he achieved not only winning the challenge, but also saving a necklace from Gwen reaching the same fate as Heather's wig. The episode almost revolves around Trent. He goes through this entire arc of being pretty dorky only to come out as the hero in the end. Nice job, Trent. You really came out coming across very rootable.


"Oh, great. You're not asking me why I'm so close to your face this time."





Explanation: Bridgette and Geoff pretty much serve the same purpose as they did the previous episode. They make out frequently. Only this time their visibility is slightly higher due to them being more involved. They're talked about more, the contestants mistake their kissing noises as an alien, Owen farts on them, there's numerous confessionals about why people are voting them off, and they make out when they think they're about to die. Pretty over the top.




"What is Geoff touching...?"

I will now arrange the 4 characters who actually were contenders in order of their likeliness in winning.


1: Trent

2: Beth

3: Gwen

4: Harold

Riot on Set


# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
1/2 Beth OTTP3 OTTP3
1/2 Duncan MOR2 MORN4
3 Owen OTTP5 OTT3
4 Courtney Debuts in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
5 Harold UTRM2 CPM2
6 Lindsay OTTP3 UTRP2
7 Justin MORM2 UTRP1
8 Leshawna MORM2 UTRP1
9 Heather OTTN3 OTTN3
10 Izzy OTT3 OTT3
12 Gwen MOR2 CPM5
13 Trent MORP2 OTTP5
14-15 Bridgette OTT2 OTT2
14-15 Geoff OTT2 OTT2
# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26



INV: Invisible

UTR: Under the radar

MOR: Middle of the road

CP: Complex personality

OTT: Over the top


PP: Extremely positive

P: Positive

M: Mixed

Nothing: Neutral

N: Negative

NN: Extremely negative


Visibility scale: 1 thru 5 (1: lowest; 5: highest)

  • However, not *all* episodes necessarily have someone with a 1, or a 5, etc.


Contenders are not necessarily who I want to win, but they are who I think have the best shot at winning.

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