This is a somewhat controversial list. Alejandro is really one of the most underrated characters in my honest opinion. Not much fans really seem to see the same kind of awesomeness that I see in Alejandro.

Like every season, Total Drama World Tour needed some sort of antagonist. But because Heather was already the bad guy, along with Justin, and most notably, Courtney, the series needed someone else. And considering the roster, there weren't really many choices to pick from. The only veteran characters that can really be villains throughout an entire season are Eva, Duncan, and maybe even Ezekiel.

Thus, we enter Alejandro, the villain of this season. And quite frankly, he doesn't fail as a villain, unlike characters like Justin and Courtney in that department.

Alejandro is probably the most cunning out of all of the antagonists thus far. Sure, Heather was just as strategic and manipulative as Alejandro as we see in Total Drama Island, but her one big weakness was her short temper.

Alejandro doesn't suffer from this most of the time. In TDI, the only contestants that were really on Heather's side were Lindsay and Beth, and Beth stopped defending Heather after only six episodes. In fact, if Heather didn't win invincibility so many times, she would've been voted out earlier.

Alejandro gets lucky in this season. He has both Tyler and Owen on his side, and he then gets Duncan on his side once Duncan returns. Because of this, in a time where he could've been voted out, he gets Tyler and Duncan to vote for Noah with him because Noah suspects something bad about Alejandro.

There was also a chance that his plan could'e failed when Tyler was eliminated, but due to his strange manipulation methods, he managed to make Owen vote for Tyler with Duncan.

During the merge, due to the hatred players had for Courtney, Blaineley and Duncan, Alejandro was pretty much safe.

In fact, if there wasn't three teams, Alejandro could've easily lost his game. But aside from Ezekiel and Lindsay, Alejandro wiped out pretty much everyone from Team Victory.

And also, in actuality, Alejandro got rid of the most amount of players. Heather came close, getting rid of five players, but Alejandro successfully got rid of nine in one season. That's half of all of the players. And depending on what ending you see, he may have also accidentaly got rid of Heather.

It's this cunning behavior of Alejandro that I love watching. He's incredibly angered of who's on his team, but never lets anything out to them.

But thankfully, Alejandro isn't as stereotypical as he sounds. Even though this happens quickly, we get a reveal as to why Alejandro hates being called Al in the episode Hawaiian Punch. In that episode, he reveals that his brother Hozay always acts like he's better than him, and calls him Al to tease him. This makes Alejandro's actions slightly more justifiable in the end of it all.

And then there's his whole romance wih Heather. There really isn't much to touch on for now, but I pretty much like this pairing, as it further shows that Alejandro at least isn't completely heartless.

Also, the voice acting for Alejandro is some of the best I've heard on the show.



Dawn Knows All

Dawn is one of the most liked characters on the show from the fans... too bad the staff don't give her enough good treatment.

Dawn is really only seen in a total of five episodes so far. She won't even be in All-Stars.

But for the five episodes I've seen her in, Dawn quickly became one of my favorites. She's actually a pretty surreal character compared to others.

Whereas most of the other characters represent different types of teenagers, Dawn is kind of like some sort of guardian of everyone.

I always love to watch these strange moments that Dawn has. She was one of the saving graces of Season 4 for me.

She even made Zoey actually seem interesting. Yeah, Dawn is so useful of a character that she made Zoey slightly more interesting.

I think it's a real shame that Dawn didn't last longer on the show, because she's such a dynamic character compared to others in Season 4. A gripe I had with this season was that a lot of parts of it were incredibly contrived. But Dawn is an exception to this. She nearly seemed like the writers wanted to make a mix of Bridgette and Izzy. Actually, that pretty much sums up Dawn entirely. She's a calmer and more relaxed version of Izzy, hence why she's like Bridgette.

What also really makes Dawn work is the fact that she isn't really a villain when she looks at the inside and tragic parts of others. She thinks that it's just normal conversation. Because we clearly see that Dawn still gets along with others (Brick, Zoey, B).

It's also great to see that Dawn doesn't really react to the insane nature of Chris like others. She just goes along with it, as if she just expects everything to come. That is until she was eliminated way too early. Seriously, they kept Zoey, Lightning, Ann Maria, and Jo in the game instead of Dawn? Nevertheless, if there's ever any season that combines every contestant, I hope so much that Dawn makes it far.

P.S. Dawn and B is a pairing that really, really, needs to happen.




Oh, yeah! I've been looking forward to doing this one. Izzy is the true crazy girl of the show. She may not be too diverse or well-developed, but she just seems like a fun character to watch.

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of characters in Total Drama represent different types of teenagers. But Izzy is another one of those exceptions. You always see her act differently everytime you see her. Describing Izzy in one word is a very difficult thing to do, so I'll just use the word "zany".

I don't even know how to explain myself here, and I'll keep it brief, because Izzy is such an amazing character!

I guess because I didn't go into too much detail with this topic when I discussed Owen, so I'll go into more detail with Izzy.

Izzy and Owen are a valuable pairing within the world of TD. The two of them are such strange characters that it brings them closer together. It seems pretty clear to me that their break-up in TDWT isn't permanent.

The romance aspect in TD is hit-or-miss for me. On one hand, you have great ones like Duncan and Courtney, Gwen and Trent, and Tyler and Lindsay. But then there's bad ones like Gwen and Duncan, and Mike and Zoey.

But Izzy and Owen stand out as one of the best since they don't need to be written in a complex way. Right from the get-go, they immediately grab your attention because they are stand-out characters.

In conclusion, Izzy is a mental psychopath. And that's why I love watching her.




Brick is a character that I just can't help but love. And I'm sure that I'm not the only I always hoped that Brick had outdone Jo in something, even though that never happened, thus leading to what seems to be a slight missed opportunity.

But it doesn't damage Brick himself, since Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is full of missed opportunities anyways.

Ever since the first episode, I wanted Brick to win straight away. The contestants for Season 4 are a very mixed bag for me. But Brick is easily my favorite out of all of them.

Brick represents the loyal type of guy. He helps others in need even though he's not good at most things. His true shining moment comes in A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Brick is no longer on The Mutant Maggots, and is now on The Toxic Rats. In this episode, he saves his previous teammates (Cameron, Mike, Zoey). If he didn't do this, the Rats would've won (Anne Maria would be gone anyways), but he did, and thus his team lost, for the sixth time in a row (The Toxic Rats suck), but it did make me love Brick's character even more.

He's kind of like a mix of DJ and Tyler. He's terrible at athletic activities, but he's so kind, and lovable, that he ends up being sucjh a likable character,

He may not have any complexity about him, but Brick is so straightforward and great, that you can't help but emphatize with him.



A common complaint brought up in TD is that the characters are completely stereotypical and never break their own stereotype. I'm not someone who thinks this. And one major reason is the character of Bridgette, who breaks her stereotype non-stop.

Summing up Bridgette in two words is "Surfer girl". But I think that she's more than this. Bridgette started out in TDI, and sadly, she doesn't shine as much here as in other seasons. But it doesn't stop her from giving a good first impression.

Her puking scene was hilarious and continues to be an iconic moment in the series. Her slight pushover nature also makes her have much more depth within the context of her character.

Because she seems to overcome this in Total Drama Action. When Geoff becomes a jerk and makes a random comment calling Heather the hottest girl on the show, Bridgette doesn't react like you'd think she would. Rather than have conflicted feelings, Bridgette just gets ticked off, and notes how angry she is that Geoff would say something that cruel in front of her.

She even shown how much she hated how Geoff was acting during the TDA aftermath. She even goes as far as to break up with Geoff. Yeah, she becomes that brave.

But then in TDWT, Bridgette's likability sky-rockets to the extreme. After accidentaly kissing Alejandro, Bridgette feels incredibly guilty and doesn't know what to do. See, this is how you show a realistic relationship. Make the two have problems, conflicts, but ultimately make everything work out in the end.

With no other option, Bridgette apologizes in a musical way. She sings about how sorry she is, but Geoff can't bring himself to forgive her right now up until the climax of the episode.

This makes Bridgette one of the most realistic characters on the show. Her character is handled in an incredible and mature way, and it further cements her as one of my favorite characters on the show.



Noah is a character that entertained me from the very start. He kind of plays as if he's just someone showing you around, making snarky jokes to keep things interesting. Like Izzy, Noah is a very quotable character. He doesn't come off as uninteresting or bland when it comes to his character, because he knows that he doesn't like the environment that he's in. He just goes along with it, meaning that Noah just really barely qualifies as a character.

TDI was sadly a sad time for Noah though, giving him only five episodes, including the special.

But TDWT was where Noah truly became so much more fun to watch. Like the scene in which he insults Chris' attire, which reminded him of the 70's, or that time when he impersonated Sierra, or how about that random scene where Noah treated a sasquatch like a dog?

Noah nearly seems like a badass with how he acts. He's not necessarily mean, but his sarcastic wit makes things such a treat to watch when he's around.

The point I'm trying to make is that Noah is one of the most fun characters to watch. I never think that his jokes fail and he starts to get annoying like Owen, and I never think that his snarkiness makes him unlikable like with Duncan, Noah almost seems like a perfect character in all of these fields.

On a side note, this.



Cody is probably the most unfortunate contestant on the show. Nothing good ever seems to really happen to the poor guy. If Trent and Gwen was never going to happen, Cody and Gwen might have been the next best option... but it wasn't.

Cody started out as a guy who thought of himself as a smooth talker with ladies, and this is truly evident.

Even worse, Cody kept on trying to make moves on Gwen, only to be the biggest assistance in getting her and Trent together in the first place.

Even worse, he gets caught in an argument between Heather and Beth, closely followed by getting mauled by a bear and then getting eliminated.

Even worse, when Cody came back in TDWT, Sierra came along and put his life in fear.

Even worse, Cody was the only boy on a team full of girls, even with a female team symbol.

Even worse, Cody nearly died because of Alejandro. Now that I mention it, both of Cody's eliminations have been painful.

But mentioning all of these experiences that Cody had to suffer through is what really makes me love him. Every contestant has some flaws, but at least they have something that makes them more useful/makes them happier. Cody has neither of this, and he really seems like one of the most relatable characters on the show.

Cody isn't a winner, but he just seems like one of those innocent kids at heart. He may not have much stand-out moments, but it's the journey with his character that you love so much.

After being rejected my many females on the show, the one that Cody finds is one that he is both annoyed by, and afraid of, which comes in the form of Sierra. I think I covered most of this when I talked about Sierra, but let's talk about it on Cody's side now.

Cody doesn't really hate Sierra, but he definitely is frightened by her. That is until his amazing turnaround towards the end of the season. This whole story of Cody and Sierra is one redeeming factor that clears a lot of the problems I had with World Tour. And I have Cody to thank for that.

It was also great to watch him beat up Duncan. I can't get enough of watching that.



We have a lot of stuff to talk about for these last three spots. Because our last three contenders have so much about them worth talking about it. And let's start with Heather.

Where to even begin with Heather? I might as well talk about how she's developed so far in her three seasons so far.

In the first episode, Heather comes along and presents herself as a tough, and strong-willed individual that even frightens others. She may have a sshort temper, but she is manipulative and suspicious in TDI.

With Heather's wit, she managed to get rid of Eva, Justin, Beth, Harold (accidentaly), Trent, and Lindsay. She wasn't exactly the most likable character, but she served as a very entertaining antagonist. She didn't care about others, just the game, and that was amazing. It made her elimination all the more satisfying, because everything came back at Heather after she attacked full force, and she became bald.

TDA didn't shed too much light on Heather, as she was eliminated before the merge, but that was just to build up to how much amazing focus is put on her in Total Drama World Tour.

Anyone who is a fan of Heather will know exactly what I'm talking about. Instead of being the ruthless force that she is, Heather seems to come off more on the desperate side, leading me to have some speculation about her myself. What if Heather has acted how she did, because she didn't have friends before? Maybe Heather just wanted attention the whole time from others. This may be possible when you look at Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. There, Heather wanted to tag along with others to get the million dollars, but because she's so hated, no-one wanted to side with her apart from Harold. Heather then told Harold how she really feels. That she just wants to be liked.

This made Heather so much more likable and emphatetic. Because rather than just being a foil to the other characters, she was made into a glorious character.

Then there is of course everything with Alejandro. Let's just say that This Is How We Will End It sums things up pretty well. Not only does it show the dynamic between the two, but it also helps you feel sorry for Heather in the midst of it all.

And then the finale of the season finally came around. It was between Alejandro and Heather. It doesn't matter what ending you see. In both of them, Heather destroys Alejandro. I don't think that the two will have a relationship. The wiki states that they are in one, but I can't believe it, at least for now. While Heather is much more relatable now, her true intentions towards others remain the same, and watching the smackdown she gives to Alejandro was a treat to watch. Some people think that Alejandro's ending is the official ending since it aired in Canada, but that was purely because of voting. I still think Heather is the true winner, no matter what. She was built up to be the winner from the start. And she easily ranks among my favorite characters. However, two more best Heather overall.




I'm gonna make things clear. I love Napoleon Dynamite, and if you haven't guessed by now, Harold is a homage to him.

Right from the very start, I emphatize with Harold as soon as he enters the camp, what with his awkwardness and heavy breathing. The voice acting for him is about the same level as Alejandro or Noah.

Harold is the true, definitive badass of the show. You may have others like Commander Zoey, Noah, Duncan, Heather, Courtney, Izzy, Bridgette, Gwen and B, but Harold outranks all of them.

Harold was probably the most useful member of The Killer Bass. Aside from the sleeping challenge, Harold had a solid track of being good at challenges, most notably the dodgeball challenge and the talent show challenge. Seriously, those moments with Harold are groundbreaking.

In fact, I may as well discuss them. These two moments were just one way of showing how awesome Harold is. His slick dodging moves, coupled with his beatboxing were just outstanding to watch.

And then his big moment in TDI: Mixing votes to get rid of Courtney. Some people hate this moment, and some even hate Harold for it, but I loved the big reveal. It was quite an unpredictable twist and made Harold seem like a really true human. Making Duncan miserable was the perfect plan, and it made Harold seem like one you would support more.

You nearly want to Harold to win in the end, due to how much of a loser he sadly is. One of my major gripes with TDA was the elimination. Harold really should've made it to the Final 2. He was built up for something like that. But no, he gets eliminated in a pretty cheap way because of Owen and Duncan voting for him. Duncan because of a complete accident Harold caused, and Owen because Harold suspected the out-of-character behavior of Owen that made no sense.

Harold was one of my favorites in TDA too. It seemed like he had become more social with others, but still had his fair share of funny moments. And the scene in which Harold punches Duncan? Yeah, that's probably my favorite moment from TDA.

If they were to ever make a season that combined every character, Harold would definitely be one that I would want to see win.

But, despite the sheer and utter awesomeness of Harold, one contestant has bested him. If you've followed this list, you'll know who it is.


This character is a mix of everything that makes a good TD character. This character is a work of perfection in my eyes. This character is my true favorite. The one that outshines all the rest. And that character is...


Its Lindsay

Awww yeah! This is the one that I was looking forward to doing. Lindsay is a fantastic character in Total Drama. She is my favorite, and to call her a great character is a huge understatement.

Lindsay started out as a stereotypical, dumb blonde. She was an ally of Heather's up until her elimination, so was a very naive and innocent character.

As soon as she was eliminated because of Heather, Lindsay delivered an expert burn on Heather, swearing at her, and mocking her. And it was so much fun to watch. But TDI isn't the reason that I love Lindsay so much. Sure, she had some adorable and funny moments, but the true nature of her character happened, ironically, in my least favorite season, Total Drama Action.

Due to Trent's early elimination, The Killer Grips needed another captain. Lindsay volunteered, and from there, she quickly became amazing. After suffering bossiness from Heather, LIndsay decided to not get into that anymore, and decided to be the leader for once, thus leading her team exceptionally well.

Despite how much Courtney annoyed me in TDA, she's actually one of the main reasons that Lindsay is my favorite character. Once the merge comes around, Lindsay just gets better. Courtney develops a sort of rivalry with Lindsay, and wants to take her down.

This is evident in one of my favorite episodes of the series, Get a Clue. This is a reward challenge episode, in which Chris fakes his death, and thus Duncan, Beth, Harold, Courtney, and Lindsay must solve a mystery of how he died. Courtney ignores everything that Lindsay says though.

Earlier, the others used Lindsay for clues, including Courtney. But in the end of it all, Lindsay won the challenge. Beth, after betraying Lindsay, was under the impression that she would be sharing the reward with Lindsay. Instead, Lindsay does something so incredible. For those of you who think that all Lindsay is is a dumb blonde, watch this episode. Want to know what happens? Lindsay chooses Duncan to get Courtney angry and jealous. It was amazing to see Courtney's reaction. Priceless.

And this episode is eactly what makes Lindsay so empowering. In a show with occasional stereotypes, and characters following the status quo, it's a breath of fresh air to see Lindsay stand up for herself like this.

And if anyone still thinks she's dumb for her accidental elimination in Rock 'n' Rule, let me just say that it's not a dumb mistake and was a pretty believable moment. Besides, that elimination was also Owen's fault, since he wasted his vote on Courtney. And Beth's fault since she distracted her.

Lindsay sadly got less screen time in TDWT, but when she comes back in All-Stars, I hope she shines just as bright as she used to. Do you know why? Because Lindsay is a stand-out character for her sudden change in behavior.

And that concludes my list. I hope you enjoyed it, because there will be more lists I might do in the future. Suggest what you think I should do next time. Thanks for reading.

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