Excluding Justin and Courtney, Scott is easily the weakest antagonist. His motivations are simplistic, but make no sense. He wants his team to lose... so that he can talk to other members and convince them to vote someone off? Really? Let's look at other antagonists so far.

Heather had a driving spirit to want to win all the time. When she ever lost, she would get mad. As such, she would (usually) try to get rid of members from the other team (Eva, Harold (technically) ). But what about when her team lost? Heather would try to convince others to vote someone off. But that only happened once with Justin. Beth went because of her teams superstitions (even though Heather and Owen were more to blame). Her ultimate downfall was sacrifice which made her elimination seem all the more satisfying because she's the antagonist.

Justin, while being a horrible antagonist, at least was actually useful in some way.

Courtney didn't really do any villainous things, but she shared around the same confidence as Heather, which made her seem much more of a villain.

Alejandro was the most cunning of the villains, using his looks to his advantage, and holding his temper. Using his looks and fake nice behavior, he got rid of Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Courtney, and Duncan.

Scott however, has none of this.His personality is very blank. For a character who has the same mannerisms as Duncan, it surprises me that Scott would be the type to want to lose. As such, aside from Team Victory, The Toxic Rats are the worst team in TD History. I mean, just look at the elimination pattern before the merge

Staci (Rats)

Dakota (Rats)

B (Rats)

Dawn (Rats)

Sam (Rats)


Anne Maria (Maggots)

Dakota (Again) (Maggots)

6 Rats, and then 2 Maggots. And that includes a return of Dakota, Brick joining The Toxic Rats, and Scott and Jo switching teams. This is arguably the only thing that Scott can be remembered for in Season 4. I mean, what can he possibly do in All-Stars? Try to make his team lose all the time?

But, what puts Scott in the Top 20 is the payoff and satisfaction with his elimination. A running gag throughout Season 4 is a shark that had his tooth taken off by Scott. Ever since, the shark wanted to destroy Scott. This provided ways for Scott to actually seem entertaining for once. And this was the only way to make Scott more entertaining.

And once Zoey The Badass let loose, Scott got a wheelchair... and a cast... and an attack from a shark. Wow. Heather's karma was her hair being cut off, Justin's was him losing his looks, Courtney's was her boyfriend betraying her, and Alejandro's was getting kicked in the nuts from the girl that he thought was attracted to him, along with losing everything that he gained. But this is the worst karma for any antagonist... and it was awesome to watch.




DJ is a nice guy who's easily frightened... yeah, that pretty much sums up the character of DJ. I feel guilty putting up at the halfway mark in the list. Especially because of how insanely likable DJ is. I mean, this guy is so nice, that he's able to get along with Heather. HEATHER! Like... what?

But DJ has some flaws. Due to how nice of a character he is, he doesn't really stand out among other characters. There's no real shining DJ moments that you can think of off the top of your head.

He is easily frightened, and that's his flaw. But it's rinse and repeat from here. DJ doesn't really go through as much as other characters. I prefer characters who go through a journey of self discovery.

The biggest change in character that DJ gets is that incredibly unfunny joke in World Tour where he hurts animals all the time.I can't believe Geoff thought that that was funny. It isn't. It was funny the first time. But then it became just as tiresome and repetitive as DJ's character.

Again, I feel guilty for not putting DJ in the Top 10. Because when he's on screen, you can't help but love him. But sadly, that's all there is to DJ in the end.



B works as a character... if he was in any other show. B is however, a welcome addition to the show. He remains silent, but still seems clever in his work. But it would have been better if he stayed around longer, but he didn't. And while it's amusing to see such a silent character, the real problem is just that  Total Drama is a show that expresses the behavior of teenagers. So B seems almost out-of-place in a show like this. But it doesn't stop him from being moderately entertaining (in the three episodes that he's in). And sadly, B may turn out like Eva-Katie-Sadie, if you know what I mean.




Sam is a pretty calm and collected guy. What's the problem? His character is occasionaly blank.

Now don't get me wrong. Sam has many great features about him that make him such a good character. For one, he's one of the few reasons that I even manage to sit through watching Dakota. And also, considering the environment that Total Drama usually is, it's always fun to see Sam barely get frightened and just goes along with a dangerous situation like it's nothing. It makes him work as a funny comic relief.

But that's just it. WIth how Sam behaves,  you can't really go anywhere with his character, which intrigues me as to what he could possibly do in Season 5.

Also, there's a difference between staying calm in a dangerous situation, and just acknowleding the situation. Seriously, that gets annoying.



Because Izzy was sadly cut to the sidelines in TDWT, who could be the new crazy girl? How about someone as equally insane? Which is Sierra. Izzy is addicted to explosives and danger. And you may be thinking "Oh, Sierra's addiction must be Cody?" And to that I say that you are half right. Sierra isn't just addicted to Cody. Him and the entire show are practically Sierra's life.

And sadly, that's all you have to work with when it comes to Sierra. Everything involving her is so predictable, despite her crazy nature.

As much as I love Cody, it's Sierra's fault that he couldn't do much in TDWT. Usually, Sierra would just pull Cody and steal the spotlight with him. And it seemed pretty unfortunate. Because occasionaly, I felt pretty annoyed by Sierra to be honest.

But it all paid off in the last few episodes of S3. It all began with Cody's birthday. From then, Sierra gained so much respect from me. She did everything so casual for Cody. The touching moments felt natural, and made me realize how great Sierra really is. I even think Cody has grown to be attracted to her. That's how you develop a romance. The right way. And not the wrong way *cough* Duncan and Gwen *cough*




His romance with Zoey. This romance is so bland and dry. It starts exactly three seconds after Mike and Zoey even meet. This is weak and poor. Why didn't they just show Mike and Zoey growing to like each other instead of this? I hate Mike so much and his personality storyline is terrible.




Will I regret putting Gwen this high? Most likely. Throughout the course of TDI, Gwen was easily my favorite character. Her development was amazing. Her transcendence from anti-social goth to friendly, and outgoing teenager felt beautiful and complete. *sigh* I still wish Gwen won TDI.

But then Gwen's character quickly went downhill as time went on. In TDA, I'm more on Gwen's side than Trent's. Trent turned into a needy goober that annoyed and bugged me, but Gwen seriously broke up with him because he cost challenges for her? I don't care about the whole Team Gwen or Team Trent debate. Both are to blame in this.

  • sigh* And... of course, Gwen and Duncan in TDWT. Many people really just end up doing Team Gwen and Team Courtney debates, despite the fact that that unlikable jerk Duncan is to blame for all of this. I actually felt pretty bad for Gwen. Gwen wasn't to blame at all. It's the Gwen and Duncan ordeal that upsets me. If not for that and Gwen's behavior in TDA, Gwen would've probably made the Top 10. Maybe even the Top 5.



From a fans perspective, I think that some characters receive a little too much hate from viewers. Courtney is underrated, Harold is underrated, Heather is underrated, Alejandro is underrated, Sierra is underrated, and Sam is underrated.

But these aforementioned characters at least have a fair amount of fans. But Beth is sadly one of the most hated characters. And I can't understand why.

Most of the verdict that I hear is that Beth is annoying. Which I can understand, only that I don't usually ever feel annoyed by Beth.

I can already tell that people are mad at me for putting her higher than Duncan. Well, this is my list, and for those of you that prefer Beth over Duncan and think that she should've won TDA instead of him, I have one to say to you people... "I love you, and you deserve a trophy".

Beth started out in TDI as a geeky, yet innocent girl who tried to be impressed by others. Which is why she joined Heather's alliance. And when Beth told Heather off, it felt pretty satisfying, despite this happening after nine episodes.

And Beth became even less of a pushover in TDA by constantly showing how cool she is, and proving any people who opposed her wrong. The only episode I didn't like her in was my all-time favorite episode of TDA, Rock 'n' Rule. But other than that, Beth seemed really entertaining, and I just wished more would like her character.




Cameron is the underdog of TDROTI. And like Beth, he deserves more appreciation. The only reason he won over Lightning was because Lightning is so annoying. But unlike Lightning, I don't think Cameron is annoying.

Despite him only being in 13 episodes so far, Cameron already gives me a good impression. From the second of the start of his introduction, I immediately love his character already. He's an outsider who was barely social towards anyone and stayed in a bubble. Perfect. All of the other underdogs had something that at least made them useful in their physical strength. Owen with how big he is, Beth with her newfound confidence, and Heather with her victorious attitude. But Cameron's only redeeming quality is how smart he is. And in something like Total Drama, Cameron's wisdom either helps him or makes him make things worse.

And that makes Cameron's victory much more appealing and enjoyable to watch. His rare, and angry outbursts were great to see and a lucky change of pace for his character.

I really have no idea what Cameron could possibly do in All Stars. But even if he does nothing, I think I'll be just fine for his portrayal in this season.



Court flowers

And just barely not making the Top 10 is Courtney. What a weird journey Courtney's went through. She started as one of the most loved characters on the show, only to become one of the most hated in the end of it all.

People hate her portrayal in TDWT, but I actually think that it's her best one. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's start with the first season. Here, Courtney's portrayal was very hit or miss. She was incredibly useless and contributed practically nothing to her team, but her romance with Duncan unfolded pretty well.

It was TDA that really made Courtney lose credibility. Sure, Courtney wants to win all the time. I get it. But did they really need to make her this annoying to tell us this? Courtney just flat out sucks in this season. From how much she fails as an antagonist to how annoying she is, I didn't think that there could be any possible way to redeem her... and then TDWT came around.

If I detest Duncan now, then that means that I love Courtney now. And that would be correct. Courtney is betrayed by the one person who still likes her, not to mention a person that she only recently befriended. Sure, it may have seemed annoying that Courtney clinged on to this a lot, but the scene of her crying really made me realize how amazing Courtney is. Maybe Courtney does have real emotions. Maybe she's putting on an act, and a persona. It would make sense, since a CIT should be good at island challenges even though Courtney wasn't. This gives so much potential now. Because it shows that Courtney is much more of a real character than I expected her to be. And that pretty much stopped her from becoming one of the worst characters. If it wasn't for this, I probably would've put Courtney in my Bottom 5. No joke. I'm serious.

And that is the second last part. We're at the home stretch. Presenting, in alphabetical order, the remaining ten characters that I just can't get enough of: Alejandro, Brick, Bridgette, Cody, Dawn, Heather, Harold, Izzy, Lindsay, and Noah. One of these characters are my favorite. In a few days, you will find out who.

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