First confesionalZoey

Zoey is a fairly normal character in the show. And this is where the problem pretty much lies. Throughout more than half of Season 4, Zoey was always this really nice girl. No relatable flaws, and no defining characteristics outside of liking Mike.

But then that moment came along. Where Zoey became what I like to call... Commander Zoey!

Comando zoey

If it hadn't been for this, I would've put Zoey so much lower. Suddenly, Zoey became this ruthless badass with these warrior instincts. It was one of the best ways to give Scott karma. Because whereas the other antagonists got what they deserved from losing things important to them, Scott simply got karma from Zoey horribly hurting him.

Sadly, when Zoey came back to root for Cameron in Brain vs. Brain: The Ultimate Showdown, she turned back into the character that I just don't care about it. And for that reason, Zoey is a very Mary Sue character.



Dakota started out as a very annoying, sef-indulged, daddy's girl. She never exactly did much, outside of being Chris' intern for a while. Sure, there was this sort of romance with Sam and all, but that wasn't shown too much due to Dakota's early departure. So the most you remember about Dakota is that she mostly just cares about fame.

But what made Dakota get higher? How about the mutant-like... Dakotazoid!


What... is that thing? Okay, Dakota would've been so much lower if it hadn't been for this. It's like she got what she finally deserved. I didn't really care much for Dakota up until this point, but I applaud the crew for what they did with this. And now, Dakota talks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Best transformation ever!



Ezekiel is a very hard character to really talk about. Due to his early boot in TDI, Ezekiel started off as a pretty flat character. But then this funny thing happened. First shown in After The Dock Of Shame, Ezekiel developed this punk, and ganster attitude. As if it was some sort of parody on sore losers acting cool. But Ezekiel, unfortunately, went in a downward slope. In Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, Ezekiel's character seemed to have developed a little bit more. When people picked partners to go with, Ezekiel wanted to join forces with Beth and Lindsay. And it seemed as if he learned from his mistakes that got him eliminated first in the first place.

Sadly, this ultimately led to missed opportunities. Ezekiel unfortunately didn't make it into TDA, so did absolutely nothing.

All of this development was further pushed out the window as soon as Ezekiel returned in TDWT. Granted, he had his funny mannerisms back, but he was still acting less careful than I thought. Because I thought Ezekiel had learned to take more precautions.

And then a guilty pleasure occured. Ezekiel was eliminated first once again in TDWT, but that was just from a demonstration that Chris did. Once Duncan was eliminated and Ezekiel came back, he was allowed to be in the game again... until he was eliminated again... but then he held onto the plane.

For the duration of the season, Ezekiel would make short cameo appearances, hiding in the plane. And due to him spending so much time in the wild, he slowly transformed into... this.

Funny joke, and funny reference to Lord of the Rings and all, but this makes Ezekiel a pointless joke character that the show almost didn't even need. Even in his appearances in Season 4, Ezekiel still didn't turn back to normal. He made quite a few appearances in Season 4 actually.

There was one small joke about him having a crush on Anne Maria, but she turned down the favor because she doesn't like to be a character.



Trent confessional makeup

Trent is a character that I... used to like.

In TDI, Trent seemed to be the only normal person on the island. Sure, there were some on the island that were... nearly normal, but what I mean by completely normal is that Trent had absolutely no quirks to him.

But the one thing he can be remembered for is... all those times where he got injured. Seriously, I feel almost sadistic laughing at moments like that. Especially the blowfish incident.

Oh, and he can also be remembered for his interest in Gwen. I... adore this pairing. Whether you're on the Gwen or Trent side of things, I think that it can be agreed that the romance that they had in TDI was very well-written. Even if you don't support the couple.

So... yes, despite not having too much quirks, Trent stayed an interesting character because of how he bounced off of other characters when interacting with them. Besides Gwen, Trent has had some pretty great moments with Cody, Lindsay, D.J. and Owen.

But then TDA rolled around. Or as I like to call it, "The Season That Nearly Destroyed The Franchise".

Trent is reduced to nothing more than an obsessive person of Gwen. This is not how I was thinking Trent would act if he ever went out with Gwen. Why? Because Trent was a normal guy throughout the show. Do some sort of joke like this with, oh I don't know, ANY other character, and it would work. Not for Trent.

This whole thing of him costing challenges for Gwen was completely and utterly idiotic. Trent never had some sort of winning edge, but he at least tried to win for his team. In fact, despite having no stand-out qualities, Trent was one of the most useful members of his team in TDI. The Cliff Jumping Challenge, The Sleep Challenge, The Talent Show, and The Fear Challenge.

The only times Trent ever got in trouble (besides the quicksand), was his many, many, painful moments. But nevertheless, he always bounced back. This makes the change in character seem all the more disgraceful.

Trent didn't make it to TDWT, so now, he's just reduced to nothing of a character. How very tragic.


Alright... Flame Shield Active! Number 25 is...



I'm not joking. I seriously dislike Duncan. I mean, a lot.

Now, to be frank, I didn't always hate Duncan. While he wasn't one of my favorites in TDI, I didn't necessarily hate him. After all, there are a lot of good characters in the show. But the one thing I could say about Duncan in TDI is that he was at least entertaining.

And do you know what I really liked about Duncan in TDI? His relationship with Courtney. I love this more than any other pairing on the show. There's this kind of rivalry on the show between them, but this underlying attraction that they have towards each other. Kind of like a love/hate thing going on.

But then *sigh* Duncan was reduced to being one of the most unlikable characters in the show in TDWT. After quitting the game, Duncan returned around eleven episodes later. And in I See London, Duncan's character hit a whole new low.

This is basically what happens: Courtney nags at Duncan and complains that he shouldn't have quit. However! What saves this moment from making me hate Courtney is the fact that she hugs Duncan about a second later and then says the following: I'm not really mad. I just missed you. Aw, isn't that sweet? Until... this horrible pairing starts.

Look, I don't mind if you like this pairing. But allow me to carefully examine exactly why it doesn't work for me.

Courtney clearly misses Duncan after him being gone. Because the other time Courtney was away from Duncan for a long period of time was in the first twelve episodes of TDA, the episodes where Courtney isn't in the game yet. But what made her not miss Duncan as much there was for two reasons.

  1. Courtney could easily just see Duncan on TV
  2. Courtney was too busy trying to get back on the show

But then she actually gets fully separated from him. Because Courtney has this secret admiration for Duncan. She doesn't let it out so much because she has this reputation. But then Duncan just goes behind her back with Gwen. Why?

In TDI, Duncan wasn't a very nice person, sure, but he still seemed to be pretty social and even secretly shown some likable characteristics, like with giving D.J. a bunny, or doing a carving on a wooden Courtney. Actually, let's talk about that for a moment.

In Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon, the six remaining campers form into teams of two (Gwen and Geoff, Heather and Owen, Leshawna and Duncan). But at one point, Duncan secretly does a carving on a wooden head of Courtney. It adds much more depth and dimension to Duncan's character. Because it makes it as if he has an emotional shell of some sort.

But then this whole thing happens. If Duncan really wanted to go out with Gwen, he should've just broken up with Courtney. Granted, she'd be even angrier than she already is, but it would at least show some sort of respect.

Duncan is a delinquent, and a criminal, but he has some well respect for the well being of others. Gwen and Duncan just came out of nowhere anyways. Screw Duncan. Unless they do some sort of miracle with his character, I am going to feel a lot of hatred and betrayal from his entire character.




This list just gets more and more controversial. Again, like my reasons for Duncan, this will need a little explanation.

In TDI, Leshawna was one of the most likable characters on the show. The only person at the time who really hated Leshawna was Heather, but she hates nearly everyone. Leshawna got along well with many characters, especially Beth, Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, D.J., Geoff, Duncan (sort of), and Gwen.

But TDA was Leshawna hitting a whole new low. And by now, you probably already know what I'm talking about. All of the private negative things that Leshawna said about others. Sure, she apologized for what she did, but it breaks everything that made me like Leshawna's character in the first place. Because it makes her come off across as two-faced. Granted, she agreed that she deserved to be eliminated, and that might have made her a little higher, but one thing happened before Heather got eliminated: she befriended Leshawna. Um... okay. Character development, I guess.

Unfortunately, TDWT was Leshawna sinking even lower. No, not anything with Alejandro, but everything that happened with her and Heather. What happened to this new friendship dynamic formed between them? Why is Leshawna beating Heather up? Why is Leshawna not able to figure out who to root for when Heather goes against Alejandro in the final challenge? Why did Leshawna beat Heather up only because Heather hit Leshawna? Wasn't that how the challenge is working? Why is Leshawna's character getting worse? Why does this not make any sense?



I feel kind of guilty putting Owen this low. After all, he's one of the nicest characters on the show, so it's hard to really say that you hate him. But I have my reasons for putting Owen at this spot.

For one, his toilet humor is a running gag in the show. Toilet Humor can work. Unfortunately, it only works so often in the Total Drama series. The main source of these fart jokes come from Owen. And the jokes get pretty old fast. One way to do toilet humor is to use some sort of after-effect. Don't just put in your fart. Or make the fart go on someone who deserves it. Like that funny time when Owen ran to the bathroom with Heather while farting on her face.

And in TDA, he took a drastic turn. Now he didn't really become a bad character. After all, TDA is the season where Owen started going out with Izzy. But when Owen returned, there was this really weak story arc involving Owen being Chris' new intern. Okay, whether Owen needs the money or not, he would never do something this underhanded.

Or how about in Rock 'n' Rule when Owen foolishly voted for Courtney despite her having invincibility. Sure, Owen likes Duncan and all, but he was wasting a vote in the first place.

And noone even got mad at Owen after. There was no aftermath show after he was eliminated the second time, and now people act as if it never happened or something.

Owen deserved to win TDI, but, aside from the complaints I brought up, Owen occasionally gets on my nerves. He's one of the screen hoggers in the show. But whereas the other screen hoggers do different things (Gwen, Heather, Courtney, Duncan), Owen's character sticks to the same formula the whole time.

P.S. I miss Owen and Izzy.



Geoff countdown

The most common complaint that I hear about this show is that there's plenty of stereotypes. If there's one that I agree is still the stereotype that he always has been, it's Geoff. I always get irritated by these characters that use words like dude, and gnarly, and righteous. Geoff doesn't really do much outside of using dialogue like this, at least for his time in TDI.

But then in TDA, Geoff became the biggest jerk you will ever see to host a talk show. Geoff became self-obsessed, selfish, greedy, and money-loving. Up until this point, Geoff was overall a nice guy. In fact, I would've put him higher if it hadn't been for his portrayal in this season.

Ironically enough, Geoff is at his best in TDWT, despite not even competing in the season. After Alejandro got rid of Bridgette through the worst of ways, Geoff actually got pretty angry. Up until this point, I had just that Geoff had absolutely no cares. But this was a step in the right direction for his character. Because whenever he gets in arguments with Bridgette, he's usually the one in the wrong. Here, Geoff is the one who feels betrayed. The episode, obviously, leads to an anti-climax with Geoff and Bridgette making out.

But then the big, and awesome moment happened. The moment that made Geoff this high on the list. The moment that heavily makes up for what happened in TDA. Mildred, I mean, Blaineley, gets rid of Bridgette and sends her to the Arctic. And in response, Geoff delivers possibly the greatest revenge that I've ever seen on the show in the song Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. It's hilarious and random enough that Geoff is hopping in his underwear for no reason whatsoever, but the best thing is that he delivers this crushing blow to Blaineley. Amazing.




And now we jump out of the characters that I don't like into the ones that I have a very mixed feeling towards. And Tyler fits into this category well.

To sum up Tyler's character, the only word that you can really use is: accident-prone. That's everything that revolves around Tyler. He suffers through countless injuries, and while it's a good use of slapstick, it stops Tyler from having much of a character.

Sure, there's the stuff with Lindsay, but that doesn't get as focused on until TDWT. And even then, we didn't see much of it anyways because Lindsay was eliminated pretty early.

So... more slapstick? Yeah, more slapstick. Because that's all the show thinks Tyler is good for. He keeps to the status quo to much, and sadly, that can be a slight problem.

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