If there's one thing that I like about the Total Drama series, its the characters. Sure, there's some horrible ones, but there's also some good ones. Maybe even some incredible ones. This is the first part of a major countdown that I am doing. I will be ranking my Top 38 Favorite Total Drama Characters from least favorite to favorite. I will be including the original 22 contestants that were introduced in Total Drama Island, the 3 new contestants from Total Drama World Tour, and the 13 new contestants from Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

With that said, no Chris or Chef. And no Mr. Coconut either.

This countdown will be in four parts. So let's start with the bottom of the barrel. The worst of the worst in my honest opinion. So who do I adore and who do I hate? Let's find out.



Staci literally has nothing good about her. Not in the sense that she's some sort of relatable character with relatable flaws or anything. No, of course not. All that Staci is is this one-dimensional mess of a character. The gimmick of Staci is that she is always bragging about things that she's lying about. She brags about accomplishments that relatives of her "supposedly" did. It's blatantly obvious that she's lying. Staci got kicked off in the first episode of Season 4. She contributed nothing to her team whatsoever. Other characters I hate are ones that I hate for more than one reason. Staci has one reason: she is annoying. With her annoying voice, and complete and total uselessness.



HS - Bruno chews blaineley

Speaking of annoying characters, enter Blaineley. Possibly the biggest cop-out of a character ever. Blaineley was a recurring host for the Aftermath in Season 3. She hosted alongside Geoff.

I didn't really think much of Blaineley. Her character didn't really have much. Then when she joined the competition and sang a horribly painful song, I started to despise her.

I'm not even sure what Blaineley's purpose even is. She was, kind of an antagonist, but she only lasted for two episodes. Two! Blaineley barely even counts as a contestant.

Then she got incredibly injured when eliminated, giving her a body cast. She didn't even have any lines from there. I'm never going to be Blainerific. Being Blainerific sucks.




And now let's jump into a character with a lot of wasted potential: Eva. Eva is one of the least liked contestants on the show. She's a bland, flat, and one-dimensional character. She was 2nd eliminated in the first season, and when she returned, she was eliminated straight away. After this, she never returned for any other seasons. And I'm a little dissapointed.

Eva had so much potential as a character. Maybe because she's such a brutish force to be reckoned with, she could've been like, in a way, Heather. Without the strategic methods of course.

Or, judging by Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, she had some sort of friendship with Noah and Izzy. Maybe she could've gotten some character development where she learns to soften up more because of her metting people like Noah and Izzy. Probably the only people who like her.

But no. They keep her the same way: Angry and Forceful. Nothing more at all.


Katie and Sadie

I'm putting these two on the same spots because of the reason that they share a brain. Even when seperated from Katie when Katie got eliminated, Sadie didn't really do much until the episode that she was eliminated in. These two are probably the most annoying characters on the show. I'm putting them higher than Staci just because they at least have more of a purpose as characters. The two are very idiotic, and annoying. They are completely unbearable to sit through. I don't really think of them as horribly awful, but I don't think that they're very good characters.


Anne Maria

And now we jump into the characters that I don't necessarily hate, but more just dislike.

You know one thing that I hate more than anything? Jersey Shore. One problem with Total Drama Revenge of the Island is that it parodied Jersey Shore too much. The most notable example would be Anne Maria. That's really the best way that you can describe Anne Maria.

One thing that I do like about her though is that the occasional jokes revolved around her are pretty funny. Along with that, there's some great stuff between her and Ezekiel.

There was a really flat story arc about her, Mike, and Zoey, in which one of Mike's multiple personalities, Vito, starts to become attractive to Anne Maria. The story arc doesn't really go anywhere and just kind of ends as soon as Anne Maria quits the competition. But Anne Maria isn't the worst of characters. But she's definitely not a good one.




Justin is a very boring character. In Season 1, he didn't really do much. He was very quiet, and was nothing more than a walking joke. What made him funny was that joke. He used his so-called "beauty" to convince others to buy into his charm.

Then in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island Justin seemed much more diabolical. He tried his hardest to get the million dollars, and managed to participate in Total Drama Action. From there, his character went downhill completely.

One reason that Total Drama Action is my least favorite season, its because there was no real antagonist to keep things interesting, unlike the other seasons. Some say it's Courtney, but that was just because of her confidence and for her usually earning invincibility. One important element of an antagonist in the Total Drama series is that they try to get rid of other contestants to gain the upper hand. Justin only did this to one contestant: Izzy. I thought that Justin was the closest thing we got to an antagonist in Total Drama Action. There was a weird episode where he formed an alliance with Beth. Guess what? It's never brought up again. Sure, he forms an alliance with Beth and Lindsay to vote off Izzy, but the alliance itself is never an ongoing plot point in the show, unlike the Heather-Lindsay-Beth alliance in Season 1.

Justin is the worst antagonist the show has ever had (if he even counts as one). Justin has the most wasted potential out of any characters. He has still remained nothing more than a running gag. And I think he's better off staying that way.



Lightning is a painful character to sit through. He never shuts up, he's incredibly idiotic, and he is unbearable to listen to. Granted, he's still occasionally funny. His joke of thinking Jo is a guy is pretty hilarious, along with the joke of him sort of being like Tyler. You know, a jock whose not as athletic as you'd think? That's pretty much what Lightning is. Only he has a much, much bigger desire to win. And he's more unbearable to watch.

Lightning unfortunately managed to make it to the Final Two. I hated how he won in the USA. But at least he lost in Australia and Canada. And it was a joy to see him get the loss that he deserved since the beginning.

Seriously though, his habit of talking in the third person gets old fast.



And this is a case of Eva done... moderately right. Throughout the season, Jo is Eva if Eva had gotten further into the game. Jo is bossy, competitive, moody, and overall unlikable. There's nothing that really defines her as a character that you can like. It's not a case of "love to hate" like it is with the antagonists of the show, it's more of a "I really hate this character" kind of vibe for me.

Jo has, due to her competitive nature, gotten into a few rivalries against Cameron, Brick, and Lightning. Her one with Cameron is a very minor one, and her one with Lightning doesn't really show up until later on in the game, but her rivalry with Brick has been there from the beginning up to when Brick was eliminated. I'm sure that their rivalry will still continue, but otherwise, nothing really makes me sympathize with Jo in anyway. She's just... eh.

And thus that concludes the first part of the countdown. Join me next Saturday when I do Numbers 29-20 of my favorite characters.

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