ChunkyChipackers had recently done an analysis of the Total Drama contestants from Worst to best. Unfortunately, that list has seemed to have stopped being updated. So here I am, counting a list like this. Remember that these aren't my personal rankings. I'll include my personal rankings, but they won't affect this list's order. No matter how big a fan I am, or how much I hate certain characters, I can't change the order.

52: Staci - The Annoying Fodder


Even taking away how much I personally hate Staci, she's also easily and by far the worst character. The 51 higher than her have all done at least something interesting. All we ever learned about Staci is that she compulsively lies, and everyone finds her annoying. There's nothing positive about her that makes you feel interested or even entertained. Her dialogue is more repetitive than any other character. She's barely had a technical focused interaction with anyone on her team either. Staci sucks, and I can't see anything good about her. The only special thing I can say about Staci is that she's the only character who's managed to never do anything interesting

51: Ezekiel - The Ruined Gag Character

Ezekiel Rank Lulu

Poor Ezekiel. He might've had a little something going for him. Sure he was eliminated first in his debut, but when TDDDDI came around, Ezekiel really proved he had grown. He partnered up with Lindsay and Beth, learning from his past sexist mistakes. I can call that a great opportunity for development. I rooted for Ezekiel in World Tour, but when I saw the likes of I See London and African Lying Safari, I knew that there was no going back for poor Zeke. He was reduced to a cruel joke that he never deserved. The show really wants you to find this funny because they shove this abysmal gag down your throat. Ezekiel is forever ruined, and a shadow of his former self.

50: Mike - The Worst of the Terrible Trio


Ah, Mike. How people detest you. I'll give the staff credit in trying to give Mike a story. He was the most focused on character during All-Stars. Mal was the main, and worst antagonist. But it wasn't just his uninteresting presence. Mike entering his brain proved the theory that MPD was really not being taken seriously. On the surface, his personalities entertain plenty of people. Chester, Vito, Manitoba, and Svetlana are all great to watch. And that's the thing. They're all worth really remember or like about Mike. His relationship with Zoey, his main personality, and his storylines all are very uninteresting. I feel like I'm repeating myself though because everyone has a problem with something like this. And I'm no different. With his personalities gone, Mike is NOT compelling or entertaining. There's nothing left to do with him at all. He's a terrible offensive character, and I'm never going to like watching him ever again.

49: Blaineley - The Poorly Timed Character

Blaineley would've been a perfect semi-antagonist in World Tour if only she entered the competition earlier. Instead she's only around for a few episodes, and in this time, she barely contributes to the competition. There's no redeeming qualities about her that even make her enjoyable to watch, and don't get me started on the whole thing of her being severely injured. This is just cruel. Yes Blaineley did bad things, but this kind of thing should be happening to a more major antagonist in the season like Alejandro. It's hard to watch Blaineley be treated like this when she's in this condition. There wasn't enough care put into her, and she's just ruined potential in the end.

48: Amy - The Abusive Unlikable Sister


Amy is nothing more than an unrealistic sister. I know how siblings act. They may have some conflict but deep down they have to have some kind of respect for each other. Amy hates Samey because she outclasses Samey in everyway. There's no level of empathy that Amy really has for anyone. This is an inaccurate portrayal of how a sibling treats the other, and they clearly didn't have any other idea for Amy. Like those lower than her, Amy has nothing redeemable about her that make her enjoyable to watch. She might have a funny moment or two like "Break my fall," but a moment like that comes right after Amy letting her own sister fall to her death. Amy: Hard to watch, and a terrible character.

47: Leonard - The Annoying Fodder 2.0


When I heard about him, I already knew Leonard would be the one of the first eliminated from Pahkitew. He's another gag character with nothing more to him. His dialogue is so repetitive and predictable, not to mention that he's very arrogant, has failed jokes about him, an annoying voice, and doesn't interact with too many people, meaning not many can bounce off his jokes. This is why he's labelled The Annoying Fodder 2.0 . Reasons for disliking him are similar reasons to dislike Staci. But I'll give more credit to Leonard, as he managed to last longer than Staci and at least had some mildly interesting interactions with Dave and Sugar.

46/45: Katie and Sadie - The Pointless Annoyances

KatieSadie Rank Lulu

Katie and Sadie are very pointless characters. They're only purpose is to get on everyone's nerves including the viewer. They have practically no character when they're not interacting with each other. When I blindly watched TDI and Katie was eliminated I wanted to see what kind of character Sadie was. But she barely said or did anything, except for two episodes. These two only competed in Season 1 and for good reason. I get that the joke is that their supposed to be annoying, but painful humor done right is when you don't hurt the auidence in the process. Like those lower than them, Katie and Sadie's dialogue is repetitive, nothing about them makes them entertaining or interesting, and there's literally nothing left to do with them besides making an unfunny joke out of them.

44: Dave - The Ruined Character


Ugh. Now credit needs to be given where it's due. When you first get introduced to Dave, he's a very unique and funny character. In a 3rd gen cast with plenty of really strange people, 5 of which are on Dave's team, Dave was great at bouncing off of these characters. But about the time before Ella was eliminated, Dave's entire storyline only revolved around Sky. Nothing else seemed important to him. Unlike Mike, who had a mutual attraction towards Zoey, Dave was kind of forcing this onto Sky. He was getting on my nerves with how predictable and generic he was becoming, instead of being an actual funny character. His tremendous downfall came in Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize, where after finding out the truth about Sky, he really doesn't mind when Shawn and Sky may be dead. He can just say "Who cares?" and shrugs it off. Feral Zeke is really bad, but at least there's some consistency to it. Dave doesn't care about the lives of two people all because a girl lied to him? Dave is not only a ruined character, but a confusing and really inconsistent one.

43: Beardo - The Entertaining Fodder

Out of all the characters to be eliminated first in their first seasons, Beardo is the best of all of them. But obviously fodder characters can't be making it too far. Beardo's only purpose is to be a joke character full of sound effects. But he served that purpose well in the only episode he's been in. It's a nice homage to sound effects when you see Beardo act them all out. But that's all there is about his character. He's a one-note gag character with no potential whatsoever. But he served that purpose very well and in a very entertaining way.

42: Rodney - The Overdone Running Gag

Totally sexy

Rodney is such an easy character to talk about. He competes in four episodes, and never develops or grows in that time. Rodney is another funny gag used in the 3rd gen cast. But unlike Beardo, Rodney actually had time to grow but they waste it on him constantly having a crush on Jasmine, Scarlett, and Amy. The gag got pretty old after a while because now Rodney is a character where you know what to expect. He was eliminated at the right time because there was really nothing more to do with him. He's a funny character in small doses, but once you get past that, he's just kind of filler to fill up 22 minutes.

41: B - The Interesting Fodder


Personally I love B. For the four episodes he's been in I loved his personality and gag of always being silent. And that's kind of the objective problem with B. His silence is where just about all of his personality comes from. He makes it this high mostly for his entertaining useful skills for his team that can catch you off guard. His friendship with Dawn and conflict with Scott were all very interesting. I think B's a great character because I'm always trying to figure out in my head who he really is. But that holds him back. He's not made to be compelling or worth rooting for. There also was some slight missed potential with him. I thought he should've at least lasted another one or two episodes. But in the end he was made to just be aa funny yet very interesting one-note character.

40: Zoey - The Wasted Potential


When analyzed, most of Zoey's storylines revolve around Mike. The time that I liked her most was as soon as Mike was eliminated in Grand Chef Auto. I thought Commando Zoey was a great twist on Zoey's character that made her go from a mediocre 2nd gen member to a really great one. Fast forward to the finale and she's right back to where she started. The next season was Zoey's ultimate downfall as a character. Not only this time around did her entire storyline revolve around Mike altogether, but she was dumbed down just for the sake of Mal making it to the finale. Some may be surprised Zoey made it a bit farther though. She's this high solely for the missed potential. Whenever she didn't interact with Mike, I loved her funny interactions with people like Duncan and Sierra. Commando Zoey was also missed potential. All that remained of that Zoey was Zoey's overly impressive skills in challenges that didn't make any sense, like when she beat Jo in a 1-on-1, or when she finished her sundae before Scott did. Most of Zoey's character focus involved Mike/Mal. There was no further development they did for her. I was expecting either Zoey to get rid of Mal, or Mal to eliminate her. Her worst fault in All-Stars was her absolute denseness. Three people hint at Mal, and Zoey still doesn't catch the hint. It took ten episodes for her to even say that she'd inspect Mike.

39: Topher - The Pointless Chris Wannabe


Topher lasted eight episodes in Pahkitew... and was probably the most forgettable contestant of this season. Unlike another Chris fan like Sierra, Topher doesn't do as much. Nearly all of his dialogue revolves around interacting with Chris and no-one else. Because of this, it seemed obvious that Topher would be eliminated pretty early, which would be wrong. Topher got 8th place somehow. He barely said or did anything that didn't revolve around Chris. And while the Topher and Chris rivalry was funny to watch, it was all that Topher was meant to be remembered for. His most memorable moment was in Three Zones and A Baby, where there was a subplot about him trying to steal Chris' job. The twist ending and Topher's elimination were all great, but there was still the problem that Topher's best qualities had something to do with Chris.

38: Trent - The Pointlessly Needy Romantic


Poor derailed Trent. I remember how he was an actually tolerable character back in Island. Despite his flirtations with people like Gwen, my favorite thing about him was that he was a surprisingly funny character. DJ pushing him out of a plane, Lindsay poisoning him, being forcefed by DJ, etc. Fast forward to Action, and we get these new character traits from Trent that make absolutely no sense. Why was he so creepily obsessed with Gwen? Why was he now intended to be a laughing stock of a character? This wasn't even consistent. This isn't how he used to act towards Gwen. Sure he made mistakes like burying her alive, but why is he so needy on purpose? The only possible reason was that they were on different teams, which caused Trent to cost challenges. Trent was never like this. Not only was he easy on almost everyone, but he also always tried his best to pitch in. I don't think anything can really save Trent at this point.

37: Sam - The Undeserving Fodder

Where is sam's jellyfish pizza

Oh man. When I first heard Sam would be in All Stars, I thought that it was absolutely certain that he would make the merge at the very least. What place does he get? 11th. And its right at a point where he was actually showing some usefulness to his team. Sam is the kind of fodder that isn't even necessary. Because when compared to other All Stars, Sam is the only one who's never merged. He was comic relief in All Stars too. I'm putting Sam this high mostly for his interaction with Dakota. Otherwise he doesn't really do much, and other underdogs outclass him in much better ways.

36: Eva - The Underrated Fodder

File:Eva Rank Lulu.png

This isn't me personally speaking. When it comes to the POV of the creators, Eva is criminally underrated. Like Katie and Sadie, Eva is the only veteran contestant to only compete in one season. She had the luck of returning to the competition... only to be voted off again. Eva is probably the most unfortunate contestant in terms of elimination luck. She got cheated out of the competition by Heather and was only voted out again because everyone was afraid of her. She doesn't amount to too much in the end, but I put her this high mostly because of her funny moments as a TDWT Aftermath Co-host. And in TDDDDI, the best team up was easily her, Noah, and Izzy. And Eva's probably one of the most consistent characters too. There's absolutely no way to derail a character as simple and straightforward as her. And it could've been worse. She could've gone feral on us.

35: Cameron - The Derailed Underdog

Cameron adrenaline

Ugh. On my rankings he's a lot lower but I suppose I have to give Cameron some deserved credit. When watching ROTI, Cameron was a good character. I thought in this season he deserved to make the Final 2. Unfortunately like a few others, Cameron suffered some derailment in All Stars. He was unnecessarily dumbed down largely. As soon as we find out who Mal is, he uses Cameron to do plenty of terrible things for him. Let's see. Cameron abandons Sierra in Moon Madness, he pushes himself onto Courtney to kiss her on Mal's orders, and even without the manipulation of Mal Cameron still uses Scott as shark bait. There's no more thinking before actions in this season with him. Gwen went down a similar path of her figuring out whether she was hero or villain, which Cameron questioned about himself as well. But they never resolve this whatsoever. I won't say Cameron was dumbed down as bad as Zoey. Cameron at least feels hesitance towards Mike, but for some reason doesn't even trust Alejandro's hints about Mal. Cameron went from an entertaining character, to a really dumb and slightly meaner character, and the forced writing in saving him from elimination twice was just irritating.

34: Sky - The Mixed Bag 1\2


Like Owen, Sky is a very mixed bag, but in a different way. Whereas Owen has plenty of really good and bad qualties to him, Sky goes from forgettable, to good, to great, to awful. It's a journey of quality for her. Now I start with forgettable because when Pahkitew first began, I found Amy, Samey, Ella, Max, Sugar, Jasmine, and Shawn much more noticeable as they were doing more in their first few episodes. When you really think about it, Sky's plot only really begins once Skave shows up. Sky does nothing until then. I appreciate she didn't let that be her defining trait though. Unfortunately, just when that starts happening, she yells at Dave, while also manipulating him into letting her win in the finale. Obviously I'm on Sky's side since Dave tried to kill her and all, but Sky isn't too perfect either. She randomly does these heinous actions when I was actually starting to like her.

33: Dawn - The Ambiguous Character


Like many others, in personal rankings, I would make Dawn much higher than here. But due to her character not really being too fleshed out in the six episodes she's appeared in, I have to put her here. Dawn's mysterious personality was the main component of her character. Fellow contestants were either creeped out, confused, or curious about who Dawn really was. The ambiguity in Dawn is always fun to watch but it does give her a disadvantage. Dawn never truly develops nor do we learn too much about her nor has she done too many interesting things. The only interesting thing I remember her doing was trying to eliminate Scott. Sure there was her bond with animals, and how she managed to know the personalities of just about everyone on the island, but not much Dawn did would leave an impact in the future. She's one of my favorites, but is far from it on this sort of list.

32: Owen - The Mixed Bag 2\2

Owen Sock in Mouth

I was very conflicted on where to put Owen. He's a pretty hated character. A majority of Owen's jokes consist of fart humor. It's not even funny fart humor because of how predictable it is. Owen is also mostly a gag character, yet somehow made the Final 2 in TDI. But I'll admit I actually kind of liked TDI Owen. I HATED Owen in TDA. The fact that he returned and made the Final 3 was bad enough, but to have him be one of the closest things we had to an antagonist in the season was just infuriating. With a character like DJ who quit from guilt, Owen doesn't. He isn't even happy when Chris fires him, so Owen really was THAT desperate. He didn't apologize to Harold when he found him out and in fact voted for Harold. This isn't honorable, this is nasty. But Owen made it this far for the best thing about him: his interactions. Owen has had outstanding interactions with the following characters: Noah, Izzy, Justin, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Geoff, Duncan, Gwen. All of these are very interesting friendships and for that reason I find Owen to be very underrated. Why wasn't he an All Star again?

31: Noah - The Overrated Character 1\2

File:Noah Rank Lulu.png

Oh, Noah. In my personal rankings, he's way higher, like Top 10 material. But even I can't deny that Noah is another gag character. Practically all of Noah's dialogue, when you realy look at it, is some kind of joke he's saying, be it sarcasm, mockery, or anything else. Contestants higher than him have done more than just say a bunch of jokes. I put Noah this high because unlike Owen, Noah's jokes are less predictable and they're always pleasing to watch. Noah is like a funny commentary of everyone around him. But outside of that, that's his most notable character trait unfortunately. I'm putting him this high because of his hilarious interactions with Owen. They bounce off of each other perfectly.

30: Tyler - The Okay Contestant

Its Tyler

My problem with Tyler is that he's not really a good or bad character. He's just an okay one. Tyler is another gag character, but unlike Noah, Tyler does a little more outside that. His eagerness in challenges, and his relationship with Lindsay are prime examples. But the thing Tyler's always been most remembered for is that he's accident prone. At this point whenever a gag like that shows up that happens to Tyler, you kind of feel like you've seen it before. Tyler, not a bad character, but not really not much to say about.

29: Sugar - The Gag Antagonist

Sugar drinks

Ew. Sugar's probably Bottom 20 material in my personal rankings, but she manages to get Top 30 through analysis of her. Unlike a Pahkitew cast member like Sky or Topher, I could immediately recognize Sugar. She was making her presence much more known. I find her one-sided conflict with Ella very entertaining to watch, along with her interactions with Sky, Shawn, Dave, Max, and Leonard. With Sugar's personality she can bounce off of anyone. Unfortunately, Sugar isn't nearly as intimidating of an antagonist as someone like Heather or Alejandro are. On inspection, Sugar was nothing more than a gag antagonist. Her repetitive eating and fart jokes were really starting to get on my nerves. I detest Sugar, but a character with enough effort put into her like her does deserve to be higher than characters I would otherwise prefer, like Noah, Tyler, and Dawn.

28: Justin - The Villainous Comic Relief


I would personally put Justin about ten spots higher, but I'm trying to make this as unbiased as possible. There's been a common misconception that Justin was the TDA antagonist. He played a part in eliminating Gwen and Izzy, both in villainous ways, but he's not an antagonist. He may not be heroic, but the point of Justin's character is actually to be a funny one. Granted Justin was nothing more than fodder in his first season, but due to him merging in TDA, there was plenty of funny Justin moments revealed to us. I love that he relies on his looks to be successful at anything. I love his pretty dumb personality. And I love the occasional comic relief that he was, especially in The Princess Pride. He played his part in being a harmless gag character with not much substance to him. And he played this part perfectly.

27: Leshawna - The Changed Character

LeShawna barfs

Poor derailed Leshawna. Back in TDI, Leshawna was easily one of the best characters. Its expected that her stereotype would make her a person with a bad attitude but Leshawna was kind to the right people throughout her time in the first season. She'd be about fifteen spots higher if I were to take TDI into account. Its TDDDDI special was a bad sign though. In an unjustifiable way out of nowhere, Leshawna tries crashing Heather and Harold into the water, all because of some throwaway insult from Heather in Episode 2.

Bad actions from Leshawna were usually justified but this really made no sense. But TDA was where the real downfall began. The most infamously terrible Leshawna moment is when she pretends to cry to earn a reward of reuniting with Leshawniqua. It was bad enough that she tried this underhanded method of crying, but when you get to Million Dollar Babies.

In this episode, it's revealed that behind their backs, Leshawna complained about Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, Justin, Beth, Duncan, and Harold. Okay, I could understand Heather and maybe Courtney and Duncan, but Lindsay? Justin? Beth? Harold? These four people are ones that Leshawna has such a recognizable friendship with. Sure she apologized but the damage was done and these actions from Leshawna made no sense. Heather was the first person who even started to forgive Leshawna. I thought there was still hope when the two became friends, right? Nope. In Aftermath III Leshawna laughs at Heather's misery. And when Heather says in an insulted manner "I thought we were friends?" then it sealed the deal. And don't get me started on how dumbed down they made Leshawna in Slap Slap Revolution. In personal rankings, I'd make Leshawna much lower, but TDI was her only amazing and tolerable season. Other than that, I hate Leshawna.

26: Sierra - The Flanderized All Star


Sierra was decent in World Tour. Even though she was another person to add to the gag characters list for her repetitive obsession with Cody, Sierra did manage to show her usefulness as a team member, and the revelation of Cody befriending her was very amusing. I like that Sierra has a caring side towards Cody, and despite her obsession with him, she shows very good care and optimism for his well-being.................................and then you got All Stars. I began to not like Sierra in this season, because Cody seemed like a tool to her. Maybe it was just that she was having withdrawal symptoms since she couldn't communicate with Cody, but for her to actually imagine that Cameron was Cody was completely unnecessary. Withdrawal symptoms aren't this bad where you lose your mind like this. It's just Sierra having extra creepiness and zero comedy. Sierra, along with 6 others, were just forced to have this flanderization thrown on them. Sierra may not be the worst derailed, but she was certainly the most flanderized. Jokes that didn't revolve around Cody were funny though. I'd love to see Sierra and Zoey on a team again.

25: Lightning - The Memorable Gag Character

Lightning shovel

Personally, Lightning is one of my favorite characters. He would usually be Top 20 material for me, but here he's only Top 30. This is me being as unbiased as possible. When you really look at Lightning, his only purpose is to be a gag character. I thought that he lasted a little too long in Revenge. He didn't have as much of a storyline as Cameron did in that season. All of Lightning's storylines when you look at them, revolve around a joke. His subplot of mistaking Jo for a boy is a joke. His conflict with Jo is a joke. His entire character is a joke. But Lightning never overstays his welcome. He's consistently funny throughout his two seasons competing. He has many funny jokes in him, and can at least be interesting. But Lightning is usually only remembered for his jokes, and for good reason.

24: Max - The Entertaining Anti-Hero

Max thumb

Like Lightning, Max is another thoroughly entertaining and funny character, but lasted a little too long. Mo Monkey, Mo Problems seemed like an appropriate time to eliminate Max. He's hilarious, charismatic, and overall fun to watch. Unfortunately, not much story potential has been utilized with Max. Like Lightning, Max sometimes has the flaw of being a one-note character. He has really funny lines like "You're in my seat, gone with you!" but he's Gag character #4050. His conflict with Scarlett was interesting though, and I loved that Max was the one who defeated her in the end, even if his elimination was very contrived and needless.

23: Scott - The Character Changed For the Better


Scott was an absolutely terrible ROTI antagonist. All that they need in trying to make him interesting was make him try to lose every challenge, followed by him blaming someone else for it. Here's a question: What if his team caught on to the fact that Scott was making them a worse team than Team Victory? Wouldn't he be voted off then? His schemes of eliminating people were just so repetitive and tedious. Heather and Alejandro got rid of people in uinque ways. Scott just wasn't being the best antagonist... and then you have All Stars. Scott is perfect in this season. His transformation of a character was so perfect. Not only is Scott funny, but unlike Max and Lightning, Scott has had more storylines, like the underrated Scourtney for instance. But the stain ROTI left factors in to Scott's rankings.

22: Ella - The Best One-Note Character


At first glance, Ella seems like a one-note character on Pahkitew Island. For the most part she is. Ella is a kind soul towards animals, but is also very optimistic and enthusiastic. And she's more than just another gag character to add to the list. Ella's actually very interesting. Her one-sided conflict/friendship with Sugar is interesting. The Skavella love triangle is interesting. And Ella herself is interesting. She's probably in my Top 5, but this is an unbiased list, and Ella is far from the Top 5.

21: Jo - The Zinger Villain

Jo TDRI Rank

Jo is interesting mostly for her conflicts with characters. I like her conflict with Brick, Heather, Lightning, Cameron, and Anne Maria. They're not even plot device conflicts like Amy's with Samey's. Jo can interact with anyone and seem interesting. She also has amazing zinger puns that I'm very proud of. Unfortunately, Jo has never been intended to be a character for you to root for or cheer on. It doesn't seem like she's ever going to develop. But she's sure good at helping other characters do that.

20: Brick - The Funny, Yet Interesting Character


Brick was mostly a gag ROTI character. But I always rooted for him and felt sorry for him. Brick's one of the more unique of the second gen cast. It's so amusing to see a soldier in training on a show like this. Brick's honorable, and he can bounce off of any character. Unfortunately, these better aspects of Brick aren't as focused on as I'd hope they'd be, and instead we're mostly treated to gags involving Brick. But even despite that, Brick is a very consistent and entertaining character who probably could've dominated All Stars.