This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Ever since it was heavily hinted that RR would feature a returnee, there's been tons of speculation as to which pair it may be. And after digging for information myself, I think I have finally deduced who it may be. The choice I went with was probably the first speculated choice and definitely one of the more popular ones by people. It's none other than...


The Vegans have been a pretty popular choice when it comes to which pair could be returning. Reasons other people have said is:

  • They have unfinished storyline (It is unknown where they currently stand on each other, Laurie's extent of love of meat is unknown, we don't know whether or not Miles forgives Laurie for her secret meat loving ways, etc.),
  • Laurie had big interactions with people like Don and Dwayne
  • They are generally more complex than most other eliminated pairs. 

It goes without saying that while I think these are big factors as to why I sense the Vegans are returning, it's moreso the basis for what I'm about to say.

Let's start with the Vegan's recap about their elimination. Don mentions that their plane ride home crash landed on a small island populated by cannibals. Ignoring the fact that this is the only team where there is full explanation as to where they currently are, this is just the beginning.

Episode 15, entitled Maori or Less, is an episode where the teams visit the small island of Maori. Here's a fun fact: Maori features cannibals who enjoy eating buried bodies of humans, all while having a traditional tribal dance to go along with this. So teams are visiting an island that coincidentally has cannibals, and the Vegans coincidentally landed on an island with cannibals. Woah, what if I'm right? Then again this is coincidental by me, and there's always the possibility of teams never meeting cannibals and Laurie and Miles could just be in a completely different place. So feel free to disbelieve me. I could be wrong...


Maori or Less Summary (from its page) : Teams learn and perform a traditional Maori dance and someone makes a truly permanent mistake.


The Maori cannibals have tribal dances!! Laurie and Miles are with cannibals! And permanent mistake?? Is this when Dwayne's karma comes back and him and Junior are eliminated or should be but non-elimination?? Am I right??! Have I confirmed this return all along?!!!

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