Number 11



Harold just narrowly misses the Top 10. Harold is a very resourceful teammate, willing to always help. He's very nice to certain people, including Leshawna. He's willing to make friends with anyone, including Duncan, and despite his initial anti-social personality, Harold's character really evolves in TDA as a much more social person. He risked his life in World Tour by going on a surfboard, all for Leshawna and Cody, and also helps Heather out when she faces Alejandro. Harold is probably one of the most useful members of any team he's put on, even the failed Team Victory.

Unfortunately, Harold has done a few select things that make him just miss the Top 10. He cheated by getting rid of Courtney by messing with the votes, which he kept a secret, he's punched and embarassed Duncan several times, and he even killed Duncan's pet tarantula "Scruffy." But in that very same episode, Harold tried saving everyone from the competition by trying to reveal Owen to them.

Hearing this, you'd probably think Harold should be a bit lower on the list, but the fact that he endures such torment from people and only retaliates a number of times keeps him from being lower. And once you take a look at him, you know he really isn't as harmful as even Katie or Sadie.

Number 10



Jasmine is a very good person. She develops an attraction towards Shawn, is all about teamwork, and cares about most of her teammates and allies. She does have a winning edge, but did plan to let Shawn beat her in A Blast from the Past, even though he was very rough against her when thinking she was a zombie.

This lead to one of Jasmine's main flaws. When angered, Jasmine is one to hold a grudge for a longer time than others. She's also bossy and loves taking charge. But she's aware of these flaws, and tries to stop herself from them.

And even after finding out that Shawn initially wanted to keep his prize money to himself, she was still concerned for his well-being. Unfortunately, Jasmine has done other bad things, like inflict wedgie violence on Max, and threatens him, Shawn and Topher. But she deserves just making the Top 10

Number 9



It's so strange putting a barely focused on character like Leonard so high. Leonard loves pretending to be a magic wizard, so it's basically someone playing a game to themselves while they play a much more challenging and dangerous game. Lying isn't really the most moral thing out there, along with Leonard threatening his own team, albeit poorly during his elimination. And Leonard's roleplaying can be very dangerous to his team when taken into consideration. At heart, he just wants to roleplay freely, but he should be thankful he was eliminated early before he caused another problems for his team.

Number 8


When I first began this list, I was immediately considering putting Zoey in the Top 3. She's very kind to others, easy to get on with, and is even easily forgiving of people like Scott. She's very lonely, is an only child, but she definitely has a darker side to her. Beneath her sweet personality on the outside, on the inside, Zoey is very ruthless and violent. She kicked a bunch of beavers, and sometime after Mike's elimination, she turned into Commando Zoey. She seeked revenge against Scott, and was also very determined to get rid of Lightning. Even when working alongside Cameron, she still shown off a more anti-hero side to her. It was when he was in danger that she turned back to her original self, before being eliminated.

And then even in All-Stars, despite her being more reformed, Zoey still had her very surprising acrobatic skills, which means that she still has that darker side to her. But she made it where she did for very good reasons.

Number 7


File:Dawn and Squirrel.png

When I put someone like Dawn here, then you know that this is where the list becomes really difficult. Most of Dawn's lines consist of her aura whispering. Along with this, she's most kind to animals, no matter what shape or size, and she sees either the good or bad in people.

And that's pretty much what I mean. Dawn is never afraid to point out the flaws she senses in people. It seems a little inconsiderate when you think about it, because that has the potential to mentally hurt someone, maybe make them think that their flaws are too obvious to people.

Now that's definitely not Dawn's intention. She got where she did on this list for good reason. She tried saving her team from Scott, she's a nice person once you get past her strange ambiguity, and she's caring towards many animals.

Number 6



The last six spots on this list are of people who don't have too much flaws to do with their morality. Sam is one of them. Similar to Leonard, Sam is very imaginative with what he's interested in. He's also very nice to just about everyone. Sam is just an eager guy who wants to have a good time and play video games. He's very kind to Dakota, and doesn't even mind when she mutates.

Unfortunately though, and very coincidentally, in both Runaway Model and Food Fright, two episodes that Sam is eliminated in, are the same episodes where he doesn't do the best things. In Runaway Model, Sam has video game withdrawal and imagines everything in front of him as a video game. This seems potentially dangerous, as it's revealed that when having video game withdrawal, Sam is practically never attached to the real world. But Food Fright also shown off a different side to Sam. In this episode, Sam cheats for his team to win, which isn't very heroic. He hides the evidence of this before being eliminated when found out.

Number 5



Beth earned the right to compete in the TDA finale. She's been considerate enough to everyone to know everything about them, she's played the helpful roles in alliances she's not proud of, like her ones with Heather and Courtney,and when facing Duncan in the final two, she even decided to let him be even with her before they tied in the end, when it came down to votes. Beth is kind to nearly everyone, and is all about friendship with others.

Now she's not perfect. She supposedly cursed her Screaming Gopher's team, though we still don't know whether it was her fault or not that they kept losing, and even though Heather and Courtney were treating her horribly, the way Beth left her alliances felt kind of like betrayal. She shot Heather with a paintball gun and stole invincibility from Courtney. But she deserves making it this far after rightfully earning her win (I don't care who you think the official winner is. I go with Beth because she was so obviously the intended one).

Number 4


Tyler Rank Lulu

Tyler may not have got Number 1, but it's very easy to call him the most morally correct out of all the original cast. Not to say that that' Tyler's main quirk, but more that just about all of the original cast screwed up in some way, including Tyler. But the only times he's screwed up is in challenges. Tyler is a very confident guy, even if his athleticism is false. Tyler is one of those characters where he has flaws, but they don't really affect his level of morality. Tyler's main quirk is that he believes that he's very athletic, but is actually mostly useless. He's a nice guy who's very good at cheering for teammates, even though he's not very good at challenges himself. He's mostly a gag character, so you don't see too much morality from him.

The only moments of bad morality from Tyler that I can think of is when he kept Duncan and Gwen's kiss a secret for quite some time, which isn't the most morally correct thing to do. He owns up to it and does reveal the secret though, but when it comes to his uselessness, Tyler has nearly caused a mountain of snow to fall on his teammates, not to mention the potential of danger he can cause with his uselessness.

Number 3



The only real morality problem I sense in B is that he's a very vague character. We don't really know too much about his good qualities either. I put him this high because according to Dawn, B is a very kind person if you were to interact with him. He's very useful to his team, and is very clever, and these skills are in the right hands. There's not much to say about someone so silent. He gets Number 3 though mostly for how mysterious he still remains.

Number 2


Brick TDRI Rank

Brick is always trying his best to be a teamplayer. He doesn't mind those equal or better than him, as he sees them as just as valuable as he is. That's what he initially thinks of Jo before finding out what kind of rival she is. Brick isn't one for retaliation, and is very genuine and honest. His only flaw, as stated by Dawn, is that he loves being ordered, but isn't afraid to take charge, which doesn't affect morality too much. He's definitely the most moraly correct out of all the 2nd Gen cast. The only real bad morality choice made by Brick was when he left his team behind in Finders Creepers. But not only was that under the influence of Jo, who was held in captivity anyways, but also that Brick was hesitant to do so, and even volunteered for elimination. Brick is very easy to trust, since he's easy to reveal any secrecy he has.

Number 1


I had this planned from the start. Plenty of people predicted Ella as Number 1. This girl is perfect. I don't really know how to explain how morally correct she is without gushing over how enjoyable she is. You all know why she's Number 1. C'mon. It's Ella! She's the best there is. She's kind to animals, sweet to everyone, even those who don't particularly care for her like Sugar, Ella is determined to be the nicest contestant there is, which she succeeded in, she has an optimistic attitude towards others, she's positive herself, she can tame things as wild as bears and Clucky, and wow, what else can I say? It's Ella! She's perfect. I love her. She's done nothing bad, ever! She may have accidentaly got caught between Dave and Sky, but she never knew, her behavior didn't hurt Dave or Sky, and she was still friends with both of them afterwards, despite the tears coming out of her eyes. Why did I worry about Ella before she was introduced? She's amazing. Even when she plummets to the ground, she's glad that a teddy bear is safe. She also had the best elimination, which I'll never get tired of hearing. She's better than everyone at everything.

Woo, Ella! She's the best possible way to end this list, or any list ever. 6 episodes of Ella goodness. Thank you, Pahkitew! Thank you, Ella! Thank you, everyone!

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