Number 22



Oh, Dakota. You poor, poor, downfall. When people first heard about Dakota, a number of ideas of characters she'd be based around popped into their heads. Some had been under the notion that Dakota would be a manipulating antagonist, similar to Heather, while others believed she'd be a more spoiled version of Lindsay. Some people even said that Dakota would be as bossy as Courtney. Not many people had very positive ideas of Dakota in their minds. When she finally appeared on the show, some fans were actually won over by her.

When you first meet Dakota on the show, she's far from a bad person. Her personality had caught a lot of people very off guard. What makes her higher than most other characters is that she has both good and bad qualities, but mostly good ones. Unlike a character like Leshawna for instance, Dakota's bad qualities don't necessarily counter her good ones in a bad way. If anything her good qualities counter the bad ones.

However, while Dakota has shown compassion towards people like Sam or Zoey, while also being one of the more harmless ROTI cast pre-transformation, Dakota has a few bad qualities that caused her to only get this high.

Before the transformation even happens, I had seen a few select bad qualities from Dakota. She may help out with her team, but its only to make herself look good too. She also cares about herself more than most others when first introduced, even hogging the camera from Anne Maria at one point.

But her good qualities redeem Dakota a little more. She never really threatens anyone on her team, along with Dawn's reveal that Dakota's ego comes from a cry for love, showing that Dakota more or less does her actions out of desperation. She also surprisingly forms a strong bond with Sam.

The transformation really screwed her over though. Some call it derailment, while others call it development. I see a little bit of both here. While Dakota developed into not caring about her looks or herself as much, she was derailed into being easily angered. She threatened violence on Chris and Chef, and when rescuing Sam, threw Gwen away, probably causing dreadful injury on her. Her size in general can be harmful even when not on purpose.

I don't know where she'll go from here, but right now, Dakota's personality is mixed for people, making her get this far.

Number 21



Oh, boy. Here he is. Cameron. A character who just about everyone took issue to when it came to originally putting him so low on this list. Sure on a rewatch I did of ROTI, Cameron wasn't as unlikable as he was in AS, but AS sealed the deal for me to put Cameron this high.

Now I won't deny Cameron has done some great things, like successfully rescue about eleven people while competing in the final, and also cared a lot about helping Mike with his disorder throughout the season. He even begs Scott to not tell anyone about Mike's disorder. Cameron also mostly gets on with most of the contestants.

Unfortunately, due to his upbringing, Cameron has unfortunate social upbringing. He doesn't detect others emotions at first, not to mention that he's very easily swayed to do bad things, by people like Mal.

Now I know that Cameron did bad things in All Stars because Mal made him believe everyone else was out to get him, but no matter what the circumstances were, Cameron still performed these actions.

Despite him being on the heroes team for a reason, Cameron has done the following bad things throughout All Stars.

  • In Evil Dread he used Mike as a tool for the challenge by putting a hat on Mike and changing his personality immediatlely without even asking Mike's permission before he altered his brain entirely.
  • In Moon Madness Cameron, under Mal's influence, abandoned Sierra for her to get attacked, never really even going back to save her.
  • In You Regatta Be Kidding Me Duncan even states what Cameron does in this episode may seem evil. For starters, Cameron willingly uses Scott as shark bait, and, while accidental, still is responsible for Scott to fall into shark bait territory.
  • In Zeek and Ye Shall Find after hearing Mal's advice, Cameron agrees to make Courtney believe he kissed her. Yeah, it was accidental, but this is even worse than his previous bad deed because here he not only lies that it wasn't his fault, but blames Courtney. Yes, I know that he thought everyone was out to get him but by doing bad things back, it makes Cameron seem just as bad.

Speaking of being just as bad, he did a small number of bad deeds in ROTI too. But this is just from Cameron showing off his personality trait of being just as deceitful as other antagonists. He successfully gets rid of Jo, even saying that "he learned from the best." That's horrible. Yeah I know Cameron was playing the game, but his technique of doing so was being just as deceitful as Jo.

And while his accidental misdeeds aren't as bad as Bridgette's, similar to her, he still causes them, accidental or not. Due to being pretty anti-social, Cameron is bad at secrets and bad at keeping his mouth shut. These aren't really his intentions of course, but he still causes them.

That's what puts Cameron here. He may do some good things but it's hard to forget about all the bad things.

Number 20



Shawn is pretty difficult to talk about when it comes to morality. This is the point in the list when I reach a bunch of characters that are extremeley morally correct. Shawn is definitely one of them, but his flaws do impact his decisions.

Despite how loyal he his to his teammates, Shawn suffers from paranoia. While he easily trusts people when talking to them, during his early time in the season he was mostly trying to save himself from "zombies." His paranoia is very dangerous to others. Under influence from anyone he can get violent to anyone. When told that the other team are zombies, Shawn believes this so much that he goes as far as to inflict pain on Jasmine.

Even when nice to others, Shawn still possesses a strange mindset. Now of course Shawn's strange mindset comes from him trying to be moral in the first place. He made up for what he did to Jasmine by saving her life and he destroys a bunch of Chris robots to save the others. But unfortunately Shawn's impressive morality is still outclassed by other's higher than him.

Number 19



DJ is another character on the list who I feel guilty about putting so low on the list. DJ makes it lower on the list strictly for hurting many animals in TDWT. No-one found it funny, it never was funny, and it never will be funny. Animal cruelty from DJ was of course completely accidental, but compared to characters higher than him, DJ's accidental cruelty to animals is what forced him to be lower than I initially had hoped he would be.

Otherwise, DJ is a kindred spirit who cares about just about everyone. Aside from what happens in World Tour, DJ is very good with animals and is always willing to help out.

But even if I didn't count DJ's accidental animal cruelty, he probably wouldn't even make the top ten anyways due to his underhanded alliance with Chef that DJ thankfully backed out of soon after. Similar to Shawn, DJ is far from being a bad person, but he is outclassed by others.

Number 18


Like Lindsay, Owen is loved by nearly every competitor. Due to him making it to the merge three seasons in a row, everything about Owen has been revealed to us. Owen is very optimistic, positive, supportive, and enjoys having a laugh or two.

Unfortunately he was also a semi-antagonist in TDA for three episodes, trying to drive a wedge between any of the competitors. When found out by Harold, Owen didn't even quit his alliance with Chris like DJ did with Chef. Instead Owen kept doing sneaky methods in trying to win.

Most of Owen's humor revolves around fart jokes, which means he's not really considerate about what others are smelling, and goes for the "better in than out" approach.

It has also been pointed out by Katie and Sadie that Owen was surprisingly ruthless in Dodgebrawl for some reason. He's rough and forceful with any dodgeball, even knocking out four Killer Bass members in a row in a very strong way.

Otherwise Owen is very sweet to a lot of people. He's one of the only contestants Chris likes, and Owen can be very kind. But his repetitive jokes and memorable misdeeds make him get Number 18. He also left Izzy for dead against a supposed killer inHook, Line, and Screamer, which isn't giving him much likability points.

Number 17


RP - Cody

There's some truth to Cody being worth rooting for in the Final 3. If they actually did go with the original idea to make Cody compete in All-Stars, then he would've definitely been on the Heroic Hamsters.

Cody is nice to pretty much everyone. He even tries high-fiving Eva twice, so he has some fearless kindnes too. His desperation for a companion shows a sweeter side to him. Cody has a childlike innocence to him that makes him one of the most harmless contestants around.

He lands a spot here though for a few flaws he possesses. A defining trait he had in TDI was his need to constantly flirt with other female contestants whether they liked it or not. Gwen was pretty creeped out by him.

Even in TDWT, a season where just about everyone predicted he would win, Cody showed off some more flaws. Sierra constantly fawns over Cody to the point where he attempts voting her off. He feels very guilty about it and successfully apologizes to her, but then in Chinese Fake-Out, the only reason there was a tiebreaker between Courtney and Blaineley was because Cody actually didn't even learn from his mistakes as he voted for Sierra. Its also hinted that he betrayed Owen's friendship with him by being one of four people to vote Owen off.

Cody's innocence and charm is both a saving grace and a major flaw for him.

Number 16



Samey is a very nice girl who's been constantly overshadowed by her much less likable sister Amy. Samey has had to endure this the entire time. Samey is very innocent and just wants a friend on the island.

If it hadn't been for Amy's elimination I would've put Samey in the Top 5 for definite. But since Amy was poisoned by her own sister in addition to Samey risking Amy's life by tricking her into poisoning herself in the first place, Samey only made it this high. Sure it made sense for Samey to get revenge but her sister was choking right in front of her. That's a bit cold. Along with that, we don't know much else about that because the season made the shocking mistake of only letting Samey last five episodes when she had way more potential than that.

Number 15


Wow rodney

Poor Rodney. On the surface a guy like him seems like he should be way higher. He's nice to everyone, mostly the girls, and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Unfortunately when you really inspect Rodney you kind of see that his emotions aren't the most impressive. He will go after just about any girl if they do something that gives him a good impression of them. This means that Rodney is the cause of confusion amongst girls and since he can be attracted to anyone, it kind of shows that he's more or less passionate in a bad way. That's the only defining character trait he has. He's not as morally reprehensible as Trent is, but Rodney isn't too perfect.

Number 14


Its Lindsay

Lindsay's another character who I feel bad about not putting on the Top 10. Her innocence and ability to be friendly to just about anyone makes her one of the most likable characters. But that's just the thing. Her innocence.

Now unlike others, I don't find Lindsay as dumb as some think she is. Thinking just isn't her thing. She always forgets people's names and must've forgot she was even with Tyler, since she still  gets flirted with by people like Justin or Alejandro. It can be excused since she might not be aware, but she still does these kinds of things.

Despite being betrayed by Heather, she still swears her off and insults her to no end. Lindsay has also done a few underhanded methods like playing with Courtney's head by bringing Duncan to a movie with her  in Get a Clue. All of these darker moments of Lindsay have good reasons for them to be done, but that doesn't stop her from doing them anyways.

Lindsay is still very kind and supportive of plenty of people though. She just has a few surprising bad qualities to her though that made her only get this far.

Number 13


Number 12


File:Katie TDI Rank.pngEdit


Sadie TDI Rank

So now I've finally reached Katie and Sadie. Two characters who have rapidly changing moods every so often. They go from being the best of friends to being the worst of enemies. That's what siblings do anyways, but there's also their creeepy technique of following people like Trent or Justin. They can either be far from close to people or too close at all. They can also get on anyone's nerves. I guess if I had to choose which one of them are slightly worse when it comes to morality, I would probably go with Sadie for the whole incident with hitting things including Courtney. There's not much else to talk about when it comes ot characters who didn't last long in the only season they've ever competed in.

Clue for Number 11.

Very secretive.