Number 32


The Topher experience 1

What's the first thing about Topher that comes to your mind when you think of him? That he wants to be like Chris. And since Chris is even more immoral than Scarlett is, the potential Topher has if he took Chris' place would be extremely dangerous. Topher really doesn't mind that Chris has nearly been responsible for the deaths of people countless times.

And Topher's style of manipulation is one where he tries stealing. It's pretty much theft since Topher wants to steal Chris' job. Topher's very adamant about making Chris lose his job, not to mention Topher's very honest criticism he has on Chris.

And similar to Chris, Topher is just as vain and arrogant. He's otherwise harmless though in the long run, which lands him a spot at Number 32.

Number 31


On the surface, a guy like Trent seems like he should be way higher on the list. He's very relaxed, humble and kind towards most people, very supportive, and also cares very much about whatever team he's on, not to mention his occasional self-sacrificing nature.

But big key moments are what definitely sealed the deal for me to make the decision that Trent doesn't make the best choices throughout his time on the show.

In Phobia Factor, Trent almost buries Gwen alive, endangering her life, and neglecting her completely, forgetting all about her. I guess he's sorry in Who Can You Trust, but then there's that time that Cody openly tells Trent how Gwen feels about her. And how does Trent respond to Cody, one of his closest friends? A friend who he later formed a band with? A friend who also managed to save his life? A friend who was one of the main reasons Trent even got with Gwen in the first place? How does Trent respond.

If you're lying, I can easily rearrange your face!

Maybe it was just that Trent was worried as to whether or not Cody was telling the truth, but that's a real violent threat to make.

In TDA, when Trent and Gwen were both put on opposite teams, Trent developed a downright obsession with impressing Gwen. He got easily jealous when Gwen picked Duncan first on her team, and then even tried making Gwen angry by happily pointing at Lindsay. He's also willing to cost his team challenges, and just generally became a creepier person than I remember him as Trent pretty much became a creepier version of Rodney, but without any of the kindness Rodney had. I miss TDI Trent.

Number 30


File:Geoff Rank Lulu.png

Oh the poor downfalling character known as Geoff. I remember when I first watched TDI. I instantly considered Geoff the most moral person out of the twenty two to choose from. He was innocent, dense yet sweet, but had no bad bone in his body.

And then he turns into Chris Jr. in TDA.

Geoff is brought up higher mostly for Island and a bit of World Tour, but wow, his behavior in TDA really brings him down in a gigantic way. When Geoff becomes an Aftermath host, the fame goes to his head. Not only that, but he takes amusement in watching contestants receive pain, laughing at their misfortune, even going farther than electrocution and possibly risking others lives. This is downright sociopathic and almost as bad as Chris.

And you may be thinking about Geoff's more redeeming qualities that are more apparent than Trent and Leshawna's. But despite his generally outgoing, relaxed, and carefree attitude, Geoff plots revenge occasionaly, like when him, DJ, and Duncan completely tormented Harold in If You Can't Take The Heat, or the entire point of the song Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. Sure, his redeeming factors outweigh his bad ones. He tries getting along with everyone, and even forgives Bridgette when she kissed Alejandro. He's very apologetic and also easy to forgive, not to mention his helpful attitude.

If only he didn't go through what he did as an Aftermath host.

Number 29


Noah First Confessional

In my Original Part 2, plenty of people took issue with the fact that Noah was Number 33. While he's far from a bad person, he's only barely a good person. Noah's main trait is that he's very insultive of others, along with not being scared to critique anyone. I watched over some of World Tour, and Noah was just as entertaining and fun to watch. But most of his humor revolved around making fun of someone. Not that sarcasm is supposed to be a bad thing, but more that that's what most of Noah's dialogue revolves around, with no kinds of compliments or proper support, never really thinking before he speaks.

He's developed into a more cooperative team player in this season, but he's never learned how to change his attitude. He's very harmless, and is great friends with people like Owen, Izzy, or Eva, but he's never afraid to make fun of them too. He hasn't technically really done any bad things, which is what makes him reach higher on the list, but he was intentionally created to be a very flawed character.

Number 28


Similar to Trent and Geoff, when you first watch Leshawna, she seems like she should be way higher on the list. If you're on her good side, Leshawna can be one of the kindest, and friendliest allies. If you're on her bad side, then she's violent, untrustworthy, unpredictable, and unkind.

And I remember how Leshawna's bad deeds are very long lasting. Now, unlike contestants who are higher on the list, if you say or do anything mean to Leshawna, she'll either be aggressive, or scary. Higher contestants on the list who may even have some people who don't like them too much might just shrug off insults thrown at them. But Leshawna doesn't. That's the least of her problems though.

In TDA, Leshawna turns out to have a more manipulative side to her. She "cries" to her team so they can give her a reward, and then in a later episode, we find out that all of this was a sham. Leshawna throws insults at Courtney, Lindsay, Justin, Duncan, Beth, and even Harold behind their backs, and also uses them so she can get a reward all to herself, being less selfless than other contestants.

In this same episode, she even insults friends of hers like Beth, before Beth annhiliates the other team.

Now Leshawna does this cheer or whatever to gain back their trust, which she does, and also saves herself fromelimination, along with befriending Heather in a shocking twist.

But then you get the third aftermath, wherein Leshawna laughs at the misery of Heather, who was one of the only reasons Leshawna even got that extra bit further. Heather's "I thought we were friends" sums this moment up completely.

TDWT forgets about the friendship entirely. In Slap Slap Revolution, Heather must face Leshawna. Now keep in mind that Heather is doing exactly what you're supposed to do in the challenge. Whether or not Alejandro was the reason for Leshawna's sudden violent burst, Leshawna still goes through with it. She defeats Heather with ease, which would be okay since I'd accept that as part of the challenge, but even after that, Leshawna slaps Heather across the face and knocks out one of her teeth.

Yes, Leshawna is definitely one of the nicest friends you could have, but her bad side really reveals a lot about her problems. Yeah, most of her aggressive side is to help others out, except for...

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island. Most people probably forget what bad act Leshawna actually does in this special, so here's a brief summary.

Leshawna teams up with Gwen and Trent in getting the million dollars first. They all definitely don't want to team up with Heather. A small problem with the three of them that one could make is that they refuse to save Heather's life, but that's insignificant in comparison to what happens towards the end of the special.

After knocking out Chef for...uh... absolutely nothing, Leshawna steals his vehicle, and drives off with it. When she spots Harold, one of her closest friends, and guy she even kissed and was in a brief relationship with, along with Heather, who she doesn't get on with, what does she do? Attempt to run over both of them, endangering Harold's life after all the nice things he's done for her, and Heather, who didn't do much to Leshawna in this special. So why exactly does Leshawna do this? Because of an insult Heather gave to Leshawna in the first episode. Leshawna didn't even do her revenge sooner, but it just kind of popped into her head to do this.

I tried making the summary brief, but it was a tad too difficult. In conclusion though, Leshawna is a nice person, but a very cruel one if you anger her in some way. She has a bit too much attitude.

Number 27


Staci doesntnow howtoswim

This is a weird pick for me. Staci only lasts one episode, and only appears in two in her only season on the show. Unlike someone like Ezekiel, we know much less about Staci. All we know about Staci is that her only defining trait is that she's a compulsive liar who can't be trusted. She's not harmful in the slightest, but she is not very trustworthy with everything she makes up. And due to her boastful attitude, along with occupying herself with lying too much, she's a complete danger to her team. We don't know any redeeming qualities about her at all really, so I'm just stuck with her small, yet significant flaws.

Number 26



Like Staci, there's no real redeeming factors to Beardo. In his audition he mentions he's shy and usually just makes noises. This is what lead to his elimination. Beardo is just generally bothersome to others, not to mention his rude nature to some people, like when he lies that Sugar farts. He also never really helps out with his team. There's nothing really redeeming about him. He just has these small flaws in him that hinder his personality.

Number 25

Anne Maria


These last 25 picks were very hard to order around. I had originally put Anne Maria much lower on the list, but after rewatching Revenge of the Island, I had really figured out why she deserves to make it past the halfway point at the very least. She's not perfect, but she has some really great qualities that I didn't notice the first time watching her.

Despite her selfish ego, and decision to get violent when someone gets on her bad side, Anne Maria has done her fair share of good deeds. She tried saving the lives of both Brick in Finders Creepers and Jo in Backstabbers Ahoy. She does care about the safety of her team and is surprisingly a nicer version of Leshawna. Anne Maria has a sassy side to her, but while she gets angry, it might surprisingly be in the midst of her doing good actions.

That's not to say she hasn't done any bad actions. When attempting to punch Jo, she accidentaly hurts Brick. When criticizing Jo for criticizing Brick behind his back, Anne Maria does it herself by calling Brick not attractive in anyway.

But like most picks on this list, Anne Maria's on the neutral spectrum. She's probably one of the most neutral characters on the show. But for being a team player and attempting to save lives, Anne Maria makes it just past the Number 26 mark.

Number 24


Bridgette likes money

I felt pretty guilty for not putting Bridgette higher. Not only is she sweet to animals and most contestants, but she's also specifically made to be one of the main heroes of the first season. Her likability in that season had really made me believe she would make it to at least the final five.

But where there's good qualities, there's of course Bridgette's unfortunate accidental bad qualities. Most of Bridgette's bad qualities are on accident. She's very clumsy and has accidentaly done bad things to the Killer Bass. She injures Courtney and her violin, she pukes on several contestants, she's hit Harold with a plank of wood, hit Chris with her surfboard, kicks a squirrel, and in TDDDDI, the amount of accidental things she does to Geoff is huge. Bridgette accidentaly damages his eye, knocks him down a cliff, and pushes him into a baby moose.

And she also immediately falls for Alejandro in TDWT, closely following this up by cheating on Geoff with Alejandro.

Yes, she's sorry for all these actions which is why I call her a hero, but she still does these actions, whether they be accidental or not.

Number 23


Sky drinks

Oh, poor Sky. Similar to Bridgette, Sky's bad actions are accidental. When it comes to her personality and how she views others, Sky doesn't mind social interaction, but doesn't let anything get in her goal of victory. She's formed alliances with both Sugar and Jasmine, and only began to develop resentment for Sugar after being betrayed by her. Overall, when it comes to good qualities, Sky is a very nice girl who is good at teamwork.

Unfortunately, she has still done some bad things. While Dave tried impressing her by boasting, Sky saw this as an insult by him, and yelled at him, causing him to cry. That of course wasn't her intention, but that's what her action led to.

She also never told Dave the truth up until it was revealed when we saw a glimpse of her audition tape. It turns out that she was already in a relationship with a guy called Keith, who she was going to break up with anyways. This is why she technically almost cheats on Keith with Dave, like when she had to kiss Dave as part of a challlenge.

The whole "but" subplot reached a conclusion when we learned the truth about Sky's lies. She also could've easily finished her sentence to Dave. She didn't have to save it for when she reached the final. Nothing would've stopped her, so she accidentaly just brings Dave's personality in circles.

As a competitor, Sky is actually very nice, but the 22 ahead of her have much more redeeming qualities than she does, and they therefore outclass her.

Clue for Number 22.

Developed character.