Number 42



So how's about we follow up a polarizing character with an even more polarizing character. As I mentioned with Courtney at the end of the last part, she's a very love it or hate it kind of character. The same can be said for Sugar for similar reasons. But whereas Courtney has incredibly gigantic flaws but amazing qualities, Sugar just has many tiny flaws that set her apart from other characters.

Sugar has appeared in every TDPI episode besides the finale. And throughout her twelve episodes, Sugar is easily intended to only show her bad side.

Out of all the characters, Sugar probably treats the whole Total Drama game more seriously than anyone else, to the point where she really has no care for anyone at all. At least with an antagonist like Heather all the way back in TDI, she tried to get on with people like Lindsay and Beth. Sure it was to get herself further in the game, but Sugar only really comes close to alliances and screws them up.

She was sort of in one with Dave before he got rid of himself, along with her being with Sky before Sugar messed that up by pushing Sky out of the way.

Sugar doesn't even accept any kindness from people. Ella wanted to call Sugar her best friend, but Sugar could never stand her. There was Sugar's one-sided attraction towards Leonard, but that was because of Sugar liking the magical imagination that Leonard had. Plus Leonard was the only team member of Sugar's who never had any kind of conflict with her.

But other than Leonard... that's it. Sugar pretty much doesn't get on with anyone on the island. She's vain, selfish, inconsiderate, too angry, and just farts in front of others with a cheerful grin, not feeling apologetic. She's cheated more than once, but what ultimately brings her higher is not only her unpredictable attraction towards Leonard, but also her fit of tears during her elimination. All Sugar wants is to be the best. But in the end, she caused a bunch of other problems before then due to her not having any manners.

And the more I think about her, the more I realize how fitting it is for her to be here. Everything Sugar does is based on how she was raised, meaning that what Sugar is capable of is much more dangerous than you may think.

Number 41


Conf Izzy

Okay hear me out on this one. I know that Izzy is a very popular character. So to put her this low on th list might be harsh. But the whole point of Izzy's character IS that she has no moral compass.

Izzy's crazy. She runs from the law, she loves explosions, she's incredibly unpredictable and possibly hostile towards others, she's so committed to whatever she's doing that she zones out of everything else. Her brain is all over the place, not to mention her hasty personality and occasionaly violent choices. This is all so clear with her character.

But if that was all Izzy's character was, she'd be much lower because she's almost been responsible for the heavy injuries of countless people, excluding back when she was responsible when she shot Heather with a tranquilizer dart by accident. What brings Izzy higher is the actual way she brings out this craziness.

Despite her outgoing nature and unpredictability, Izzy is still pretty mysterious in the eyes of the viewer. When she isn't acting crazy, Izzy enjoys spending time with great teammates and she also isn't trying to make her insanity harmful. She just wants others to have fun with her throughout her experiences. And if her brain was only tweaked a little, she'd be a genius. But it may not be the best choice to be too near someone as insane as her.

Number 40



It's been already said that compared to Alejandro, Heather's a saint. And Heather goes through way more changes in character than Alejandro has. He's the main antagonist of TDWT. Ruthless, deceiving, manipulating, and using his charm to his advantage against most female contestants. He got rid of Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Duncan, and Cody, not feeling any remorse towards any of this, and as a bonus, even got rid of Heather in his following season. He's even willing to risk Cody's life to win a challenge.

Alejandro has also not yet went through much redemption. He definitely shown more redeeming qualities in TDAS, like when he fought against his brother for the honor of Heather, or when he tried to stop Mal, or when he tried saving Cameron's life. Yes, these were all for his benefit, but the good deeds are still performed. Alejandro has never truly felt guilty for anything though.

He's saner than Izzy, but is more ruthless than Heather.

Number 39


File:Blaineley Rank Lulu.png

So next we come to Blaineley, who's one of those characters who have the unfortunate fate of not really been utilized as much as you'd want them to. But what we do know about Blaineley is that she schemes in trying to get rid of Chris, manipulates people such as Owen, isn't very easygoing, has a short temper, is very nosy, is hard to get on with, and is a cheater.

I suppose I have to give her some credit for this list since we don't know much else about her, aside from her flaws. But she certainly has the potential to be a very major antagonist in the near future if used properly.

She also got a bit higher on the list because of all the fun she as hugging Bruno as they run Lightning over with a boat.

Bruno and blaineley

Number 38


Scott with nails and a spring

Next on the list is the main villain of TDROTI, yet the main comic relief of TDAS: Scott. When it comes to how he acts, Scott has gone on a very up and down slope.

He has pretty much no good qualities in TDROTI. He constantly seeks his team to lose, doesn't really like any of them, sabotages and cheats, and takes advantage of Mike's mental illness. He's brought up a few spots due to the tear he expresses in the finale of this season. I don't know whether it hints guilt or he's just crying because everyone laughs at him in this scene.

Now he isn't perfect in TDAS. He still sabotages the heroes team in Evil Dread, and still has an incredible hatred for Cameron, but he also develops a crush on Courtney, his villainous actions are toned down much more than his other teammates, and excluding Mal, he shows a friendly side to both Mike and Zoey. Scott has one of the most earliest redemptions I've ever seen for a villain on this show, and it really shows. He' s far from perfect, and not only can be cruel but also unpleasant to be around, but has a nicer side on the inside.

Number 37



During her time on the show, Heather successfully gets rid of Eva, Justin, Harold (inadvertedly), Lindsay, Geoff, Gwen, Blaineley, Duncan, Cody, and Alejandro, each in different ways. This means she's gotten rid of the same amount of people as Alejandro.

Heather is also bossy, mean, manipulative, nasty, conniving, and violent. She also made a big reputation for herself in her first season as "The Scary Girl." In fact, most of her nicer moments in TDI were just to benefit herself.

But then I realized her nicer qualities. The most major example I was reminded of was when she sobs to Harold and says how she doesn't think it's fun being the one nobody likes. When I first saw this scene and saw her shake her head at the camera when Harold asked if she would be his friend, I was thinking that she was just benefitting herself once again and manipulating Harold this time.

But once you get to TDWT, you see her absolute joy in the finale when she's considered the good guy when up against Alejandro because she constantly seeks that label from others in this season, be it to benefit herself or not. So I realized that Heather is more or less a growing person who evolves from mean to nice.

Even in TDAS, where some complain she was back to her original self, there was some moments where she felt actual guilt, like when Alejandro made her believe his legs were asleep and she gets this line.

His legs are really asleep. Great. Now I feel bad. Unlike Alejandro, Heather has a limit to her actions and seeks being better, even if her flaws remain present.

Number 36



Sierra is practically a tamer version of Izzy. Sierra knows everything about every contestant, creeps plenty of them out, forces herself onto others, and doesn't know what personal space is.

Many times in TDWT, due to her obsessive nature, she managed to accidentaly get Cody injured numerous times. She also had a short temper when it came to anyone being mean to Cody. She's extremely defensive and if angered, can be very berserk.

She somehow gets even more scarier in her return to the show. In the fifth season, Sierra constantly hallucinates whenever she sees Cameron and pictures him as Cody, due to her missing Cody and wanting to meet him again.

If Sierra doesn't get what she needs, she becomes very unstable, so try not getting her angry.

...Otherwise, Sierra generally tries to be nice to others, and is very interested in what most of her fellow contestants have to say. And as long as you don't get on her bad side, she's a very friendly person to be around.

Number 35


Even though he wants to be feared and loathed, Max is generally a coward. His goals never really amount to much. He wishes they did though. More or less Max doesn't want to get on with many people. Max is rude, unfriendly, and pretty dense, despite what he'll tell you.

That's not to say that his denseness has caused all of his plans to fail. With the help of the most ruthless contestant Scarlett, Max has had some of his plans succeed but only from her help. He really takes pleasure in it though.

Otherwise though, without the assistance of Scarlett, Max is simply an anti-social guy who finds it hard to get on with people. He has a soft side, like how he interacts with babies, and during his time working with Scarlett, he considered her the only one worth getting along it... until she tried killing him. Max is also brough higher for him being one of the main people to thwart her plans.

Poor Max is less harmless than those worse than him though and he dreams of being the worse, but will unfortunately never reach that mark.

Number 34



Justin is a slightly less meaner version of Lightning. Justin is vain, arrogant, selfish, but a lot lazier than Lightning is. Justin is another contestant on this list who has mixed qualities. Where he has flaws, he also has some redeeming factors to him.

Justin is extremely insecure about how he looks. One hit to the face and he immediately considers himself hideous. Without his looks, Justin just wouldn't get far in life, due to how dumb and uneducated he seems.

But that's all he really cares about. His looks. Justin uses this for others to benefit him. But he's typically a friendly guy to be around, and has plenty of friends, as long as you don't insult his looks.

Number 33



Oh boy. Another pick people might not like very much. Gwen makes it to Number 33 because the show clearly is telling you that Gwen is an anti-hero. She has both good and bad qualities.

The first season tells you that Gwen is not a very social person. When she begins, she really doesn't get on with anyone. This is funny in contrast to her number of friends in future episodes. But otherwise, she really doesn't like too many people. Even in her finale, she badmouths most of her fellow contestants, except for only a few.

Gwen's development is shown off a lot more in the second season, despite her early elimination, so not many people had much problem with her in that season.

Gwen became arguably a very polarizing character in her third season. She betrayed one of her best friends, Courtney, by kissing Duncan, and never even breaks up with him. Sure Gwen feels guilty, but if she was more guilty about betraying Courtney, then she should've broken up with Duncan. In fact, now Gwen suddenly hates Courtney.

And then randomly in the fifth season, she wants to befriend Courtney again, even though Gwen still hasn't broken up with Duncan, so clearly may not care enough. Her behavior is also incredibly inconsistent throughout TDAS. In some episodes, Gwen wants to show her more heroic qualities. In others, she's excessively moody, like when she ignores Duncan for no reason.

Not only was Courtney derailed in Sundae Muddy Sundae, but there was some derailment for Gwen too. In this episode, after finding out Courtney has been using her, Gwen wants to vote her out. But Courtney wants to befriend Gwen again. And despite being betrayed by Mike, Gwen wants to vote out the person who has a crush on Courtney, Scott, even telling Courtney that she'll convince Zoey to vote Scott out too. Now ignoring Courtney's glee in hearing her so-called boyfriend is being eliminated, Gwen is now also betraying Courtney by wanting to vote out someone close to her. And Gwen also tells Courtney to vote for herself.

Whether Courtney does or not, it's obvious that she'll be voted out, and get votes from Mike and Scott. If she votes for herself, that makes it three votes. So Gwen is now also betraying Courtney.

Gwen's inconsistent behavior in this season, along with her anti-hero qualities, makes her a sure pick for Number 33.

Clue for Number 32.

Never merges.

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