When it comes to character rankings, people choose characters over others based on how much they prefer the character in general. Putting that aside, I'd thought I'd try something a little different. I'm going to be ranking characters worst to best strictly based on their morality. I'm putting aside any opinions I have towards the character, unless you count me bringing up their flaws. And we're going from the least empathetic person to the most empathetic person. Starting with...

                                                  Number 52



So here's the character who's attempted the most murder on the show. Not only did Scarlett attempt to blackmail Chris with him giving her money, but the blackmail was that if he didn't give her the money, she would try to kill five people, and also blow up some private property. Scarlett kept this plan hidden for ten whole episodes, and she's most likely arrested right now. Scarlett almost has nothing redeemable about her character.

                                                      Number 51



I'm putting Mike very low on this list, but not just because of MIke. Throughout TDRI, I didn't see too many flaws in Mike. In TDAS though, well...

Now I know that people will easily say that Mal was responsible for every bad action Mike caused. But let's analyze it further.

Now we all know that similar to Scarlett, Mal attempted to kill people. He brutally injured that little dork Cameron, along with constantly trying to take out Zoey. Now we already know how Mike didn't directly cause any of these actions. But... Mike is aware of Mal.

What lesson did Mike ultimately learn in TDRI? To be honest with Zoey. He was too shy to tell her about his multiple personalities, so he should know better. It didn't even come in conversation afterwards that Mike once went to juvy? I don't care whether or not Mal was going to come back. Mike never brings anything up honestly to Zoey. He wasn't even reminded of Mal when Duncan came back. And Mike didn't detect anything when his mind was having weird moments?

Spell Mal backwards and add an E. What do you get?

                                                       Number 50



So this will be a bit more controversial. Why should I be calling Dave almost as morally incorrect as Scarlett? Dave is easily intended to be a protagonist, right? When Dave first came along, there was nothing too terrible about him. Sure, his actions may only land him halfway through the list, but he wasn't completely antagonistic. But the more I think about it, the higher he gets.

First let's examine Dave's first few episodes. His agoraphobia "Sky"rocketed towards others and his unintentional rude nature weren't doing him much favors. He relied on Sky, he loved Sky more than anyone else. I wasn't too offended just yet.

I gave Dave some pointers when I saw him get rid of himself for Sky but he needs to remember how she rejected him, and the only reason he got rid of himself was so that Sky wouldn't be eliminated.

Then in the finale, Dave suddenly likes Sky again but after finding all about Keith, Dave goes berserk and wants to inflict actual pain on Sky and Shawn. What did Shawn ever do to Dave anyways? Dave loses all sanity and all credibility by not caring about anyone in the slightest. He laughs at the misery of Sky and Shawn. He loses his temper when he found out Sky lied to him. And all of this happened... just because he had a crush on Sky. That's enough said.

                                                     Number 49


Duncan TDAS Rank

This is so obvious. Here we have the womanizing, selfish criminal otherwise known as Duncan. What makes him so reprehensible?

Let's count every girl Duncan has ever had a "quirky" interaction with. Courtney was his girlfriend, before he cheated on her with Gwen. And what about every girl Duncan has ever flirted with?

In TDA, after Beth helps him through the finale, Duncan almost wants to kiss her.

He constantly flirts with Heather in TDI and TDA, so that goes without saying.

This is four girls, which is pretty bad for someone who's been in two relationships, the second of which happened through him cheating on Courtney. And he maintains this relationship regardless. Seeing moments like Courtney kicking Duncan or Harold punching Duncan are incredibly satisfying to watch because he deserves everything that comes to him.

Yes, I know that Duncan occasionaly shows a sweeter side in him, and TDAS nearly made me warm up to Duncan, but then he destroyed actual property, proving that Duncan really hasn't developed or learned a thing.

                                                        Number 48


Just eva

Lack of a moral code is the point of Eva anyways. She's not intended to really be doing anything nice. Eva is violent, has a short temper, lashes out at anyone at the slightest provocation, but yet, there's something left that's missing.

Eva is the textbook definition of "missed opportunity." The only people she gets on with are Noah and Izzy, which brings her a bit higher on the list than I thought she would initially. The kind of intentional unlikability that Eva possesses is one where you know the harm she's capable of doing, but as long as you don't get in her way, you won't be facing too much of a problem.

                                                       Number 47



Amy has a unique quality in her in that she's the first character who has no remorse or compassion towards their sibling. Amy does flat out domestic abuse to Samey, always intending to outclass her in every way. Then again, she doesn't do much else. Amy isn't necessarily an evil person, but she's definitely a bad one, and her one-note qualities leave me with not much else to say. What brings her higher is the fact that some siblings may act like this to each other at a certain age, only the problem with this is that it seems a little one-sided.

                                                          Number 46



Similar to Eva, Jo is intended to not have the most likable qualities in her. She has nothing going for her and nothing for her to like. She's just a bland mean person, with nothing too good about her. She was in alliances with both Lightning, Cameron, and Brick, but was planning to get rid of both of them anyways. These alliances showcase her more likable qualities though, but she's in desperate need of something new actually happening to her.

                                                         Number 45



Similar to Eva and Jo, Lightning is not intended to be likable. The difference though is that Lightning himself isn't intending to be mean. All Lightning wants to do is show that he's the best there is. But he has the disadvantages of being boastful and selfish towards others. But as long as you feel the same about him, he won't strike you down with his awesome lightning.

                                                             Number 44



I'm putting Ezekiel here on the list specifically because of Feral Zeke. Sure, the Ezekiel that I much prefer was a sexist, but he felt apologetic afterwards and was about to go through development... until he turned into a wild animal.

I feel kind of guilty about this one. The Ezekiel that we know today barely has any brain with no care towards anyone anymore in his feral stage. His wild qualities assure him this position because now he's possibly harmful. There's not much else to say for a character whom I've lost all faith in.

                                                          Number 43


Queen Courtney

This is Courtney. The most polarizing character in this show. I was deliberating on where exactly I should be putting Courtney. Courtney has incredibly bad qualities that hinder exactly what kind of person she is. But at the same time, she also has some amazing qualities that show her off as being a good person.

Unfortunately, her flaws are a little more noticeable. Throughout the show, Courtney has done incredibly bad actions.

In TDDDDI, Courtney doesn't care about the safety of Owen, DJ, Tyler, and Cody, not caring if they fall to their deaths. She also ditches Duncan after he fights a crocodile.

She's attacked numerous characters on a number of times, specifically Duncan.

She has trouble calming herself down, hurting others at the slightest provocation.

She has heated conflicts with Beth, Harold, Lindsay, DJ, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Owen, and Cameron. Her attitude has caused her only real friends to be Bridgette and Scott.

Doesn't really care for the safety of others in general.

Most of her flaws add up to her being a complete hypocrite.

So yeah, it's pretty easy for some people to hate Courtney. But what brings her a bit higher for me is the many good qualities Courtney has. Which I'll also list off.

When Courtney is first introduced, her personality is the complete opposite of how she is now. She's friendly, and organized. Matter of fact, her change in personality happened as soon as she started going out with Duncan.

Courtney genuinely cares about those who treat her with actual respect. In her first season, she constantly cared about the well being of Duncan. In TDWT, she was very supportive towards Alejandro, and in TDAS, she was always caring about Scott, and her and Gwen were, VERY supportive towards each other.

Most of the bad things Courtney does are things she does without thinking how bad they actually are. It's more or less just a tantrum she throws.

Her best moment is what really made me call her a good person though. As soon as Duncan and Gwen both completely betray her, she cries in desperation, wondering when this misery will end. As soon as Duncan is gone, it's as if she reverts back to her original personality until she gets too mad at Duncan and Gwen for two straight years.

Before the atrocity of Sundae Muddy Sundae came out, Courtney's personality developed immensely. She mostly ignored Duncan, not wanting to be near him, it only took her six episodes to forgive Gwen, she developed an actual healty attraction towards Scott instead of the one she had for Duncan, and her temper wasn't as bad. Now, as a Courtney fan, Sundae Muddy Sundae is what really brings her to this spot. Because that episode... euuuuugh.

That episode kind of leaves Courtney's character a bit open, because I'm not really sure what parts of her character developed and what didn't.

And Scourtney is the best couple I ever saw on this show. I don't mind if Courtney sort of derailed it. Scott kind of makes up for it the next episode by saying how I misses how she used to boss him around.

But I really feel Courtney's character has grown and she feels actual guilt, moreso than those worse than her. Sure, Courtney is extremely flawed, but most of her bad moments are temporary.

So when it comes to the opinions of every fan out there, I'm part of the half that do see Courtney as an amazing character, but she isn't without flaws.

So clue for Number 42.