Christlover357 has done quite an interesting project, detailing the positives of every character. So here, I thought it'd be great to do the opposite of that. This is done to prove that every character has some good or bad things about them. I am doing everyone and I suppose it'd be most interesting to begin with my three favorites... Harold, Heather, and Jo. So watch, as I ruin all of your favorites. MWAHAHAHAHA.


Harold, The Dweeb

Oh, Harold. How I adore you. I could do an entire blog on why I love Harold. He is by far my favorite character. But like his 51 adversaries, Harold has some shortcomings, that while minor, are worth mentioning.

Up until Owen's TDA return, there wasn't much fault people were finding with the TDA elimination. But once Owen returns, plenty of things are screwed up. Right after the best female is out, the best male goes too. Harold places 5th. Like, what? Isn't there a major problem here? I mean let me explain. The whole reason Harold is one of many people's favorites in TDA is because of how much he developed. He stood up against Duncan, he impressed Leshawna, he sort of befriended Heather, he proved usefulness even more. His elimination is completely out of left field and leaves a lot to be desired. What's Duncan's actual opinion on Harold at this stage? How did Leshawna react to Beth flirting with Harold? Was she angry or relaxed. What about Owen? Harold absolutely hates him in this episode but in WT, they're sort of friends again. This is my main problem with Harold. TDA leaves him unfinished.

In fact, speaking of Owen, Harold's level of intelligence had to be decreased for his elimination to make any sense. Harold knows that Owen is a traitor. He had so much time to tell people about Owen's treachery but he's gone in a flash. It's not like he was dragged to the elimination or anything. Think of it this way. Beth is head over heels in love with Harold in this episode so she'd listen to any word he said, while Courtney clearly dislikes Owen and was mad at his return. So this couldn't be any easier? Granted, Harold finally does tell Beth and Courtney the episode after, but their reactions to this tell me everything I need to know. Courtney and Beth dislike Owen right away, so this just makes things worse. It only proves that Harold had to be dumbed down for his elimination to work in any way. It also shows some inconsistency since Harold has been strategic before, like in Basic Straining.

So I say he's unfinished in TDA, but "How could he be if he was in World Tour?" you say. Well it's very simple. Harold was fodder in this season. Like, what? His relationship with Leshawna was already left ambiguous in TDA and they really want to make it have loose ends again? Team Victory had no reason to have this happen to them. Why not just have two teams to solve this? Harold being fodder isn't the problem here though, since he shined in pretty much every aftermath in some way or another. But in all of those, did we get any Leharold confirmation in the slightest? No not really.

I hate to dishearten my H-Bomb like this, but him having these missteps in consistency hinder him a little.


Heather, The Queen Bee

Wow. Well this will be a tad tricky. Heather is, as many know, the most prominent character throughout the whole show. And for good reason. She's very deserving of having so many episodes devoted to her and as a result has one of the biggest fanbases I've seen for a contestant. I am one of those fans.

Sadly, since Heather has appeared the most, there's bound to be some kind of faults with her. In TDI, Heather is the main antagonist of the season. And... she was good as many have said. But there are a small number of people who make a pretty valid complaint against Heather; she was lucky at eliminations. I mean, in Search and Do Not Destroy, Heather just so happens to win immunity. Her first time was understandable, but here, she just pulls out a random win. It's not just immunity though. Heather escapes elimination even when she doesn't earn immunity. Why does Lindsay go home in That's Off the Chain!? Cause Owen and Duncan never finished... Why does DJ get eliminated in Hook, Line, and Screamer? Because he was the most scared...

Why does Izzy get eliminated in Wawanakwa Gone Wild? Uh... I don't really know. Heather did not win immunity in this episode and unlike when DJ was eliminated, this was a vote off. Wasn't it promised to Lindsay Heather would go as soon as she was up for vote? Why you gotta crush Lindsay's dreams? In fact, this scenario makes 0 sense. Izzy shot Heather with a tranquilizer and gets eliminated? Why wouldn't Gwen, Leshawna, and even Geoff cheer at something like this? But Izzy's sent home cause she's... uh, found terrifying? I get that if Heather went right here and then, the season would lose a lot. I also get that this was the perfect time for Izzy to go home. But wouldn't it have been easier for Izzy to just be disqualified for giving a contestant horrible injury?

Next came Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. In this episode, nobody wins immunity and... Geoff goes home because Heather thought he was too nice. Uh, what? Since when do contestants listen to Heather's complaints, especially this late in the game? Gwen, Geoff, Leshawna, and Owen were all logical votes for her.

As an antagonist, Heather also made some pretty bad errors. Why did she get rid of Beth like that? The moment Beth stood up against Heather and criticized her was when Heather should've begged Beth to come back. Beth and Lindsay were all Heather had. And she just let's Beth go like that. To be more strategic, isn't it more logical to keep Beth? It was also annoying to see her ally with people but then it's never brought up again. Obvious examples of this are Izzy and Duncan, whom could've been way more useful to Heather.

AS is probably Heather's worst season though, like many. I've explained it in AS rants before. So to summarize, she gets Alejandro as an ally but for no reason, tries to get rid of him. No wonder she left. Pretty self-explanatory.


Jo, The Take-No-Prisoners-Jock-ette (UPDATED)

Jo TDRI Rank

So now I come to Jo. My #3. I love this gal. She doesn't take crap from anyone. And that's my favorite thing about Jo, but also one of her major problems. See, there's been antagonistic characters I can name like Heather, Courtney, and Alejandro, and all of these have had plenty of moments where they are seen being likable once. Jo cares so much about winning though that it actually gets in the way of her development. Jo's conflict with Brick immediately springs to my mind when I think of this. She and him are intense rivals but Chris makes some winks at them in Finders Creepers that suggest otherwise and... we never get any confirmation on this. All we know of Jo is that she is in the game for herself. While that is fantastic to watch, it leaves a lot to be desired. She never gets redemption like nearly every other antagonist does. No matter what plot Jo puts herself in throughout ROTI, she is painted as the bad guy. Her vs. Brick? Bad guy. Her vs. Lightning? Bad guy. Her vs. Cameron? Bad guy. It's slightly troublesome to see this since Runaway Model had som great minor depth revealed about Jo that she is insecure about her looks. There's a plotline! F ing use it. Jo never breaks away from this stereotype in the slightest, and even though she was in 3 AS episodes, she still was slightly OOC, shooting Scott without looking, which, like I said, is inconsistent. She also, like many have said, should've lasted way longer and was completely wasted. There's not much else to really say. It's like the positives and negatives of Jo herself; straightforward.


Alejandro, The Arch Villain
TDAS Alejandro

"Compared to Alejandro, Heather is a saint." That's an easy way to sum up Alejandro's antagonistic run throughout Total Drama World Tour. Alejandro's fanbase is, for the most part, good, but it's easy to know that he does have some people who hate him.

Alejandro's antagonism is to charm girls and flirt with them but then get rid of them. And he does do that... with Leshawna, and Bridgette. Wait a minute. Didn't he also take out Harold, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Duncan, and Cody? Doesn't this fly in the face of what we learned Alejandro's strategy was at the start of the season? In fact, if he's taken out more than two-thirds of the males who competed in this season, what actually is Alejandro's strategy? I guess once Team Victory is out of the picture, what I can gather is that Alejandro did the following; he took out Noah cause uh, he heard Noah say bad things about him and got a guy who hates Noah and an idiot on his side, so where's the brain power here? He took out Tyler because Duncan needed to vote him and this is probably the closest Alejandro got to be manipulative, as he brainwashed Owen into voting Tyler. He was also pretty manipulative with Owen, getting 3 other votes on his side... even though this is flawed since we don't really know who voted Owen exactly. So great, two of the people Alejandro took out, he used actual brain power. But there was none of that with Duncan and Cody. Alejandro needed Heather's assistance in even getting out Duncan and Cody is weak so he'd be easy to defeat. This means that only four of the nine people Alejandro took out were people where he had to actually use his brain, and two of those were Victory fodder. It just seems like complete luck for Alejandro to manage to take out half the cast like that. This is why it's annoying when I see his antagonism glorified to a massive degree even though he's pretty lucky usually.

Then of course came AS. Granted, many, including myself, preferred Alejandro over most others, but I can't really call him amazing or anything either. There's two obvious episodes where Alejandro is just a bit off. In No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition, Alejandro forms an alliance with Heather to help their numbers against the two other duos on their team... and Heather's eliminated at the end of the episode by Alejandro. Wut? Isn't Alejandro's IQ massive? It's so easy to put 2 and 2 together and realize "Hey, maybe I should get Cameron, Gwen, Courtney, or Scott out." Heather was also OOC here but Alejandro was even worse because the aftermath of him taking out Heather is the whole reason he got eliminated. It's so obvious when you see his team see him wake up in Suckers Punched. Alejandro wins immunity in You Regatta Be Kidding Me and then in Zeek and Ye Shall Find, it's clear that the next time Alejandro isn't immune, he will be gone... and when Gwen asks Alejandro if he wants to team up with her... he works alone. Um, how does that possibly add up? He's finally eliminated in The Obsta-Kill Kourse, but not until he does one last OOC move; You are in the freaking toilet! Just yell at Zoey that her boyfriend is evil. How hard is that? Overall, I do like Alejandro but his moves have been questionable, although much worse in AS.


Gwen, The Loner

Gwen Gasp
Gwen... Gwen, Gwen. Honestly what is there to really say about Gwen? In Total Drama Island, she was the favorite of many, including myself. But right after that... what happened?! For a character who is the obvious main character in Total Drama Island, why did she have to be faded into obscurity like this? She barely lasted past the first aftermath in Total Drama Action and all she did of significane there was break up with Trent and randomly fall in love with Duncan. Where was her importance here? There's nothing really terrible with Gwen in this season, but she's just kind of there. Not much going on. In Total Drama World Tour, Gwen is... there again What is her actual purpose up until Duncan returns? Not really that much. I mean I all I really remember from Gwen for the first 9 or 10 episodes is befriending Courtney and laughing at Heather. What else was there to Gwen? She just becomes tired at this point and once Duncan returns, just about all of Gwen's screentime is devoted to this love triangle. Gwen's time in TDI wasn't devoted to Trent. She did plenty of other things too so what is this?

And in AS, Gwen may just be the most derailed of the first generation cast. She's girly, she's in love with Courtney, she's rude to Duncan, and Sundae Muddy Sundae proved that all of that development is wasted. What else can I say that hasn't been said? Complaining about AS Gwen is obvious when talking about her. Gwen ihas just outlived her purpose at this stage.


This is fun. Any disagreements you want to debate about? Who do you want to see next? I could do anyone and will do anyone. Good day.

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