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The Zoey Bashing Blog has built up steam once again so what better time than for all of you to thrash this piece of trash, her hideous bucktoothed lackey, the multiple personality with multiple problems, the ugliest excuses of jokes that come out of his wannabe Trent mouth, the most immoral attempted murderer, the worst finalist by far. Who else but Mike?

Mike Wins

He is a dense mind numbing and annoying freak. His storylines are the cheesiest, most watered down tripe that it makes me lose my appetite just thinking about his unappealing self and the fact that he managed to exist in this now ruined world. I hate how he has claimed unwarranted screen-time. He is vile, both inside and out, and is in a horrible relationship where they are LITERALLY made for each other. Look at how once he left Season 4, Zoey became tolerable. Being near and exposed to him too long is contagious and does turn you into a vapid braindead fool just like him. Thats why the friendship trio sucks because of him and his putrid Mike-y-ness.

Look at this puny degenerate scuzzball and try not to feel the urge to gouge your eyeballs. Look at that spineless torso. Worthless design for a worthless creep. This design does not look thought out or complex in the slightest. It's an animated stick man. How does this lankey fellow have a six pack? wtf. And why are all of his personalities superior in every way. Why does the show have this gimmick that keeps Mike from being forgettable (like it should)

Here's how you can sum up Mike's entire arc:

ROTI: Waah. Zoey is <3 but my personalities are meanie bobeanies •throws hissy fit and moans in confessional for one tenth of episode• 

ROTI Conclusion: yay im cured... aw im out. bye guys 

AS: Waah. Zoey is <3 but my personalities are meanie bobeanies. ps im evil now. •throws a hissy fit and moans in confessional for one eighth of an episode• •leaves for seven episodes•

AS Conclusion: bye mal •walks away, making mal die of loneliness• 

Why is Mike a worse human being than Scarlett? Multiple personality disorders come from your mind, meaning Mike feels emotions and does things willingly. He's broken property, injured others, attempted murder, messed with Zoey's emotions by kissing Anne Maria, and lashes out at teammates angrily over slightest provocation. And that's just his personalities! The real Mike...

  • Went on the show with the knowledge that he knows that he will endanger lives.
  • Does not listen to doctor's instructions of not going on the show.
  • Talks horribly about people behind their back e.g Scott 
  • Makes rash judgements about people before even interacting with them e.g. Scott

And who could forget when he tried to deliberately murder Aleheather?! Wow what a classic moment. It shall remain in our hearts. Who wouldn't love a guy who tries to murder someone for no reason whatsoever? And such a great line delivery too.

"Ha. Check it out. I got all the skills my personalities had. ...Including... Svet-laana. Here, hold this. •hands tooth• •flies away• haha. See ya, Cam!!"

Now please, Mike haters. Go ahead and bash this tasteless disgusting perversion on society. Before he lays eggs. He's an embarrassment to pet hamsters everywhere.

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