Hello there. Welcome to one of my After-Reviews. Well, the dissapointing season reached a close. And boy, did I despise the finale. The first half had the likes of Food Fright, and Suckers Punched. I know that the season had the potential to be as good as those episodes.

But one thing I really hated was the Final Two result. Mike vs Zoey is such a bland result. It's not a predictable one, but it's very dissapointing. There are other results you could've had. And today, I'm counting down what I think the elimination this season should've been.

Different Roster

This may seem a little bit strange, but I was expecting a different roster this season. I don't know why Sam was in this season, since he hasn't really done much.

But in his place, I would have Brick, who seems much more of a hero. I also didn't really think that Lindsay had much of a role in this season, so I would replace her with Owen. But with two extra heroes, the teams would be like this.

Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Brick, Owen, Sierra, and Courtney

Villainous Vultures: Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Gwen, Jo, Lightning, and Duncan



File:Owen TDWT Rank.png

Surprisingly enough, even though I wanted Owen to be in the season over Lindsay, the only reason for that was because he shines more. Without characters like Noah or Izzy, there wouldn't really be much opportunity for Owen in this season.

Owen is pretty much filler, and this season was supposed to have some sort of "storyline." Owen wouldn't really contribute to it. The only reason I wanted him in this season was because he'd be the most obvious choice you could pick. How was Sam picked over Owen? How?

How he'd be eliminated: The challenge is still the cliff diving challenge, and the Hamsters would probably rely on Owen a lot since he was good at the challenge in TDI. And with so much pressure, Owen would feel nervous. Plus, you'd have to swim to find the keys, and I doubt that Owen is a very good swimmer.



TDAS Cameron

This isn't because of my personal bias of hate I have towards Cameron, but more rather the fact that he was extremely insignificant. Cameron shouldn't have escaped elimination twice. He should've went a long time ago.

Now I know that Cameron was a part of the Mal storyline, so why would he go second?

How he'd be eliminated: This episode will introduce the presence of Mal, but not Mal himself. Instead, there will be some sort of ominous force that will get rid of Cameron. Mal will secretly sabotage his team's challenge, but will give "evidence" that Cameron did. We're not seeing Mal, but it would make sense for him to get rid of Cameron. Because Cameron is one of Mike's closest friends, so could easily stand in Mal's way.




One of the many things I was annoyed at in Evil Dread was the elimination. Jo had started an alliance with Lightning, so I don't see why she tried getting everyone to vote for him. If there was anyone that Jo would want to get rid of, it would be Heather.

How she'd be eliminated: Brick is OP in this challenge. The Vultures wouldn't stand a chance. Jo would get Lightning on her side, Duncan is a big friend of Jo's, and Gwen (because she hates Duncan). This would make a 4-3 vote, thus making Heather be eliminated.

Team Switch

Scott would join The Heroic Hamsters and so would Duncan. Shockingly enough, two Vultures would be joining the Heroes team.

Duncan for what happened in Saving Private Leechball anyways, and Scott because of Scourtney foreshadowing in the episode.

You could have Scott trying to hunt down some Heroes to shoot with his paintball gun, but then is overblown by what he's seeing when he sees Courtney, as he's never gotten a proper look at her.

With that, Scott, for showing a softer side, joins The Hamsters with Duncan.

Courtney would not join the Vultures since Sam is absent in this season.

Villains now have Alejandro, Jo, Lightning, and Gwen.

Heroes now have Mike, Zoey, Scott, Duncan, Brick, and Sierra



Sierra (Global Drama)

Sierra doesn't have much else of a purpose with Cameron (her new Cody) gone. The first few episodes foreshadowed an early elimination, and Food Fright seemed like a perfect time.

How she'd be eliminated: Sierra, missing Cameron, wouldn't concentrate properly. The only reason she wouldn't go in Saving Private Leechball is because the Heroes have the Uber Brick on their side. But here, Sierra wouldn't have a chance with what's on her mind. You could also still have the dark ominous presence (Mal) breaking Sierra's smartphone.



Lightning TDAS Rank

As much as I love Lightning, and despite his alliance with Jo, he would probably out-live his usefulness with her, as she would have Gwen.

How he would be eliminated: Aside from Jo getting rid of him, this is Moon Madness now. Lightning would be terrible with the understanding that animals would turn their opposite, and would blindly go into the challenge foolishly.

Heather Returns + Team Switch

Heather would've come back during the night, and with Mal finally being revealed. Mike is now on the Villains.

Dawn Joins

Dawn seemed like she should've really been in the episode. She is classified as the Moon Child, so the moon could easily turn her evil, thus putting her on the Villains team unexpectedly (even though she belongs on the Heroes).

Now the teams are as follows

The Villainous Vultures: Heather, Alejandro, Jo, Gwen, Dawn, Mike

The Heroic Hamsters: Brick, Zoey, Scott, Duncan, and Courtney



Alejandro (Global Drama)

This is No-One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition, but... Alejandro goes instead of Heather.

How he would be eliminated: Pretty much Alejandro and Heather would be practically switching places. Alejandro would initially find the invincibility statue, and attempt to get rid of Heather, by manipulating others to vote for her. But OFF-SCREEN (the original episode lacked any unpredictability), Heather gets the statue, and with the only vote not going for Alejandro, he is eliminated.

10 + 9

Brick and Zoey

Zoey TDRI Rank

How they'd both be eliminated: With Mal revealed, Zoey wouldn't know what to do with herself, and wouldn't concentrate properly in any boxing match. Plus, Dawn, who can sense auras, has now told Zoey all about Mal. And thus, Zoey doesn't know how to handle Mike now, and can't concentrate in the challenge, doing impulsive things that hurt her team, not even knowing that Mal is actually manipulating her to get on his side.

Brick is pretty much Tyler if he was a soldier, so he wouldn't do very good. Zoey would get votes from Brick, Heather, and Duncan, while Brick would get votes from Scott, Zoey, and Courtney. This would serve as one of the tiebreaker episodes, due to Dawn and Heather's returns.


Heather (Again)

Heather (Global Drama)

How she'd be eliminated: You Regatta Be Kidding Me would be a team episode. Each team would take one boat each, but Heather (due to not being the teamwork type of person), would hog the work, and not give anyone else any opportunity. Heather, due to not being the most heroic, would not do good in this type of challenge on a team.

Teams Merge

Courtney, Dawn, Duncan, Jo, Gwen, Mike, and Scott have made it past the merge.

7 + 6

Jo and Duncan


Duncan TDI Rank

How they'd be eliminated: Jo has once again made it past the merge (but wouldn't last too long). Everyone would see her as a massive threat with her way of strategy. But Duncan would also go.

Jo would be voted for by Duncan (too much of Jo can get on anyone's nerves), Scott, and Courtney.

Duncan would be voted for by Jo (she trusts no-one), Gwen, and Mike.

Dawn would just vote for Courtney, as the two definitely wouldn't get along.



Dawn TDRI Rank

Alejandro is eliminated pretty early, so who would take his place as the one person besides Duncan, who has suspicions about Mike.

How she'd be eliminated: Before anyone can believe her, Mal would obviously manipulate others into voting for her. Scott would be easy, and Courtney probably wouldn't get along with Dawn anyways. Gwen would really be the only person who'd get on with Dawn out of the Final Five.




Gwen is obviously the most likable out of the Final Four. Half of the remaining contestants are creeped out by Scott's dirt-eating attitude, Courtney can get on your nerves easily (even with Gwen, her best friend), and Mal is suspicious.

How she'd be eliminated: Mal, who is good at taking down others, would frame Gwen for something horrible that he's done for others.




Scott was my favorite this season. No doubt about that. But Courtney and Mal seemed much more likely to me for them to be in the Final Two.

How he'd be eliminated: The episode goes for the theme that "Whoever comes last loses." Mal would obviously sabotage both Courtney, and Scott's chances by damaging them, but Courtney would seem more determined to beat Mal. Courtney would successfully beat Mal at immunity, and Mal would come second, but Scott would finish last, and be eliminated.

Note: This is a universe where Courtney's character isn't destroyed in Sunday Muddy Sundae.

Final Two

Mike TDAS Rank
Courtney (Global Drama)

I plan to write an entire fanfiction on this very alternate episode. However... cast your votes as to who you want to win. I have two different endings planned out, and I will try to write as if i'm passionately writing a fanfiction. And trust me, you'll like it more than the original finale. So who do you want for me to make win?

Remember, Courtney's character isn't destroyed horribly in this season. So if you were a former fan of her, just imagine all of her good qualities as a character.

As for Mal, just imagine that he was a much better, and more mysterious antagonist.

Who do you want to win? Mike or Courtney? Cast your votes now!

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