Welcome to a new segment from me called "Epic Analyzes". In this, I will theorize and/or analyze an aspect of TD I feel has some kind of deeper meaning to it. I have a lot of plans but I thought the best way to start things off is by looking towards the future. Ever since RR ended, the show has reached a disgustingly long hiatus, the most common and consistent question on fans' minds are "Who will we see in future?" With a hideous length of time until anything TD-related, this is a natural question to ask, so here I will try to dissect who could be back based on actual hints, and also who I feel could be back based on my own view that they have a high chance of being back.

I'll begin with the former, and talk about who could be back based on possible hints given by the show. Before I begin, I am not including Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, or Heather because, let's face it they're obviously coming back within the next few seasons. Maybe not the next one, but someday.

RR TeamsEdit

Laurie DipDap

Starting things off is Laurie. In the Ridonculous Race, Laurie and Miles only compete for 6 episodes. But man, they really made themselves known in that amount of time. I will be more specifically talking about Laurie as she's the far more interesting and noteworthy member of her team, and only so many people can fit in a season. Laurie has a really intriguing backstory to her that is up to tons of interpretation. It's revealed early on that she may like meat more than she lets on, as she seems to enjoy the taste of it. However, in the end she becomes kind of confusing overall, since it's not known whether she just began to like meat, or if it's something she's always hidden. If Laurie came back, it would add up for me as she kind of ended abruptly, not to mention being a really major character in her last two episodes. The fact that the Vegans didn't return still kind of bugs me considering the S***er D**es returned instead.

Tom and Jen 1

Though these two didn't last very long in RR, they really left an impact. I mean, for a team who lasted 7 episodes, their focus was solid the whole way through. The first episode of a season says a lot about people, and the Fashion Bloggers were prevalent in the season opener. It was clear that the writers had fun writing them, which does make me believe that they're easy picks for the future. Their humor is so flamboyant and unique, and have outlandish personalities, which could make them good choices.

Noah and owen rock on

This one could probably be seen coming. Noah and Owen were two of four TD contestants to compete in RR. And in Got Venom, the episode in which they got eliminated in, Owen asks Noah what they should do next, to which Noah replies that they've been asked for the next season of some game show, but they are cut off by the camera. Many immediately assume that this would mean both of them are back in the next Total Drama season. But the staff have since denied this and said that that line was completely unrelated to TD. But, like, come on. That's the professional and correct way to respond to this as they aren't obliged to spoil anything. Because honestly, why would this joke be included if it didn't mean something related to TD? What other possible reason would the camera cut off for? Keep in mind that the way the camera cuts off is in the trademark static animation that plays before and after confessionals in TD.

Goths listen to Jacques

The Goths, like the Fashion Bloggers, were clearly a set of characters that the writers had fun with. If they were to be in a TD season however, I would assume only one of them would compete as their personalities are too similar otherwise. If it's another RR season, then I can see both of them alongside each other once more. Their jokes are very out there and really well-written, not to mention their designs are unique, and they could convert with virtually any character and it would end up funny.

Daters clue romania

In Darjeel With It, wherein Stephanie and Ryan are eliminated in, they make up with each other and put aside any differences they had, and form back into their original loving relationship, only to be eliminated. Don makes a sarcastic joke that their relationship will last, which does tell me that they've left a minor cliffhanger with these two. They also have very notable diverse moments in RR, such as coming in last twice before their elimination, changing their team name, etc.

Carrie and devin get married

If you're the main couple of the season and you end up together at the end, then it's obvious you should be coming back. Carrie especially had her own storyline that overshadowed most other ones in the season, so she definitely comes across as being liked by the staff. And Devin can come back because... uh... he wears the color green????

Sisters fourth

The Sisters are very interesting to talk about in a discussion such as this one. They have very opposing personalities, in that one is tight, by-the-books, self-determined, and competitive, whereas the other is carefree, easygoing, and not caring too much about competitiveness. It's interesting to note that the Sisters swap these personalities for a short amount of time, which does tell me that they have been written versatile enough to work in a TD season. I think the Sisters can fit well into a TD season, whether it be with each other, or individually. Kitty has a bubbly and outgoing personality which can naturally mesh with a lot of TD contestants, whereas Emma is revealed to actually have a lot of depth to her, as it's discovered that she surprisingly is clingy when it comes to relationships and takes them really seriously. They just have this edge to them that does seem to make me believe their ready to enter the TD universe.

Josee reading

The next discussion relates to the two best characters ever:D. Now even though Jacques and Josee are the most beautiful beings I have ever witnessed, I am saying in an unbiased way that I believe they are hinted to be back soon. Now, I don't know whether or not they'll be back in TD, I'm 50/50 on that. However, I am 100% certain they will be in RR again. At the end of the season, Josee vows to be a better person after feeling guilty for her and Jacques' actions, before pushing an innocent old woman into a fountain. (<333333333333333333) This is important because this is only the second time an antagonist has felt guilty for their actions, with the first incident happening with Heather. However, it keeps things balanced by making Josee injure a poor elderly person. Therefore, it does suggest that there's something more to be answered with Josee. Jacques could easily come back too since he, like Josee, is one of the most complex characters ever. It goes without saying that obviously these two will be back due to the fact that they were the main antagonists of their first season. So this is self-explanatory in its own right.

Surfers smarter than us

The Surfers come across to me as a team well-liked by the crew. Examples include a random guy being thrilled that they're returning, them being repeatedly complimented by various characters, and returning and getting to the finale. However, I'm pretty sure Brody is much more likely to be in a season. Some people seem to overlook the fact that Brody and Geoff are not the same character. Brody is more naive and immature than Geoff, with more of an optimistic outlook. So a season involving that aspect of him seems understandable.

Cadets hug

The Police Cadets objectively went through the most development in RR, or at least tied with the Ice Dancers in that regard. They become a much more unified and matured team by the end of the season. Their personalities can bounce off of each other in any format too, and if you've been a finalist, it seems pretty likely you're coming back.


First GenerationEdit

Blaineley is very likely to be back very soon. She cameoed not once but twice in RR. The first time was in Dude Buggies, though all that can be seen is her character silhouette, but nevertheless it's still noteworthy. The second occurence happened in the finale. Here though, you see her holding a bunch of luggage that hides her face, but isn't wearing her usual red dress, but a pink one. Why make this random color change to her for no reason? I confidently believe she's back as soon as possible.

This has always plagued fans. Eva, Katie, and Sadie are the only contestants from the First Generation to only compete in one season. And that was the first season, which makes this especially insulting. I know these 3 aren't necessarily really popular but everyone deserves a shot and I feel that with 5 seasons afterwards, they should be given some opportunity. Especially Eva. That poor girl is really eager to come back. Just look at some of her actions in the aftermaths, or her reaction to not getting into Total Drama World Tour. #TeamEva


Tyler TDWT Rank

In Total Drama World Tour, when Cody, Noah, and Tyler are introduced, Chris describes all three as fan favourites. After this, Cody went on to last all episodes of the season, and Noah to compete in the Ridonculous Race. Therefore, Tyler seems like he has something lined up. There's also some disputes over whether or not him and Lindsay have broken up. It has been said by a member of the staff that they have broken up due to Lindsay forgetting Tyler's name when meeting parents, so perhaps that means it's a planned scene for the future of the show.

Alejandro cube

Out of everyone who competed in Total Drama All-Stars, Alejandro arguably received the least backlash out of all contestants. He's definitely made some kind of reputation for himself as being as major of a character as Heather, Duncan, Gwen, or Courtney, even if he's appeared in far less episodes. So I do feel like there is more from him to give. If we went as far as to meet his brother in TDAS and saw his insecurities, then I do feel like there is something to explore within Alejandro's character.


Prior to RR, Bridgette and Geoff were tied when it came to the total number of episodes they appeared in. So maybe they want to continue this pattern by bringing Bridgette back on her own. Plus, ever since RR, Geoff has far overshadowed his girlfriend, meaning balance is necessary. Let's not forget that Bridgette gets mentioned two or three times during the season, which does make me believe they are setting her up.

Bigez Harold Rankings

Oh, Harold. What a classic. Harold coming back feels like something I see coming not too long from now. I mean, he made the F5 in TDA, which says a lot about the crew's view of him, and his relationship with Leshawna is really unanswered. Are they a relationship or not? Is Leshawna attracted to him or not? If Harold lasted exactly halfway through a season, lasted really long in another one, but then went early in the next one, it does make me believe that he is back soon with a balance such as this one.

File:Izzy TDWT Rank.png

Izzy is one of the most beloved characters by the writers. She appeared in the first 5 seasons, returned twice, and cameoed twice. This suggests to me that she is prime and ready for a future season to compete in. At any opportunity, she's returned or cameoed and is so beloved that she's the only contestant to ever return twice.

Leshawna Chips

Leshawna is the only contestant who was in the TDI F6 to not ever get to a finale, which is pretty peculiar. She appeared in three seasons, merged twice, and made a name for herself too. As I mentioned before, her relationship with Harold needs answering to, and she has tons of potential to give.


Lindsay has been a prominent character but hasn't hogged her screentime either. It's just a shame that four times in a row, she was eliminated in an unfair way. In her first season, she got eliminated because she was the last to cross a finish line, while Duncan and Owen never crossed it... what??? How does that make sense? She crossed the finish line, whereas those two did not. Then in TDA, she got eliminated by voting herself. Technically, this was fair from a voting standpoint, but from a character development standpoint, it was bad. The episode right before this, Lindsay proved she could be smarter than she let on and then this plot convenience occurs where she votes for herself. Total Drama World Tour also maddened me because DJ could've quit and Lindsay would not have been eliminated. Why do all this unnecessary fashion show stuff when one of Team Victory's members wants to be eliminated anyways? It makes absolutely no sense. Then in All-Stars, Lindsay got eliminated for being slow at pushing Courtney. But like, that was all Sierra's fault. She landed on Courtney, creating extra weight and thus reducing Lindsay's strength. This was not Lindsay's fault at all.

Lindsay also got the sad fate of being eliminated first in All-Stars despite being an all-star. So that does suggest to me that she could be back to make up for that lost time. I mentioned Tyler previously too so that adds more to my belief that Lindsay could be back soon.

Second GenerationEdit


Even though I couldn't care less about Dawn, I feel like she could very well be back soon. In RR, they made a lot of vegan jokes so who knows? Maybe that hints about Dawn. Plus, they've done more fan-service related things lately, so that could indicate Dawn coming back.


Brick was initially planned to be in Total Drama All-Stars but was scrapped at last minute. Therefore, it does suggest to me that he is up the show's sleeves at this very moment waiting for the right time to pop out.


Anne Maria is likely to be back for the same reasons as Brick. She was also planned for Total Drama All-Stars but was cut at last minute. However, she is slightly more likely than him due to briefly appearing in the Ridonculous Race for like 2 seconds.

Third GenerationEdit

Fine you can live

Amy and Samey both got the shaft early in their debut season, yet were very vocal and major in these episodes, at least around each other. I can definitely see Amy coming back as there is something unexplored with her and she's probably left the most impact out of any fodder. And Samey... uuuuughhhh... even though I hate her with about 16 passions, her development wasn't completed and does seem likely to be coming back.


Dave and Sky seem likely to be back as there's so many different directions their interaction could go in. They could actually become a relationship, they could passionately hate each other due to one being dishonest and the other trying to kill them, they could become friends, or they could be miserable around each other. They should definitely be back soon.


Jasmine lasted a long time in her only season, was in the main relationship, and has tons of insecurities and complexities, so she's a really obvious future returnee with me not being able to say much here.


Sugar is rightfully loved by the writers as she was the main comic relief and antagonist of her debut season, so she seems major enough to be returning soon.

Enter shawn1

Was in a relationship, was the main protagonist, and was a finalist. Definitely coming back.

And so that includes my list. I hope you enjoyed my lengthy analysis for most of this. Feel free to comment your own speculation. If you're wondering why some of your favourites didn't make this list, you are welcome to ask me why.