Hi there, guys. I am doing a blog where I compliment/rant about all the contestants. And I do mean all of them. I will be taking suggestions on whomever you're interested in me talking about. For a heads up on how I feel about everyone, check here. Listed is my favorite character Harold, who I don't want to be suggested as I want to save him for last. With that said, hit me up with any suggestion. First suggestion given is the first character I do. You can suggest but I'd also like to know what your thoughts are on my thoughts and if you have any other questions about why I love or hate certain characters. Let's begin.

Dakota (30th)Edit

Suggested by: DerpyandDawn

So I'm beginning with Dakota, which is an odd way to start things off since I'm pretty split when it comes to her. Dakota is an incredibly popular character though so I thought it'd be likely she'd be done quick. But why exactly is Dakota so popular in the first place? People seem to like how she's much nicer than she seems and is a genuinely nice person despite craving attention. People like her development in the first few episodes because she gradually gains more empathy to others. But I just can't agree with all the praise which Dakota gets.

Dakota second photo shoot
As a contestant, she lasts 2 episodes initially. All she really does is call the paparazzi and whenever she does, I don't really find it very funny. It's a repeated joke where Dakota calls the paparazzi and Chris gets rid of them? The problem. The joke lasts longer than it should be and is essentialy the same joke every time. And because it's a pretty drawn-out joke, a plot in the episode gets slowed down a little. Besides that, there were some minor interactions with Sam but while she's a contestant, this isn't very focused on.
Finders Creepers (3)
When Dakota was an intern, I preferred her more but she still wasn't too fantastic or anything for me. Since she's an intern, I don't really think her development was fantastic or anything since the contestants were intended to stand-out more than non-contestants, making Dakota a little outshined but still decent I suppose. There's her relationship with Sam that gets expanded on when she's intern but it's pretty rushed since Sam is a contestant and Dakota's an intern and Runaway Model is the only real example I can give of the relationship standing out. So Dakota is just pretty mediocre. I didn't really know what direction Dakota would be taken in.

The good things I can say about Dakota though was that she was always being rejected to go back on the show but never gives up at trying to get back on the show. So she has some really good confidence and willpower in herself. I also liked her shock at Sam liking her ideas since she wasn't used to people acknowledging and agreeing with her so that was pretty well-done too.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (40)
But out of all the directions you could've took, why oh why did you take the worst possible one? There is so much wrong with Dakota's mutation and it has horribly glaring problems. For one, Dakota didn't do anything bad to deserve such a harsh mutation. All she wanted to do was go back on the show but does so in an overly eager way. That's not something that deserves repercussions, especially not the kind where you begin to look horrible. The irony of this is that Dakota constantly wanted her appearance to be valued but is mutated so has to get by with her personality. Paparazzi have probably abandoned her too. So why should she get punishment? Everything she liked doing and had passion in is now gone because of this unneeded mutation. So this problem is pretty horrible but it's not even as bad as the fact that the next time Dakota comes back (if she ever does), she will definitely be worse. The show is implying that she is now content with being mutated since Sam still likes her and their relationship is strengthened by this mutation. So why would she be turned human again? I understand that the worst episode of ROTI that involves a dumb mutation isn't entirely Dakota's fault and moreso on the writing, so I don't fault her too much, but she's still partly the problem with this. Her development reaches a horrible ending so it makes me not respect her good moments too much since I know what it all leads up to. There's a way for her to learn how to get by without her looks that doesn't need to have a mutation involved. Lindsay shown this in Get a Clue so why can't Dakota just have development that's, you know, realistic? Overall, she's a character that starts strong and ends horribly.

Amy (39th)Edit

Suggested by: XxAquaInfinityxX

Though Amy is far from perfect for me, I feel like some credit should be given to her, even though she's disastrous. For one, I like how Amy is the only fodder to leave a bigger impact than really any other one. If not for being a satellite for Samey, Amy could've accomplished even more. But even though she's confided with her sister, Amy leaves a mark. She's very full of personality and the fact that her actions get written in an overly spiteful way makes me think she has potential. Is she still flawed though? Absolutely.

The whole conflict with Samey that Amy relies on is one of the worst ones I've seen. On Amy's side, it's really repetitive. All she does is make Samey do things for her, steal credit from her, and insult her at the slightest error. None of these entertain me because this is a horrible representation of how siblings act, and it's even worsened by the various times Amy almost murders Samey. To go along with this, Amy is an obvious plot device. Max, Scarlett, and Topher may have interacted primarily with one character but at least they didn't constantly talk about that character to everybody else and have horribly uninspired lines. Like, imagine if we saw Scarlett say she hates Max, but then says the exact same thing to many members of her team. Wouldn't that get really old and tired after a while? With Amy, when she talks with someone else, it ALWAYS has something to do with Samey. Samey develops all because of this monster so it makes Amy being a plot device stick out even worse. And her cruelty also gets way too far sometimes. I don't care if this is a cartoon. When it comes to cruelty, the show has always done things realistically up until now. There's no progression in Amy's lines. Just the same old crap. I also don't agree with those who wish she was a main antagonist in her debut because her evilness is so poorly done and she's not intelligent or sneaky. She's just whining about her sister and is incredibly desperate and pathetic in getting others to agree with her so if she was an antagonist, I wouldn't find her threatening in the slightest.

So yeah, Amy is a highly flawed character and I can see why many don't like her. However, she has plenty of positives too. As I mentioned earlier, Amy's impact on the season was huge. Next to Ella, I would probably call her one of the most memorable pre-mergers out there. And though her meanness can go too far at times, some jokes by her I thought were actually funny. I also knew why she was so mean in the first place. She got blessed with being born first and once you get a reward like that, an advantage for you in the midst of your peers gives you a superiority complex. Unless this was completely intentional, I don't know. And she punched Rodney in the stomach so that's gotta be an upside, doesn't it? Overall, while she may manage to improve some other time hopefully, for now Amy has many flaws.

Leshawna (13th)Edit

Suggested by: DestructiveMilkshake

Leshawna is a character who's right to the point from the get-go. All of her friendships, conflicts, and her relationship are handled very well, and she is also good at representing her stereotype, while also having a lot of personality in her which makes her a very memorable character. Sadly, her popularity has decreased with every seasn, which I strongly disagree with.

LeShawna gets hit by a dodgeball
In Total Drama Island, I loved Leshawna as much as anyone else did. As I've mentioned before, Leshawna gets straight to the point and is already well-done from the start and it's nowhere more evident than in TDI. Not only is Leshawna straightforward and one of the easiest characters to get to know, but she has an important element to her; balance. Leshawna's natural personality is present because she has noticeable flaws and positives about herself. She may be very likable to felow contestants, but those that she dislikes, she's very aggressive towards them. She's very funny but some jokes are really violent. We root for her against people like Heather, but she takes drastic measures too. None of these flaws are really bad though. They just make Leshawna probably the most relatable in the first season, which is a huge plus for her as she outclasses everyone when it comes to this. I think the show did a really great job of doing this with Leshawna, and next to Gwen, Leshawna is a character who is sort of showing the audience around. I loved her conflict with Heather this season, because Leshawna was pretty much doing favors for the audience. She gets things done right away and finishes off any annoyance Heather causes. She also had heavy involvement with a lot of events in the season as she was always head-to-head with the main antagonist. Leshawna also never gives up and is probably the most determined competitor next to Heather and Courtney. She has a right to boast that she'll win at the start because she backs this up with entertaining skill In challenges, she would always be trying her best to win any of them, win or lose, and was definitely one of the most memorable when it came to challenges. Another thing I loved about Leshawna is that she knows that she has imperfections, as she notices immediately when someone mocks her weight, yet she has complete pride in herself, and thinks of herself as "Bootylicious".No matter what, she's always confident in herself, making her one of the most likable in the cast. All in all, a fantastic first impression.

IMG 0588
Total Drama Action is where Leshawna gets more divided amongst the fanbase. But honestly, I'm one of the small number of people who loved Leshawna in this season. She was already placed on the Screaming Gaffers, which is very good as they are one of my favorite teams, one of the main reasons being that they all interact with each other frequently and really feel like a team from this strong sociability. Leshawna was no exception to this, as she had pretty major interactions with just about everyone on the team, all of which were enjoyable. Heather was no longer a full-on antagonist either so her conflict with her was moreso a fun rivalry at this stage. Her conflict yet occasional friendly moments with Duncan were fun since they're equally fierce but still are opposite to each other in a couple of ways. Leshawna noticed DJ's suspicious actions too, meaning she was one reason that his conscience made him quit. She still had a fun friendship with Gwen but it got tested when Leshawna understandably voted her off. Harold and Leshawna is always a pleasure to watch. So overall, Leshawna was doing a lot in the season, and still had her personality intact. She formed an alliance with Duncan and Harold and even though it's on and off, it is worth mentioning as it shows a more strategic side in Leshawna and brining Duncan and Harold closer together is a risky yet brave thing to do.

People formed an issue with Leshawna once her whole lie came up. It was thought of as contradictory as Leshawna is usually completely honest with others and is never secretive. This may be an extremely unpopular thing to say, but I thought this lie was one of the best things done with Leshawna. Picture yourself where she was. Imagine if you had to be in the exact same setting this show is in. Wouldn't you crack? Leshawna did something which I found pretty understandable given the circumstances. It also shows that she doesn't need to be completely likable to be enjoyed. Being selfish is a very natural human flaw and I think it was handled well for Leshawna.

She's got a nice scalp for a groovin' teen!
I thought Leshawna was absolutely fantastic in Million Dollar Babies. Not only was a lie revealed prior, but it was also revealed that she complained about everyone behind their back, angering all of them. But is that so bad? No friend of anyone's is perfect, and Leshawna has already complained to all of them about their behavior right to them in front of them so I don't entirely see the difference. The contestants were just angered because Leshawna's words were harsh. I think if anything, Leshawna had more layers added to her character because of this subplot. Since she feels bad about herself, she balances things out with a pretty catchy yet likable cheer. Her forming a friendship with Heather, even though it's never brought up again, was a step in the right direction.

I don't think Leshawna was as great in World Tour and like practically everyone, I found this to be her weakest season. Her friendship with Heather was never brought up again, and she was slightly OOC in Slap Slap Revolution when she jumps off her platform and loses the challenge just to hurt Heather. Would it have been that hard for Leshawna to just slap Heather off the platform so hard that her tooth falls out? All Heather did was warn Leshawna about Alejandro and slapping her (like the challenge tells them to do) makes Leshawna hit her incredibly hard. Occasional moments after glorify this but it was definitely not a good moment from Leshawna. Overall though, just one minor trip doesn’t hinder Leshawna too much for me. I still think she is a very well-done character with a big personality, balanced likability, and enjoyable storylines. Hopefully next time she might compete, she could be entertaining once more.

Sam (41st)Edit

Suggested by: Miguelcamino
Sam Funny Noises

Sam is a difficult character to talk about, but not because he's incredibly complex but instead doesn't really have much to him, which is one of the best and worst things about him. In Revenge of the Island, I didn't really notice Sam that often, though in Finders Creepers, he was very enjoyable to watch and full of laughs and what a coincidence that that's my favorite Revenge of the Island episode.

Finders Creepers (22)
I think Sam should be given more credit than he gets for ROTI. First there's Finders Creepers. At this stage the Rats are a pretty small team and since Dawn and Lightning are gone pretty early, it leaves us with Sam and Scott. With Sam having less people to stand-out more than him, we finally get to see what happens when Sam is more confined. Sam is just absurd in fun ways. He makes caw noises to throw a team off, crawls to a zeppelin while being trapped in a spider web, and does video game moves to stop a spider and he does this through effort that really only Lightning is more known for on the team. Sam is a really hopeless guy but he never gives up while at the same time providing a laugh when doing this. I think if I had to choose my favorite of the episode, it would by far be Sam. So I think he's definitely a hopeful character. While I doesn't stand-out much, when he does, he's an absolute pleasure an example being the line though the line "Man, I can't believe Dakota's gone. I was ready to repeatedly ask her out and get turned down all season" is a very funny line.

Sam is somewhat of a pain magnet yet is extremely optimistic about challenges no matter what. It's not someone who finds it hard to recover from their suffering. It's a guy who genuinely thinks that the show is fun.

Sam ank dakota
That said though, Sam has a lot of flaws that hinder him. For one, while I did like Sam's relationship with Dakota, it's pretty rushed since Dakota is on and off to coming back to the show, meaning everything's pretty sudden and the season length doesn't help with this. The relationship has a caring innocence to it and conceptually I support the relationship, but it just doesn't have enough put into it to be appreciated by me.

Like I said when Sam did shine in rare moments, he was very enjoyable. On the other hand though, when he didn't shine, he just came across as insignificant. Minor lines by him are pretty much always to do with video games. On a team with an antagonist, an extremely arrogant jock, and an aura whisperer, Sam doesn't hold as much weight for me. His only plot was Dakota, so he's mostly just a gag character with not much plot sustenance to him.

Sam's run in Total Drama All-Stars sort of really hurts him though, literally. Gone were his admittedly many funny one-liners and instead replaced with his pain humor and it sort of just encompassed his entire AS personality. This extra pain also loses the charm of Sam's optimism and enthusiasm with challenges. So my favorite things about Sam aren't utilized at all. Sam thankfully went early as a testament to him being undeserving but would it have been so hard to do something with him?

Runaway Model (64)
My least favorite thing about Sam though that I think is a real issue is actually something not too addressed yet happens once in both of his seasons, ironically in his two elimination episodes. See, Sam actually gets eliminated in similar circumstances. Sam is pretty wasted potential in these cases. The general cycle is: Sam's team look like they're about to lose, Sam suddenly gets a burst of confidence, thinks of the situation as a video game, does spectacular in a challenge, but then is stopped in a really simplistic manner. See the problem here? Like, let's imagine if in Dodgebrawl, when Harold dodges a bunch of balls thrown by Owen and his team is madly impressed, and they tell him to catch a ball this time, what if Harold didn't catch the ball and the Bass lost again? That would be really clunky and would mean that tons of build up would amount to nothing. And that's how it is in this case. These moments are sort of a tease to the viewer. This pointless build-up for Sam makes him horribly wasted potential. It's essentialy a barrier for Sam that would be so easy to get through but for some reason doesn't. Unlike others, I actually see something in Sam that could improve him but for now, he's an overall mixed bag for me.

Topher (38th)Edit

Suggested by: Izzynoah12 and TDWT: Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Topher is nothing special for me but I don’t really dislike him as much as many others do. I think the thing I like most about him is that he’s funny, which is a simple thing to be saying. But I think he achieves a goal of being generally funny. The way he constantly makes Chris love him, and not even in a natural way like how Chris likes Owen or Lindsay is entertaining because it’s so lifeless yet believable for a superfan to do to Chris. There’s a gradual pace to Chris getting irritated by Topher’s over-kindness. It is Topher’s only storyline but that doesn’t exactly bother me when you take into account that Max and Scarlett are more popular yet mostly interact with each other. So I wouldn’t give Topher too much flack for this. As for the plot itself, it was disliked by a few people, but I kind of liked it. Topher is probably the best example of when any kind of extra depth was added to Chris when it came to him interacting with a contestant. He’s had major interactions with people like Heather, Gwen, Duncan or Courtney but these are all simple conflicts. He gets on well with Owen but most people get on with him anyways. Sierra creeps him out but she creeps out everyone and her sucking up to Chris isn’t nearly as major as Topher’s was since she prefers Cody. With Topher, he is a way for us to learn of Chris' insecurities with his age, his defensiveness with his looks, his try-hard way to make himself young such as botox, and how he prefers to be insulted rather than always complimented.

I know that Topher then gets the complaint that he is a plot device, but that’s only to some extent and the only real problem I have with Topher. At least there’s a good amount of Topher also showing plenty of charisma in his setting up of trying to get Chris fired. The whole time he makes Chris insecure about his age and uses this to try and claim the show. His over-confidence and tenacity already makes him full of life with this plot. Him being defeated in the end may be predictable but a lot of things in the show are predictable, so I also can’t really complain about this. Chris’ big reveal makes Topher stutter and leave the show in a quirky way that suits Topher’s character. He may not be as interesting as others in the season or even as enjoyable, but for what he did, he mostly satisfied. Sure, he's only really noticed when he pays attention to Chris, and Max and Scarlett are still more expressive to more contestants, but for the minor things he offered, while small, were done decently.

Katie (50th) and Sadie (48th)Edit

Suggested by: TheDipDap1234

It's easy to say that if you're talking about Katie, you're talking about Sadie. Katie is worse than Sadie and I actually preferred Sadie as soon as she was separated from her, which is hardly a coincidence. When combined however, they are the most annoying characters by far. None of their jokes get a laugh from me because their general personalities ruin nearly every joke, not to mention that as soon as one makes an independent joke the other one immediately backs it up so it's hard to even enjoy a joke in peace. Katie and Sadie just have a repeated cycle of the same humor. They are always acing like the perfect friends before fighting over a guy, or arguing with each other. This is a majority of what they do, and since they last six whole episodes together, that's the only important thing they do.

Katie and Sadie could ruin my mood when watching something because they're just so grating. For example, The Sucky Outdoors could've been a great episode. But in a camping episode where one-on-one interactions are explored, a fair amount of time is wasted on Katie and Sadie arguing and like everything else they do, it goes nowhere. I can't even say anything because these two are just so unimportant. I only slightly prefer Sadie because we saw her coping without Katie which I would call minor development. But it still leaves Katie with not much relevance and Sadie still is equally as annoying. Overall, they're worthless and if they ever come back, they'll probably be wasted spots again at this rate. Maybe they appeal to some people, but I just can't see past the intentional annoyance of them.

Courtney (7th)Edit

Suggested by: DerpyandDawn, X16bit, and LlewellynIsAwesome!
Queen Courtney
When it comes to the popularity of characters, I think Courtney is probably the most interesting in this regard. There could really be any opinion about her and it's very easy to see why. All of Courtney's actions have reasoning that is interpreted to be either understandable or incredibly unlikable. This shapes any kind of judgement towards Courtney.

I, on the other hand, think that Courtney may be one of the most complex characters in the entire show and I think that she is almost a perfect character. In four seasons, her personality can get so spontaneous at any given moment and has had some of the most groundbreaking and important things happen to her in the show despite never being a finalist.

There's really a lot more you can say about Courtney then other characters so I suppose I'll just begin with TDI. Courtney's first season is probably her most popular one. And I loved Courtney too. What was great about her is that this is the perfect way to start off a character who, in later seasons, would become incredibly insane. Courtney starts off as by-the-book, follow the rules, and a good organizer, yet she is still very bossy. When she first arrives to the island, it may be one of the most friendly greetings of the campers. However, Courtney ends up on the inferior team of the season; The Killer Bass. And when you look at later seasons, this was a good move on Courtney's character. A few times she's established as someone who always wants to win, and feels like she should never screw up and failing at something is something she always tries to counter. Courtney ends up being on a team that loses two challenges in a row and gets made fun of for it. And unlike her first three episodes, Courtney is much more commandeering in Dodgebrawl. But the only way for her to suddenly be this controlling is from losing so often. So I think she's still consistent and the fact that she gets this larger emphasis on bossiness says a lot about the time and effort that I think has went into Courtney. It could’ve been so easy to just make Courtney completely stuck-up and play-by-the-rules kind of person but in episodes like Dodgebrawl or Phobia Factor, there’s a real element of diversity when she has surges of just being furious. However, at the same time, Courtney also has the most likability in this season than in other ones as she is still friendly occasionally.

Her relationship with Duncan may have been proven to be unhealthy in later seasons, but in terms of entertainment value, it definitely didn’t disappoint me. What makes it great in this season is that Duncan is the reason that Courtney is much wilder in later seasons. He teaches her to loosen up and the spontaneous things she does in Basic Straining are a pleasure to watch. Her insult to Chef comes clear out of nowhere and it really gave me hope for Courtney. She was however eliminated in the same episode from Harold mixing the votes, which also is a contribution to her being much more whiny and irritated.

Things like Duncan and an unfair elimination are two reasons that I still really loved Courtney in Total Drama Action. She may have entered halfway through yet is one of the most memorable people of the cast. Courtney is power-hungry and just can’t accept defeat, but I don’t think that ruins her as not accepting defeat is a natural characteristic to have in a human and I think it’s done very well with Courtney. Her drive to win is written fantastically since she pretty much does anything just to win. There's not a care in the world with Courtney and she’s so bombastic no matter what she’s doing that her significance in this season goes without saying. I know she also got more disliked for mistreating Duncan but he was just as mean back to her so he deserves injury. However, the main reason I really love Courtney in this season isn’t just because of how massively entertaining she is but one simple moment that I think vastly improves her character and is often overlooked.

It happens in 2008: A Space Owen. During the episode, the contestants each receive a present from home. All Courtney receives is a photo of her winning an award, yet is sobbing of grief. The line in the confessional is; “When I was head of the school debate team, my partner walked out on me during the biggest debate of the year because she felt that I wasn’t being a “team player”. I went on to win without her. Take that, Britney Reid. This photo is a reminder. If you want something done right, then do it yourself!” The line delivery here is as perfect as it needs to me. Courtney’s partner left since Courtney wasn’t being a team player enough but then Courtney says that after she won without her, she obnoxiously says that you do something yourself if you want it done. However, when she says that last line, it’s not like she’s glaring or anything. There’s a somber tone at the beginning of her line too. This moment really helps me love Courtney. See, she’s established from the start to be an overachiever at school and by extension, anything. Being intently focused on being perfect at something is completely natural, but Courtney feels genuine sadness when she witnesses a simple photo. It makes me appreciate this villainous yet lovable side of Courtney more because no matter what kind of oppression she’s gotten, she will stop at nothing to win so I definitely admire her raw passion and charisma in victory no matter what the cost.

Total Drama Action is also the best example of an establishment that Courtney is one of the funniest characters in the show. She's spontaneous, violent, has risky yet witty lines, and her conflicts make for fun dialogue. It also seems to me that Courtney doesn’t entirely mean to have such exaggerated actions. I mean take her line in Basic Straining where she says to Duncan “But once I did something bad, it just felt so good I wanted more.” If anything, Courtney’s behavior pattern is a simple habit by her. No matter how she acts, it’s never too ordinary which I think adds to the interesting qualities of her.

Courtney becomes independent from Duncan for the first half of Total Drama World Tour. With his influence gone, she seems to act much more likable in this case. And she was on Team Amazon, which further shown that Courtney vs Heather is a fantastic conflict since they equally battle against each other for leadership, strategy, and success in challenges. An interesting thing to note about Courtney in this case is that whenever Duncan is brought up, Courtney admits that she misses him, and genuinely says the simple words that she misses him. It’s really natural to hear from her. When Duncan returns, I just begin to love Courtney more. She gets mad at him when he returns but admits that she’s not really mad, but missed him. Once she finds out that Duncan cheated on her with new friend Gwen, she’s completely shattered. We never really see this side to Courtney. Sure she becomes ruthless and determined to take out Gwen, even costing challenges, but she is tearful and emotional every so often. When she cries beside Heather, I think it’s the exact moment when I began to love Courtney. Be honest, even if you’re a fan of Courtney, it probably took you a while to appreciate her. But I think this small moment did help me love Courtney. She’s more sensitive than you’d expect and her motivation to take out Gwen and Duncan is perfectly understandable.

I really loved Alejandro manipulating Courtney because it just shown that at heart, Courtney is a very vulnerable human being who does need some kind of positive attention given to her. If Duncan hadn’t cheated on her, there is no way that Courtney would fall for Alejandro so easily. So in this regard, I think Courtney was explored perfectly and this was another season I loved Courtney in.

We finally reach Total Drama All-Stars, and although it may be Courtney’s weakest season, I still think that overall, she was better than most of the cast. She certainly started off strong, since there’s a noticeable sense of maturity with Courtney when we see her no longer caring about Duncan. Sure she still holds a grudge against Gwen but wouldn’t you be suspicious too when someone is being sickeningly nice to you? She also was sort of the only interesting thing about the Heroic Hamsters for the first three episodes, as her attitude was an advantage to the interesting aspect of the team and plotted against some of them too. Definitely my favorite member of an otherwise bad team.

Calm down scott
Unlike most people, I actually liked Courtney’s relationship with Scott. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but I think it was a good step for Courtney’s character. As we saw in World Tour, Courtney is very vulnerable and compliments make her feel better about herself. Scott does this almost immediately to her and does it since that so that may be where her admiration stems from. And it’s nice to see that in the moments they have with each other, she isn’t aggressive or too bossy like she was with Duncan, but instead always worries about Scott’s safety, saves his life, feels flattered when he flirts with her (accidentally or on purpose), and the times where she does boss him around are at times where he gets benefitted from them. Not one of my favorites, but still pretty fun for me. Courtney’s most glaring problem though comes in the form of her friendship with Gwen. As we most notably see in Suckers Punched and You Regatta Be Kidding Me, this re-formed friendship is executed horribly. Why would Courtney come back for Gwen? Why would she suck up to Gwen and value her hair? Why would she speak at the exact same time as Gwen on multiple occasions? The only real defense I can make for this is that the two weren’t friends for a while so may have just been making up for lost time by being very affectionate, but could it have killed the show to just have one of them mention that? It is a good concept but there was much better ways to write this forgiveness.

The elephant in the room for Courtney is Sundae Muddy Sundae. It is by far her worst episode and the main reason why she isn’t considered “Top 5” for me. Her entire development is shoved out the window in one single episode. Like many, I expected Courtney to be a finalist in this season. Her life was getting a good turnaround and I really thought this would be her time to shine but the season somehow squanders this in the span of the first few minutes of the episode. Courtney single-handedly ruins the whole episode which is a real shame.

Overall, Courtney is a terrific character but when she inevitably comes back, she needs to be the well-written kind of character she was in the past. There’s a lot you can say about her, good or bad. Her quality consistently increases and decreases. Hopefully she will prove that she isn’t a completely unlikable character and get a good experience at a hopeful win. Definitely a fantastic character with not many flaws but one MASSIVE one.

Lindsay (11th)Edit

Suggested by: Ellafan4evr