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Welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm Epic~00 and this week, we're looking at The Eye Candy, Justin!


Justin first joins the show in Total Drama Island, where his looks have practically everyone swooning over him and his gorgeous self. His beautiful male model ways are even able to save him from the deadliest of shark attacks. Unfortunately for Justin, despite his instant popularity with others is the fourth person to be voted off, thanks to Heather managing to get four people to vote him off with her to save herself after reading Gwen's diary.

After the season is over, it's announced that every camper can win the million dollars after the previous winner gives up their money. This includes Justin, who manipulates others using his charm into giving him pointers. Even the rageaholic Eva falls victim to giving him the money. Though Justin doesn't succeed thanks to Team E-scope stealing his money, he's still one of the fourteen contestants that end up qualifying for Total Drama Action after being amongst those who were closest to winning the money.

Justin initially has a very easy run in TDA. His looks are still able to charm the pants off anyone, letting him even get away with doing challenges he doesn't want to do. He's determined to be manipulative and sneaky to win the season, and though this initially works in getting Beth and Lindsay on his side and managing to get Gwen, Izzy and Trent eliminated, Justin eventually learns that looks can only get you so far. His charm starts to waver thin on people like Beth and Lindsay who eventually just get bored by him. He realizes looks can only get him so far, developing into more of a comic relief character as a result. Justin is much more fleshed out in this season than his previous one. His insecurity about his looks is highly focused on by him, even breaking down at the smallest of injury, injuries he goes through a LOT of. As replacement for his looks he had been previously using, Justin instead attempts to use his brain, something he's quite rusty on. Although he succeeds at first, with his guys alliance managing to eliminate Leshawna, he ends up falling for Courtney which is ultimately his downfall when she sacrifices him to numerous injuries he gets just so she can win the challenge, resulting in him being voted off and finishing sixth place. He goes onto join The Drama Brothers and has quite a successful career before their break-up. However, he ends up not qualifying for Total Drama World Tour though he's relieved he can't sacrifice his looks any more to the show.


Now THIS is how you flesh out a character. Before the TDI special, Justin was a pretty one-note character we didn't know much about. But once he qualified for TDA, he was easily one of my favorites and probably the funniest character in the season sans Harold/Lindsay. The main reason I like him is that he's quite a comical character but also one I found pretty relatable. I think we can all relate to feeling insecure about pur looks and Justin does it in a flamboyant enough way for it to be appealing. Lots of people claim he was a bad antagonist, but that really doesn't matter to me. He was previously a good antagonist until he had to face the lesson that his looks only take him half of the way. Everything in life was handed to him since he was young all because of his looks. TDA is the first time he actually has to use something other than his looks. With that said, it just wouldn't make sense for Justin to be a good antagonist. Because if he was a successful one, he'd either a) be really one-note because all he can use to his advantage is looks or b) cause Alejandro to be a pretty unpopular character since he would just be doing everything a useful antagonist like Justin would do and therefore Alejandro would be labelled a clone of him. That's why he's more of a failed antagonist and why it works for me. Similar to the Ice Dancers, if Justin was actually flawless and perfect at being a villain there just wouldn't be as much to enjoy. He works much better as a comic relief that reflects his really funny personality, not to mention being easily one of the most quotable of TDA;

  • "Math is for ugly people."
  • "With me gone, this show just got 80% less beautiful *smashes face* AHH alright, 79!"
  • "Okay, brain. You haven't had much exercise in the last-- 16 years give or take, but you can do this!
  • *Beth starts screaming*"Beth, listen to me. It's gonna be alright. Just concentrate on my calming beauty and soothing complexion.

Beth: ...*cries*


  • "My life is over! No one's gonna want me as a model now! I'll have to get a job in the circus as one of those... those... CIRCUS FREAKS!"

And if you really think Justin is stale or anything, just look at his amazing personality page.

  • Best Moment: The quotes I listed.


What about you? Despite the title, this blog is open to all opinions! Share your thoughts about Justin in the comments below and use the {{JustinFan}}/{{JustinHater}}/{{User:Chewy57/JustinNeutral}} userboxes too. Don't forget to share your Best Moment, Best Season, and Best Episode of Justin! Next week, Pierzina will be analyzing and giving her opinions on the Sweet Girl, Katie!

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