So here is my elimination order for the season. I liked moist of the order but i would change it.


Sky and Dave never happened.

So, Uh This Is My Team?

Winner(s): Team Kinesewak

Bottom 2: Dave and Beardo

Votes: Dave: Beardo, Leonard, Sugar, and Ella  

Beardo: Sky, Shawn and Dave

Reason for elimination: Dave starts fighting everybody so much they hate him even Ella.

I Love You Grease pig!

Team Waneyhitem/Kinsewak

Bottom 2: Sugar and Ella

Votes: Sugar: Shawn, Beardo, Leonard

Sky: Ella

Ella: Sugar, Sky

Reason for elimination: Sugar grossed everybody so much a lot of people on her team wanted to eliminate her and Chris bended the rules so the winning team would have to eliminate somebody instead.

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