Tdcwtb Every 7:00 will add a character. Feel free to comment agree/disagree with my opinions.

1. Dave


I just outright hate Dave. I wish I could just grab a pick axe and kill him. I was at first okay with him but as time came on in creepy voice I started to hate him. I even feel Dave caused everything.

2. Scott

Scott electrocution

Sucky Scott sucks his thumb. Sucky Scott was in Total Drama Suckers. Sucky Scott is worst antagonist. Sucky Scott is crazy. Sucky Scott sucks. In all honest though, everything about him is annoying. I hate Scott's voice, I hate his design, I hate his antagonistic role, I just can't stand him. I would have preferred if he did not exist and was replace with a different character *cough Dave *cough.


Hint. Has only competed in one season.

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