NO SPOILERS. This will not contain Pahkitew Island contestants just all the other contestants. This is a work in progress. I have not finished it yet.

1. Dawn

We know she would never try to hurt any animal and that she can read aura's. The only time she 'hurt' a animal was when laughed at Chris getting arrested.

2. Gwen

I actually find her nice. Especially in Oh My Izzy because she was helping her (who I consider) friend Owen.

3. Katie and Sadie

They never tried to hurt somebody but they were not completely peaceful. They often got too stuck in their conversations to notice anything.

4. B

This is just how I thought of his talking and how he acted. It just seems to me that he fits her.

5. Regular Ezekiel

Before he was monster, he was not dangerous but sometimes did not make bad accidents. He once even made his team lose so he ended up being eliminated because of it.

6. Dakota/Dakotazoid

It is really the same here but when Dakota was Dakotazoid in a episode, she ended up hurting a turtle to protect Sam. Though it was mutated, it was dangerous. She could have been killed doing it.

7. Mike

Since Mike and his personalities were the ones that destroyed Mal, I thought he should go here.

8. Zoey

I found her very cute when she voted out scott to have to battle Mike for the finale even if he was Mal.

9 = Blainely

She once had a huge tantrum which is why I put her here. I would never expect a lady like her to tantrum!

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