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  • EpicLuna

    This is why Dave is the worst character:

    His relationship with Sky is very Unrealistic. Anything is better than them. First when Sky told Dave she did not want a boyfriend he went coocoo. He went so coocoo he wanted himself eliminated. Once he returned and found out SKy had a boyfriend named Keith he wanted to BURN the million dollars...

    and that is why he is the worst character. 

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  • EpicLuna

    Three of the best antagonists ever. GO Scarlett, Alejandro or Heather.

    Here we have scarlett but what did she do? She tricked almost everybody into thinking she was smart and would explode the island if she did not get the money!

    Now to alejandro. I think everybody know what he did. He manipulated everybody in the season he was introduced (except Heather and Sierra) and used it to his advantage. He made Sierra think Heather had been sleeping with Cody. He also made DJ think he would not hurt animals with Irene but in truth he still would.

    She tricked Lindsay into helping. SHe is mean to alot of people and is rarely ever nice. THe only thing that makes her nice is her Alejandro X Heather thing.

    Note:This is a disccusion blog, not a voting blog. …

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  • EpicLuna

    So here is my elimination order for the season. I liked moist of the order but i would change it.

    Sky and Dave never happened.

    Winner(s): Team Kinesewak

    Bottom 2: Dave and Beardo

    Votes: Dave: Beardo, Leonard, Sugar, and Ella  

    Beardo: Sky, Shawn and Dave

    Reason for elimination: Dave starts fighting everybody so much they hate him even Ella.

    Team Waneyhitem/Kinsewak

    Bottom 2: Sugar and Ella

    Votes: Sugar: Shawn, Beardo, Leonard

    Sky: Ella

    Ella: Sugar, Sky

    Reason for elimination: Sugar grossed everybody so much a lot of people on her team wanted to eliminate her and Chris bended the rules so the winning team would have to eliminate somebody instead.

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  • EpicLuna

    Every 7:00 will add a character. Feel free to comment agree/disagree with my opinions.

    I just outright hate Dave. I wish I could just grab a pick axe and kill him. I was at first okay with him but as time came on in creepy voice I started to hate him. I even feel Dave caused everything.

    Sucky Scott sucks his thumb. Sucky Scott was in Total Drama Suckers. Sucky Scott is worst antagonist. Sucky Scott is crazy. Sucky Scott sucks. In all honest though, everything about him is annoying. I hate Scott's voice, I hate his design, I hate his antagonistic role, I just can't stand him. I would have preferred if he did not exist and was replace with a different character *cough Dave *cough.

    Hint. Has only competed in one season.

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  • EpicLuna

    HIYAH! Luna here. So whats your favorite tdpi contestant? Mine is Sky for many reasons. I am athletic and love to do great things in life. And she has tons of great interactions between alot of characters especcially Sugar. I love how Sky and Sugar make the only alliance and Sugar ends up being eliminated a episode later with the alliance being a trick alliance. So whats yours?

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