At The Beginning Of The Challenge, Everyone Was Scared To Jump. After A Few Minutes, Owen Lover Finally Lost It And Jumped (To, And I Quote "Get Things Over With!") And Landed In The Safe Zone. After His Jump, Here's How It Came out (Not In Order):

  • Owen (Gophers) (Safe)
  • Duncan (Gophers) (Non-Safe,But He Beat up the sharks)
  • Ezekiel (Gophers) (Safe, Despite Hitting A Rock)
  • Cody (Gophers) (Safe)
  • Geoff (Gophers) (Non-Safe)

(Courtney Chickened Out) (Bass)

  • Justin (Bass) (Safe)
  • Gwen (Bass) (Safe)
  • Izzy (Gophers) (Non-Safe, But She Made Friends With The Sharks)
  • Heather (Bass) (Non-Safe)
  • Leshawna (Bass) (Safe)
  • Eva (Bass) (Same As Duncan)

(DJ Chickened Out) (Bass)

  • Sadie (Bass) (Safe)
  • Katie (Gophers) (Safe)
  • Lindsay (Bass) (Non-Safe)
  • Harold (Bass) (Safe, But Got Severely Injured)
  • Trent (Bass) (Non-Safe)
  • Tyler (Gophers) (Same As Harold)
  • Bridgette (Bass) (Safe)
  • Noah (Gophers) (Safe)

Final Scores:

Bass - 6

Gophers - 6

Due To The Teams Tying, Chris Asked If anyone wanted to go AGAIN! Owen Lover Took The Jump, But The Result Was Unclear. Owen Lover Reappeared In The Safe Zone. He was injured, But In The Safe Zone.

NEW Scores:

Bass - 6

Gophers - 7

Chris Declared that the Screaming Gophers Won, but the day wasn't over yet! The contestants had to push crates to the cabins. Owen Lover Asked What The 1st Challenge Was for. Chris Revealed that The Winners Won Wheelbarrows to pull to the cabins, and build a hot tub. Due to the wheelbarrows, the Gophers grew a large lead. Soon the Killer Bass got there, but the Gophers were half-way done. When The Hot tubs were done, Chris looked at the Hot tubs. Due to The Gophers Teamwork and the Bass's fighting, The Gophers won. At the Fire pit Ceremony, Courtney Was Eliminated.


Courtney - 5 Votes

Eva - 4 Votes

Heather - 2 Votes

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