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    Okay, so I was on the chat, and I realized something.

    Mal's name is a portmanteau of Mike and Alejandro, or Al (Mike + Al Mal).

    And I can prove this even farther. Alejandro is the most manipulative character in TD History.

    And I'm pretty sure manipulative is a synonym for "Evil"

    So Mal is pretty much "Evil Mike".


    As we've seen in "The Obsta-Kill Kourse", Mal can speak Spanish.

    Alejandro can speak Spanish

    You see what I'm getting at?

    Mal is a merge of Mike and Al as a personality!

    Comment what you think about my theory

    UPDATE: Okay, one of the comments brought up a good point. So now, I would like to refer you to "The Obsta-Kill Kourse" again. According to Courtney, she and Al kissed years ago. This means one of two things:

    1. Total Drama:World Tou…
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    Design Debate

    April 25, 2012 by EnderEmerald46

    Hey guys, I was making a new design and I wanted to see which I should use, so here are the two designs:

    UPDATE II: Actually, I don't want to do a poll, so I've decided: Design 3 wins! Thank you for the design, TDFANFRENCH, It's the new Russel Design! I'll be posting Not Quite Famous soon

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    At The Beginning Of The Challenge, Everyone Was Scared To Jump. After A Few Minutes, Owen Lover Finally Lost It And Jumped (To, And I Quote "Get Things Over With!") And Landed In The Safe Zone. After His Jump, Here's How It Came out (Not In Order):

    • Owen (Gophers) (Safe)
    • Duncan (Gophers) (Non-Safe,But He Beat up the sharks)
    • Ezekiel (Gophers) (Safe, Despite Hitting A Rock)
    • Cody (Gophers) (Safe)
    • Geoff (Gophers) (Non-Safe)

    (Courtney Chickened Out) (Bass)

    • Justin (Bass) (Safe)
    • Gwen (Bass) (Safe)
    • Izzy (Gophers) (Non-Safe, But She Made Friends With The Sharks)
    • Heather (Bass) (Non-Safe)
    • Leshawna (Bass) (Safe)
    • Eva (Bass) (Same As Duncan)

    (DJ Chickened Out) (Bass)

    • Sadie (Bass) (Safe)
    • Katie (Gophers) (Safe)
    • Lindsay (Bass) (Non-Safe)
    • Harold (Bass) (Safe, But Got Severe…
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    Chris, the host of Total Drama Island, greets the audience from Camp Wawanakwa, which is located somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario. He tells the viewers that twenty two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks at a summer camp where they will participate in various challenges every three days and the winning team will receive a reward. The losing team will have to vote one of their own members off the island in a campfire ceremony where survivors receive marshmallows. After theceremony, the camper who was voted off will take a walk down the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the Boat of Losers, and leave Total Drama Island forever. The numbers of the remaining campers will dwindle down each week with the last one achieving tabloid fame and winni…

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    October 8, 2010 by EnderEmerald46

    Heres A TDQ (Total Drama Questionnaire):

    1. Have You Ever Sung A TDWT Song In The Shower?
    2. Did You Have A Dream That You (Or Someone You Know) Switched Bodies With A Contestant?
    3. Did You Use Youtube To Listen To A Upcoming Song? (This Is How We Will End It etc.)
    4. Did You Ever Act Like A Contestant?
    5. Have You Ever Learn How To Spell Stacey Andrews O'Halloran's First Names? (Hint: The First Names Start With B And M)
    6. Have You Manipulated A Girl Like Al?
    7. Did You Ever Make A TDI Episode Countdown?
    8. Did You Ever Make A TDA Episode Countdown?
    9. Did You Ever Make A TDWT Episode Countdown?
    10. Did You Ever Make A Song Countdown?
    11. Did You Ever Make A Team Countdown?
    12. Did You Ever Dance To A TDWT Song?
    13. Did You Ever Taken A Character Quiz To See Which Total Drama Character Your Per…

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