Here are a list of voice actors that are yet to have a role on Total Drama. But do you think there's a chance that anyone of them would be cast?

Melissa Altro, Cameron Ansell, Charlotte Arnold, Stephanie Beard, Ryan Belleville, Tim Beresford, David Berni, Justin Bradley, Rebecca Brenner, Munro Chambers, Robert Clark, Michael Cohen, Ryan Cooley, Alyson Court, Leah-Renee Cudmore, Michael D'Ascenzo, Catherine Disher, Sergio Di Zio, Marc Donato, Brook D'Orsay, Jake Epstein, Fab Filippo, Jordan Francis, Yani Gellman, Jess Gibbons, Tim Hamaguchi, Emily Hampshire, Marieve Herington, Jeremy Harris, Bill Houston, Tajja Isen, Emma-Taylor Isherwood, Linda Kash, Krystal Meadows, Marc Minardi, Vanessa Morgan, Max Morrow, Ali Mukkadam, Michael Murphy, Denise Oliver, Anastasia Philips, Cara Pifko, Jacqueline Pillon, Arnold Pinnock, Noah Reid, Mark Rendall, Jasmine Richards, Michael Seater, Corey Sevier, Shadia Simmons, Jamie Spilchuk, Tracy Spiridakos, Stuart Stone, Nathan Stephenson, Jonathan Tan, Rob Tinkler, Melanie Tonello, Kate Todd, Jordan Todosey, Joanne Vannicola and Jamie Watson.

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