Here is where I think each of the new contestants are from. 

Brody: Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Sanders and MacArthur: Kitchener, Ontario 

Jacques and Josee: Montreal, Quebec

Emma and Kitty: Calgary, Alberta

Carrie and Devin: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 

Stephanie and Ryan: Brampton, Ontario 

Ennui and Crimson: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 

Dwayne and Junior: Sudbury, Ontario 

Rock and Spud: Thunder Bay, Ontario 

Chet and Lorenzo: Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador 

Jay and Mickey: Fredericton, New Brunswick 

Kelly and Taylor: Etobiocke, Ontario 

Tom and Jen: Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Laurie and Miles: Medicine Hat, Alberta 

Ellody and Mary, Nanaimo, British Columbia 

Gerry and Pete: Lethbridge, Alberta 

Tammy: Surrey British Columbia 

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