It's a semi-reality show taking place on a fictional scorpion shaped island. Imagine a fan fiction where the Total Drama contestants compete on this show where they would try to escape the island. If it features just the original contestants, then those who were on the Screaming Gophers would be placed on Team Sting while those who were on the Killer Bass would be placed on Team Claw using the format from the second and third seasons where Sting's team colour is orange and Claw's team colour is black. If it features contestants from all three genrations, then the first generation would be placed on Sting, the second generation on Claw and the third generation on Venom. If it uses the format from the fourth and fifth seasons where String's team colour is red and Claw's team colour is yellow then all of the contestants from the main series are placed on the team I assigned them.

Alejandro: Sting

Amy: Sting

Anne Maria: Sting

B: Sting

Beardo: Sting

Beth: Sting

Blaineley: Sting

Brick: Sting

Bridgette: Claw

Cameron: Sting

Cody: Claw

Courtney: Sting

Dakota: Claw

Dave: Claw

Dawn: Claw

DJ: Claw

Duncan: Sting

Ella: Sting

Eva: Sting

Ezekiel: Claw

Geoff: Claw

Gwen: Sting

Harold: Sting

Heather: Sting

Izzy: Claw

Jasmine: Claw

Jo: Claw

Justin: Claw

Katie: Sting

LeShawna: Claw

Leonard: Claw

Lightning: Claw

Lindsay: Claw

Max: Sting

Mike: Claw

Noah: Sting

Owen: Claw

Rodney: Claw

Sadie: Claw

Sam: Sting

Samey: Sting

Scarlett: Claw

Shawn: Claw

Sierra: Claw

Sky: Sting

Staci: Sting

Sugar: Claw

Topher: Sting

Trent: Sting

Tyler: Sting

Zoey: Sting

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