• E-Scope THE FIRST

    ((Psst...Theory only))

    Courtney will hook up with a guy, before taking the 'trip'.

    She then will explode herself (being a sizzy) and end up winning some contest. Then in Total drama ROTI she will appear and end up sueing the show, having the show to go on in secert. Then she steals the money of the winner of Total drama Roti and Declares victory by yelling facts at Chris and cheering.

    My theory

    • I also started a fresh wiki, because I don't know if the first topic was actually active. Free story wiki*
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  • E-Scope THE FIRST


    March 11, 2011 by E-Scope THE FIRST

    I'm new to this wiki.

    I'm a fan of Izzy becaause of her unusaul personilty. My other favourites are Courtney, Heather, Sierra, Tyler and LeShawna. Not Quite so famous is my favourite total drama island eposide because it has no Justin!!!!!! On Total drama Action I actually liked Monster Cash. But my Total drama world tour favourite is....


    I really want to see total drama editing here.


    E-Scope THE FIRST

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