I was reading the quotes from New Kids on The Rock, and I read this

Gwen: (in confessional) You Know, Heather really shouldn't let her obvious crush on Alejandro get her away from the game. Having a relationship with Duncan really screwed things up for me last season - Trent! I meant Trent! Just a slip of the tongue... (static) I want that tape! Give me the tape!! How do you open this thing?!

Now, we all know, the denied it last season, but look at this, and what's happening.

And in the youtube clip she says he missed 'us' which meant there was an us before.

Personally, I'm broken hearted, and even more so if Duncan has been cheating since TDA.

Now it could just be that Gwen likes Duncan and it is some what a slip of the tongue, but what if?

What do you think? Because I'm unsure.

Having a relationsip with Trent really did mess things up for Gwen, but what could have messed things up more was having a relationship with Duncan while she had a relationship with Trent. Any opinions?

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