You know, there are lots of vandals on this wiki. Especially one loser who keeps creating new accounts to press a delete button! You know, he told me that deleting pages was easy, and you know what I say? Undoing deletes is even easier. I'm getting tired of dealing with kids (well there considered kids since they have no clue what there doing) who waste their time deleting an article that we can recover in 5 seconds! So why don't you just get a life, go outside or stop being such a jerk! And alot of vandals say that some other users artwork is horrible. Well if its so bad, I'd loveeee to see you do better than TheZobe or Lord Akiyama! We've all had it with you so save your time! If you can't control yourself from vandalizing pages, you've got problems. But seriously if you do, DON'T VANDALIZE THIS WIKI!!! Vandalize your mom's room if you want to, but leave us alone. We don't care if you vandalize the twilight wiki or the spongebob one, but just stop it HERE!!! so just remember, deleting pages are easy but recovering them, is EASIER!


Duncanjustin It's a bad boy off!!! 18:07, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

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