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  • Duncanjustin

    Image Requests

    July 5, 2011 by Duncanjustin

    Hey Guys So I Am Really bored right now because im bored. so if anyone wants to get an image of any sort (for fanfiction, roleplay, etc.) please leave a comment in the comments box BELOW! Sorry ive been on youtube too much. So just tell me below what photo you want and of what. I'll do the best that i can to fufill your request and i will probably complete all requests! dont be shy and request away! well i guess thats it so duncanjustin-out!

    Duncanjustin I dont ride horses I ride unicorns! 19:53, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Duncanjustin

    Vandals have to go!

    October 3, 2010 by Duncanjustin

    You know, there are lots of vandals on this wiki. Especially one loser who keeps creating new accounts to press a delete button! You know, he told me that deleting pages was easy, and you know what I say? Undoing deletes is even easier. I'm getting tired of dealing with kids (well there considered kids since they have no clue what there doing) who waste their time deleting an article that we can recover in 5 seconds! So why don't you just get a life, go outside or stop being such a jerk! And alot of vandals say that some other users artwork is horrible. Well if its so bad, I'd loveeee to see you do better than TheZobe or Lord Akiyama! We've all had it with you so save your time! If you can't control yourself from vandalizing pages, you've …

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  • Duncanjustin

    Katie vs Sadie

    August 22, 2010 by Duncanjustin

    Ok. Some people like katie more than sadie. some people like sadie more than katie. All im saying is why and dont you think both of them should stop being together so much and play the game alone and be independent. Sould they stop crying when they're 3 feet away from each other and just start being independent? I mean they barely get any screen time and some screen hogs like Owen and Courtney should give them time to stand out and we can see how they are for a couple of episodes! I mean Zeke had a couple cameos and we have alot of Zeke fans here! But really, who do you think will win? How will they survive? Will one of them get anymore screen time? Find out and comment below on Total... Drama... Katie vs. Sadie!

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