HI guys, i'm back with an interesting blog, at least I hope. We know we are in such a weird situation about the future of Total Drama, but watching a video of an Italian youtuber (Worex) that I pretty much like I ended up in this epic fan art.

Total drama reality war by marcellsalek 26-daiu3or
The credit of this goes to MarcelSalek-26.

You know, this is pretty amazing, Dramatic vs Ridonculous, Total Drama vs Ridonculous Race, Chris vs Don...and would it work? And If, how would it work? It would be a season? Or maybe something more, like... a movie?

An interesting question which team will stay Owen, Noah, Geoff and Leonard? Cause, we all know, they were contestants of TD but also of RR as well. 

I wanted to share this with you to hear your opinion and thoughts, while I'm going to explain my little theory about it. (not now, one day, maybe)

For now, just let me know what do ya think.

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