Okay, may say "Why should I care about TD fandom in Italy???". You're right, you shouldn't. In fact you can skip this blog or you can read the big amount of stuff that I want to put in now.

Just to say, it's obvious that in each country there is a different type of "vision" and due to being Italian I just wanted to let you know the vision between Total Drama in my country and Total Drama in this wiki (I don't necessarly mean in America 'cause there are other web sites where people do discuss about TD and not only in this wiki, which is obviously known. On the other hand, when I mean "in Italy" i mean that after seeing and seeing not only the wiki there, but also youtube, other minor sites, blogs, facebook and etcetera etcetera).

SO, let's start with some similarities!

NOTE: I'll take everything with a "generally note", but I'll list too my personal opinion.

Total Drama in Italy shares with you the...Edit

1. Dislike Towards Total Drama All-StarsEdit

Okay, maybe this one was predictable lol. But yeah, in Italy many people do dislike All-Stars (I remember that one of my friends made a photomontage in which the TDAS logo was in the Flush of Shame , just letting you know) and it's understandable. While i'm not a TDAS hater, I objectively see that's a bad written season...but we're not here to justify everything so let's move on.

File:Jo walks the flush of shame by jennaidd-d6o75y4.pngEdit

2. Love Towards Pahkitew Island and Ridonculous RaceEdit

Oh yeah, many people in Italy enjoyed these two seasons. I personally do not like so much Pahkitew and I met some disliker about 'em but both had a good impact, especially Pahkitew which at first was like goddess season (the reason behind it, I suppose, was the fact that Pahkitew arrived first in Italy and we were all greatful for this). 


Everyone's reaction in Italy when Pahkitew came out...


...simultaneously, in America, everyone's reaction when they knew that (Courtney is happy wow O:)

3. Dislike Towards CameronEdit

Yes! Cameron is pretty hated in Italy, not by everyone, but generally yes. Despite being his "Iron-Man" version very used in fanfiction with superheroes elements and stuff like that, Cameron still remains one of the most hated contestants in Total Drama Universe, at least for what I've seen so far. And yeah, I hate him so much so I'm not sad about it.

Heather mean Cameron

Heather makes fun of Cameron due to having only Ed MacDonald as a fan for now.

More coming soon...

Total Drama in Italy doesn't share with you the...Edit

1. Hate Towards Mike and ZoeyEdit

Yes, that's not a mirage. Mike and Zoey in Italy are pretty well-liked. I mean, surely they're not the most loved contestants ever. But I've barely seen a Mike or a Zoey hater (especially a Mike 's one). I remember that another my friend, back in 2012 when Revenge of the Island arrived, made a fanfiction about them because they were underrated (for him). Lol, that's a little hilarious. Post All-Stars there were more people against these two characters (especially against Zoey: the girl conquered the title of "Lindsay 2.0" due to being so dumb throughout the season). Personally I do not hate Mike and Zoey, in 4th season I enjoyed them. But yeah, they should not come back for now.


"Mike? Yes, he's more liked than you in long, sucker"

2. Love Towards CourtneyEdit

I've seen a good amount of people loving her (including me <3)...but yeah, Courtney is definitely hated in Italy. I've read and watched a lot of fanfictions where in the end Courtney dies cruelly in almost every existing way (shot in the head, suicide, because of a crash, killed by Duncan, killed by Gwen, even killed by Bridgette) and poll and Top 10 characters do not help with this. I understand why she could be annoying but, as I said, she is my second favourite character ever and I can't deny it.


Courtney is annoyed and especially in a choice on which fanfiction she could pick to call her lawyers. Can you help her?