Ok, way too much people have already done this, but I've never had the opportunity to write down my theories revolving this season. I'll separate this blog in two parts: one part is dedicated to the characters who are actually very likely to return, while the second one will be about the characters I would personally love to see. Don't be surprised if you'll see same contestants in each parts.

Characters very likely to return (from 1st Generation) predictions

The all VAs fact isn't actually confirming anything, but it made me really suspicious. So, we know that some of the favorite contestants are coming back from the first generation and, based on what I've seen, the contestants who have the biggest chances are:

  1. Lindsay (her VA actress also played as Katie  but the fact that she made an hashtag with "woohoo lindsay" makes this character more likely);
  2. Duncan (not only his VA actor commented with enthusiasm the news, but he's also one of the fan favorites);
  3. Courtney (same goes for her; even though I've seen she's not very well liked by the producers...);
  4. Harold (VA fact and he is really wanted by fans);
  5. Owen (VA fact and he's a writer's pet; also, there's still that hint in Got Venom );
  6. Bridgette (VA fact; it would be fair to see her returning after her boyfriend's return in Ridonculous Race );
  7. Noah (aside from this wiki, he's very popular; also, hint in Got Venom );
  8. Tyler (he's very popular here and I guess they have something planned for him due to the off-screen Lyler's breakup);
  9. Heather (she's still one of the main characters, I guess she still has a chance)

These nine characters are actually the most likely from the first generation, based on the "favorite" information they gave us; characters like Gwen, Alejandro and LeShawna are still popular as well but I'm not sure they'll come back. It's mysterious this "favorite" term because I didn't get if they're talking about the "classic favorites" or the "underdogs favorites"...we'll have just to wait.

Characters I'd like to see returning (from 1st generation) hopes

  1. Duncan (well, I guess I'm lucky that he is one of the most common characters of the series, so this makes him likely and also makes me happy);
  2. Alejandro (they actually said contestants from the first season, and Alejandro was introduced in the third one. However, it's still possible he could get a chance if they bring back Heather. Aside from that, I would love to see the latin villain again);
  3. Courtney (already explained in the past why I like this character and, just as Duncan, I guess I'm lucky that she's one of the most popular contestants);
  4. Noah (i'm a Noah fan and I can't deny it, I'd like to see him returning and due to his popularity he is likely. He makes me laugh very often);
  5. Harold (the only problem that's wondering me is if he still has some storyline left. Aside from that, bring him back please! His conflict with Duncan was amazing!)
  6. Bridgette (as I said before, it would be fair to see her coming back after the return of the chill dude);
  7. Lindsay (unfortunately she left early in All-Stars; this time she must stay longer);
  8. Izzy (the crazy girl makes me laugh everytime, she's really entertaining and I'd like to see something more from her aside from the cameos);
  9. Ezekiel (this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm an Ezekiel fan and I'd like to see him returning to his normal form and competing again...but that's very unlikely)